Adroit System Care

Adroit System Care is a fake system optimization software. It claims to be able to enhance the performance of your PC by deleting items impacting system speed, improve system startup time and user space and even get rid of programs leaving your system vulnerable to malicious attacks. The capabilities of Adroit System Care to speed … Continued

Advance PC Solutions

Advance PC Solutions is a fake system optimization tool described by its creators as the revolutionary product that helps enhance and safeguard the PC by cleaning all unwanted files that gather in your PC with constant use. It is supposed to both optimize the performance of your computer and clean it from unwanted items. Reading … Continued

AntiVira Av

AntiVira Av is another malware that may lead you into thinking that it is legitimate program called Avira AntiVir. Don’t fall into this trick because you will only let malicious intruder inside your machine which additionally will do its best in order to make you purchase its ‘license’. Classically, there is no ‘license’ existing and, … Continued

Antivirus .NET

Antivirus.NET is a totally malicious program that will try to convince you that your PC is infected. It does that for a tricky reason – by making you believe that your machine is under the risk of spyware, it scares its victims into purchasing so called “licensed” version. In order to avoid such secret intrusions, … Continued

Auto Mac Booster

Auto Mac Booster fake system optimization software may appear in your Mac quite unexpectedly. Many users who suddenly saw Auto Mac Booster on their screens clearly mentioned that they did not install this program directly. There are various tricky methods used for the distribution of this questionable software. A lot of anti-virus scanners and security-related … Continued

Auto System Speedup

Auto System Speedup proposes that it optimizes, protects from errors, and cleans your PC to make it run smoothly. But, like the other PCVARK products, it’s nothing more than a scam. Auto System Speedup severely exaggerates its results to rope people into subscribing to its protection plan for periodic payments. So, before you buy it, … Continued

Bird Miner Infection

OSX.BirdMiner, also referred to as the Bird Miner, is a cryptocurrency miner recently discovered by several anti-malware companies. The research made by Malwarebytes indicates that Bird Miner may be interconnected with a cracked installer for the top-class music production application Ableton Live 10. This program is popular among many DJs as a great tool for … Continued

Bitcoin Collector

Bitcoin Collector stands for a malicious utility advertised as an application for generating the amount from $15 to $45 Bitcoins every day. The developers of the utility mention that there is no price for using it, plus earning Bitcoins will be done in an automatic way. To perform the aforesaid function, the program must work … Continued

Check Disk

Strictly on schedule a new fake system utility, Check Disk, has been launched on this weekend. Last week it was ScanDisk, and week before we had Ultra Defragger. It shows how fast malware creators create a new skins and names for their parasites. CheckDisk belong to family of rogues that try scaring you into buying … Continued


There were times when Mac computers were considered to be much safer compared to PCs that used to be the main targets of malware. Currently, the situation has dramatically changed and Mac OS X systems are equally under the attack of the wide range of threats. CrescentCore is one of them. CrescentCore is malicious software, … Continued

Data Recovery

Computer users are suffering form one more fake application spreading on the Internet and attempting to swindle their money away. The application is called Data Recovery and it’s a fake computer analysis and optimization program. It spreads to computer systems actively using Trojan viruses. Data Recovery creates an illusion of being a security tool which … Continued

Data Restore

Data Restore is a fake optimization program that has the only objective – to get user into its trap. No matter what, please never fall into believing its hard drive issues reported because it will definitely ask to pay for its services and will steal your money in this way. Data Restore uses the same … Continued

Disk Helper

DiskHelper is deceptive software which should be categorized as fake defragmenter. Have no doubts that you must avoid this virus as it will always try to trick you into purchasing its fake license for fixing your hard disk. You definitely don’t need Disk Helper and if you have already purchased it, contact your credit card … Continued

Disk Optimizer

Disk Optimizer is a typical bogus defragmenter that tries to convince you about the hard disk errors detected. Don’t dream that DiskOptimizer will solve any of these issues reported even if you pay for the licensed its version. Just like Good Memory, Fast Disk or Disk OK this malware seeks only to get your money … Continued

Disk Recovery

Disk Recovery is a fake system optimization utility. It belongs to defragger family, that includes such malware as Memory fixer, HDD Low, System Defragmenter and many others. This family of malware advertises system repair tool by simulating system malfunction. Disk Recovery is not different as well, the single difference is the name program is using. … Continued

Driver Performer

Driver Performer is a fake optimization tool that is promoted as a tool that can scan your computer and all attached devices like your monitor, mouse, printer, etc. and determine which drivers are missing or corrupt. The program can be downloaded from its official websites however, it can be installed to your computer without … Continued

DriverHive Malware

DriverHive might look like a useful and effective tool, but you should know that it is categorized as a rogue application. There are several reasons for that – all reliable anti-malware programs identify it as a possible threat to the security of your system, it is known for constantly delivering false positive results and might … Continued

Easy Scan

EasyScan is a dangerous security program which may trick you into thinking that it is a legitimate, completely safe and useful defragmenter. This scam was found in the end of December and has infected numerous computer users who were made to believe that their PCs are in danger. In fact, alerts of Easy Scan reporting … Continued


ErrorWiz is a fake application marketed as “optimization utility created for repairing, optimizing and speeding up your PC”. However, in contrast to legitimate programs, Error Wiz detects totally invented viruses and then asks paying the money for their removal. Save your money and do NOT pay for ErrorWiz services! Do not install any version of … Continued

Fake Windows Activation Screen

A new infection has been spreading on the Internet targeting Windows users. In fact it’s a Trojan horse that pretends to be a Windows Activation program. Once infected, you will receive a professionally looking screen simulating Microsoft Windows Activation which will state that you need to re-activate your Windows. The program will also ask to … Continued

File Recovery (virus)

File Recovery virus aka File Recovery “virus” is a new version of Fake HDD malware. This version is likely to replace Data Recovery and will infect PCs through various vulnerabilities or social engineering. Differently from its predecessor, they dropped word “Smart” from their name. These parasites use various exploit kits usually, that are capable of … Continued

File Restore (virus)

File Restore virus is a malicious program that was designed by computer hackers who are responsible for the huge family of FakeHDD programs. Some of you may already be acquainted with File Recovery. This one works exactly the same way as the latter: it imitates functions of system optimization tool although it’s not able to … Continued

Good Memory

GoodMemory is yet another defragmenter that has been announced as malicious one. Hailing from notorious fake defragmenters’ family, Good Memory virus follows Fast Disk, Disk OK, HDD OK, My Disk and other scams that seek only to steal your money. They get on the targeted systems undetected and then begin their trickily designed campaign based … Continued

HDD Control

HDDControl is a fake PC optimization tool which is going to create numerous problems for you and take over the whole computer’s system while trying to rip you off. It shouldn’t be trusted as it reports about tons of security problems detected and then offers its “full” version for removal. Instead of these promised actions, … Continued

HDD Defragmenter

HDD Defragmenter is another Rogue system optimizer following trend of fake Hardware and Disk scanners like Smart Defragmenter and System Defragmenter. This type of software is similar to fake antiviruses and rogue registry cleaners in behavior, but claim to fix hardware problems instead of claiming to fix software problems or remove malware. Differently from legitimate … Continued

HDD Diagnostic

HDD Diagnostic is a freshly released malware which poses to be created for the computer’s optimization. However, in reality HDD Diagnostic seems to be replacing other malicious applications from the family of fake defragmenters – Hard Drive Diagnostic, HDD Scan and others. All these malwares are installed with a help of Trojans viruses and you … Continued


HDDFix is a scam tool, computer virus which will be presented as a powerful hard disk defragmenter. However, this is not true as this malware is even incapable to detect any error and solve the problems connected with your hard disk. Even more, HDD Fix is dangerous because it will aggressively try to steal your … Continued

HDD Rescue

HDD rescue is another skin of fake system optimization applications. This family of applications (typically under guise of hard disk defragmenters) detect various non-software related issues and claim to be able to fix these errors. The problem is that the problems HDD Rescue detects are fake and tries to scare you into buying a software … Continued

HDD Scan

HDD scan is another annoying fake system optimization utility that propagates using trojans and network worms. This type of scareware tries to convince user about malfunctioning system hardware and claims that software solution for 60-80 USD can fix all the numerous problems users haven’t noticed before. These problems might be: Hard disk failures Ram failures … Continued

HDD Doctor

HDD Doctor, just like Disk Repair, belongs to a new generation of malwares, fake defragmenters. Differently from other disk defragmenters, HDDoctor is more similar to ThinkPoint that Disk Repair or HDD plus. HDD Doctor differences are the following. It does not show fake warnings non-related to hard disk. Only Hard disk errors are shown. Also, … Continued

Home Codec Pack

Home Codec Pack is a fake application that is result of trojan infection. Typically, you get infected by browsing malicious or compromised websites without adequate firewall or internet security protection. You can also get Home Codec Pack after installing fake, infected software. The main symptom of Home Codec Pack is that your movies stop playing … Continued

Mac Cleanup Pro virus

Mac Cleanup Pro is one of many rogue applications for Mac computers developed by the infamous company PCVARK. There is no doubt that this product is malicious: Mac Cleanup Pro is spread online using dishonest and malicious tactics and it detects many problems on every Mac it’s not, just to get more people to spend … Continued

Mac Fixer Pro

Mac Fixer Pro is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) attacking Mac computers through tricky installation methods. Its intrusion definitely occurs without taking the user’s opinion into consideration. The program is very similar to Mac Cleanup Pro, SpeedupMy Mac and other pseudo system optimization tools that do not fix real problems. If you doubt whether to … Continued

Mac Security Plus Malware

Mac Security Plus might look like a reliable and useful tool at first, but it has a dark side that you should be aware of. Cyber security experts categorize it as a rogue anti-spyware tool and they do it not for no reason. While advertised as an effective program that can protect your Mac system from … Continued

Mac Space Reviver

Mac Space Reviver potentially unwanted program is a Mac-cleaning tool which helps people to scan and clean duplicate clutter easily to free up a lot of space which in turn will improve Mac’s performance. Despite the tempting description, the tool has been categorized as a potentially unwanted program, similar to MacShiny tool we have discussed … Continued

Mac Tonic virus

Were you looking for system optimization/security tools and ended up getting Mac Tonic but now you cannot remove it? Or was it just a random out of the blue pop-up on your Mac saying ‘Let’s get started with Mac Tonic’, asking to press the button to start using the mysterious program? If any of these … Continued

MacEntizer Malware

MacEntizer belongs to the large family of fake system optimization utilities specifically attacking Mac computers. It is very similar to Mac Cleanup Pro, Mac Mechanic, Cleanup MyMac. These applications are even very similar according to their interface. There is no substantial difference when you compare their activities within your Mac. None of them is able … Continued

Max Registry Cleaner

Max Registry Cleaner is considered as a fake registry cleaner. This classification is confirmed by the scan results of several anti-malware programs. The application uses a lot of false positives to make users believe that their computers have serious issues that need to be immediately fixed. However, the program mentions that to get them fixed, … Continued

Maxperforma Optimizer

Maxperforma Optimizer is a fake system optimization tool that claims to restore and backup your registry and store it safely in your system, but in fact it’s a useless software that only slows down your computer’s performance and brings problems for computer users. The program is installed to computers with a help of Trojan viruses, … Continued

mBytes Clean Pro Fake Optimizer

mBytes Clean Pro is a potentially unwanted program (PUP). It is promoted as a system optimization utility that helps to identify malware/PUP threats, enhance system performance and optimize available software. The developers of mBytes Clean Pro promise that by installing the program the startup time of your programs will be minimized and that you will … Continued

Memory Optimizer

Memory Optimizer is a fake security product, so never fall into believing its analysis reports that are completely useless as they are invented by the same scam. This fake defragmenter will only seek to trick you into money stealing affair what means that it will do its best to convince you about paying for its … Continued

Microsoft Cleanup Virus

Microsoft Cleanup, also known as Microsoft Cleaner, is advertised as a software that is supposed to help its users get rid of junk data, enhance system memory, get rid of unwanted registry items and optimize the registry in general and improve your browsing speed. It promises a lot of features, however, in reality, it functions … Continued

Nero TuneItUp

Nero TuneItUp is described as a system optimization software that fixes issues associated with system performance. The utility is advertised as the one capable of making the Windows operating system load faster, enhancing the browsing speed, improving the operating system parameters and even updating available applications and drivers. The problem with Nero TuneItUp is that … Continued

Optimizer Pro Speed Guard

Optimizer Pro Speed Guard is a fake optimization software that promises to speed up your computer performance, but in fact it is a fake system utility that was designed by computer hackers. The program is able to infiltrate into computers through Trojan viruses without users knowledge or permission. Usually this happens when the user clicks … Continued

Palladium Pro

Palladium Pro is freshly released malware which was noticed to be copying earlier released trickily designed Fake Microsoft Security Essentials. This scam will also display Microsoft Security Essentials alert for making you think that your computer is infected and then will definitely offer you to register its fake license. Be aware that if you pay … Continued

PC Fix Speed

PC Fix Speed claims to be a system optimizer capable of increasing your computer’s speed and repairing computer errors. The truth is it is not a legitimate program but a scam. It gets inside a computer using various tricks, such as social engineering or bundling it with freeware. If you see an advertisement informing that … Continued

PC MightyMax

PC MightyMax is crapware registry optimization utility that has very poor reputation. It detects little problems and displays exaggerated claims about system status. Majority of problems detected are not serious ones, like ones that can be safely ignored. Thus PC Mighty Max is bad choice for registry cleaner. Most interesting feature of PCMightyMax scan is … Continued

PC Performer

PC Performer is a registry optimizer program that promises to enhance computer performance and fix registry errors, but in fact it even slows your computer down, changes system settings and causes errors. The program usually gets into your system without your consent. It comes bundled with other programs that you can download from the Internet. … Continued

PC Regcleaners

PC Regcleaners is another malicious program posing as a registry cleaner. System optimizer has become a dirty term for a reason: there are so many optimizers that are malware or PUPs (potentially unwanted programs) that not surprising at all that PC Regcleaners has turned out to be a virus. Versions of PC Regcleaners have been bothering … Continued

PC Repair

PC Repair is a new fake system Optimizer from the same family as HDD Repair. Not so different from rogues, these programs infect PCs with the help of Trojans from infected websites, shareware downloads and fake software updates. Differently from rogue antiviruses, PC Repair will pretend that your computer hardware is corrupt instead of faking … Continued

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