Malware is a definition for malicious software. Basically, it is any kind of a program or a script that have intentions to access your computer in unauthorised way and collect your personal information, gain control over your system, display advertising or redirect you to websites with questionable reputation. There is a thin line between malware and legitimate software and that line is called PUP (potentially unwanted program). While it's clear what is legitimate software and what is malware, definition of PUP can be confusing.


In regard to distribution methods, malware can be of 4 kinds - installed by hackers or other malware (other malware), installed due to various vulnerabilities (worms), attached to legitimate programs (viruses) or installed by user himself while pretending to be something else (trojans).


Even though all malware is aiming to make money one way or another, strategies to reach the goal can vary a lot. Adware, such as popups or hijackers aim to make money by displaying advertisements. Spyware is either selling or using your private information - it's common for banking trojans and keyloggers. Probably the most threatening type of malware - scareware is trying to make money by forcing users to pay directly. For instance, ransomware hijack files and demands a ransom to be paid in order to unlock them or rogue antivirus which tricks users to pay for services that are not actually legitimate.

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qkG ransomware

November 24, 2017 04:41

qkG ransomware virus is a new and unique crypto-malware. It is activated when people download malicious Word file and click on the “Enable Editing” button. This refers to the strategy…


NillaWeather Ads

November 24, 2017 02:44

NillaWeather adware virus is created by a group of developers that have produced many suspicious applications. It looks very similar to the Weather for Chrome extension that we investigated a…


WebBar virus

November 23, 2017 14:57

WebBar toolbar or simply Web Bar virus is a malicious tool created to stick to your web browsers. Even though it is presented as a tool designed to help you…

November 23, 2017 13:04
0 is the website you see as a homepage on a web browser but you can’t recall adjusting those settings? Then it looks like your computer is affected by browser…


“The needed font wasn’t found” scam

November 23, 2017 01:26

“The needed font wasn’t found” scam is a fraudulent message, stating that a web page users are trying to reach is displayed incorrectly. The issue is explained to have occurred…


Smart PC Mechanic

November 23, 2017 00:16

Smart PC Mechanic potentially unwanted program (PUP) is considered a low-quality tool since it is not the best utility to fix PC issues and boost its performance. In fact, it…


Oni ransomware

November 22, 2017 10:44

This ransomware right here is really dangerous and a little bit different from other ransomware infections we have discovered lately. While targeted mostly against companies and institutions in Japan, Oni… virus

November 22, 2017 06:19
0 virus is just one of many browser hijackers that appeared lately. This week we have already informed you about viruses like or virus and this one right here…


Katafrack ransomware

November 22, 2017 05:43

Katafrack ransomware virus is a new crypto-malware threat which will require ransom payments to be made either via bitcoin or ethereum payment systems. Even though it insists on getting 0.02…


Weather for Chrome ads

November 22, 2017 04:22

Weather for Chrome (a.k.a Chrome Weather) adware virus is a browser extension for Chrome. It is associated with a bunch of other similar applications: for instance, it shares the exact… browser hijacker

November 21, 2017 08:51
0 browser hijacker is a malicious website distributed by a browser add-on. To be fair, this website itself is not a virus – it is just a result of a… virus

November 21, 2017 02:05
0 virus is owned and controlled by SmartWave Technology Limited. This company has been involved in the creation of a number browser hijackers. One of them is infection which… virus

November 21, 2017 00:30
0 virus is a questionable platform for searching. One of the main reasons for concern is that this tool could be related with new tab browser hijackers. To briefly sum…


0000 ransomware virus

November 20, 2017 11:16

Not so long ago we informed our readers about dangerous ransomware infection called CryptoMix. This 0000 ransomware infection is nothing new – it’s just updated version of CryptoMix. Why it…


WanaDie virus

November 20, 2017 01:36

WanaDie ransomware virus is another cheap imposter of WannaCry crypto-malware. Differently from the original infection, the poor-quality copy is loosely based on Hidden Tear open source project like so many…