“Call Apple Support” Scam

“Call Apple Support” notification or pop-up advertisement might appear on your screen while you are browsing the internet. However, you should not follow instructions that are displayed there – it’s an obvious scam to lure some money from naive users. Official Apple support would never ask you to contact them immediately and they have publicly … Continued

“The needed font wasn’t found” scam

“The needed font wasn’t found” scam is a fraudulent message, stating that a web page users are trying to reach is displayed incorrectly. The issue is explained to have occurred because “Chrome Font Pack” is obsolete. In order to fix the problem, the pop-up states that people have to install the “Enhanced Search Engine”. In … Continued

“Your PayPal Account Is On Temporary Hold” phishing scam

“Your PayPal Account Is On Temporary Hold” is a phishing scam disguised as a warning from Paypal. The message delivered by this spoof website tries to trick you to contact scammers who would lure your passwords and other private information from you. Falling for this scam is potentially very dangerous — PayPal is used by … Continued

0fficial.info Mac Virus Warnings

0fficial.info (not “Official.info”) is a slightly renewed version of the “Your Mac OS X is infected (4) by viruses” scam that’s been appearing to Mac users in the last few weeks. This warning is alarmist, unnecessarily scary, and totally fake. 0fficial.info is designed to spread a fake antivirus program that shows bad scan results and charges … Continued

“1 TRILLION Google searches” Scam

“1 TRILLION Google searches” is a scam created to trick people to subscribe to reward sites. Those who see the “1 TRILLION Google searches” pop-up are promised a $1000 gift card if they complete a short 4-question survey. Those who fall for the scam lose money to fraudsters and leak their personal information, which could be … Continued

$1000 Visa Gift Card Scam

If you have received “$1000 Visa Gift Card” notification, or just came across an advertisement online, claiming that you entitled to get free $100 Visa gift card – don’t think twice, it’s definitely a scam and you should not follow that path. By employing various , cybercriminals are constantly discovering new methods to earn some … Continued

2020 Opinion Survey Pop-ups

2020 Opinion Survey is a type of low-quality advertisement campaign that promises free prizes but never delivers. Indeed, 2020 Opinion Survey is quite misleading with its advertisement and can result in someone paying for a product which they thought they were getting for free. Versions of the 30-second Opinion Survey have existed for years and … Continued

7movi.com Fake Site

7movi.com is a fake movie streaming site. It offers visitors to watch movies, but instead directs them to sign up for various paid subscriptions. If you find yourself on 7movi.com, just close the page. While 7movi.com is not directly harmful, it promotes websites that deceive visitors into signing up for expensive subscription services. About 7movi.com: … Continued

“Account Suspended” Email Scam

Criminals are pretending to be Apple support and sending emails to Mac users about supposed account suspensions and content deletion. Ignore these emails, as they’re meant to steal your personal information. If you’re not sure, contact yourself, but do not click any of the links in the email. About the “account suspended” scam: Threat type … Continued

“Activation Warning” Pop-up

“Activation Warning” or “Activation Security Warning” is an example of a fake Microsoft security warning. It was discovered by jerrycan1991 and is an example of a tech support scam and a phishing site, meaning that it attempts to sell victims fake tech support, as well as steal their online credentials. “Activation Warning” has nothing to … Continued

Amarktflow.com Scams

Scammers and fraudsters are quite active in spreading various fake giveaways and nonexistent gift cards. Amarktflow.com is one such scam site – it targets people from the USA, steals their personal info, and pulls them into reward scams. Thus, Amarktflow.com is a relatively dangerous site. Do not enter your credit card information into any site … Continued

Amazon Shopper Satisfaction Survey scam

As the holiday season wraps up, people are still continuing to shop and hunt for various deals, whether it’s in brick-and-mortar stores or online. Because of this purchasing craze, it is not surprising that crooks decided to lure these unaware deal-seekers in with a very believable Amazon Shopper Satisfaction Survey email scam. Although the more experienced … Continued

Amoviemedia.com Scam

Amoviemedia.com is a fake streaming site similar to Just-watch-it.com and Sports-today.club. It promises visitors free movies in order to trick them to sign up for a paid subscription. You can discover it while looking for free films and TV shows to watch. Anti-malware programs might be able to stop Amoviemedia.com, as it’s considered a malicious … Continued

Answertounlock.com Pop-Ups and Redirects

Answertounlock.com and especially Iphonewinners.com are sites that can be accused of phishing – trying to steal information from visitors. Deservedly, multiple antivirus scanners detect it and Iphonewinners.com as malicious – . Answertounlock.com, Iphonewinners.com, and related sites redirect to each other while claiming that you have a chance to win an iPhone. They insist that you must send confirmation … Continued

Apple.com-monitor.live Pop-up Scam

Apple.com-monitor.live is an unexpected pop-up many people notice in Mac computers. Some realize that this is a fake alert not related to Apple or AppleCare Protection Plan, whereas there is still some group of users who were easily misled by the scary warning mentioned in the pop-up. In brief, the message is that your Mac … Continued

Apple.privacy-protection.space Scam

Apple.privacy-protection.space is a malicious website that impersonates Apple Security, says that your device has viruses, and forces you to install a very expensive app to “remove virus”. If you find yourself on Apple.privacy-protection.space, close the page immediately. While the Apple.privacy-protection.space scam targets iPhones, iPad and Mac users are also vulnerable. For instance, I first encountered … Continued

Apple Virus

Apple virus is a generalized term that applies to a variety of cyber threats that affect Apple devices, including Macs. Most Apple viruses are spread through deceptive ads that impersonate Apple by stealing its logos and visual style. These ads trick Mac users into downloading and installing potentially unwanted apps and adware. Malicious macOS apps … Continued

Apple Warning Alert Scam

Apple Warning Alert is a tech support scam, the type that’s been harassing Windows users for years, but now turned against Macs. It’s a website there to trick people into believing that their computer is infected and then buying bogus security from the scammers. The warning is obviously fake and not the first tech support … Continued

Applecomsupport.com Pop-ups

Applecomsupport.com is a site that poses as official Apple support and tells visitors that they have a “Popup Adware Virus”. Malicious programs and online ads open it. It can trick Mac users into contacting fake tech support and downloading fake security software. Applecomsupport.com is not a real Apple support site and it’s certainly not the … Continued

Applesupportofficial.com Scam

Applesupportofficial.com is a site meant to trick people into contacting fake Apple tech support. This type of scam is meant to sell people bogus support and software, which means it needs to convince Mac users that their computer is infected first. While Macs have always been seen as more secure than Windows, they’re not impenetrable … Continued

Backdoor Virus Detected Scam

Backdoor Virus Detected pop-up is an example of an online scam circulating in the web right now. The pop-up normally appears through one of several websites launched by cyber frauds hunting for your money. Our malware analysis team investigated this issue and it was revealed that this scary notice is spread by malicious websites like … Continued

Bestlucky.site pop-up Scam

Bestlucky.site stands for an intrusive website generating unsolicited pop-up ads on Android and iPhone devices. Many people speak of bestlucky.site as a pop-up scam, since they are generally forced by the alert to provide a lot of private information. To persuade people to do that, users are told about all kinds of prizes that they … Continued

Big Money Prize Scam

There is a new online Big Money Prize scam. Those who encounter the scam are promised a prize of $11000. However, the money does not exist – Big Money Prize is there to collect victims’ bank details and $29 from each victim. Then, the victims are either strung along and scammed out of more money, or … Continued

Bitcoin Giveaway Scams

The Bitcoin giveaway scam steals money by asking people to send BTC to a specified wallet and promising to return two or ten times more. You might find the Bitcoin giveaway scam in video streams, websites, social media posts, forum posts, and personal messages. The sites promoting the scam work on desktop and mobile devices. The … Continued

Block Hack Chain Scams

There are sites online that promise you a way to get free money, such as Block Hack Chain. This site – Blockhackchain.com – is considered to be a scam. It’s a phishing scam, a type of malicious website that attempts to steal user data. Specifically, it offers free Bitcoins by promising to help you hijack … Continued

Stags.bluekai.com pop-up

“Safari can’t verify the identity of the website Stags.bluekai.com” pop-up is an annoying message that hundreds of Internet surfers have reported. People are encountering this deceptive message on Safari browsers. More specifically, the message is displayed on the eBay online shop, but can be noticed on other websites as well. eBay has been a target … Continued

BNB Giveaway Scam

The BNB giveaway scam is another fake giveaway that seeks to steal people’s BNB. Scammers created a bunch of websites to mimic the look and feel of Binance.com, then put up the rules for a (fake) giveaway. If you see a BNB giveaway page, make sure to verify that the event is actually happening. It … Continued

Books-ebooks-magazines.com Scam

Books-ebooks-magazines.com is a misleading ebook subscription site that should be avoided. You might encounter Books-ebooks-magazines.com while trying to read or download an electronic book from the internet. It promises to let you read free books once you sign up, however, it’s actually an advertising site for various subscription schemes, such as Zedplays.com, Bookbudd.com, and others. … Continued

Browser Blocked Based On Your Security Preferences scam

Browser Blocked Based On Your Security Preferences pop-up is another fraudulent message. Currently, we have analysed a number of similar fake notifications like Your Mac Might Be Infected and You are using an older version of Chrome. The Browser Blocked Based On Your Security Preferences alert states that an adware_pop.exe adware virus has been detected … Continued

Cash App Hack Scams

Cash App is suffering its name being used by scammers who stage fake hacks of Cash App in order to steal people’s personal data, trick them into downloading junkware, and into watching advertisements. All Cash App “money generators”, “infinite money hacks”, and “glitches” are scams. If you fall for a Cash App hack scam, you risk … Continued

Cdkeys.website Fake Site

Cdkeys.website (not to be confused with Cdkeys.com) is a fake pirating site. It offers various free programs, key generators, in-game currency generators, but it doesn’t deliver on any of its promises. Instead, Cdkeys.website dangles them like a carrot on a stick while it asks people to click on ads and complete offers. It’s nothing but … Continued

Chaos Ransomware

Chaos aka RyukNet is a wiper. It’s a malicious program that corrupts some of the files on the infected computer: documents, text files, images, databases, etc. The goal of Chaos ransomware is to make money for the operators. This malware leaves behind a ransom note called “read_it” or “read_me_now” in which it asks for money … Continued

Chrome Security Warning Scam

Yet another fake warning message – “Chrome Security Warning” is trying to convince users that there is something wrong with their computers and that they should immediately call provided phone number in order to fix the problem. This is a cheap attempt to sell unwanted technical support. You know why it is unwanted? Because most … Continued

Chrome Update Center Fake Alerts

You might think that Chrome Update Center is some genuine notification from , but this is obviously not true. The message you see in your screen right now formalized as Chrome Update Center stands for a very misleading alert that was launched for the goal of forcing you into downloading and installing a bogus browser … Continued

Coin Master Spins Giveaway Scam

The Coin Master Spins scam offers fake rewards of free spins in the game Coin Master. This fake giveaway was developed by malicious actors to promote junkware and potentially dangerous ads. The Coin Master Spins scam appears in pop-up ads online. It promises thousands of free spins but requires you to complete tasks to verify that … Continued

Apple.com-cleaning-os.live scam Mac

Apple.com-cleaning-os.live is an online scam peculiar solely to Mac computers and its associated browsers – Safari, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. The pop-up hijacks the above-mentioned browsers and is even able to switch them into full-screen mode in order to make it difficult for users to close down such alerts. The content of apple.com-cleaning-os.live alerts … Continued

Apple.com-clear.live scam on Mac

Apple.com-clear.live is a deceptive statement you may suddenly notice in your Mac browsers. The message reported by apple.com-clear.live indicates that your Mac is seriously damaged by some viruses, malware or spyware. The alert contains a special “Scan Now” button which supposedly leads you to the online scanning interface. Once the pseudo scanning is completed, the … Continued

Apple.com-fasting.live Online Scam

Apple.com-fasting.live is a very dangerous website related to online scammers. The people who stand behind it are directly involved in distributing absolutely faulty information with the purpose of deceiving users and tricking them into downloading potentially unwanted software. Currently, a lot of fake system optimization utilities are distributed this way, for example, MacEntizer, Mac Cleanup … Continued

Apple.com-guard-device.live Scam

Apple.com-guard-device.live is the URL that holds a scam targeted at Mac users. It poses as AppleCare, official Apple support, and presents a fake virus alert. The goal of the Apple.com-guard-device.live alert is to get you to install a paid program, probably Cleanup My Mac. Apple.com-guard-device.live is only one of many scam websites pushing unwanted applications … Continued

Apple.com-mac-optimizer.live Pop-ups

Apple.com-mac-optimizer.live is an address to be avoided. This address is one of many used to scare Mac users into buying fake antivirus protection by claiming that their Mac has a virus. The only consideration given to this fake virus alert should be to find out how it was shown and how to avoid it being … Continued

Apple.com-optimize-mac.live Warning

Apple.com-optimize-mac.live is the address of a fake virus warning that’s currently being used to spread Cleanup My Mac, a useless and potentially dangerous application. Apple.com-optimize-mac.live is a malicious website, an example of . It’s very similar to other optimizer-pushing sites that lie about your Mac being infected: Apple.com-scan-mac.live Apple.com-fixing.live Apple.com-shield-guard.live Apple.com-monitor.live Apple.com-mac-optimizer.icu Apple.com-clear.live As you … Continued

Apple.com-optimizing-mac.live Viruses Alert

Fake virus alerts are a way for fraudsters to sell their software by convincing people that it’s official, Apple-endorsed security tools. In reality, Apple.com-optimizing-mac.live and other, similar URLs (like Wedyoulife.live and Apple.com-mac-optimizer.icu) host malicious websites that push junkware and then charge people for it. The idea that the creators of Apple.com-optimizing-mac.live’s pop-ups have is this: … Continued

Apple.com-scan.live online scam

Apple.com-scan.live pop-ups attack Mac and its associated browsers – Safari, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. The contents of these alerts can be definitely quite frustrating, especially when you do not realize that apple.com-scan.live are not genuine alerts from Apple. In fact, the alert says that it is somehow related to the AppleCare Protection Plan. Still, … Continued

Apple.com-shield-devices.live pop-up scam

Apple.com-shield-devices.live is a website used by online criminals to scare Mac users into downloading potentially unwanted programs (PUPs). It is not related to Apple or AppleCare Protection Plan, even though it illegally displays the name and the logo of the Apple company. The website aims to scare you into thinking that your Mac has got … Continued

Apple.com-shield-guard.live Fake Alert

Apple.com-shield-guard.live is a scary website that now attacks Mac computers and its related browsers – Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox. It is very unlikely that visiting the website promoting this scam was your personal decision. Therefore, redirections to apple.com-shield-guard.live occur unintentionally. This means that there is a specific reason that forces your browser to redirect … Continued


COMPUTER BLOCKED pop-up alert that appears on your web browser is nothing more than a cheap attempt to scam you. Even though it is categorized as a computer virus, it can’t cause a lot of problems if you deal with it the right way. The Internet is a dangerous playground and you can get scammed in … Continued

“Congratulations, Chrome user!” Pop-ups

There are malicious websites, like Grandprizefx.com, spreading fake loyalty program pop-ups. These pop-ups start with “Congratulations, [browser] user!” and tell you to spin a wheel for a prize – a Macbook, an iPad, a cash prize, etc. “Congratulations, Chrome user!” is meant to get your personal information and trick you into sending over money. Close the … Continued

“Congratulations Dear Amazon Customer” Scam

Amazon Customer Survey scam, aka “Congratulations Dear Amazon Customer”, has been going around the internet and popping up on people’s phones and computers. “Your IP address has been selected”, it says, and offers you a chance to win Apple iPhone 11 Pro, among other prizes. Amazon Customer Survey is nothing but a scam, though – it promises … Continued

Coperanking999.today scam

From time to time each of use come around to a website that is trying to scam us. Coperanking999.today is exactly that type of website – the one and only purpose of it is to scam people and lure money. In fact, it is a pretty decent attempt to do that and we believe that … Continued

COVID-19 Email Scams

Scam emails delivered via email and social media messages are hijacking the subject of the current coronavirus infection. The COVID-19 scam messages are made to look like they come from trusted sources, such as WHO (World Health Organization) or CDC (Center for Disease Control). The goal of scammers usually is to get you to click … Continued

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