Scorecard and Summary

Name: Spyhunter
Type: Anti-Malware Tools,
Price: 39.99  (trial available)
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Positive Sides of Spyhunter

  • SpyHunter kills aggressive malware processes before install
  • SpyHunter installs even on very infected machines
  • Huge database of malware parasites
  • SpyHunter can work with other antiviruses as well
  • Free support

Negative Sides of Spyhunter

  • Does not include antivirus
  • Is not the cheapest anti-malware

Spyhunter Review Details

SpyHunter is one of the top-commercial malware removers available today. Its main distinguishing features include removal of malware from already infected systems and an integrated help-desk, allowing people to find solutions to the worst infections. Despite its advanced capabilities, SpyHunter is easy to use and quite fast. Additionally, it can be used together with other existing antivirus software as an on-demand scanner or a tool for additional protection from malware/spyware parasites.

Spyhunter loading screen

One of the most important features of SpyHunter is its installer. Some malware variants try to prevent legitimate anti-malware programs from launching by killing their processes. The WinWebSec family is a group of rogue software apps that block security programs from actively-running. However, SH installer will kill undesired processes during its installation process. After that, it will prepare the executable of SpyHunter and run it.

Free Access

SpyHunter features both free and paid versions and one of the biggest advantages is that you can perform a full scan and get detailed reports without purchasing a premium version. Users with sufficient computer science knowledge can use this feature to their advantage and completely remove malware by analyzing those free in-depth reports.

Users, considering to purchase a premium license of SpyHunter, are advised to run a scan with the free version first and examine its results. Although SH has one of the highest malware detection rates in the market, it might be that a computer is simply polluted with possibly malicious registry items and not actual files of malware: most of the time SpyHunter identifies them as adware helpers. Even if this is the case, SH is still a reasonable choice since it operates not only as malware remover, but as a shield as well. It can easily block malware access to your system and kill installation processes of malicious software.

Even though SpyHunter is promoted as a clean-up tool and this is its primary function, the program provides a decent real-time protection as well. Every time you are launching a program and SpyHunter notices something unusual, you will be informed about it. It will also ask you for a permission to begin every single installation. In case such a request comes out of nowhere, you can be pretty sure that unwanted codes are running on your system and trying to install malware.

Scan Process

SpyHunter operates with a powerful scan engine, containing a variety of advantageous functions. After each scan, SpyHunter will provide you with a comprehensive information about the current state of your system. It will also ask whether clients themselves have not seen any suspicious files that should have been detected during analysis. Certain files usually remain undetected because they are not classified as malware, but as potentially unwanted items. They can’t be listed as malware; yet can pose a threat in specific circumstances. Therefore, users are asked to decide on an action plan for such situations.

This Anti-Malware tool is beloved for its automated process: it’s really easy to use. When needed, SpyHunter will reboot your computer to run boot-time clean-up process automatically. Program is also capable of running the system in Safe mode when necessary.

Spyhunter scan process

Live Support

Purchasing a premium version of SpyHunter is not only about a piece of AM software: tech support plays a significant role in it. Ransomware is one of the most detrimental type of malware that can completely overtake control of your system and block any attempts to download anti-malware software. Crypto-viruses also prevent victims from rebooting their systems in a Safe mode or even accessing OS in general. It’s not a huge problem if you have a premium version of SH which provides you with ability to contact their tech support. In this scenario, tech support of SpyHunter can remotely control your computer and solve the problem while chatting with you.

Their tech support system, called ‘Spyware HelpDesk’ is available 24/7 and is divided into 2 branches: SpyHunter Support Ticket System and Custom Fix System. First one should be contacting when there are problems with SpyHunter software and Custom Fix System is a help environment that comes to the rescue when SpyHunter fails to eliminate an infection.

spyhunter live support

Here is video guide on Spyhunter killing Security Shield process during install

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