Browser Hijackers are various programs that interfere with browser programs. This kind of malware either forces browser to show one particular webpage, inserts advertisements in other web pages, messes up search results or shows various popups in the browser. In the end, user might not be able to use browser at all. Browser Hijackers are used for 2 malicious purposes. The first one is making money from your browser usage. This is done by redirecting your searches like google redirect virus does or showing popups with advertisements. Each click on resulting webpage will (potentially) make some money to malware makers. The second malicious purpose is prevent one from visiting some websites like makers of malware removal software, security websites and other legitimate sites that would provide help. In the second case, Browser Hijackers are a sign of serious malware problem and the PC should be carefully cleaned from the infection. Browser Hijackers can be categorized by the way they are implemented, technology used for infection and their symptoms. The redirection symptoms are shared by wide family of malware, thus it is hard to write a guide that covers all the possible redirection viruses. For general assistance with Browser Hijackers we recommend this guide how to remove search redirects. It covers both malware-based hijackers like TDSS, malicious browser addons and malicious browser or PC settings that lead to browser redirections. If you have more specific problem, we recommend browsing our Browser Hijacker database for symptoms and looking for specific cure or asking a question bellow related hijacker guide.

1 Click PDF Malware

1 Click PDF is an unwanted extension promoted by means of several tricky methods. You may download 1 Click PDF extension directly from the Chrome Web Store, but it is quite unlikely that this will be your personal decision. Nevertheless, even if you consider doing so, make sure you carefully read this article. You will … Continued

100sofRecipes Hijacker

100sofRecipes (fill name – The Best Recipes by 100sofRecipes) is a browser add-on that’s not very well-liked by antivirus programs (). That’s because 100sofRecipes is a browser hijacker, a browser add-on whose main goal is to control how the user can search the internet. Any recipe-related functionality is secondary. In short about 100sofRecipes: Type of … Continued virus virus is a browser hijacker that mainly attacks computers located in Brazil. It reminds of two very well known hijackers – and If you have noticed it on your Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, you should remove virus from there as soon as possible. This articles covers the mains … Continued virus is a Russian domain that has incorporated many facilities in it. As soon as you visit it, the layout of the webpage does instantly give you the chills and a strong, intuitive sense of this site’s unreliability. The page appears functional with currency rates, daily horoscopes, weather forecasts and a news feed. However, when … Continued


1ClickDownloader is a freeware that was made for downloading any type of files without an external client. It is the main product of a company from Cyprus, stating that files will be downloaded fast, secure and in one click. One can get this toolbar by visiting the site Even though it has a label … Continued virus virus is a browser hijacker that attacks Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. It replaces your homepage and default search provider no matter what were your preferences before. The program is added without asking your permission and for this reason it is classified as potentially unwanted application. virus is usually installed together … Continued browser hijacker is a browser virus, that finds its way to the victim‘s computer and installs as a browser add-on feature, which allows it to make changes in settings without any permission, causing the modified homepage, search engine and content the user sees when surfing the net. virus is most prevalent among Russian speaking users … Continued


22Apple is a browser hijacker that gets access to computer systems through different programs that you download from the Internet. The program modifies settings of your browser, changing your homepage to and default search engine, as well as causing some other alterations. It’s not that difficult to avoid getting such programs on your system. … Continued redirect is a browser hijacker that targets Internet Explorer, Google Chrome of Mozilla Firefox browsers. It reaches systems through spam email attachments or comes bundled with some free software. The program gets installed without your consent. Soon after the installation, you will notice that your homepage was changed to and when you open a … Continued

24Stream browser virus

24Stream is a hijacker virus, that can compromise your Mozilla or Chrome browsers if you carelessly download the malicious extension. It may not seem dangerous at first since it promotes itself as a movie search engine, but wait until it actually gets in, and the real malevolent behavior will become evident. This browser hijacker is … Continued virus is yet another infection that can attack your system. Even though it is targeted to the Russian market, anyone can get infected, regardless the location. It is not difficult to indicate whether your computer is infected with or not because usually this virus changes homepage to on all of your web browsers, … Continued virus virus fits, without a doubt, in the malware category of browser hijackers. However, besides pursuing the main objective of hijackers (occupying browsers’ preferences), there are more curious aspects of this rogue search engine. First of all, its interface looks similar to From these evident similarities, we can implicate that both of these browser … Continued virus virus is a malware infection which will cause many issues during browsing. This specific variant has been introduced by a company called Extinns and these developers are accountable for many similar parasites. Their list of products includes hijacker. The company responsible has recently modified their Terms of Use and Privacy Policy documents: older … Continued virus virus is a browser hijacker that can affect your Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. The program is distributed bundled to free applications that can be easily downloaded from the Internet. If you have recently downloaded any PDF creator, video recorder or other free program and your homepage and default search provider … Continued

4loot toolbar

4Loot is a system that promises visitors free Facebook credits. These credits can be gained by browsing web using its search system or using its toolbar. That is why some people install this toolbar, though there is a possibility to get in installed bundled with other software. While 4loot toolbar is not malicious on itself, … Continued virus virus is one of the products by Aztec Media Inc. In the past, we have discussed more than a few search engines and applications from this company: and are the most recent examples. However, infection appears to control multiple sub-domains and its adjusted search engine is distributed through a number of … Continued virus virus is not an appropriate searching facility. If you are sharing one computer in your family and allowing a minor to use it periodically, would you be pleased with a possibility that an automatically opening home page would introduce him to a website, displaying an advertisement with the following text: Hey, neighbor, wanna see more … Continued virus virus is another browser hijacker that uses unfair methods to infiltrate and then create a lot of problems for computer users. Usually if comes along various free programs and it doesn’t require users’ authorization to be added. Once inside, it replaces your homepage and default search provider on Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, … Continued virus virus appears to be a more sophisticated browser hijacker than such variants like 5finder search engine appears to have a secure connection and offers a verified SSL certificate. However, the website does not supply ownership information which is odd. On the other hand, connection is encrypted before being transmitted over the Internet which … Continued appears as a homepage when you open a web browser? Well, that means your computer is infected with this malware and you should take care of that. It is classified as a browser hijacker, so once inside of your system it will make some unwanted changes. If you have recently discovered that is … Continued virus

Has virus taken root into your device and browser? Has it made changes that you did not approve beforehand and configuration of the modified settings seems to be impossible? Further investigation will be done more thorough in the preceding parts of this article. If you are infected, this is a right place for you … Continued virus virus is a browser hijacker that has been attacking many computers all over the world. The program displays numerous advertisements on Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. The application mostly interrupts your work when you are performing search on your Internet browser. It adds various sponsored websites to your search results and … Continued virus

Is an unknown website called being launched instead of your former new tab pages, default search engines and home pages? search engine is not limited to one feature of executing search queries. It has additional sections of weather forecasts and time, both corresponding with a specific location of each user. Additionally, the interface … Continued virus

Production of browser hijackers is a priority of crooks, making the industry of fake search engines grow bigger with every shady release. It would be difficult to enumerate every single virus that has been issued into the society. is one of them and its appearance is not completely reputable. There is no way you … Continued virus virus is one more browser hijacker that attacks Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. The nuisance of a program gets inside computers bundled with free programs that you can download from the Internet, then takes over the browser and modifies the settings. Once the hijacker virus is installed on a computer, it hijacks … Continued browser hijacker is a browser virus that pretends to be a helpful search engine that offers all necessary functions in one place, yet secretly uses victim for crooks’ benefits. This hijacker is developed by , which is well-known for making lots of other browser hijackers. Although is not the most dangerous types of malware it … Continued virus

Abstract HD – New Tab is a dedicated Google Chrome extension that should be considered as a malware. Once installed on your web browser it will make some unwanted changes and definitely worsen your web browsing experience. This is just one tool from a wide family of Google Chrome extensions devoted to customise new tab … Continued virus virus is a browser hijacker that can attack your Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and even Safari browsers. Once inside, the program replaces your homepage and default search provider. The website doesn’t look much different from any other search engine, so many users think they can trust it. However, it doesn’t operate properly … Continued New Tab Hijacker (Accurate Weather Today) is a browser plugin that tries to monetize your web search by redirecting your queries to This extension might get installed without getting your consent and use its access to your browser to collect data on what you search for to help with advertising. This is all done under the … Continued

ActionClassicGames New Tab

ActionClassicGames is a somewhat suspicious browser new tab that’s actually a tool for an advertising company to get access to your internet habits. ActionClassicGames changes the homepage of the browser where it’s installed. And not every user who gets ActionClassicGames in their browser. On one hand, ActionClassicGames is a harmless new tab extension that exists … Continued

ActionHow Mac Malware

ActionHow is the name of an application that can inject ads to your browser, spy on your browsing habits, and control which sites you go to. ActionHow was probably downloaded with a fake software update. You should remove it from your computer as soon as possible. The problem is that ActionHow can be really annoying to … Continued virus virus can be listed either as an adware or browser hijacker because it shares specifics common to both of these types of infections. However, it is not typical virus and removal of it can be rather complicated. Before we go deeper into specifications of this malware, let’s answer the main question – how to remove … Continued Pop-ups shows deceptive pop-up ads for the Adblocking Addon browser extension. Adblocking Addon is just a third-party add-on that blocks ads on, but’s pop-ups are specially designed to make Adblocking Addon look like a trusted first-party program. Basically, shows fake browser messages recommending the extension, which gives people the wrong impression that, … Continued virus virus is a Google Chrome extension by Eighpoint Technologies Ltd., a.k.a Polarity Technologies Ltd. Over the year we have seen many browser hijackers from this company: one of the newest samples like and are more elaborate and well-tuned than others. However, the platform we are analyzing today barely has any innovative traits … Continued

AddUpgrade Mac Malware

AddUpgrade malware infection affects Macs and hijacks their browsers to force them to show lots of unwanted ads. While AddUpgrade malware is installed, you can’t fix your browsers by changing their settings. And finding and removing AddUpgrade malware can be tricky on its own. Not to mention, people don’t install this adware intentionally (they get … Continued Redirects is a website that might appear unexpectedly in your browser. It might cause redirects to unwanted sites. is a fake search engine – it allows you to type in search queries, but it only displays search results by opening another search engine. In the meantime, collects data on your browsing habits and … Continued Virus is an application by Adlux, which introduces itself as a service provider for publishers, whose base is the advertisers. The company’s self-introduction is available on, which is accessible via the About Us link at the bottom of the main search page of this web search app. Even its accessibility can, indeed, be questioned … Continued

Adoresearch hijacker

Adoresearch hijacker is a search page that is set as default without your consent. This is done using browser add-on that gets installed bundled with other software, typically fTalk – a free Facebook chat client. After installation is completed, any of Internet browsers, such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox are affected. When opening … Continued

AdPop Block Search Hijacker

AdPop Block is an ad-blocker that hijacks the user’s searches and forces them to go to or another adware site. It hijacks Google, Bing, and Yahoo searches. All the while, it hides its presence in the browser by redirecting away from its details page and using an invisible icon for display in the user interface. Needless to … Continued virus virus claims its ownership belongs to Green Search Security and from the looks of the authenticode signature organization name, it is related with several other malware creators and distributors: ArcadeTwist and 383 Media which has brought to life Driver Restore. However, we could not help but notice the alternative name that the GreenSearchSecurity mentions … Continued browser hijacker is a malicious search engine, which replaces your preferred main homepage, browsing tools, new tabs and alters all the browser settings, to make it seem that Advisurf is by the default your primary choice. This is a typical behavior of a browser hijacker, which will do all of the above silently, unnoticed by security programs, so … Continued might look like valid search engine at firs look, but it is not true and you should avoid it. This application is listed as browser hijacker, so if you have noticed it on your computer you should eliminate it immediately. It’s not very difficult to indicate whether your computer is infected with or not because once … Continued

Aguea hijacker is a perfect example of a typical browser hijacker. Obviously, that’s the main reason why we have categorised this infection as browser hijacker. In general, Aguea virus is looking to change some settings on infected web browser and hijack it – this way cyber criminals behind it builds traffic and then monetises it. In … Continued virus is a searching tool, focused on bringing misery and inconveniences to Spanish-speaking users as the domain is provided in this language. After security researchers have concluded their research of this PUP (potentially unwanted program), they have found out that possesses a tray of features, closely related with browser hijackers. As it modifies your … Continued

AirFind Search

AirFind might appear unexpectedly while you’re browsing. It is pushed by some related sites and iffy browser extensions and it replaces your default search engine. If AirFind is hijacking your searches and you wish to stop that, then check your browser add-ons and other apps – one of them might be forcing your browser to … Continued

AirZip hijacker

AirZip hijacker is a toolbar that can be installed to your computer together with Airzip, which is a free compression utility for PC. The latter one can be downloaded from its official website and it’s a completely reliable tool. However, some users who have downloaded this application recently, also noticed a new toolbar added to … Continued virus virus is a threat by Victory Commerce Ltd., the same developers that have been blamed for variants like and infections. Areas in which the malware parasite is the most active are the following: India, United States of America, Brazil, United Kingdom and Mexico (1). Additional information about malware Specifically in India, … Continued

The website called is closely connected to one of rogue antiviruses Total Security and is used for the malicious activity. All the fraudulent actions, done by, are dedicated to make people think they are infected with parasites and paying the money for Total Security is the only way to get rid of the … Continued virus

All Search Engines is a bogus search engine categorized as a browser hijacker. Browser hijackers hijacks your browser settings without your consent for malvertising (unfair advertising) purposes. They slow down your browser and PC and, even, make the computer’s system vulnerable to virus infiltration. About Browser Hijacker Instead of your default homepage and search … Continued Hijacker is a malicious site that sneakily takes over web browsers to redirect their searches to It is connected with a browser extension called AllConvertersSearch and, possibly, comes with some other malware, considering they all spread in the same ways. When removing (which includes uninstalling AllConvertersSearch and blocking’s notifications), it’s advisable to … Continued

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