007 Anti-Spyware

007 Anti-Spyware is a corrupt security program that makes a promise to clean your computer from various threats. Do not be mis-lead by the name of this Bond-alike. The problem is, its report of these problems is highly exaggerated and false. The scanner 007 Anti Spyware uses is inefficient and knock-off of other poor and … Continued

24/7 PC Guard Support

24/7 PC Guard Support is a fake virus removal service that seeks to get money from random users by providing fake services. It’s a program that displays a bogus pop up on the targeted computer claiming that your computer is in high risk because of malware infections and offering to purchase 24/7 PC Support services … Continued

AntiMalware 2009

AntiMalware 2009 is not much different than other recent frauds, but it uses very convincing tactics to make sure that victims give their money for scammers. Anti Malware 2009 pretends to be anti-spyware application. The worst thing about this infection is its name: there’s very popular security tool named Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware; apparently creators of AntiMalware … Continued

A-Secure 2015

A-Secure 2015 is a rogue antivirus program that imitates a genuine security software. It actually reports about fake infections just to make users pay $99,95 for its full version and earn money. If you don’t want to lose your money, don’t trust this application. Remove A-Secure 2015 from your computer as soon as you detect … Continued

Active Security

Active Security is a rogue anti-spyware program. This parasite has all the arsenal demonstrated by most modern rogues, included a sophisticated self-defense mechanism. Active Security typically enters the system by using downloader trojans or drive-by downloads, but it can also be downloaded manually. Like most rogues, Active Security relies on misleading advertising to trick users … Continued

Additional Guard

Additional Guard sounds like the kind of program, which you might use just to make absolutely sure that your cyber security can not be compromised.  Well, if you thought that – surprise! Additional Guard is no more than a fake security program, which uses illicit methods both to spread and to sell. This parasite is … Continued

Advanced Antispyware Solution

Advanced Antispyware Solution is a dangerous application that will do its best in trying to steal your money. This rogue anti-spyware is set to report about hundreds of invented infections and additionally offer to purchase its licensed version. Of course, we recommend you to ignore such messages because they have no informative value and are … Continued

Advanced Cleaner

Advanced Cleaner isn’t advanced and it doesn’t clean anything either. Simply put, Advanced Cleaner is a fake security program, which relies on trojans, such as Vundo, to enter the system, and uses misleading advertising to trick users into purchasing it’s “licensed version”. Upon entering the system, Advanced Cleaner floods the user with popups and fake … Continued

Advanced PC Shield 2012

Typically, one gets infected by Advanced PC Shield 2012 by visiting infected websites or downloading and installing faked software like faked Adobe Flash updates. Another strategy to distribute such malware are scam online scanner websites that fake system scan results and display various infections that are promised to be fixed after downloading trial version of … Continued

Advanced Spyware Detect

Advanced Spyware Detect is not advanced in any way, and couldn’t detect spyware if it were taking a leak on it’s lawn. This little sweet looking spyware remover is fake and dangerous. Advanced Spyware Detect uses the Zlob trojan to infect systems, and once inside it tries to scare the user into purchasing it’s “licensed … Continued

Advanced Virus Protection

Advanced Virus Protection is a rogue anti-spyware, so don’t get fooled by it. Numbers of users have been tricked by this misleading name or actions and have agreed to make a payment for the “full” its version. However, Advanced Virus Protection was created not to provide the highest level of PC protection but to steal … Continued

Advanced Virus Remover

Advanced Virus Remover is a fake anti-virus program, which uses malicious tactics to spread and make a profit. This parasite typically enters the system by using trojans like Zlob and Vundo, but has also been known to come bundled with all kinds of freeware. Upon entering, it will try it’s best to scare the user … Continued

Adware Pro

Adware Pro is a rogue security program that displays false  security threats and asks to buy a full license of the application in order to remove those threats. The program is a clone of AntiVirusPro and AntiMalwarePro. It is non-functional software, that’s why you must uninstall Adware Pro from your computer as soon as it … Continued

Adware Remover

Adware Remover is yet another rogue application – a fake spyware/adware remover, which employs intimidation in hopes of tricking him into purchasing it’s "licensed version". This parasite uses several methods to infect the system: the main, and by far the most common method, has to do with trojans (namely Zlob and Vundo), which masquerade themselves … Continued

Adware Scanner 2010

Adware Scanner 2010 is a rogue anti-spyware utility developed for tricking you into believing that PC is heavily infected and you need to spend the money for its useless “full” version. Being no particularly different from most of fake security programs Adware Scanner 2010 propagates itself via Trojans infections, so keep in mind you may … Continued


AdwareAlert one of many rogue anti-spyware threats to surface the Web in late March 2008. It is a clone of such notorious rogues as SpyFalcon, SpySheriff and SpywareQuake. It can be installed without the user’s knowledge by a downloader trojan that exploits a flaw in the Windows operating system. AdwareAlert acts like a normal antispyware … Continued

Alfa Defender Pro

Alfa Defender Pro is rogue anti-spyware that must be stopped before it starts acting with its only intention – rip off the people who fall into its misleading campaign Just like many viruses from this category of malwares, it identifies itself as a reliable and effective program which needs to be purchased for the best … Continued

Alpha Antivirus

Alpha Antivirus is a rogue anti-spyware which hails from the same malware family as the infamous Personal Antivirus. Alpha Antivirus uses a similar design to that of it’s brother, as well as the same “traditional” ways of spreading – these mainly involve the use of trojans, such as Vundo, or devices of deception, like browser … Continued

Anti-Malware Lab

Anti-Malware Lab is a fake antivirus program that was recently detected infecting random computer systems. It is a predecessor of infamous Internet Security Essentials, My Security Shield, My Security Engine rogue antiviruses. The infiltration of Anti-Malware Lab is based on Trojan viruses meaning that it is completely impossible to stop this badware at the stage … Continued

Anti Spyware App

Anti Spyware App is a new rogue anti-spyware program, a fake spyware remover, which uses trojans, such as the infamous Zlob or Vundo, to enter the system. This parasite relies on misleading advertising (mostly popups and fake system notifications) to persuade the user to buy it’s "licensed version". Once inside and active, Anti Spyware App … Continued


Anti-Virus is a typical rogue anti-spyware application which classically employs malicious tactics trying to achieve commercial goals. Anti-Virus applies tricky methods for its infiltration, so users are simply surprised by unexpected appearance of the unregistered version of the scam. Program gets on board without any awareness or consent because it intrudes backdoor techniques and Trojan … Continued

Antivirus 2011

Antivirus 2011 (also known as AntiVirus 2011) is not a legitimate anti-spyware as you may think. AntiVirus 2011 is a rogue anti-spyware which is designed to fool you, trustful PC users, into taking it serious and then steal your money. Haling from a new generation of spywares, program offers for victims to use some basic … Continued

Anti Virus Armor

Anti Virus Armor is a fake anti-spyware application from malicious “Marketflip Technologies”, which has perfectly designed its product for convincing people that they have numbers of viruses inside their PCs. To do that Anti-Virus Armor 2010 imitates scanning the PC for malware and then displays continuous system security notifications claiming that there have been security … Continued


AntiAID is a new rogue anti-spyware program in the WiniSoft family of rogues. Unlike most rogues in this family, AntiAID has a different kind of GUI – apparently the other one got a bit old after being used countless times. Other than that, AntiAID is much the same as any other rogue: it uses trojans … Continued


Anticare is a malicious application that imitates the functions of security tool but in fact is a rogue antispyware that has no good intentions but to rip computer users off. It’s one of the programs that pretend to scan computer for viruses and later redirects to its official website where the program attempts to make … Continued


AntiKeep may look like a legitimate application but in reality it’s just one more rogue anti-spyware, released at the of November. This rogue can be attached to WiniGuard family of malwares. It behaves and uses the same Graphical User Interface (GUI) just like AntiAdd, REAnti, RESpyWare or Secure Keeper. It is a total scam which … Continued


AntiMalware is a fake security application that was created by the same hackers who are responsible for another rogue named Active Security. Anti Malware is designed to come unexpectedly and run at startup. After entering the system, AntiMalware disables security software, so as to prevent removal. Don’t mix AntiMalware with Malwarebytes’ AntiMalware, which is a … Continued

AntiMalware Defender

AntiMalware Defender is another version of rogue anti-viruses that pretend being made by Microsoft. This scamware is distributed using fake alerts about a new update for Windows operating system. That supposed update contains AntiMalware defender. The alert looks like this : Antimalware security update for Windows XP (KB961118) Size: 433KB This critical update will install … Continued

Antimalware Doctor

Antimalware Doctor is a rogue anti-spyware, a total scam that is distributed with a help of various malware like Trojans, spam e-mail attachments, fake online scanners and others. Just like its distributors, Antimalware Doctor must be deleted once it is detected, so make sure you find the right removal guide for doing that. Use the … Continued

Antimalware PC Safety

Antimalware PC Safety is a typical malware that is designed to get inside the system without any user’s permission asked. This scam gets through security vulnerabilities and then tends to take over it completely. So, as soon as you notice Antimalware PC Safety on your machine, you must launch your reputable anti-spyware and run a … Continued

AntiMalware PRO

AntiMalware Pro is the new brother of AntiMalware 2009. Disguised under name of one of the leading legal malware removers (Malwarebyte’s AntiMalware), this rogue is trying to force users to pay for bad product and tarnish the name of real tool. It can not compete with any real anti-spyware application except with shiny new skin. … Continued

Antimalware Tool

Antimalware Tool is not that program which should be trusted, because it looks and acts just like Internet Defender or Antimalware defender viruses! This is one of rogue anti-spywares that seek to rip users off but have no capabilities to detect and remove malware. While it runs on the targeted system, AntimalwareTool starts imitating system … Continued

Antimalware virus

Antimalware virus is a fake antivirus program that infiltrates into random computers with a help of Trojans. The installation does not require permission of computer users – the rogue is distributed using Trojans or exploit packs. Once inside, the program opens porno pages to scare PC users and runs a scanner on your system. Then … Continued


AntiMalwarePro is a bogus anti-malware software that will ostensibly remove spyware, viruses and fix Windows registry errors. This program is just another scam. It uses misleading methods to trick you into purchasing AntiMalwarePro. If you find that your computer is infected with this parasite, don’t purcase it. Instead, delete this rogue application as soon as … Continued

AntiSpy Deluxe

AntiSpy Deluxe infects computers secretly; it’s the first fact that should raise suspicions about legitimacy of this program. If it was a security tool, it wouldn’t install itself without user’s permission. AntiSpyDeluxe is very pesky application: it constantly loads pop-ups, hijacks web browser, prevents using email and makes it difficult to use a computer. Anti … Continued

Antispy Knight

Antispy Knight is another poorly made rogue antispyware. It offers cyber security services for $60 while it is actually a malware. Don’t spend your money for a computer parasite that hijacks the system and demands paying for nonfunctional software! AntispyKnight infects computers secretly. Avoiding and removing AntispyKnight may be difficult because it works together with … Continued

Antispy Protector 2009

Antispy Protector 2009 is a rogue anti-spyware which claims to scan the PC for threats and remove them immediately. The appearance of Antispy Protector2009 may trick people into paying their money for this scam because it looks like legitimate Windows Security application, created to help unaware computer owners to increase the protection of their PCs. … Continued

AntiSpy Safeguard

AntiSpy Safeguard is a rogue antispyware program that is promoted by faked microsoft security essentials alert. The alert is shown only when your PC is infected by trojan. The window will look similar to Microsoft Security Essentials design and will show a single infection : an unknown Win32/Trojan with severe alert level. The alert will … Continued

AntiSpyware Pro XP

AntiSpywarePro XP is typical corrupt anti-spyware. It is promoted as brand new security tool, but the advertising is misleading because AntiSpyware Pro XP is non-functional at all. It is only able to load commercial pop-ups and report detected infections. Unfortunately, the messages about located threats are prepared long before AntiSpyware Pro XP infects a computer; … Continued

Antispyware Soft

Antispyware Soft or Anti-Spyware Soft is a typical rogue anti-spyware which was noticed to be circulating on the internet in the middle of April. As computer experts say, Anti-Spyware Soft, just like Antivirus Soft or Antivirus Suite, spreads itself via Trojan viruses that infiltrate computers through security vulnerabilities found. After this secret infiltration, the same … Continued

Antispyware XP

Antispyware XP is a fake spyware removal tool that was noticed actively applying its malicious tactics at the end of March. AntispywareXP advertises itself through Trojan horses and infects only the ones PCs that run Windows XP OS. Since Trojan injects the program’s trialware without any notification, users find out they are infected only when … Continued

AntispywareBot 1.4

AntispywareBot 1.4 is just one of many rogue anti-spyware programs lurking in the net today. AntispywareBot  1.4infects the system by using trojans, such as Zlob or Vundo. They do so by exploiting various browser security holes, which is why you should avoid suspicious websites. AntispywareBot 1.4 uses scare tactics to intimidate the user into buying … Continued


AntiToolbar or Anti Toolbar is fake security software that usually “provides” cleaning computer from unwanted add-ons, browser hijackers or tracking cookies. Though all these services look quite useful and many PC users may fall into taking this malware serious, unfortunately AntiToolbar is obviously a scam. This parasite trends to scan the machine for various types … Continued


Antivir is a rogue anti-spyware program which is mostly installed to the system manually. Fake online scanners promote Antivir by offering for PC users to download the scam which is promised to clean every machine. Tactics goes when pop-up ads, stating about various cyber infections detected, interrupt browsing the Internet and bring people to the … Continued

Antivir Solution

Antivir Solution is a sneaky counterpart of the rogue anti-spyware which has appeared in the middle of July. This malware, which clearly hails from the same family as Antivir Solution Pro, is expected to increase scammers’ income. It is done by misleading users into thinking that they have hidden infections on their computers though in … Continued

Antivir Solution Basic

Antivir Solution Basic is one more confirmation that scammers who released Antivir Solution Pro are cleverly trying to rip people off. They even let users choose how much money they want to grant them and this is done in a quite simple way. When trial version of Antivir Solution Pro gets on board, it starts … Continued

Antivir Solution Platinum

Antivir Solution Platinum is just a copy of Antivir Solution Pro malware which has been actively working on the web while trying to make people spend their money on it. In fact, this program should never be purchased though it is presented as legitimate one – it is the same virus just like the ones … Continued

Antivir Solution Pro

Antivir Solution Pro is the latest rogue antivirus program, a clone of infamous AV Security Suite and Antispyware Soft that have recently become the most wildly spread rogue infections. Antivir Solution Pro is advertised on malicious Internet sites and installed to computer systems via Trojan infections. As soon as it lays in the system, Antivir … Continued

Antivir System PRO

Antivir System PRO is a fake anti-virus program, designed by scammers to capitalize on inexpierienced users. This parasite uses the Zlob trojan to enter the system, this is done by disguising the trojan as a video activeX codec. Antivir System PRO relies on misleading advertising to trick users into purchasing it’s “licensed version”, which is … Continued

Antiviral Factory 2013

Antiviral Factory 2013 is a rogue antivirus program that strongly reminds of Live Security Platinum that has been released last summer and still stays very active. Just like the latter one, the program is distributed to computers via Trojan viruses without asking for a users’ permission. Once inside, it creates an illusion that your system … Continued

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