PuzzleMaker Exploited Google and Windows 10 Vulnerabilities

Kaspersky () recently revealed new malicious attacks that exploited vulnerabilities in Google Chrome and Windows 10. This attack chain was called PuzzleMaker. The PuzzleMaker malware used Google Chrome to infect Windows PCs, where it achieved Administrator privileges and downloaded and installed a backdoor. According to Kaspersky, the attacks were seen on April 14-15 and were targeted … Continued

RotaJakiro, a Mysterious Linux Backdoor, Emerges From Obscurity

RotaJakiro remained secret for years Linux malware is an uncommon sight (although not new). From time to time, malicious actors focus on this operating system and remind us that Linux users must be careful of malware, too. RotaJakiro is a backdoor that infects Linux systems. It has been infecting machines since 2018, but only became known … Continued

Mac M1-native Malware

Why M1-native malware is interesting Soon after Apple released M1 Macs, M1-native malware was discovered. This caused M1 users to wonder if their devices were vulnerable to cyber threats. The answer – no more vulnerable than always. There’s nothing special about M1 malware. M1 is a new architecture for Macs. It’s very energy-efficient while still … Continued

Setting up Security for Your New Mac

Computer security is paramount. Ensuring you have the basic security measures in place will save you from a lot of unnecessary trouble later. Here is an essential guide to setting up your Mac’s security: 1. Turn on automatic updates macOS updates have two objectives – make updates to your installed apps and improve your Mac’s … Continued

How Ransomware Spreads

Ransomware is very dangerous. It encrypts data in such a way that it is often impossible to restore it. As a result, the harm caused by ransomware can be immeasurable. There are a few different ways in which criminals spread their ransomware infections: phishing emails, open RDP access, and various security flaws. It’s important to be aware … Continued

How to Improve Your Online Privacy

You must have heard about instances when someone had to deal with identity theft. Being reckless on the internet may not seem like that big of a deal, but you could become the next target of someone who has the tools to take advantage of online user carelessness. Thankfully, there are ways to boost your … Continued

Silver Sparrow – MacOS Malware in Development

A new and widespread infection Silver Sparrow is malicious software that infects Mac devices. For now, it does not install any malware. But it’s a threat nevertheless. . The report says that Silver Sparrow can be traced back to at least August 2020. In February of 2021, it was discovered to have infected thirty thousand computers … Continued

Search Results Hijacked by Adrozek Malware

An active threat If you get nonsense links in the search results of Google and other search engines, your browser may just be infected with a dangerous trojan called Adrozek. Earlier this month, Adrozek was described by the Microsoft 365 Defender Research Team: . It described how this trojan infects computers and breaks web browsers … Continued

MacOS Backdoor Trojan in Email Spam

Malware in fake Word files MacOS backdoor malware is being distributed in malicious emails. Backdoors are ways for malware (or other unauthorized users) to get access to a computer or a network. They are difficult to detect for a normal user. This particular backdoor may arrive as an archive file (Zip) disguised as a Word … Continued

Sphinx banking trojan spreads in fake COVID-19 payment emails

Sphinx, a banking trojan that’s heavily based on Zeus/Terdot, was noticed spreading in COVID-19 themed phishing emails. Malicious emails Emails that promise COVID-19 payments are being sent to people in English-speaking countries. The emails claim to carry a form to fill out – a form that’s needed to receive a large sum of money, such … Continued

Android Banking Trojan Gets an Upgrade

What is Cerberus Here, we’re not talking about the antitheft app for Android that is also named “Cerberus”. We’re talking about a banking trojan developed for Android back in June of 2019. ThreatFabric has found that this Android malware has recently been enhanced with new tricks of a Remote Access Trojan (RAT). It can give cyber … Continued

PureLocker – what is it

PureLocker is a rare cross-OS ransomware infection and it’s evaded antivirus detection for months before being described this week, on the 12th of November, together with IMB X-Force. It’s interesting because it could be converted to work on MacOS. Portable PureLocker Like most of the ransomware viruses that we hear about, PureLocker’s operators target businesses and extort … Continued

Emotet spreads again

Emotet has started actively spreading again. Big business companies, government facilities, individuals — anyone can become a victim to this info-stealing, malware-downloading trojan. , USA, UK, Germany, Poland, and Italy have been seen targeted by this latest malicious email spam campaign that marks Emotet’s wakeup from its months-long slumber. Innocent-looking emails carry an infection Though … Continued

Rogue Application Distributed Through Search Results on Google

Rogue application considered to be a trojan virus, CrescentCore, was discovered lately. It is a dangerous computer infection targeted to infect Mac computers only.  Basically, it works as a distributor of other malware – once installed on a system, it is likely to deploy various browser extensions or applications that are generally unwanted. It was … Continued

Microsoft improves Remote Desktop Services security

Microsoft improves Windows security by releasing a patch — — for Remote Desktop Services. The vulnerability allowed people to run code on computers or servers without having logged in. Flawed Remote Desktop Services security has been responsible for many cyber attacks and hacked computers and networks. Microsoft’s patch addresses just one vulnerability which used to … Continued

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