Dr. Wolf Antivirus

Dr. Wolf Antivirus is a potentially unwanted program — — and a system optimizer for Windows and Android. This article is about the Windows version. “Dr. Wolf Internet Security” is advertised as a program able to remove some very dangerous viruses and constantly monitor the computer’s security. However, it has earned a reputation for being … Continued

Driver Fixer

Driver Fixer is a driver-updating utility for the PC that’s associated with illegitimate advertising networks and acts as a trojan horse for other malicious programs. Driver Fixer, like many other driver-updating utilities floating online, should not be given access to your computer because it’s just not safe. Luckily, Driver Fixer is detected and quarantined by … Continued

Driver Magic Unwanted Program

Driver Magic is a PC utility that promises to make your computer run better, faster, and smoother. It’s a driver updater that also has some PC cleaner features. It’s also a potentially unwanted program whose installer gets flagged by antivirus scanners as Riskware. It’s recommended to avoid Driver Magic. It’s not needed to update your … Continued

Driver Maximizer

The speed of computer is a feature that many users desire to increase. Driver Maximizer tries to take advantage of this intention and offers ways for computer to work more efficient or use fewer resources. About Driver Maximizer Driver Maximizer is ascribed to be a potentially unwanted program (PUP) that triggers curious behavior of your … Continued

Driver Navigator

Driver Navigator virus refers to the fact that this driver-manager can be downloaded together with other software applications. To be more specific, it can be received through bundled software and be installed without permission, just like Master PC Cleaner. Easeware Technology Limited is the owner of this tool and promises to exceed users‘ expectations with … Continued

Driver Restore

Driver Restore is a software application, created as an optimization tool for Windows system drivers. Owners of this product noticed a specific field that was, according to them, missing something. Free-of-charge drivers were indicated to be all over the Internet, but their convenience raised some doubts for developers that decided to construct a new program. … Continued

Driver Reviver

Driver Reviver is a driver updating utility for Windows PCs. It was released by ReviverSoft. Unfortunately, Driver Reviver seems to have a few problems. We began our investigation into it by reading reviews from former clients of this company and we have to say that negative feedback is overwhelming. Many stories of people who were tricked into … Continued

Driver Support

Driver Support is a software product for the Windows operating system that should help users update their drivers, optimize performance, and perform a few other utility functions. It’s also a program that appears on people’s computers unexpectedly and starts displaying error pop-ups and performing unwanted scans. Drivers are little interfaces that allow your operating system … Continued

Driver Talent

You may know Driver Talent as a helpful program that allows you to manage drivers all in one place the way you desire – reinstall, uninstall, restore and backup or etc. It claims to be free, but in reality, it tries to push the PRO version for $19.95 as much as they can, often exaggerating the … Continued

Driver Tonic PUP

Driver Tonic is a driver update and registry cleaner application. It is a utility promoted by its official pages Pctonics.com and Drivertonics.com and it can be distributed through freeware downloads. Upon installation, Driver Tonic scans your PC to identify the drivers that it believes need to be updated and registry issues that it thinks need … Continued

Driver Update Plus virus

Driver Update Plus is a potentially unwanted program that advertises itself as an effective tool that manages software by providing necessary updates for related drivers. It also claims to support system back-up and restoration if things go wrong. Basically, it is a typical system optimizer that pretends to have miraculous features that will turn your … Continued

Driver Updater Plus

Driver Updater Plus software has a slogan: keep your computer running at peak performance. Unfortunately, we are going to shatter your hopes all over the floor and remind you that not all system optimizers are born to serve their future users. A frightening number of rogue anti-spyware or other programs manage to crack some holes … Continued

Driver Whiz Virus

Can Driver Whiz be categorized as a top-level virus? Probably not. Is it an unwanted and misleading program? Definitely. It is full of false positives – the intention is to create tension and scare the user, then convince him to purchase the solution to this problem, which happens to be a premium version of Driver … Continued

DriverAgent Plus

DriverAgent Plus is a tool for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP operating systems and its creators are eSupport.com, Inc. Creators of this software pledge that their clients will be allowed to update their outdated drivers to the latest versions. It also can function as a download manager, driver backup, schedule manager and stand-alone … Continued


DriverDoc is advertised as a helpful tool that can quickly locate the latest drivers specific to your PC through its access to an extensive database. The developers of the program mention that the utility will update all drivers that are out-of-date and will perform automatic updates periodically. At first glance, it looks like DriverDoc is … Continued

DriverHub PUP

DriverHub is a program that claims to offer an easy way to update Windows drivers safely and for free. But it actually bundles promoted programs with its installation and is itself a potentially unwanted program that is detected as malicious by multiple antivirus applications. DriverHub has a simple and minimalistic interface. Once installed, this program … Continued


DriverMax is a driver updater that’s supposed to improve PC performance by installing the latest drivers. Though DriverMax is not malicious, it is problematic enough that people should avoid it. Most people don’t benefit from using a third-party driver updater like DriverMax instead of relying on Microsoft Windows to install new drivers. DriverMax is a … Continued

DriverPack Solution

DriverPack Solution, also known as Drp.su, is a driver updating utility for Windows PCs. It is not malware, but it can be considered a potentially unwanted program – in fact,. DriverPack Solution is free, but it works as a bundler, installing bloatware and making unwanted changes to the system on which it’s installed. DriverPack is not … Continued

DriverTuner by LionSea

DriverTuner by Lionsea Software is a driver updater and a potentially unwanted program. DriverTuner can cause unnecessary stress and it’s not particularly helpful. Many antivirus programs detect it as suspicious and even dangerous. DriverTuner is promoted online in such a way that it can result in more unwanted programs being installed. So, if DriverTuner is … Continued

DriverUpdate PUP

DriverUpdate scanner, better known as just DriverUpdate, is a potentially unwanted application that spreads using shady methods, installs without proper authorization permission and exaggerates issue warnings just to make the user buy the full version of a product. Not to mention the hard time this rogue application gives once the user tries to remove it from … Continued

Driver Toolkit

Driver Toolkit is potentially unwanted program by Megaify Software. It is a tool designed to download and install the latest drivers for your PC, and it appears to be compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 7, XP operating systems. Despite looking like a legitimate tool, it is not going to fix unknown, outdated or corrupted drivers. … Continued


Duckduckgo.com is a search engine that has been noticed to be added to Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers without users consent. It is not a virus however it can be categorized as a potentially unwanted program in some cases. That happens if some PUP or application bundle installs Duckduckgo without full explanation. … Continued

EAdblock Search Manager Redirects

EAdblock Search Manager is a search hijacker that is related to but separate from Easy Ad Blocker. EAdblock Search Manager causes search redirects to Yahoo. It is likely that some people installed this hijacker without meaning to. It’s advisable to remove it and either manage your searches yourself or use less intrusive browser extension. About … Continued

Easy Mac Care

Easy Mac Care software promises to essentially improve the stability of your Mac, making it as fast as it once used to be. The program also claims it provides effective security for your daily Mac protection. Regretfully, the capabilities of Easy Mac Care are obviously overestimated by its authors. Instead of speeding the system up, … Continued

EasyCalc PUP

EasyCalc is a browser add-on, which inserts a calculator into its toolbar so that you can perform calculations by clicking the icon on your browser’s toolbar. Whether this is a very useful functionality or not – it is up to you to decide. But there is one thing you cannot change about EasyCalc extension – … Continued


EasySpeedCheck is listed as a PUP (potentially unwanted program) and you should not keep it on your computer. It is an application that can measure your internet speed and int works really well. However, you can find tons of apps like this on the Internet, and the problem with particularly EasySpeedCheck is that it has … Continued

Eco Search Redirects

Eco Search is a new tab replacer. It doesn’t seem to be part of any charity or non-profit efforts. It just posts nice pictures on the browser’s home page. It also changes the search engine settings so that Bing.com delivers search results. It’s not a coincidence that Eco Search can access your data on Bing.com. Overall, … Continued

Email Assistant

Email Assistant is a potentially unwanted program that works as a rogue browser. Even though it is based on the Chromium open-source project, which is a legitimate one, Email Assistant has got several features that give obvious reasons to remove it right away. At first glance, Email Assistant claims it helps to make your web … Continued

Encryptedsearch.org Redirect

Encryptedsearch.org is a privacy-conscious search engine. It’s usually spread by a browser extension called Encrypted Search. It’s extremely similar to but separate from searchencrypt.com, another privacy search engine. Some people find that when they attempt to use Google, DDG, Bing, or another search engine, they’re always redirected to Encryptedsearch.org. That’s because a potentially unwanted browser extension … Continued

EPedia Adware

EPedia, promoted online as a Wikipedia reader, is actually a potentially unwanted program. It ought to be avoided because it can cause problems such as unwanted ads and redirects in your browser. It’s best to remove ePedia as quickly as possible. You might also want to check your computer for other adware. About ePedia: Type of … Continued


EpicScale is listed as a PUP (potentially unwanted program). It enters users’ computers in a malicious way and illegally uses them for commercial purposes. You can visit its official website at www.epicscale.com and take a closer look at this application. It’s presented as a useful tool that is supposed to employ the power of computers … Continued

Falcoware.com Add-Ons

Falcoware.com is a file download site for free PC games. It and the files that are downloaded from it get flagged as Malware and Adware by some antivirus programs. That doesn’t mean that Falcoware.com is dangerous, however, if you’ve installed games from it, you should check your computer for potentially unwanted programs, such as RelevantKnowledge. … Continued


Fast! (Veryfast.io) promises to make your computer “2X faster” by limiting the resources used by background applications. It could be helpful for some – though I doubt that the developers of Fast! know better how to manage PC resources than Microsoft developers do. Unfortunately, Fast! is detected by anti-malware tools as Unwanted and Adware. And there … Continued

FastAgain PC Booster

FastAgain PC Booster is a system optimizing program developed by Activeris and Fiorentino Media Inc. The software promises to clear your registry, speed up your computer and improve its overall performance. However, the program is often distributed bundled with other free downloads without informing about its installation separately and some users found its activity suspicious. … Continued

File Compressor Pro (Mac Virus)

File Compressor Pro is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) designed specifically for Mac computers. It is advertised by the developers as an online utility for zipping, i.e. compressing files. Probably some of its services are useful, but the problem is that File Compressor Pro is promoted through “bundling” and some other deceptive techniques. In order … Continued

File Will Damage Your Computer – Mac Warning

“[File] will damage your computer. You should move it to the Trash.” is a security pop-up shown by macOS Catalina, a new version of macOS. The “this will damage your computer” warning points out potentially malicious files. It indicates a possible infection. Although the “this will damage your computer” pop-up gives users a choice to move … Continued


FileHunter is a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Application), a questionable torrent / download client. This program uses deceptive ways to install into ones PC, that are not so different from the ones regular Trojans use. Its installs use names of applications and movies with extension .exe so mistaken users download and execute the application. Additionally, there … Continued


FileRepMetagen is the name given to a category of threats detected by the antivirus programs Avast and AVG (AVG is owned by Avast). The category usually being PUP — potentially unwanted programs. Sometimes this detection is a false positive (examples of harmless executables being flagged as FileRepMetagen are custom , in general, unpopular, low reputation … Continued

Filerio.in PUP

Filerio.in stands for a website providing file hosting services. The problem with filerio.in is not in the services it offers, but rather in the content hosted through it. The research shows that a lot of dubious websites are promoted by means of filerio.in, furthermore, it contains a lot of cracked versions of legitimate applications, which … Continued

Fix PC Cleaner

Fix PC Cleaner, or just FixPC, is a Windows registry optimizer that promises to improve the performance of your PC. Like most optimizer programs, it should be avoided. Anti-malware tools flag it as potentially unwanted and Windows already offers most of the features that Fix PC Cleaner brings. Fix PC Cleaner in short: Type of … Continued

FixIt PUP (by Avanquest)

FixIt is an application introduced by Avanquest Software, located at France. Its name is exactly the same as that of the tool created by Microsoft. Thus, the users can easily get confused. The official slogan of FixIt application is Fix, Speed Up and Maintain Your PC. Thus, from this motto, as well as from the … Continued

FLV Player Virus

FLV Player is a legitimate program for watching flash video files (flv files). FLV Player is free and can be downloaded from its home site. It is also required by some video and music sites. Recently, many computer users have reported receiving popup ad spam to download FLV Player or update it. Such ads are spreading malware. A … Continued

Forest Guard PUP

Forest Guard is detected by many anti-malware programs as a PUP (potentially unwanted program). There are several reasons why this classification is correct. First of all, Forest Guard displays fake alerts and false positives to convince users to buy its full version. Secondly, Forest Guard is distributed through bundling with other free programs, however, the … Continued

Format Factory Ads

Format Factory is a free video and audio editing program that is monetized with ads. Because of the ads that it displays, it gets flagged by antivirus scanners as potentially unwanted or even dangerous. But is Format Factory actually harmful? How can you avoid accidentally installing unwanted software that comes with it? About Format Factory: … Continued

Foxy Security

Foxy Security is a suspicious software that claims it can protect your computer while you browse the web. Unfortunately, it cannot be trusted as the program uses unfair ways to enter computers and its activities are related to the third parties. Foxy Security can be downloaded from its official website foxysecurity.com. However, it often comes … Continued

Free Audio Editor by FAEMedia

Free Audio Editor is a potentially unwanted program that bundles spyware. Installing Free Audio Editor may result in junkware flooding your computer. In addition, even if you uninstall Free Audio Editor, it tries to get your attention by showing pop-ups. It would be safest to uninstall it and to delete all the files that it might … Continued

Free PDF Viewer for Windows

Free PDF Viewer for Windows is a program that gets detected as potentially unsafe by some antivirus scanners. The reasons for this include Free PDF Viewer for Windows offering to install spyware for you, as well as its the default uninstaller leaving behind a pop-up that appears every time you log in. About Free PDF … Continued

Free WiFi Hotspot

Developers of Free WiFi Hotspot program claim that it is the world’s finest. This user-friendly virtual WiFi router helps phones, tablets, game consoles and other products connect to the Internet from your computer. People can create a convenient WiFI through a common 2G/3G or 4G modem. It is indicated that as long as your computer device … Continued

Freevpn.win PUP

FreeVPN is a program that helps you use a VPN service promoted on Freevpn.win. Though FreeVPN is not dangerous, it does occasionally promote unwanted programs and its installer is flagged by a few antivirus scanners. It uses iffy advertising and it might install apps that are unwanted. In short about FreeVPN: Classification Potentially unwanted program. … Continued

Fresh-tab.info New Tab

Did Fresh-tab.info take over your browser? It’s a website that hijacks web searches on those browsers where the Fresh Tab extension is installed. Fresh-tab.info fails to offer any useful features – all it does is track users and force them to visit Bing.com and Search-land.com. It’s best to uninstall Fres Tab and stop Fresh-tab.info from hijacking searches. … Continued

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