AbDocsDllLoader.exe might be legitimate process on your Windows system or a malware infection – it all depends on the circumstances. Usually it is a legitimate application designed by Acer Incorporated and can’t cause you any damage. You can find it stored in C:Program Files (x86) abDocs files folder. This particular file is just a part … Continued


Conficker (a.k.a Kido, Downup or Downadup)  is a worm that has gained notoriety in a very short time. The reason for this is the number of systems infected worldwide. It isn’t clear, exactly how many systems have been infected, but various sources have said it to be somewhere between 3million and 10million, although there have … Continued


Conficker.C is the latest modified version of notorious Conficker worm. This dangerous worm can cause serious damage to the system, that’s why it should be avoided at all costs. Especially users have to be very careful on April’s All Fools’ Day, because Conficker C is scheduled to perform it’s malicious actions on this day. As … Continued


Koobface worm is dangerous infection spreading through profiles on various social networks. Some security tools detect it as Boface or W32/Koobface or W32.Koobface. It is usually distributed on Facebook and MySpace websites. We first found out about Koobface in the late autumn of 2008 and wrote quite a brief article about it. Now, with the … Continued


Net-Worm means a computer parasite that is distributed through network vulnerabilities and is able to infect PCs through network. This name is generic, that means it is detection of class of parasites rather a specific one. However, usually it is a hoax that is displayed by FakeVimes family of rogue parasites. In any case, you … Continued


Slogod is annoying worm that spreads via removable drives. It is not destructive nor it threatens privacy, yet this worm messes up with various system settings and constantly annoys its victims. Slogod is detected as VBS/Slogod by some security programs. Slogod opens MS Notepad and displays IT-themed parody of “Our Father” prayer in the French … Continued


Stekct is a malicious internet worm which tries to open a backdoor connection to the compromised computer. Then it uses users social network and internet messaging systems to send spam messages containing a link to itself. These are the social networks and IMs affected by this worm: AIM Google Talk ICQ MSN Yahoo! Messenger Facebook … Continued

Stuxnet worm keeps attacking computer systems

During the last months on of the most popular topic among security experts became Stuxnet family of threats. Stuxnet is a computer worm that is famous for its ability not only to infect computers and different servers but also to break into computers that control machinery such as industrial plants, etc. Infiltrating into this kind … Continued


You may get involved into misleading information about W32.Gosys worm detected on your PC. Bear in mind that if you are informed by Antivir anti-spyware about this infection you should NOT follow any suggestion given by Antivir. That’s because in reality it’s just that rogue or the other its variant called Antivir 2010 try to … Continued


Worm.Antimane.A is a worm what acts both as a rootkit and as a trojan. It has a possibility to record user actions, steal logins, modify Windows components and hijack operations. Antimane hides itself in other processes or files and attaches malicious code to them. Worm.Antimane.A is almost impossible to detect manually. it uses services.exe name, … Continued


Yahlover worm is also known as Sohana worm. Yahlover works secretly in a background to deliver malicious files on the compromised machine. This worm is dangerous because it spreads through network shares. It may also be able to infect some instant messenger applications and access victims this way. About Yahlover Yahlover modifies Windows registry to … Continued

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