Scam is a dangerous website. First, it shows fake surveys and giveaways that promise a free phone or another prize. Then, it leads to a page that asks for personal and payment information which is then used to sign up the person for a subscription without their knowledge. In other words, is a scam. … Continued

Google Chrome Critical ERROR scam

Google Chrome Critical ERROR red screen is one of the newest technical support scams, claiming that hackers have attempted to get access to users’ personal logins and bank information. It is stated that Firewall has managed to block this suspicious connection. However, users are still encouraged to keep track of their banking accounts and other … Continued

Google Security Warning

“Google Security Warning” described in this article is actually a fake warning not related to Google at all. It is displayed by means of a hacked website to which the user is redirected unintentionally. Specific PUPs (potentially unwanted programs) take part in such redirections, whereas there are several malicious websites involved in distributing these fake … Continued

Hard Drive Safety Delete Scam

This tutorial is dedicated to helping you get rid of the “Hard Drive Safety Delete” online scam. The problem is specifically peculiar to Windows computers and its associated browsers – Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer. The scary alert may be noticed practically in every version of the Windows operating system. The … Continued Scam is a website used by criminals posing as Microsoft technical support specialists. Their victims are convinced (usually on the phone) to go to that website and download and install a program that would give scammers control of their computer through remote access. The scammers can then use that access for anything. They can install … Continued Virus Alerts

Hndry[nr].live or Hndry simply sites are a collection of websites that start with “Hndry” followed by a number and “.live”. For example,,, and others. Hndry sites are used to sell unwanted junkware to desperate people with the help of the Bankworm hoax – a fake virus alert meant to alarm anyone who visits. Hndry virus alert … Continued

I Know Your Password Scam

“I know your password”, “I know one of your passwords”, “Here is your password” and similar lines appear in scam emails and messages whose creators are trying to scare people into paying ransom money. If you get an “I know your password” message that includes a real password of yours, then change your passwords and … Continued

“Immediate Action Required” Warnings

“Immediate Action Required” is a phrase that’s often used by scammers to scare people into thinking that their computer is infected with malware. Not that it can’t be used legitimately, but this phrase is often employed to make various fake warnings sound more official. Immediate Action Required We have detected a trojan virus on your … Continued

Instagram Virus

The Instagram virus usually refers to one of many threats and scams that compromise Instagram users. These Instagram viruses hijack people’s accounts, steal their personal information, and post ads on stolen profiles. There have been a few malicious campaigns that were spotted spreading around ever since this social media giant became widely used, and some … Continued

IOS /MAC Defender Alert – Tech Support Scam

IOS /MAC Defender Alert is a fake security warning used by tech support scammers. It says that your computer is in trouble and then encourages you to contact a phone number that’s answered by scammers. While IOS /MAC Defender Alert shows up on webpages, it also automatically downloads a file that contains the whole IOS /MAC … Continued

IRS Online Email Scam

Have you recently received a letter from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)? Well, that’s definitely an attempt to scam you since IRS officially claimed they never initiate contact with taxpayers by email, text messages or social media channels. That means regardless of what the letter you received says, it’s not true. Reportedly victims of this … Continued Ads is a site you may encounter after clicking on shady ads, suspicious links in spam emails, or annoying notification pop-ups. shows a slot machine game at the end of which it redirects you to any random website that it wants. There’s no prize being paid out and no $500 bonus, only spam ads. … Continued

“Java Update Recommended” Scam

Java Update Recommended can be a real Java update alert, for when a new version is released. However, malware executables are distributed with the help of fake software update alerts, and it can be difficult to know when the update pop-up is genuine. Java Update Recommended and similar scams are commonly used to spread malware … Continued Scam

If you find yourself on, just close the page. It’s presented as a free streaming site that’ll let you watch movies and TV shows, however, that’s not what it is. is really a malicious website that exists to trick people into signing up for unwanted services. It’s basically one big deceptive advertisement. … Continued

Kohl’s $75 Anniversary Coupon Scam

Kohl’s ‘$75 Anniversary Coupon’ scam is a post, quickly spreading on the Facebook social media platform. Users have been expressing concerns over this message as they were unsure whether Kohls is actually is giving away coupons in the celebration of their anniversary. We can rest assure you that this post is a scam, just like … Continued

“Like Of The Year” Award Scam

“Like Of The Year” is a scam site that’s promoted by adware viruses, notification spammers, and malicious ads. Fraudsters use this scam to steal money and personal details from people by promising to send them a lot of money. The process of the scam “Like Of The Year” is a scam and if you ever … Continued

Lucky Draw Contest Scam

The Lucky Draw Contest scam tricks people into giving their credit card data to dishonest actors who then abuse it. First, Lucky Draw Contest promises a free phone or another prize, then it takes personal information after saying that it’s needed to deliver this prize, and then uses the payment information to sign victims up … Continued

‘MAC OS is infected with Spyware’ scam

Have you recently come across a scary pop-up warning when browsing online, which was warning about your Mac being infected with spyware and it seemed impossible to click anywhere on your Mozilla, Chrome or Safari? Did you have to restart the computer to make the system run properly again? Or have you even called the … Continued Fake Warning is the URL of a scam website that might be displayed to owners of Mac computers thanks to malicious ads or an adware infection. This site is meant to convince visitors to download an unneeded application and then pay for its license. spreads Smart Mac Booster – a potentially unwanted application ( on … Continued Fake Apple Support is a fake Apple Support site and it uses the +1-855-231-4555 phone number. You may see this site after a pop-up on your Mac tells you that your computer is infected. is no connected with Apple and is made by scammers to force people to pay them money. is a scam site, be … Continued shows a Mac security warning that’s meant to convince people that their computers are infected. It’s a webpage that says “Your system is infected with (3) viruses” and then tries to get you to download a junk program (paid, of course) to fix this imaginary problem. What is According to the page, … Continued

“McAfee has Blocked your Windows” Locker

A technical support scam and a screenlocker, “McAfee has Blocked your Windows” is not actually affiliated with McAfee. It’s just a new iteration of the “Your Windows Has Been Banned” locker. This “McAfee has Blocked you Windows” malware works like a screen locker, a type of ransomware. However, instead of asking for money directly, a fake alert … Continued

“Microsoft has detected” Scam

“Microsoft has detected” is a strange warning about how Microsoft, the company which develops the Windows operating system, has revoked access to your computer. Microsoft has detected some suspicious activity on this computer. All access to this device has been revoked due to a network security breach. Attackers might attempt to steal personal information, banking … Continued

Microsoft Warning Alert scam

Microsoft Warning Alert is a scam targeting Windows users, trying to trick people into believing that their computer is in critical condition. The warning should be ignored. On its own, Microsoft Warning Alert is not dangerous. But in the worst cases, contacting the scammers and following all their instructions can end up with hundreds of … Continued

“Minecraft Hack Online Generator” Scam

Minecraft Hack Online Generator, or Minecraft Hack, is an online scam. It promises to give people free in-game resources, Minecoins. With this false promise, Minecraft Hack then promotes paid apps and services. While the Minecraft Hack sites do not give free coins in the end, they can saddle you with scummy subscription fees and privacy-invading … Continued is a dangerous site that, instead of offering free films and TV shows, leads people to a subscription scam. claims that users must create a free account to watch movies. It promises that there are no charges. Then it opens the signup page for a media subscription site that, likely, doesn’t even have … Continued

Netflix Scam

Netflix is a great entertainment service that’s enjoyed by more than 200 million people worldwide. Unfortunately, scammers impersonate Netflix and attack Netflix subscribers and people interested in trying the streaming service. The malicious actors spread phishing links, fake giveaways of gift cards and subscription credits (). They also send out fake “account suspended” warnings, requests … Continued Fake Competition is a site with pages of fake competitions for gift cards. Visitors are told that gift cards are being given away and they get to guess which gift box on the screen is hiding their prize. The competitions are fake – everyone wins every time and redirects to a page where you’re supposed … Continued

Nonamefca “VIRUS FOUND” Alerts

Nonamefca sites are sites named things like,,, and similar. These sites perform Mac OS virus scans that are entirely fake and only designed to show bad results for every system they analyze. Then, the Nonamefca sites recommend a paid (though they claim it’s free) application to “REMOVE VIRUSES” that do not exist on the Mac. … Continued

Norton Setup Error Scams

Fake Norton Setup Errors and activation pages are being spread online. These warnings have nothing to do with the real Norton; they’re created by tech support scammers. Scammers are using these Norton Setup Error alerts to scare people into contacting them. Their goal is to convince people to give them access to their personal computers. … Continued

“On this day i hacked your OS” Scam

Have “On this day i hacked your OS” letter reached your inbox? That means you are in the target of cyber criminals that are trying to fool you and make some easy money. This scam campaign might be categorized as Bitcoin scam because their main goal is to make you transfer Bitcoins to their account. Obviously, if … Continued

Participation in the Drawing Scam

“Participation in the drawing” is a phrase used by fake Instagram giveaways – scams. If you encounter this pop-up, it tells you that you’ve been selected to participate in a giveaway. If you continue with it, it eventually tells you that you won a prize worth thousands of dollars. However, the “Participation in the drawing” … Continued

Pegasus Spyware Activated scam

Pegasus Spyware Activated is just a cheap attempt to scare users and make them pay for nothing. Hackers behind this spam campaign are using the same old technique when a pop-up advertisement is displayed on a website and a potential victim is encouraged to call a certain number to get “remote assistance” which should solve … Continued

Playstation 5 Giveaway Scams

Fake Playstation 5 giveaways are being used to steal people’s personal information. They’re also tricking people into installing unwanted apps, wasting their time on clickbait sites, and signing up for unwanted subscriptions. While people and websites do organize real PS5 giveaways, scams are also spreading on the internet via email and social media spam and … Continued

‘Please Report This Activity’ scam

Please Report This Activity pop-up notification will appear suddenly when you will be surfing online as a new tab from Microsoft, stating that your system has been noticed to be acting unusually and in order to save your precious data you need to call the Windows tech support to a certain number. If you do … Continued

Pornographic Virus Alert From Microsoft

Pornographic Virus Alert From Microsoft is a fake security warning. Its goal is to rope people into a tech support scam. It tries to scare people by threatening them that their computer and their files are in immediate danger. The scammers responsible for the Pornographic Virus Alert From Microsoft scam seek to get access to … Continued

Prize Email 2019 Scam

Prize Email 2019 (or Prize Email 20!9) is yet another scam for stealing people’s money and personal information. It is very similar to the Like of the Year and Big Money Prize scams that have recently emerged. Prize Email 2019 promises a nonexistent cash prize of over $9000 and then asks for fees of up … Continued

‘I’m a programmer who hacked your email’ SCAM

Have you recently received a scary email message saying that some programmer hacked into your system, knows your password and has been monitoring your activity, which now is going to be shared with your contacts if you won’t pay? Seems like you are one of the millions of ‘I’m a programmer who hacked your email’ … Continued Giveaway Scam promises a free phone or another reward. It uses that promise to collect your personal data. Then it leads you to a subscription scam. If you find yourself on, just close it. It’s not dangerous unless you provide it with your real information. About Type of threat Scam. How spreads Malicious … Continued Scam is a site that advertises fleeceware sites. When people search for files, offers download links. Except that those links lead to scam websites that trick people into signing up for an expensive subscription. is similar to,, and other fake download sites. in short: Classification Scam. Problems with It disguises ads as … Continued Scams is a site that pretends to be a page by a famous company hosting fake rewards. On, you may be prompted to spin a wheel for prizes from Wallmart, CVS, Amazon, get an iPhone, a Samsung phone, and other too-good-to-be-true rewards. Each visitor is always told that they won. The pretense of shipping is … Continued Scam Site is a fake game pirating site. It downloads malicious files disguised as game installers. Not just cracked files, but actual trojans. Stay away from this site to avoid getting infected. Despite being a fake pirating site, lures in visitors by promising impossible games, such as games that aren’t out yet and exclusives that are … Continued

Roku Activation Scams

Roku is a legitimate company, but malicious actors and scammers abuse its name to create fake support sites and cheat people. Roku activation scams are when malicious actors pretend to be Roku support and try to charge people money for their “services”. But the real Roku does not charge activation or support fees. Anyone who … Continued

Save Yourself Emails

The Save Yourself email scam refers to malicious emails that try to extort victims of money. These emails are sent to people with a password that they have used at some point. They also claim to have an intimate video of the victim. The Save Yourself emails then threaten to share that video with the victim’s … Continued

Scam – “Activate Your Winning Notification”

Websites are using the phrase “You must activate your winning notification now!” to get people to subscribe to their notifications. However, these notifications are likely to be used to display unwanted advertisements rather than let people know that they’ve won a prize. The “Activate your winning notification” alert is similar to those used by other … Continued

Scam Ads – “Potential Risk of Unsecured Connection”

You might encounter pop-up ads that say that they’ve detected a “Potential risk of unsecured connection” on your device. These ads might look serious, but it would be best for you to ignore them. They’re not security warnings, they’re ads for a VPN app. These “Potential risk of unsecured connection” ads seek to scare people … Continued

Scam – Apple ID Locked

Although “Apple ID locked” can be a real warning issued by Apple, a scam has been spreading that uses the same phrase. Emails talking about app purchase issues are spreading the “Apple ID locked” scam. They lead to fake Apple sign-in pages which tell you that your Apple ID has been locked and ask you … Continued

Scam – “Congratulations, You Are the Visitor No. 1.000.000!”

While browsing the internet, you might encounter pop-ups that say “Congratulations, You Are the Visitor No. 1.000.000!”. These ads tell you that you won a phone, but you should not trust them. Rather than giving you a free new phone, the “Visitor No. 1.000.000!” sites ask you to create an account, provide personal information, and … Continued

Scam Emails “Your Cloud Storage Was Compromised”

Did you get an email threatening that “your cloud storage was compromised”? The writer of the email says that they will find photos and info you’d like to stay secret and send it all to your contacts – unless you pay them $2000. The “your cloud storage was compromised” emails are extortion, but they are … Continued

Scam – Fake App Store Purchase Emails

Among the scam emails being sent to Apple users, the App Store purchase scam is relatively popular. These fake emails tell you that you’re about to be charged money for a purchase that you made on the App Store. They suggest that you can cancel the purchase if you’re quick about it. The goal of the … Continued

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