“Microsoft Error: Unknown System Failure” Tech Scam

“Microsoft Error: Unknown System Failure” tech support scam is an alarming message that takes its form from a bizarre website of Msoft.com-msoft435.info. It pretends to belong to the Microsoft Official Support team and that the pop-up is displayed for the sake of offering assistance. A phone number 888-576-1517 is explained to connect concerned Internet visitors … Continued

“This PC Has Been Blocked” virus

Are you unable to access your computer device because a message from Microsoft is in the way? A capitalized phrase “This PC Has Been Blocked” is not coming from honorable security technicians: this statement is made by vicious scammers. In the presented blue-screen, the reason or locking the device is identified to be violations of … Continued

“This User Is Disabled” Tech Support Scam

One way to describe the arrival of “This User Is Disabled” lock-screen is to point out the improbability of the incident. Viruses have little interest in forewarning people before an attack. Its like setting up a trap and then telling the victim to watch out for it. “This User Is Disabled” lock-screen will guarantee that … Continued


If your anti-spyware or anti-virus informs you about Adware.Porn-tool.win32.Agent.hm infection, consider changing security tools on your machine. Adware.Porn-tool.win32.Agent.hm is supposedly detected by fake security programs. This threat is not even real. Rogue security tools report various fake infections to make people interested in buying the rogue programs. Security alerts displayed by those programs are simple … Continued

AgentTesla Trojan

AgentTesla is a spyware trojan. It comes in malicious attachments to phishing emails. AgentTesla is used by various criminal groups to steal data from infected devices. Data like usernames, passwords, bank account and credit card information can be logged and passed on by AgentTesla to cybercriminals. People whose computers were infected with AgentTesla risk becoming … Continued

AnarchyGrabber Info Stealer

AnarchyGrabber is a data stealer that targets Discord. If you think that your Discord account was hacked or stolen, then AnarchyGrabber could be at fault. This info stealer isn’t as bad as other trojans, but it’s more easily available, too. To get rid of AnarchyGrabber, victims will need to not only remove it, but also … Continued

AppleJeus Trojan

AppleJeus is a cryptocurrency-stealing trojan. It is distributed as legitimate-looking crypto trading apps. It hijacks transactions and it may install a backdoor that can execute malware and steal files. AppleJeus is dangerous to businesses, organizations, and individual Mac and PC users. This trojan is operated by the Lazarus Group, a North Korea-sponsored malicious actor. AppleJeus in short: … Continued

Artemis Trojan

Artemis is a dangerous file or process. It could be a potentially unwanted program, an adware virus, spyware, etc. It’s difficult to tell because Artemis trojans are not specific threats but a label used by antivirus programs (McAfee) to mark programs and processes that behave in a suspicious way. It is used to label an … Continued

Astaroth trojan

Astaroth is the name of a dangerous trojan, that was first discovered in 2017. Very recently a new strain of this malware was caught spreading in South America (Brazil specifically) and Europe exploiting antivirus software and stealing important banking information. Undoubtedly, the new Astaroth trojan is something that all users globally should be aware of … Continued

August Malware

August malware was first noticed in November (2016). It was discovered by the security researchers from the Proofpoint company. This new malware is an info-stealer type of malware, thus, its primary function is to leak the data from the compromised system. In other words, August info-stealer is used for reconnaissance purposes. The malware was targeted … Continued

Aurora Cheat Tool

Aurora Cheat tool is described by its developers as the injector specifically for the Apex Legends video game. It is advertised as a tool that makes additional game features possible, such as aimbot patch, distance control facility, player movement prediction, etc. The danger of the Aurora Cheat tool is that it additionally infects the operating … Continued

AutoKMS Virus

AutoKMS (or KMSAuto) is a hacking tool, mostly used for Windows and Microsoft Office products. It’s used to activate those products without buying the license. While AutoKMS is not really dangerous on its own, most of its versions online are infected with some sort of malware. So, downloading AutoKMS from the internet could put your … Continued

Avast Remediation Exe

Avast remediation exe is a Windows process related to the Wsc_proxy.exe file. It is part of Avast Antivirus and is completely safe. Problems with Avast remediation exe may arise if Avast can’t be properly updated. In this case, you may have to repair your installation of Avast or contact Avast support. It’s possible for malicious programs … Continued

Bazar Trojan

Bazar is a trojan – a malicious Windows infection. Bazar injects a backdoor into processes like cmd, explorer, and svchost. It steals files and downloads malware (file-encrypting ransomware, spyware, etc.). Bazar is also known as Team9 malware. It’s created by the same developers as Trickbot, another infamous trojan. Sometimes, Bazar is referred to by the … Continued


BitCoinMiner is a group of trojans that install Bitcoin Miner application. Bitcoins are virtual currency that relies on complex computations. The more people do these computations, the safer the network is from hacking attempts. Due to its nature it is possible to earn small sums of coins by performing these computations. The number of bitcoins … Continued

Browser Assistant by Realistic Media

Browser Assistant by Realistic Media is an adware trojan – a potentially harmful program that is installed without permission. Browser Assistant forces internet browsers to perform unwanted actions, such as open unexpected websites. It could promote dangerous websites, which could be harmful. Deleting Browser Assistant by Realistic Media is not as simple as uninstalling it … Continued

Bvhost.exe Miner

Bvhost.exe Miner infection belongs to the same group as Deftesrg.exe Trojan. These parasites are described as miners of various types of crypto-currencies like Bitcoin or Monero. We have discussed some similar infections in the past and the problem with them is that they mine crypto-currencies without receiving permissions from the owners of computer devices. Therefore, … Continued

CamuBot Trojan

CamuBot Trojan – an extremely dangerous computer infection that is targeted to your most sensitive information (banking information, personal details, etc.). To put it into other words, if your computer is infected with CamuBot, you are facing a serious risk of losing your data and even money, because in the worst case scenario hackers would … Continued

CIA Special Agent 767 Screen Locker

Even though CIA Special Agent 767 demands a certain ransom payment and states that your files have been encrypted, it is a simple screen locker, having no ransomware-type capabilities of encrypting files. At first sight it may seem as one of the police ransomwares because it contains CIA badge. But, when the user enters the … Continued

ClipBanker Info Stealer

ClipBanker is an info-stealing trojan. It steals cryptocurrency by replacing crypto wallet addresses in the clipboard. It can also steal other data, such as credentials saved in web browsers. ClipBanker tends to spread with ransomware infections, such as Buran, often infecting computers with malicious email attachments and malicious ads online. ClipBanker in short: Threat type … Continued

Cliptomaner Trojan

Cliptomaner is another malicious miner that cybercriminals distribute together with other malware. Cliptomaner can severely slow down the infected computer, redirect transactions to its own wallets, and install other malware. From ransomware-encrypted files to hacked online accounts, the issues that are adjacent to a Cliptomaner infection can be very serious. About Cliptomaner: Classification Trojan, miner. … Continued

Cloud Packager Miner Trojan

Cloud Packager Miner Trojan inserts NvProfileUpdater64.exe and wdf.exe files into operating systems for the purpose of mining cryptocurrencies. This means that CPU resources are over-utilized and the same fate is meant for GPU processing power. We have noticed a steady increase in the number of crypto-mining malware threats. Last week we investigated examples like Quick … Continued

CoinHive Miner Trojan

CoinHive Trojan refers to a JavaScript miner which is designed to mine Monero cryptocurrency. Mining is not considered illegal when it is done with authorization, but cyber criminals have decided to exploit this method of monetization in illegal ways. By secretively injecting codes into websites and distributing miners to users that have not agreed to … Continued


Www.apple.com-mac-optimization.live is an address used for a fraud scheme to trick people out of their money. The virus alert pop-ups sell fake antivirus software by claiming that “your system is infected”. Most people only see Apple.com-mac-optimization.live pop-ups when they visit an infected site or click on a bad ad, but some are constantly pestered by … Continued

CopperStealer Malware

CopperStealer is a spyware trojan. It steals passwords and downloads additional malware. If your online accounts got hacked and if malware appeared on your device out of the blue, then CopperStealer could be responsible. CopperStealer spreads with pirated programs. Once downloaded, it silently grabs what login data it can find and sends it off to … Continued

Cridex Trojan

M86 Security Labs has reported about one more Trojan that has attacked hundreds of websites so far and you can also be one of its victims. The infection is called Cridex Trojan. It attacks websites that are based on WordPress. Usually you will get infected through email attachments that contain links with hijacked websites or … Continued

Crypto-Loot Miner Trojan

Crypto-Loot Trojan Miner is similar to CoinHive Miner that we recently investigated. Most security researchers regard the new mining-service as a competitor against CoinHive as most of the mining-websites right now are running its scripts. However, with a Crypto-Loot Miner in the market, some might decide to explore the capacities of this JavaScript library (). … Continued

CryptoShuffler trojan

The peak of cryptocurrency trend has significantly induced the creation of all kinds of threats that are more specialized and targeted towards cryptography. In the past few years, cyber world has seen dozens of crypto-jacking trojans like Crypto-Loot Miner,CoinHive.One of such trojans is the CryptoShuffler, whose initial release was in 2016, but as the years … Continued


Cutwail is a trojan dropper. It is capable of installing other malwares on the compromised computer. Cutwail may install malicious toolbars, fake security tools and similar computer parasites. Cutwail is unable to do serious harm on its own, nevertheless it is very dangerous. Programs installed by this trojan may steal personal information or direct user … Continued

Cyberspc.com Malware

Cyberspc.com is a site that allows users to download cracks for various programs. Unfortunately, it also downloads malware. While Cyberspc.com does appear high in Google search results, that does not indicate that the site is safe or high quality. In fact, it’s common for malicious sites show up high in Google search results. It’s recommended … Continued


Cycbot (sometimes called Cycbot.b or Win32/Cycbot.B) is a Trojan/Backdoor infecting PCs and giving remote access to hackers or planting fake antiviruses into infected PCs. This sort of trojans is one of the possible reasons for Search engine redirection, when your search results are filtered, replaced or you are redirected to harmful websites. Thus Cycbot infections … Continued

DataQuest Malware

DataQuest malware is a malicious app that has absolutely nothing to do with the legitimate DataQuest apps by  Dataquest Labs, Magzter Inc., and others. The DataQuest malware is totally separate. It is detected as malicious by many antivirus programs () and it causes some seriously disruptive effects on the infected Mac: crashes apps, slows down … Continued

Deftesrg.exe Miner Trojan

Deftesrg.exe Miner Trojan is an infection that will overly exploit your computer resources and might even lead to higher fees of your electric bill. This specific version is based on legitimate XMRig Miner which can be utilized by anyone that wishes to turn their device into a miner for crypto currencies. Deftesrg.exe parasite is expected … Continued

Degreefinger.club Malware Downloads

Degreefinger.club is a malicious site that sometimes lets people pirate software, but often tricks them to download malware in the form of fake software updates. It’s dangerous to download anything from Degreefinger.club if you don’t want your device to get infected. If you just encountered Degreefinger.club, it’s good enough to just close the site – … Continued

dllhost.exe *32 COM Surrogate virus

dllhost.exe*32 COM Surrogate virus, also referred to as dllhost.exe*32 infection, appears to be using a very large portion of CPU resources. Computer users are complaining that their activity is disrupted by a COM Surrogate table, indicating that a variety of processes cannot be implemented due to fact that COM Surrogate has stopped working. If a … Continued

Domflash.ru redirect virus

Domflash.ru is a scheming website which makes presentations of forged Adobe Flash Player updates and spreads Flash-2017.js file. Domflash will splash your screen after self-regulating redirection will lead you into it. Firstly, the website will display a window with the following text: “To view this site you need to upgrade your Flash Player, simply click … Continued

Download.studio Malware

Download.studio (not to be confused with DownloadStudio by Conceiva) is a torrent client that was seen distributing very serious backdoor malware in its automatic updates. Long-time users of Download.studio should check their computers for malware and remove any that is found. The backdoor problem is separate from Download.studio’s other issues, like bundling potentially unwanted software. … Continued


Downloader.Waledac.C is an infection which is categorized as Trojan. In most cases, Waledac Trojan is used as a part of spambot network when infected PCs are used for sending spam e-mails out. Besides, it may also work together with other Trojans and disable security settings helping them to get inside the system unnoticed. Some versions … Continued


E-Card.exe is a trojan that allows remote attacker to spy an infected machine. Anyone with bad intentions can steal sensitive information or make use of online banking accounts by employing e-Card.exe trojan; and trojans are not installed by someone with good wishes. E-Card.exe infection is difficult to notice because it works secretly in a background. … Continued

Evrial trojan virus

Evrial trojan is extremely dangerous computer virus that can eventually lead you to losing Bitcoins. With cryptocurrencies becoming more and more popular nowadays, various trojan viruses are targeting users to steal their virtual money. We have already seen infections like Bvhost.exe Miner and Deftesrg.exe Miner Trojan targeted to infect computers and use them as bitcoin mining stations … Continued

Fake Antivirus Update

Fake Antivirus Update for Windows 10 is a predatory and dishonest marketing tactic for dubious PC optimizers. It’s used to trick people to install stuff they don’t want, like PC Cleaner Pro, by showing them what looks like an official Windows message (it’s not). Fake Antivirus Update is m is adjacent to various adware sites … Continued

Fake inPixio Editor

There’s a fake inPixio website (called LnPixio.com) spreading a fake inPixio program – inPixio Photo Editor Free. This installer gets flagged by antivirus scanners as a trojan and fails to install any real inPixio editors. If you suspect that you might have downloaded a file from LnPixio.com, scan your computer with an antivirus program. There might be … Continued

Fake Keyboard Captcha Downloads a Trojan

A website was discovered that downloads a spyware trojan and tricks people into saving the malicious file. It does this by showing a Captcha that asks users to press certain keyboard keys. This example of a dangerous website shows how fake captchas can be used to hurt people – in this case, trick them into … Continued

Fake Mac Software Update

Fake Software Update for Mac is a scam propagated by a few malicious websites. Ads, redirects, and pop-ups open a page where a fake Mac OS system window is telling you to download System updates. The pop-up looks realistic, but is really just an element on the malicious website. Interacting with the fake Software Update … Continued

Fake Microsoft Security Essentials Alert Trojan

Fake Microsoft Security Essentials Alert is nothing else but Trojan, which tries to convince PC users that they have viruses on their computers and now they need to increase machines’ protection to get rid of the scams detected. For that, users are suggested 35 different anti-spywares where 5 of them are not legitimate ones: Red … Continued

Fake “Your File is Ready for Download” Links

Malicious actors use various tricks to get people to download malware. For instance, they use the phrase “Your file is ready for download…” in pop-up ads, next to a button that downloads a malicious installer. Fake download links are advertised on file download sites. Their creators bet on people mistaking them for real download links. … Continued

Firefox need to update immediately virus

“Firefox need to update immediately” is a fake security notification that disturbs work on Mozilla Firefox browser. The message says that the version of your Firefox is vulnerable and needs to be updated. It also warns that this can cause damage to your system and even some of your private information can be revealed. You … Continued

Floxif virus

Floxif Trojan virus hit the world hard after hackers managed to secretly code CCleaner 5.33.6162 and CCleaner Cloud 1.07.3191 versions to distribute malware. Crooks had the opportunity of a lifetime and their malicious modifications to the legitimate security software (meant to serve 32-bit Windows operating systems) remained undetected for nearly a month. Approximately, hackers’ vicious … Continued

FormBook Spyware

FormBook is an info stealer that spreads in phishing emails. It’s been seen delivered by fake WHO emails about the coronavirus pandemic, fake purchase confirmations, and fake job emails. In addition to stealing information, FormBook can download and execute commands and files on the infected device. Therefore, besides being spyware, FormBook is also considered a RAT … Continued

FPMPlayer Unwanted App

FPMPlayer is a potentially unwanted app that gets installed by app bundles. It is promoted by deceptive ads and installed without the user’s permission. It might be installed with other unwanted (and possibly dangerous) applications. Even though FPMPlayer does not appear to be harmful in any way, it’s still suspicious just because of the way … Continued

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