Combo Cleaner review

Combo Cleaner is described as advanced and one of the best utilities application for Mac. It is a multi-purpose tool for bug fixes, virus and malware detection and overall system optimisation.

Your Mac computer is a work of art itself, yet it still needs a proper care to be operating at its’ full potential. In this case, Combo Cleaner is a one-stop shop for all business regarding safety and efficient work of your Mac.

Clear user interface and 6 main functions

Combo Cleaner is clear and clean just as it is supposed to be. Users with low to none computer knowledge will definitely be able to use it without any struggles.

Combo Cleaner Main Screen

On the home screen of the app you will find key stats about the current state of your system – space available on your disk, RAM and CPU usage.

On the left side menu you have 6 main functions, which can be launched all at once by clicking “Start Combo Scan” on the home screen. That’s why it is called “Combo” cleaner, I guess.

Quick tip – if you don’t want to waste a lot of time and you only need to perform one or several of those checks, run them separately. Performing combo scan will definitely take time.

Only utility tools are free

After the combo scan you will get a report about the state of the hard drive, big and duplicated files, malware and virus as well as possible privacy risks.

Deleting more than 4 GB of unwanted files from Application cache, downloads, application logs and trash resulted in slightly smoother work of the system, so it’s definitely worth doing it. Just make sure to check files from ‘Downloads’ folder before automatically removing them.

On the other hand, Combo Cleaner failed to remove some of the files and suggested to do it manually:

Combo Cleaner Error Deleting files

It also lets you to remove big files easily. The same goes for duplicates.

All in all, it is fast, efficient and good working tool for cleaning junk files from your Mac and keeping it organised. The best part – all those features are free, so you won’t have to upgrade for premium version if malware and viruses are not something that bothers you.

Combo Cleaner as Anti-malware and Anti-virus tool for Mac

First point of emphasis we would like to bring your attention to – it’s not that fast. Compared to tools like MacBooster, Combo Cleaner will take much more time to scan for viruses. Besides that, it runs smooth and fast.

There are some comments online like this, complaining that Combo Cleaner fails to detect viruses:

Bad review of combo cleaner

It might be that the program failed to detect malware due to the lack of viruses in their virus database. While there is no doubt about their scanning engine, updates of the virus database or the regularity of those updates might be a problem. If this feature is of a high importance to you, we suggest to go with one of the big guys, such as Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac.

At the same time other customers are happy with Combo Cleaner as it brings decent quality for affordable price:

good review combo cleaner

A lot of users also refer to Uninstaller function as a great one – it can remove applications that are hard to uninstall. Unfortunately, it is only available if you purchase a premium version.


Obviously, free version can be used and it will allow you to use these features:

  • Disk cleaner;
  • Big Files Finder;
  • Duplicate Files Finder;
  • Virus and Malware Scanner;

Now, to unlock all other functions you will have to purchase a premium version which costs $63 if you choose to pay annually and $52 for semi-annual option. The price of Combo Cleaner fits right in the middle compared to other similar tools, thus the price is definitely reasonable.

Combo cleaner price


Combo Cleaner is a great utility tool that can also protect your Mac from viruses. Since almost all utility features are free, we definitely recommend to get your hands on this program.

Speaking about protection against malware and viruses, it can turn out both ways – you might be thankful for stopping a dangerous virus attack or you might be fierceful because you have paid for the premium version and it failed to detect virus fast enough.

Positive Sides of Combo Cleaner

Easy to understand UI (user interface)

Runs smooth

Can remove applications you have failed to uninstall

Utility tools are free

Negative Sides of Combo Cleaner

Additional features are paid

Detecting viruses takes time (more than it should)

Fails to delete some files from cache 

No free trial for anti-malware feature

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