Our main concern is delivering good and free manual removal guides. However, we can recommend software that speeds this process up. Some of this software may have paid versions as well.

Monitoring latest parasites, testing removal software and removal instructions are costly.
In no particular order, 2-viruses.com is maintained from this revenue:

  • Google Adsense contextual advertisements
  • Affiliation with Malwarebytes, PCTools, Superantispyware, Enigma Software (Spyhunter ), IS3 (Stopzilla) (legitimate anti-spyware or anti-malware companies)
  • Affiliation with Symantec, ESET, Comodo (legitimate antivirus or security companies)
  • Other, minor affiliation sources

We are getting paid when people pay for particular affiliated product that fixes their problem. While we are getting paid for the sales that affiliated software manufacturers make, we are not getting paid for displaying their advertisements, nor we work for any of these companies on any other basis: contracts, employment, etc. We are not getting paid for the orders, when people turn out to be unsatisfied and want to get their money back.

Money is not the main criteria for choosing or recommending any of these products. We believe the most, that each of the product we recommend provide free help and value for our readers and is suitable for the task we recommend. We do not recommend software we haven’t used by ourselves or tested before.

All recommended software satisfies at least the following criteria:

  1. It has to be one of the best in its class in our opinion. There can’t be one best software at all times, and in different cases different solutions might be better.
  2. It has to offer a free detection (at least) of the problems or a free trial, it cannot claim what it does not offer ( e.g. the best protection without a protection module, etc).
  3. It has to have a good support and money back policy, at least for the paid applications and services.
  4. It has to have good record and no shady history.
  5. We are using it or used in the near past ourselves.

We invite our users to test all software and services before purchasing and evaluate their suitability. You are not under any obligation to buy something from us or from the tool creators we recommend.