is an advertising site that acts like a search engine. isn’t harmful or dangerous but it may be associated with adware infections and could have some privacy problems. Besides, there’s no benefit to using it as it doesn’t have any useful features. Another problem with is that it may appear uninvited, after … Continued

BestBackground PUP

BestBackground toolbar is advertised as a browser extension, which was created to help the users to trace back their ancestry. The Background word in the title of the add-on refers to the origin. The slogan of the application is, Start your online ancestral journey today. The program has been developed by Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc., … Continued Search Redirects News Feed is a browser add-on that offers to help users keep up with gaming news in their new tab. But it also takes over the default search engine, allowing to logs search data and control what site displays web search results. is safe to use, but it can be considered a potentially unwanted … Continued

Better Mechanic Malware

Better Mechanic is described by its developers as a Windows system optimization tool. It promises a lot of enhancements for your computer, claiming to perform important fixes of your operating system by repairing system errors and resolving broken Windows registry items. Unfortunately, the analysis of this program and its activities within the computer gives all … Continued

BetterWorld virus

Have you recently started experiencing more pop-ups and ads than usual, stating that they are sponsored by the BetterWorld? Are they interfering with your online browsing by slowing down the computer, leading to various inappropriate websites or promoting services/items that you’ve discussed with someone, searched before? If that’s the case, most likely you got yourself … Continued

BIOSAgentPlus Malware

BIOSAgentPlus is a PC optimizer that’s so full of problems that it might be considered malware. BIOSAgentPlus’s website gets blocked by browsers and its installer gets detected by anti-malware scanners as potentially dangerous. Its scan results lack clarity, its purchasing process is deceptively designed, and the company behind this optimizer has a bad reputation. It’s not … Continued

Boleto virus

Nowadays there are lots of payment systems you can choose from to complete your online payments. You may have heard about one of them – Boleto. Based in Brazil, Boleto can be used to transfer money, pay for various goods online (such as Skype credits) or just manage your online banking. The problem is that … Continued Scam Site is a fake ebook download site that can expose you to scams and malware. If you find yourself on, it’s best to close the page. Although looks like it has a selection of ebooks, it only shows covers and descriptions; it doesn’t actually carry the books. It promises a free book in order … Continued


BoostMyPC is an optimiser for machines running the Windows operating system. It promises to increase a computer’s speed, free up space, faster web connection, as well as help users accomplish such tasks as uninstalling software, ending processes, finding information about their system, and managing startup apps (all of which can actually be done on your own, … Continued

BoostSpeed Unwanted Program

BoostSpeed is a PC optimizer and a potentially unwanted program. It promises to help make your computer run better, but this is unlikely to materialize. Many of BoostSpeed’s features are redundant or unlikely to be helpful. It might be better to remove BoostSpeed from your computer. At least, it’s important to be aware of the … Continued

Boravid Extension virus

Boravid features qualities that would allow to categorise it as adware or/and browser hijacker infection, but since it’s not clear which category is more suitable for it, let’s just name it as PUP (potentially unwanted program). It’s not difficult to tell whether your computer is infected with it or not – advertisements delivered by this … Continued

Browse Incognito –

If you see “Browse Incognito Search” suggestions when you type a search query into your address bar, then the Browse Incognito extension must be installed. Browse Incognito offers to help you search the internet privately, in Incognito mode. But it actually ends up hurting your privacy. Browse Incognito replaces your default search engine with It redirects … Continued

Browser Broker

Browser Broker, also known as Browser_Broker.exe, is an integral component of the official Microsoft Edge browser. As soon the browser is active, Browser_Broker.exe will be displayed in the list of running processes when you open the Task Manager application. Its typical location is C:\Windows\System32. If you prefer to use this particular browser as the default … Continued

Browser Checkup for Chrome by Doctor

Browser Checkup for Chrome by Doctor is a potentially unwanted browser add-on. It’s not harmful, but it’s also unhelpful. It seems related to iffy extensions like Wise Ghost and some users accuse it of being installed deceptively. About Browser Checkup for Chrome by Doctor: Classification Browser hijacker, adware. How Browser Checkup for Chrome by Doctor affects … Continued is a browser hijacker that comes with the Website Security Checker extension. takes over your default search engine and it scans the URLs of the sites that you’re on. Although it’s promoted as a security tool for your browser, it behaves like an advertising program. You can remove by uninstalling Website Security Checker. About … Continued is a site associated with the Browse Safely extension. You can find it on the site and on the Chrome Web Store. Browse Safely offers to check the reputation of sites before you decide whether to visit them. But the extension, once installed, changes the browser’s default search engine to, which is disliked by … Continued

BugSplat Virus

BugSplat is referred to as a third-party crash report utility. Its purpose is to assist software developers in the proper understanding of why exactly the specific program was terminated. BugSplat pop-up messages may be very multiple and obviously are displayed in an intrusive way. For this reason, many people tend to describe the problem as … Continued

Cactus Search

Cactus Search is a browser extension that replaces your new tab/home page and your default search. It promises to use some of its profits to help plant trees. Unfortunately, Cactus Search has a few problems that make it seem not very trustworthy. It might be better to use a more reputable eco-search engine instead of … Continued

Carambis Cleaner PUP

Carambis Cleaner is a suspicious software promising its customers to clean the system and essentially optimize its speed and performance. It is supposed to perform the cleanup of the system and temporary files, as well as browser and registry cleanup. Considering its design and the advertised features, the program looks like useful software worth paying … Continued

Carambis Driver Updater PUP

Carambis Driver Updater is one of many automatic driver-updating software tools that are available for Windows users — unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be any more useful than the other ones. Carambis might try to convince you to buy the paid version by showing you supposed problems with your device drivers but you should really … Continued

Chedot browser Ads

Chedot is a Windows browser based on Chromium, the open-source project that’s used by innovators, established browsers (like Edge and Opera), as well as companies trying to promote their own product. The latter is the case for Chedot — a functional browser that exists to promote Chedot’s online products. Chedot boasts of double the download … Continued

Chris-PC Game Booster

Chris-PC Game Booster is a PC optimizer, as well as a potentially unwanted program. Chris-PC Game Booster gets flagged by antivirus programs for bundling a spyware program and for its potentially deceptive features. It is not malicious, but you may want to think twice before using it. Abut Chris-PC Game Booster: Type of threat Adware, … Continued

ChrisPC Free Video Converter

ChrisPC Free Video Converter is a potentially unwanted Windows program. Its biggest problem is that it promotes programs that are widely considered malicious and are detected by quite a few antivirus scanners. ChrisPC Free Video Converter itself doesn’t seem to be dangerous, but those who installed it really ought to review their computer for malware. … Continued

Chromium Malware

First things first, we should mention that Chromium is a completely legitimate web browser project. You can check its website – This is an open-source project that serves as the base of the Google Chrome web browser, as well as the Edge, Opera, Vivaldi, Brave, and others. But cybercriminals sometimes take advantage of Chromium to … Continued

Chromium Shield Browser

Chromium Shield is a dubious web browser that hijacks users’ searches. Despite being based on the reputable Chromium project, Chromium Shield is likely the work of online scammers and should not be trusted. You can uninstall it – and you should take the opportunity to check your device for other infections. About Chromium Shield: Type … Continued

CleanMyPC by MacPaw

CleanMyPC is a relatively well-reviewed PC optimizer that nevertheless is flagged by many anti-malware programs as Adware, Riskware, and even a Trojan (). It’s fine to use CleanMyPC if you like it, but it’s also worth considering why it’s considered so risky to use. The reasons for CleanMyPC’s detections include misleading scan results, constant and … Continued

Cleanup My Mac

Cleanup My Mac is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) imitating Mac optimization through fixing various stated problems. The information provided in the reports by Cleanup My Mac is absolutely faulty. If you install this application on a brand new Mac computer, it will still report many bugs that supposedly require to be immediately fixed. However, … Continued Redirects is a site that delivers ads. On its own, it’s not dangerous. But, occasionally, it appears in unexpected and suspicious pop-ups, as though it was part of an adware virus. If redirects are caused by malware, it’s important to find and remove this infection. About ads: Classification Potentially unwanted program, adware. What … Continued Search Redirects is a website that can search the web. It has no useful features, but it offers tokens that users might be able to exchange for prizes. has a few problems, though. It’s not good for privacy and it’s been promoted by certain malicious websites. This doesn’t mean that is harmful. But it’s … Continued

Complete System Care

Complete System Care is a potentially unwanted program, scareware, and a bundler. It’s not a good program to use if you want to get more performance out of your system – it’s more likely to waste your time with bogus detections and more junkware installations. Complete System Care might look somewhat professional, and yeat, many . … Continued

CompuClever PC TuneUp Pro

CompuClever PC TuneUp Pro is a PC optimizer program that promises to enhance a computer’s performance, reduce errors, and offer support. It’s for Windows PCs and is very similar to PC TuneUp Maestro — made by the same company and distributed on the same website. So, though this post is about Pro, a lot of … Continued

Converters Now Toolbar

Converters Now Toolbar (ConvertersNow) is a browser extension that, even though it looks like a useful tool, should not be used by those who value their privacy. Officially, it is listed as a PUP (potentially unwanted program) and should not be kept installed on a computer. This Converters Now add-on is basically adware that’s not concerned with … Continued New Tab is a file converter in the form of a browser add-on. Because of how it treats web searches and is associated with other low-reputation sites, is considered a potentially unwanted program – PUP. If you didn’t install yourself, you might want to remove this browser add-on and regain control over your browser. There are better … Continued

CornerSunshine PUP

CornerSunshine is a beautiful name for a not so wonderful application. This program is promoted as an online optimization tool for the display of weather forecasts. The weather in our age is as unpredictable as a pregnant woman because of all that global warming stuff, etc. So it’s always good to know whether to wear … Continued

CPU Guardian

Having a computer nowadays is a must, just like taking care of it. No matter how precautious and organized you are when using your Windows, eventually, the time will come when it will start slowing down and you’ll need to somehow clean the junk files, browser data or remove a threat. And for that, the online market … Continued


CRaccoon looks like a simple PC optimizer. It deletes cookies, temporary files, empties the bin, etc. But CRaccoon has some problems. First, it gets installed without permission. Second, it can be hard to uninstall. Because of these issues, CRaccoon gets flagged by a few antivirus programs. CRaccoon is not malicious, but it can be considered to … Continued

CyboScan PC Optimizer

In the official website of CyboScan PC Optimizer, the tool is identified as the most ideal system cleaner. Its safe but precise cleaning process will regulate devices and help them perform without malfunctions. The tool will supposedly fix a ton of issues, beginning from out-dated registry keys, management of startup files and ending with annoying … Continued Hijacker

If suddenly took over your browser and replaces your home page, then the Daily Feast Recipe browser extension must have been installed. If you want to get rid of the hijacker, just remove the extension. And there are good reasons to avoid – it lacks useful features, it’s made by an advertising company, and it … Continued Ads and Redirects

Do you see ads for in your search results? Does randomly open in your web browser? It’s a mild annoyance that’s indicative of a bigger problem: an adware infection or a browser hijacker. There is probably a program messing with your browser and injecting ads or changing your search settings. Check your computer … Continued

Defencebyte Computer Optimizer

Defencebyte Computer Optimizer is a potentially unwanted program. It is flagged by a few antivirus scanners. Defencebyte, the company behind this optimizer, has a bit of a reputation of tricking people into paying for unnecessary software. On its own, Defencebyte Computer Optimizer is not very useful and is actually somewhat unstable, so I recommend looking … Continued

Device Doctor Potentially Unwanted Program

Device Doctor, a driver updating program, is considered to be potentially unwanted by a few cybersecurity vendors. Even though it looks like it might be useful, its features are very unnecessary. Though Device Doctor is not dangerous or harmful, you should think twice before installing it. Device Doctor in short: Classification Potentially unwanted program. Problems with … Continued


DirAnalyze might look like useful tool, dedicated to optimize your computer. It is supposed to analyse your hard drive, detect duplicated files and enhance overall performance of the device. In order to do that successfully, collected data is sent to the remote servers in Russia. The problem is that the program encrypts information before it … Continued

Direct Game UNI Installer

Direct Game UNI Installer is an installer for free programs, often used by a free games website. Direct Game UNI Installer is not a serious malicious program, but it might cause a little trouble by bringing potentially unwanted programs to your computer. If you find Direct Game UNI Installer on your computer, it’s recommended to … Continued Ads is a search engine by Ask Media Group. Or rather, it looks like a search engine (a site for searching the internet) but behaves more like an advertising site. It’s promoted by and it promotes browser hijackers (extensions that make unwanted changes in your web browser). On its own, is not dangerous, but … Continued

Directions Whiz PUP

Directions Whiz toolbar is available for free on the official website. The browser-enhancing tool has been developed by Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc. As suggested by its name, the application provides services concerning online maps and route-planning. Under the Free Download/Click To Install button there is a notification in a small font, which recommends reading … Continued

Discover Live Radio PUP

Discover Live Radio toolbar has been released by Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc. It is a browser extension, which is supposed to provide the user with the functionality of listening to a number of radio stations right from his homepage. The toolbar is, actually, packed with another extension, which is supposed to provide the web search … Continued

Disk Optimizer Pro

Disk Optimizer Pro is a fake optimization tool that is supposed to enhance your computer’s performance, but in fact it’s a useless utility that will only slow down your PC’s performance and try to get some money from your. If you are constantly annoyed by scans of Disk Optimizer Pro, you should get rid of … Continued

Disk Speedup

Disk Speedup by Systweak is a PUP – a potentially unwanted app. It gets bundled with various other programs and, as a result, gets installed without people’s knowledge or permission. It’s a paid program with a yearly subscription and it can be responsible for unexpected charges. About Disk Speedup: Threat type Potentially unwanted program. How Disk … Continued

DLLEscort Malware

DLLEscort is a malicious program that should be removed as quickly as possible. It promises to help keep PCs fast and clean. But it presents users with dishonest and alarmist scan results in order to scare them into paying for its full version. DLLEscort is basically scareware. Because of its malicious behavior, DLLEscort’s installer is … Continued


Missing or corrupted dll files can impair the functioning of some important software and can be very concerning if you’ve never seen an error like that before. Luckily, it happens rarely and is not a difficult problem to fix yourself. But that’s not something that DllKit PRO, a predatory and dishonest application, wants you to … Continued

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