Browser Hijacker

Browser Hijackers are various programs that interfere with browser programs. This kind of malware either forces browser to show one particular webpage, inserts advertisements in other web pages, messes up search results or shows various popups in the browser. In the end, user might not be able to use browser at all.
Browser Hijackers are used for 2 malicious purposes. The first one is making money from your browser usage. This is done by redirecting your searches like google redirect virus does or showing popups with advertisements. Each click on resulting webpage will (potentially) make some money to malware makers. The second malicious purpose is prevent one from visiting some websites like makers of malware removal software, security websites and other legitimate sites that would provide help. In the second case, Browser Hijackers are a sign of serious malware problem and the PC should be carefully cleaned from the infection.
Browser Hijackers can be categorized by the way they are implemented, technology used for infection and their symptoms. The redirection symptoms are shared by wide family of malware, thus it is hard to write a guide that covers all the possible redirection viruses. For general assistance with Browser Hijackers we recommend this guide how to remove search redirects. It covers both malware-based hijackers like TDSS, malicious browser addons and malicious browser or PC settings that lead to browser redirections.
If you have more specific problem, we recommend browsing our Browser Hijacker database for symptoms and looking for specific cure or asking a question bellow related hijacker guide.

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