2020 Opinion Survey Pop-ups - How to remove

2020 Opinion Survey is a type of low-quality advertisement campaign that promises free prizes but never delivers. Indeed, 2020 Opinion Survey is quite misleading with its advertisement and can result in someone paying for a product which they thought they were getting for free. Versions of the 30-second Opinion Survey have existed for years and targeted a variety of services.

About 2020 Opinion Survey:

Type of threat Adware,


What causes 2020 Opinion Survey pop-ups Ads on normal websites,

redirects on infected websites,

adware infections.

Issues with the pop-ups Lie about free rewards,

may trick people to pay for products believing them to be free,

waste your time,

use the name and image of companies that did not give their permission.

Stop 2020 Opinion Survey pop-ups Use an ad-blocker,

be careful which ads you click on,

check your device for adware (Spyhunter for Windows, Combo Cleaner for macOS, etc.).

Is 2020 Opinion Survey – a scam?

When I say 2020 Opinion Survey, I don’t mean all opinion surveys in 2020. I mean the pop-up ads that are solely created to cheat people. There are plenty of legitimate surveys that have “2020” in the name. However, in this article, we’re talking about the “surveys” that are made to get your money and data, rather than your opinion.

2020 Opinion Survey is a heading and a format used to create dozens of different pages for different stores and products. They even get translated to different languages and created for various local businesses, just like the New-message.co competitions. Your ISP, like Verizon, may get spoofed. Your favorite niche website may have its name and image used. A popular online marketplace, like Amazon, is often spoofed.

Upon visiting 2020 Opinion Survey, the greeting goes something like this:

Your connection (IP address: [your IP]) has been selected to get a complimentary reward!

In order to qualify, just complete this 30-second, anonymous marketing survey, and to say thank you for providing valuable consumer feedback, you’ll be able to claim one or more rewards worth over $70!

2020 Opinion Survey sites offer prizes, including food supplements, beauty products, and tools. On a given 2020 Opinion Survey page, there are a few reviews or fake Facebook comments (Facebook is also often spoofed by scams) all very happy with their prizes, while also being incredibly vague about the details.

2020 Opinion Survey offers free rewards but does not deliver.

To get your free product, you’re asked to complete a survey, which turns out to be incredibly short and painless. Then, 2020 Opinion Survey presents you with the prize selection page. I picked a tactical flashlight for $0. I clicked the Claim Reward button and… was redirected to a teeth whitening kit site.

In other words, 2020 Opinion Survey does this:

  1. Appear as a pop-up telling you that your device was chosen to get a reward.
  2. Put up some fake reviews and comments about how happy with 2020 Opinion Survey people are.
  3. Ask you to complete a short survey.
  4. Offer a selection of free rewards to claim.
  5. Redirect to the advertised website which only offers a paid product.

There are real surveys that offer prizes. They tend to be time-consuming, require quite a bit of dedication, and the chances to win are small. 2020 Opinion Survey, on the other hand, is not even a survey – it’s an advertisement. It even says so at the bottom of the page. Always check the bottom of the page for terms and conditions to know what you’re getting into.

So, 2020 Opinion Survey tells you that you won a free prize, but upon trying to claim it, you’re redirected to some random product site. Don’t buy it – it’s not free. For example, I was offered a “special” 25% discount thanks to 2020 Opinion Survey, but I also easily found the same offer just using a search engine, so it’s probably just a marketing trick anyway. Besides, Scam surveys can cause real problems, and 2020 Opinion Survey can easily be used to conduct phishing.

Also, 2020 Opinion Survey sites sometimes redirect to various clickbait websites and, worse, browser extensions. Don’t install any extensions recommended by 2020 Opinion Survey – they’re just browser hijackers.

How to avoid 2020 Opinion Survey

The sites that host 2020 Opinion Survey include 03-secure.com, 01-secure.com, 05-secure.com, visitorfeedback2020.com, and a ton of others. They appear as pop-ups in your browser, either desktop or mobile.

It is possible that you see 2020 Opinion Survey pop-ups thanks to an adware infection, but you can also see it if your computer is clean. Ads and redirects online cause the 2020 Opinion Survey pop-ups. These can be normal ads, redirects from infected websites (small or old sites that were hijacked by malicious actors), or links in emails and social media messages. An adware infection on your computer can cause you to see more low-quality ads, but it’s not a requirement to encounter 2020 Opinion Survey.

Of course, seeing 2020 Opinion Survey and similar pop-ups repeatedly and constantly is a symptom of an infection, as is any excessive amount of pop-ups. An ad-blocker can help in this situation, as they block a lot of known malicious sites.

But the real answer is to find the root of the problem and get rid of it. Anti-malware scanners (Spyhunter for PC, Combo Cleaner for Mac, etc.) can help with that by checking if there’s malware on your device (and removing it if you want to, though not all antivirus programs offer that for free). Check your apps, programs, and browser extensions for anything suspicious and be careful before installing anything new.

Finally, be careful of any free prizes and be careful with your personal information. Some scams are much worse than 2020 Opinion Survey’s deceptive marketing campaign. For example, the various Amarktflow surveys only exist to trick you into paying money, while the Congratulations Device User! scam gathers for lots of personal data by promising a free prize.

Automatic Malware removal tools

Download Spyhunter for Malware detection

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Download Combo Cleaner for Malware detection

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