"Minecraft Hack Online Generator" Scam - How to remove

Minecraft Hack Online Generator, or Minecraft Hack, is an online scam. It promises to give people free in-game resources, Minecoins. With this false promise, Minecraft Hack then promotes paid apps and services.

While the Minecraft Hack sites do not give free coins in the end, they can saddle you with scummy subscription fees and privacy-invading junk apps.

About the Minecraft Hack scam:

Threat type Scam,


How the Minecraft Hack scam works It promises to give you free coins,

it says that you must “verify you are human” by installing apps and signing up for services,

these apps cost money, though it might not have been obvious.

How to avoid Minecraft Hack scams Don’t look for free coins online,

don’t give your personal and payment details to unknown sites,

block malicious sites and apps with security tools (Malwarebytes, others).

How to protect yourself Cancel unwanted subscriptions,

change your passwords, if needed.

Are Minecraft Hack sites dangerous?

Minecraft Hack sites are third-party (unrelated to the real Minecraft) websites that offer visitors free Minecoins. How does this work? Well, it doesn’t. In my experience, all sites that offer to hack into your account free Minecoins (and in-game currency for other games) are scams.

The sites are lying and they can even be dangerous. They promote phishing sites as well as apps that charge very high subscription fees.

The Minecraft Hack sites are similar to the Free TikTok Followers scam and the Cash App scam.

How to find Minecraft Hack sites?

If you want some free Minecoins, you can search online for sites that promise to give you as many as you want. There are websites, browser extensions, even apps that promise to give you free coins.

These sites offer to generate free Minecoins and given them to your account. Just give them your username, select your platform and the number of Minecoins that you want, and you’re set.

One thing is for sure: no Minecraft Hack site is ever hosted on the real Minecraft website, Minecraft.net.

How do the Minecraft Hack sites scam people?

Getting free coins is not that simple. Before you’re given your Minecoins, the Minecraft Hack sites tell you that “human verification” is required. How are you supposed to verify yourself? By completing chores:

  • complete surveys,
  • subscribe to services,
  • download apps.

Completing surveys might not sound too bad, but clickbait survey sites make it a very difficult task to do. Every page is full of ads, you must load multiple pages to get to the next question, and it might even be possible to fail the surveys.

Subscription services that Minecraft Hack promotes are for game-themed interactive guides and coupons. They cost a few Euros per week, which does add up over time.

The apps that Minecraft Hack promotes are also subscription-based and they also tend to cost a few Euros per week.

Minecraft Hack asks you to "verify you are human".

Harm done by the Minecraft Hack scam

Those services and apps that Minecraft Hack promotes charge a weekly fee, but that’s not always obvious. Terms of service are in small print that’s easy to miss, especially when one is rushing to complete the offers to get their Minecoins. It’s easy to accidentally subscribe to spam services and lose tens of Euros very quickly.

There’s also the risk that some Minecraft Hack sites might log people’s usernames. If you visited a Minecraft Hack site ask for your username and password, email and password, or more data, it might have wanted to steal your credentials. You should change your password.

Minecraft Hack leads to a paid app.

How to avoid Minecraft Hack and similar scams

Don’t look online for free Minecoins. Many online scams promise free stuff to lure people in, but they never deliver.

If a site promises you something free but then asks you to install an app or to provide your payment details, be careful. You should only trust reputable sites with your personal, contact, and payment information.

It’s helpful to block malicious websites. You can use malicious site blocker programs, ad blockers, and anti-malware apps like Malwarebytes. These tools can help you avoid websites that would try to scam you.

Automatic Malware removal tools

Download Spyhunter for Malware detection

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Download Combo Cleaner for Malware detection

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What to do if you were scammed

  • The Minecraft Hack sites don’t download malware, so if you simply visited one, you should be okay.
  • If you typed in your username but nothing else, you should also be alright.
  • If you gave your email address and password to a Minecraft Hack site, then it’s recommended to change your password.
  • If you gave your phone number to a site in order to “verify you are human”, you might have subscribed to a paid service. Check with your mobile service provider.
  • If you downloaded an app because Minecraft Hack asked you to, then check your subscriptions on Android or iOS.
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