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SpyHunter is one of the top-commercial malware removers available today. Its main distinguishing features include removal of malware from already infected systems and an integrated help-desk, allowing people to find solutions to the worst infections. Despite its advanced capabilities, SpyHunter is easy to use and quite fast. Additionally, it can be used together with other existing antivirus software as an on-demand scanner or a tool for additional protection from malware/spyware parasites.

SpyHunter 5

One of the most important features of SpyHunter is its installer. Some malware variants try to prevent legitimate anti-malware programs from launching by killing their processes. The WinWebSec family is a group of rogue software apps that block security programs from actively-running. However, SH installer will kill undesired processes during its installation process. After that, it will prepare the executable of SpyHunter and run it.

When compared to some other anti-malware tools that are available for Windows, SpyHunter 5 holds up quite well:

OS Key features Malware detection
Spyhunter Windows
  • Kills malicious processes;
  • Real-time protection;
  • Extremely thorough protection;
  • Suitable for heavily infected systems
Malwarebytes Mac
Chrome OS
  • Real-time protection;
  • Lightweight;
  • Free malware removal;
  • Compatible with other anti-malware tools
Plumbytes Windows
  • Real-Time protection;
  • Easy to use;
  • Anti-Hijack protection;
Reimage Mac
  • Repairs Windows OS files;
  • Great support;
  • Great detection rate


Free Access

SpyHunter features both free and paid versions and one of the biggest advantages is that you can perform a full scan and get detailed reports without purchasing a premium version. Users with sufficient computer science knowledge can use this feature to their advantage and completely remove malware by analyzing those free in-depth reports.

Users, considering to purchase a premium license of SpyHunter, are advised to run a scan with the free version first and examine its results. Although SH has one of the highest malware detection rates in the market, it might be that a computer is simply polluted with possibly malicious registry items and not actual files of malware: most of the time SpyHunter identifies them as adware helpers. Even if this is the case, SH is still a reasonable choice since it operates not only as a malware remover but as a shield as well. It can easily block malware access to your system and kill installation processes of malicious software.

Even though SpyHunter is promoted as a clean-up tool and this is its primary function, the program provides a decent real-time protection as well. Every time you are launching a program and SpyHunter notices something unusual, you will be informed about it. It will also ask you for a permission to begin every single installation. In case such a request comes out of nowhere, you can be pretty sure that unwanted codes are running on your system and trying to install malware.

SpyHunter Scan


Here is video guide on Spyhunter killing Security Shield process during install

Spyhunter 4 & 5 reputation

The company that makes Spyhunter is 15 years old. In the past, there was a point when Spyhunter 2  had a relatively poor reputation and was not recommended due to a bad advertisement. Even if the problems were fixed, Spyhunter 4 was listed as PUP due to bad partners and prior reputation by Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.  Currently, Spyhunter version 5 is no longer listed as PUP by any antivirus makers as far as we can check.

Main Features of SpyHunter 5

SpyHunter 5 is the latest version of the software and features various built-in tools that make it into a great all-around anti-malware program. These are the most important of them:

  • Malware/PC scan;
  • System Guard;
  • Helpdesk.

All these functions can give you a great advantage against malware. SpyHunter 5 is capable of fighting against browser hijackers, ransomware, adware, and other types of malicious programs, so it will keep your system safe from those.

Let’s break it down and take a closer look at all of those features one at a time.

Malware/PC Scan

Let’s get it straight – SpyHunter 5 is not anti-virus tool, it’s primary function is to fight against malware. With that being said, you can expect great results while scanning for malware and not so great if your computer is infected with some kind of virus.

There are no flaws in the scanning engine, it detects potentially unwanted programs very well. However, the problems can occur if the virus is on your computer is not yet included in the database of infections by SpyHunter. This is why it is important to understand that SpyHunter 5 is anti-malware tool – they mostly focus on including the newest malware into their database. And that can be a lot of work, as the malware market is growing faster and faster. Also, that is the reason why virus database can be pushed into the second section of priorities.

Speaking of usability – you couldn’t be happier about the way SpyHunter 5 is handling scans. The user interface is great, scans are relatively fast and you can see all of the information in real time.  Also, it doesn’t take a lot of the resources of your computer, so you will be able to handle your own business while the scan is running in the background.

SpyHunter operates with a powerful scan engine, containing a variety of advantageous functions. After each scan, SpyHunter 5 will provide you with comprehensive information about the current state of your system. It will also ask whether clients themselves have not seen any suspicious files that should have been detected during analysis. Certain files usually remain undetected because they are not classified as malware, but as potentially unwanted items. They can’t be listed as malware; yet can pose a threat in specific circumstances. Therefore, users are asked to decide on an action plan for such situations.

This Anti-Malware tool is beloved for its automated process: it’s really easy to use. When needed, SpyHunter will reboot your computer to run a boot-time clean-up process automatically. The program is also capable of running the system in Safe mode when necessary.

System Guard

System guard is basically a real-time security. This feature is essential since various malware infections can be stopped on the go, before it can cause any damage.

We definitely recommend to always leave this function on all the time. You can also enable prompt on unknown objects and automatic cleaning. That’s why a lot of users love this security tool – it provides you with the ability to optimize and set-up it the way you want. You can even set regular scans and forget about the security of your system, as it will definitely be in good hands.

However, real-time security is not flawless as well. As we have mentioned before, SpyHunter 5 lacks the ability to effectively fight against viruses, so you should have another tool to back it up and ensure total security of your computer.

SphyHunter 5 Helpdesk

Purchasing a premium version of SpyHunter 5 is not only about a piece of AM software: tech support plays a significant role in it. Ransomware is one of the most detrimental types of malware that can completely overtake control of your system and block any attempts to download anti-malware software. Crypto-viruses also prevent victims from rebooting their systems in a Safe mode or even accessing OS in general. It’s not a huge problem if you have a premium version of SH which provides you with the ability to contact their tech support. In this scenario, tech support of SpyHunter can remotely control your computer and solve the problem while chatting with you.

Their tech support system, called ‘Spyware HelpDesk’ is available 24/7 and is divided into 2 branches: SpyHunter Support Ticket System and Custom Fix System. First one should be contacted when there are problems with SpyHunter software and Custom Fix System is helping the environment that comes to the rescue when SpyHunter fails to eliminate an infection.

SpyHunter Support

Positive Sides of Spyhunter


  • Big database
  • Good speed

Negative Sides of Spyhunter

Only PC version available


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18 responses to “Spyhunter

  1. I am asking about your spyware killing and removing ability since being infected with Blekko and my whole system has been corrupted. If you cannot remove Blekko and all its parts and also remove any spyware associated with it then I do not need your product. Also my DLL files have been corrupted somehow and I need help restoring it. Can your product do all I ask.?

  2. I have been using Windows Vista on my desktop since I bought it on february 2010. On december 21st 2012 my system was overtaken by [Vista Anti-Spyware 2011] a rogue malware that didn’t allow me to do anything when trying to go online this malware showed up on every screen before I could enter the web. Not even on safe-mode after F8 function started it corrupted my system everywhere. Luckily I opened my system as a guest on safe-mode and was able to go online and download SpyHunter which immediately supressed the failure to normally interact with the web,the program did that before I paid for the registration.
    After I register for the program, Spyhunter cleaned up hundred of infections on the registry and the disc on my desktop. Now I have no problems with my system which runs smoothly and efficiently. I am grateful to Spyhunter and of course recommend it for infected systems anywhere.

  3. I had this pop up then I restarted pressing F8 key and my computer seems to be just fine after running 10 minutes w/out a block. Does it mean my computer is okay? Secure from on line ID theft/hacking?

  4. I be try to remove VAF MUSIC toolbar can help me in remover it. I try on my remove from program, but don’t show it in program can help.

  5. I have a Windows 8 Hp, MET Virus is locked on it; I need help badly!! Safe modeS doesn’t work and having a Trojan thing on a USB doesn’t work too… Please help

  6. Spyhunter is NOT free. It runs a scan, identifies threats, and then asks you to purchase the full version to be able to remove the threats.

  7. Gary : we do not claim that it is free. However, it has several useful free functions: Its installer works like .exe file association fixer (as long as you rename it to .com you can launch it), it kills many of malicious processes, its initial anti-rootkit is free one, etc. Also, the scan shows the location of infections found – how do you remove it its up to you.

  8. Spyhunter is a ripoff. They allow you to install it on your computer, download ALLof your systems’ information and configuration for their data files. Then they show you the ‘infections’ and will gladly remove them for a fee. These people take your data whether you pay or not. Thats as bad as the spyware! DO NOT TRUST ENIGMA !!!

  9. Nicholas : As far as I know, the data is used for statistic purposes and serving correct version of Spyhunter executable (optimized for 32 or 64 bits). Personally, the later thing is very good in my opinion. For inexperienced PC user it is hard to determine which version is correct one for their system. Same thing is used in some AV’s installers.
    As of free vs paid removal, my opinion is that developers and supports of program should get paid somehow, especially if they work hard to create good anti-malware program.

  10. I downloaded SpyHunter, but when I tried to install it, it says that it is not compatible with my PC (which is Windows 8). My PC is infected with inminent and I’ve been trying to get rid of it without success. If there’s any other anti-malware or such that I can download that will help me, please let me know.

  11. Whilst looking for a “zip” programme my computer was invaded by search.us.com and it assumed the role of preferred search engine and made itself at home by changing itself to “default.” I have gone through the normal procedures such as: IE/Tools/Manage Add Ons/Add on Types and Start/Control Panel/Programs and Features/Search.us.com uninstall etc. It no longer exists in my list of Add Ons. I have rebooted but whenever I open IE I get Search.us.com. as the default. I want to get rid of this parasite!!!! I was able to get rid of Delta Search many months ago but this malware is made of sterner stuff.
    I note you recommend SpyHunter but it has received some negative comment on this set of pages (e.g. not compatible with Windows 8 which I use). The computer world is full of promises and claims as cover for malware. I was caught by 7Tip zipware as Search.us.com was hidden in their download. How certain can I be with SpyHunter??????? Analysing your computer and announcing a large numbers of malware , which may or may not exist, and creating further alarm, is this the most ethical approach???

  12. You need to change the default search engine in IE.
    If the search settings REVERT after that, you got browser settings freezer, which should be removed from control panel. Instead Spyhunter, you can try malwarebytes or adwcleaner – they might detect browser settings freezer as well.

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