‘Your codec version is too old!’

‘Your codec version is too old’ alert is one of the symptoms which should warn you about virus activity on your PC. To convince PC users that their machines really have problems with codecs, this new category of malwares where Home Codec Pack is one of the members has also been noticed to disable media … Continued

“$1000 Walmart Gift Card Winner” pop-up

Walmart is one of the biggest businesses in United States, operating a multitude of hypermarkets, discount department stores and grocery shops. It might be associated with other similarly running companies. However, it most certainly is not linked with the “$1000 Walmart Gift Card Winner” pop-up. Do not believe the shady statements that you have been … Continued

“Add Extension to Leave” pop-up

Carelessness while surfing the Internet can lead to you being swallowed by a wave of malicious scripts or executables. “Add Extension to Leave” pop-up is not a genuine or legitimate offer to install a browser extension, especially when this action is enforced in a particularly shallow manner. IT specialists are not indicating any necessity to … Continued

“Error: 0x8007042C” tech scam

“Error: 0x8007042C” technical support scam is a message, stating that a FireWall breach has been detected. Therefore, Windows Firewall status is disabled. Many Windows users have indicated to be bothered by this rogue notification. We have also spotted some similar fake notifications, like “This User Is Disabled”  pop-up. The new message claims that the reason for … Continued

“Error 0x80072ee7” Tech Scam

Warnings that say that you have to call a phone number to fix “Error 0x80072ee7” are fake. They’re tech support scams – nothing but malicious attempts to steal your money and infect your computer with malware. There is a real error called “0x80072ee7” – Windows might display it in relation to app updates. However, webpages … Continued

“Windows Firewall Warning Alert” Tech Scam

“Windows Firewall Warning Alert” is a tech support scam. It is a message that appears online and pretends to come from certified Microsoft technicians. The phone numbers featured in this message belong to scammers and if you call them, you will be connected with cybercriminals why will try to get your personal information or convince … Continued


1000-dollar.cash pop-up tries to mislead you with absolutely faulty statements. The message indicates that you simply need to click on the “Allow” button to get your 1000$ of cash. Many people obviously realize that it is a typical scam, whereas some users think that nothing bad would happen simply as a result of clicking on … Continued

123Movies Ads and Redirects

123Movies are websites that allow people to watch movies for free. Unfortunately, they’re full bad ads that could be dangerous if you’re not careful. Hijackers that cause ad spam, scam subscriptions, malware and potentially unwanted programs are promoted by the 123Movies sites. We’ve written a few posts about threats that happened to spread on 123Movies, among … Continued


123Vidz is definitely not an application you would want to keep installed on your computer. Recent researches revealed that it should be listed as an adware so once inside of your computer it will display various ads on all of your web browsers. Those ads are not only annoying, but malicious as well, so we suggest … Continued

1337x.to Ads and Malware

1337x.to is a website that makes it easier to find and download torrents. It can be used for pirating, but not all the files on it are stolen. A bigger problem with 1337x.to is that it shows ads that are sometimes unavoidable and lead to unsafe sites. It is important to be careful of 1337x.to … Continued

16Start.com virus

16Start.com virus is a browser hijacker that can be installed to random computers when users are downloading various freeware. It can come bundled with free music players, video recorders, PDF creators and many other applications. As soon as it gets inside the system, it makes some changes in your Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google … Continued

1Music-online.me Ad Spam

You might have seen some pop-ups labeled with “1Music-online.me”. These are ads that are sent as browser notifications from the site 1Music-online.me. This looks like an adware infection, but it’s much less serious – you only need to go into your browser settings and block all notifications from 1Music-online.me. Sites like 1Music-online.me are able to … Continued


1SaleADay is listed as an adware and a PUP (potentially unwanted application) but it can also be listed as a browser hijacker because this browser add-on can change some certain settings of your web browser, such as home page or your default search engine. Once installed, it will display tons of ads on your web … Continued

“2018 Annual Visitor Survey” scam

“2018 Annual Visitor Survey” or “Mozilla Firefox Opinion poll” scam is a fake survey, promising to reward users with gift cards, coupons and other amazing deals. Many online surfers are asking whether this message is legit and whether they have a real chance of winning laptops, iPhones and other pricy goods. However, we have to … Continued


247vidz might look like useful tool at first sight, but it is just another malicious application that can infect your computer. If you have noticed advertisements on your web browsers labeled with a slogan “Ads by 247vidz” or “Brought to you by 247vidz”, your computer is definitely infected and you should take care of that right now.   … Continued


PortalMore is yet another free application that is listed as an adware and a PUP (potentially unwanted program) due to its malicious attributes. It is defined as an application that should enhance your web browsing by providing you with tools to search the web easier and compare prices from various websites when shopping online. However, … Continued

292news.biz Redirect Virus

292news.biz pop-up is a fake Human Verification alert. The trick is that by forcing you to fulfill the misleading guidelines 292news.biz actually attempts to hijack your browser with intrusive web push notifications. As a result, your browser will start randomly redirecting you to the wide range of third-party websites promoted by several advertising companies through … Continued

2conv.com Ads

2conv.com is an online video downloader. It’s free to use, supported by advertisements. Unfortunately, the ads that 2conv.com shows can be incredibly aggressive and intrusive. They might start showing for users without their consent. And some of 2conv.com’s ads are unsafe and should be avoided. Even though 2conv.com itself is not malicious, you should be very careful … Continued

365Stream Hijacker

365Stream (connected to 365-stream.com) is a browser extension that changes the search engine settings. 365Stream sets Feed.365-stream.com as the new search engine, which actually just opens Yahoo.com. Even 365Stream’s description reveals that it’s a Yahoo search extension, but because of deceptive installation tactics, a lot of people fail to learn that bit of information before … Continued

4anime.to Ads

4anime.to is a website for watching and downloading anime. It’s free and pleasant to use, however, it has a few problems. It’s not legal and it shows ads for dangerous content. While 4anime.to is far safer than many pirating sites, it is important to keep your guard up. Be careful, use anti-malware apps to protect … Continued

50 Coupons

50Coupons is an adware which displays various ads, coupons and deals on your web browser. It does not matter which OS (operating system) you use because this adware is capable of operating on all of them. This browser extension can be added to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Some users believe that 50Coupons … Continued

i3zt.5152551.com pop-up

Not all advertising networks have listed strict cannons of fair play for advertisers. Some of the third-party sources, interested in distributing their promotional content, do not fit the criteria that should be put forward. IT specialists indicate that many networks agree to distribute content that is malware-laden. One of such can be indicated as i3zt.5152551.com … Continued


5starCoupon is yet another malicious application that can look useful at a first sight. However, it is listed as an adware due to several unwanted actions that it performs. Once installed, it will display various advertisements on your web browser. Those advertisements are not only disturbing and annoying but malicious as well. That’s why you … Continued

Reward-zone.7113652.com Pop-up

Reward-zone.7113652.com pop-up is one of the most recent pop-up malwares. This application distinguishes itself as a program displaying pop-up windows of fake winning notifications. These pop-ups surge your computer’s screen from the moment Reward-zone.7113652.com app gets installed on the system. And you will never know when to expect their next onslaught on you, but you … Continued

7769domain.com popup

7769domain.com popup is an advertising platform that is used by adware makers to display numerous popups and gain money. It is compatible with several browsers, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, etc. If you are receiving popups, that use this domain, when you browse the Internet, your computer has been infected with this … Continued

A.Kaytri.com Malware

A.Kaytri.com malware is an adware that can pop up while you are browsing the Internet. The message appears when using Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. The purpose of the program is to create traffic and display various advertisements. It can be distributed through Trojan viruses, as an attachment in spam emails, bundled with … Continued

A.Visadd.com popup

A.Visadd.com popups are messages that can appear on your browser for no reason and interfere into your browsing experience. You can notice them on Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome if your computer was infected with some adware or other potentially unwanted program. These applications are usually installed together with your free downloads from … Continued

Acadestypicallic.info pop-up

Acadestypicallic.info is a pop-up threat that started appearing on users’ browsers mid-November, 2018. This notification has typical features of any other pop-up virus and can cause a variety of troubles with your system if you give it the permission to ‘Allow Notifications’. No one is completely protected from Acadestypicallic.info virus because it has tons of different … Continued

AccelerateTab virus

AccelerateTab virus is a browser add-on for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome programs. It is supposed to “protect and minimize your risks from running into malware attacks and hacked sites when surfing the web”. However, users have reported to notice this extension in their browsers without downloading it themselves. This means that like many of … Continued

Access+ Adware

Do your internet search results have a few too many ads? Access+ is a browser hijacker and an adware infection that injects sponsored links into the victim’s web search results. Access+ is a browser extension that can be categorized as adware. Victims may not even know that they have it, but it does interfere with … Continued

AccessibleBoost Adware

AccessibleBoost is adware that affects macOS devices. It changes browser settings to promote certain sites and manipulates webpages to inject ads. It can also log private information. In the long run, AccessibleBoost causes internet connection issues and could slow down the Mac. To remove AccessibleBoost, find its files and delete them, remove all malware, and fix … Continued


ActSys is officially listed as an adware, therefore you should not keep it installed on your computer. You can get infected with other viruses due to this app. If you have noticed advertisements labeled with slogans “Ads by ActSys” or “Brought to you by ActSys” on any of your web browsers – your computer is … Continued

Actual Click Shopping virus

Actual Click Shopping virus is an adware program that causes tons of coupons to pop up on your computer while browsing the Internet. Usually they appear while you are visiting some shopping websites, like eBay or Amazon. That makes sense as the messages by Actual Click Shopping virus offer various discounts and deals for shopping. … Continued

Ad.directrev.com popup

Ad.directrev.com popups are annoying messages that can show up on computers, if they were infected with an adware. The goal of these popups is to advertise commercial websites and increase their traffic. Although they do not harm your system directly, seeing them popping up on a regular basis is quite irritating. Moreover, the application that … Continued

ad.dumedia.ru virus

ad.dumedia.ru might look like legitimate and useful tool, but it is just another malicious application that you should not keep installed on your computer. It is listed as adware infection, so once inside of your computer it will flood your web browser with ads in all kinds of forms. Usually those ads are labeled with … Continued

Ad-emea.doubleclick.net popup

Ad-emea.doubleclick.net is a website that presents ad technology foundation to create, transact, and manage digital advertising for the world’s buyers, creators and sellers. It’s a legitimate Google service that offers advertising related solutions. However, recently some computer users have reported that they noticed Ad-emea.doubleclick.net popups appearing without any reason. If you are one of them, … Continued

Ad Expert Browser

Ad Expert Browser is an advertisement-supported application, so called adware. It is also listed as a PUP (potentially unwanted program) due to several malicious actions that it performs. You can call it whatever you want, but one thing is clear – you need to remove this malware from your computer as soon as possible. The … Continued

Ad Guardian

Ad Guardian is an extension for common web browsers. It is advertised as an ad blocker that helps you browse the web safely. The developers of the extension claim that Ad Guardian improves the user’s browsing experience by helping them block unwanted ads and providing additional privacy features. The extension promises to make web surfing … Continued

Ad Spam – “Press allow to continue”

“Press allow to continue” is a phrase used by notification spammers in order to trick people to sign up for web push notifications. These “Press allow to continue” pages are usually just pop-up ads and they should be ignored. Interacting with them can result in notification ad spam. Even when it looks like a site … Continued

Ad.turn Adware

Ad.turn Adware is an advertising platform that is used to display various pop up ads while users are browsing using Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. The program is distributes to computers through Trojan viruses and it was designed for promotional purposes as well as create traffic for new websites. Once inside, Ad.turn Adware … Continued

Ad.yieldmanager.com popup

If you noticed any popups by Ad.yieldmanager.com, beware that your system contains an adware. These messages promote various unknown websites and cause many inconveniences while working with computer. They flood your system with ads whenever you are making a search or visiting random websites using Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Although these annoying … Continued


Adanak is yet another adware that comes into users’ computers without their knowledge. It is classified as an adware and a PUP (potentially unwanted program) due to several malicious actions that it performs. It works as a browser extension and can perfectly operate on all most popular web browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and … Continued


AdBeaver is bothering you with various ads on your web browsers? That means your computer is infected with an adware infection called AdBeaver. If you have recently discovered that your computer is infected with AdBeaver malware but you don’t know how to deal with it – you have come to the right place because in this article we will teach … Continued


You can tell by the name that AdBlaster is application related to advertisements. It’s described as useful tool for blocking advertisements on your web browsers, but this descriptions is nothing but a big lie. AdBlaster is listed as an adware, so once installed it will display ads on your web browsers. Those ads are not only annoying, but malicious … Continued


Officially Adcash.com is an advertising network that is available for everyone – advertisers and publishers. For that reason, ads from this network can advertise both valid (f.e. www.aliexpress.com) and malicious websites and products. Most of the time those ads shows up as pop-ups on publishers’ websites. Other forms of advertising are also available. Recent events … Continued

Adclick Pop-ups

Adclick is an advertisement company that usually displays normal ads but sometimes can be too invasive and disruptive. If pop-ups by Adclick show up on your desktop, all the time, on any website – that’s not normal, that’s a symptom of an adware infection that takes advantage of this particular advertising network to deliver scams … Continued

Add-extension.xyz pop-up

Add-extension.xyz is the domain name of a pop-up virus, that has been actively spreading for the past few months since September 2018. This threat, unlike most other pop-ups, is designed not to generate revenue from aggressive ads, which appear even on your desktop, but to push a dubious Chrome and Mozilla extension, called Adblocking Addon. … Continued

AdditionalChannelSearch Adware

AdditionalChannelSearch is an adware trojan. It installs without your consent and it exists to advertise to you. It manipulates your web searches and shows unwanted ads. To do this, AdditionalChannelSearch hijacks network and browser settings. Removing AdditionalChannelSearch requires deleting its files and restoring the settings that it modified. Oh, and adware often spreads in groups, so … Continued


AddToThis is yet another adware that enters users computers without them even being aware of that and starts to display various malicious advertisements on web browsers. Due to the features mentioned above this application is officially listed as an adware. If you have recently discovered that your computer is infected with this virus, you should eliminate … Continued

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