Coin Master Spins Giveaway Scam - How to remove

The Coin Master Spins scam offers fake rewards of free spins in the game Coin Master. This fake giveaway was developed by malicious actors to promote junkware and potentially dangerous ads. The Coin Master Spins scam appears in pop-up ads online. It promises thousands of free spins but requires you to complete tasks to verify that you’re not a robot. The Coin Master Spins scam’s tasks include downloading junkware, revealing your payment information to shady subscription services, and wasting your time staring at ads.

About the Free Coin Master Spins scam:

Classification Scam.
Alternative names for the Coin Master Spins scam “Claim Free Coinmaster Spins”,

“Free Spins Reward Pending”,

“Claim Free Spins Now!”.

Dangers posed by the Coin Master Spins scam Potentially harmful apps and browser extensions,

low-quality ads,

dishonest and expensive subscription services,

leaked personal information.

How to protect yourself Block malicious sites,

find and remove malware with anti-malware tools (Spyhunter for PC, Combo Cleaner for Mac, others),

be careful and patient online.

How the Coin Master Spins scam is presented

Scams for Coin Master spins

Coin Master is a legitimate and popular mobile game. It is free-to-play and has time-gating mechanics to limit people’s ability to spin and win coins and to encourage people to purchase some in-game currency. Coins are needed to make progress in the game, so people pay for free spins as an indirect way to purchase coins.

Games like Coin Master can be quite addicting, so it’s not surprising that scammers decided to take advantage of this by creating a fake Coin Master giveaway and then promoting it online.

The Free Coin Master Spins scam site promises free spins in exchange for you completing various tasks, like installing suspicious apps and wasting your time on adware sites. At the end of the day, there is no prize, no free spins. The Coin Master Spins scam is not affiliated with the game – it’s just a malicious advertising scheme meant to trick you into visiting sites that paid to be promoted.

A familiar script

Free Coin Master Spins scam follows a familiar scam template:

  • A “Congratulations!” message at the top of the page.
  • The date, your location, your IP, and other data are displayed on the page to appear more legitimate.
  • Fake Facebook comments lower on the page. They’re not interactive except for changing your cursor.
  • No links to a privacy policy, terms of service, contacts, or anything that could identify the people behind the site.
  • There’s a timer counting down till your prize expires (the timer doesn’t do anything, by the way – it’s just there to stress you out and stop you from looking up if the giveaway is legit).
  • You can reload the Free Coin Master Spins scam page and spin again and get the exact same outcome every single time.

After landing on the site with the Coin Master Spins scam, you’re congratulated as “Today’s Lucky Player” and a wheel spins – it has not just Coin Master spins, but also a phone and a tablet listed among the prizes. On the second spin, you win some free spins and they’re “reserved for you”. To claim the prize, you are told that you must prove that you’re a human and verify your information.

Coin Master Spins scam telling you to win free spins.

Dangers posed by the scam

How the Coin Master Spins scam collects its winnings

The fake reward spin isn’t just a funny prank; it makes money for scammers and dishonest advertisers. At worst, it can entangle you in worse scams.

You see, to claim your prize by Free Coin Master Spins and prove that you’re not a robot, you must “Complete one quick & easy offer below to unlock your Spins!”. Then you’re presented with choices for various tasks to complete, including:

  • Solving a puzzle/answering a quiz.
  • Downloading and installing an app.
  • Signing up for a subscription.

Ad-filled quizzes

It’s worse than just wasting your time. For example, I first chose on the Coin Master Spins scam site to solve a puzzle. That lead to a clickbait site that loads a new page full of ads for every single question. I got Quizdiva quizzes, which were really obnoxious, infuriating, and showed a few deceptive ads hiding under fake “Start” buttons. Other people have had much worse experiences with Quizdiva showing unwanted pop-up ads in their browsers (Trustpilot).

Shady apps

Downloading an app isn’t such an innocent promotion, either. The app that I got was asking for permission to access my data on all the sites that I visit, which may or may not be justified. It’s ad-supported and the people behind the Coin Master Spins scam must be getting paid to promote it. Apps and browser extensions have a lot of access to one’s device or browser. The malicious ones can steal personal data and inject ads.

Subscription scams

Coin Master Spins scam also sent me to sign up for Xeniaplay, a site for watching free movies or playing free games, depending on which scam refers you. To get your “free” media, you need to provide your personal and payment information. Other scams of this type provide a free trial between 2 hours and 5 days and then start charging a monthly fee of 30-50 dollars – far more expensive than legitimate subscription offers. Xeniaplay appears to offer browser and mobile games that you can get anywhere for free. I feel comfortable calling this a subscription scam.

In the end, the Coin Master Spins scam is a huge waste of time that can lead to ad injection, stolen personal data, and unwanted monthly charges.

Coin Master Spins scam telling you to install apps to get your prize.

How to avoid Coin Master Spins scam

Be careful online

The Coin Master Spins scam uses a recognizable template and if you encounter enough scams, you will know immediately that it’s a fake giveaway. Just remember to check the URL (addresses like,, and similar cannot be trusted – they are not related to the real Coin Master in any way). Check for a privacy policy, contacts, an About page – and if you find nothing, be very suspicious.

Ads for Coin Master Spins scams spread the same as other scams, including fake V-Bucks, Amazon, and other giveaways: links are posted in random video descriptions promising free movies, in comments and DMs in social media sites, and advertised on free movie sites and file downloading websites. Be careful what you click on.

Coin Master Spins scam leads to sites that try to glean your personal information. Be careful where you type your name and your credit card number. If you did leak your payment data, check your bank account. If you find charges that you didn’t authorize, dispute them. You might have to contact your bank. be honest with them about what happened.

Do not install random apps and be very careful about the permissions they need. Those that use the Coin Master Spins scam for promotion are bound to be untrustworthy.

Use security programs

If you have a desktop/laptop, consider scanning it with an anti-malware program, such as Spyhunter for Windows, Combo Cleaner for macOS, or any program that you trust. If the antivirus scan finds suspicious items, you might want to remove them. Ads like the ones for Coin Master Spins scams appear for a reason. If you didn’t knowingly visit dangerous sites, then maybe there’s adware on your computer that injected ads for the Coin Master Spins scam into your browser.

You can use ad-blockers and anti-malware apps to block malicious sites. It’s not a surefire way to avoid Coin Master Spins scams, as new sites are often created to host the same scam, but it definitely helps.

Automatic Malware removal tools

Download Spyhunter for Malware detection

Note: Spyhunter trial provides detection of parasites and assists in their removal for free. limited trial available, Terms of use, Privacy Policy, Uninstall Instructions,

Download Combo Cleaner for Malware detection

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