How to Recover Files Encrypted By Ransomware

The best way to protect your data from ransomware is to have good backup solutions. is built into Windows and there are various other backup solutions. Data stored on disconnected drives and non-synced cloud storage is safe from ransomware attacks on your computer. But if you don’t have a backup and ransomware attacks your PC, … Continued

How to Recognize Fake Download Buttons and Links

Some advertisements are designed to look like download links, buttons, and pages. They are designed so intentionally, to get people to trust them and to click on them. Many websites still show such ads. Ads that are disguised as download buttons often lead to harmful content, so it’s best to avoid them. What do fake download … Continued

How to Fix the Potential Windows Update Database Error

Potential Windows Update Database error is detected by the Windows Update Troubleshooter in some cases where your Windows Update fails to install. You might also experience slow internet connection and bad computer performance – while the Potential Windows Update Database error is unresolved, your computer might repeatedly try to download and install the update, which consumes … Continued

How to remove Spyhunter

SpyHunter is a security software which works on Windows operating system and provides malware removal functions. It has been in this anti-spyware business for more than 10 years saving users from all kinds of threats, such as worms, trojans, ransomware, hijackers and etc. Despite the positive evaluation and popularity amongst regular computer owners and cyber … Continued

How to remove Restoro

Restoro Windows Repair is an application for Windows OS, that falls under the category of utility programs. Even though it does not provide real-time virus protection, Restoro is capable of not just fixing damaged files but removing malware too, unlike many other rogue applications, that just pretend to do so. This useful and trustworthy software is liked … Continued

How to uninstall Combo Cleaner

Generally, Mac computers are and resistance to malware, however, sometimes even the best ones need help dealing with viruses and system errors. There is not a big variety of utility and antivirus products for Macs, that is why Combo Cleaner multi-tool is probably one of the most popular software that is used for such cases. This legitimate … Continued

How To Remove Reimage

Reimage Repair and Reimage for Mac is completely legitimate software that can provide an all-around protection to your computer – the main task of this software is to make your computer run smooth and solve any problems that get in the way. It can protect your system from malware, it can remove junk files and … Continued

How to disable Web Push Notifications

There’s not one person who hasn’t yet come across the web push notifications when surfing the Internet. These tiny clickable alerts are sent to your browser by the websites, which aim to directly interact with their visitors with the real-time updates and etc. This feature originally comes from the smartphone apps, but unlike the latter, … Continued

How To Remove Junk Files

To keep your computer in shape and running for years, you need to clean it once in a while – just like your room or car. The biggest problem with that digital trash is that it takes place on your hard drive and it hurts overall system performance in a long run. Moreover, you probably … Continued

How to stop Facebook from sharing your private data

Let’s be clear – Facebook doesn’t care about respecting or protecting its users’ privacy. Last year, leaked documents revealed that Facebook had been real-time monitoring its users’ social activity to detect their emotions and then combine this data with their personal information, such as age, gender, relationship status, life events, interests, etc. Detailed profiles of … Continued

How to read and understand Malware names

Confused about what antivirus detected on your computer? You are not alone. This guide will try to shed some light about what different names mean and how to get more information about parasite. Malware detection are never user-friendly and in many cases the makers try to convince you that they did a great job for … Continued

Ultimate Security Guide Against Ransomware

  Ransomware – arguably the most dangerous type of virus on the Internet. It is a perfect way for cyber criminals to benefit from reckless users. Ransomware infections enter single computers, networks of computers or even IoT devices connected to the Internet, hijack important files by adding some unique file extension to every single one … Continued

How to Clean and Protect Your Computer using Reimage anti-malware

Reimage is a powerful anti-malware tool that can both protect and clean your computer. You can read a full review of the program here: Lets take a look what can be done using Reimage anti-malware tool. Here’s our step-by-step Reimage scan and system analysis functions overview: Identification of your system. We have a video tutorial how to … Continued

How to Download And Install Reimage

  This is a step-by-step tutorial how to download, install and scan your computer with Reimage anti-malware application. Find the download link. On our website at select “Reviews” section and scroll down till you find Reimage application. Click on the “Download” button near the Reimage section. Download will start automatically. A message will pop-up, asking what you want … Continued

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