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Lp.macsmart-cleanupc.club shows a Mac security warning that’s meant to convince people that their computers are infected. It’s a webpage that says “Your system is infected with (3) viruses” and then tries to get you to download a junk program (paid, of course) to fix this imaginary problem.

What is Lp.macsmart-cleanupc.club

According to the Lp.macsmart-cleanupc.club page, your computer is infected with (3) viruses, including malware and spyware. Then system damage is quantified in percentages. You’re told by the page that if you don’t remove these viruses, you’ll lose photos and other files and that your banking information is at risk. Finally, Lp.macsmart-cleanupc.club starts a countdown of five minutes until permanent damage and provides a button for scanning your computer.

The whole thing is a scam. Lp.macsmart-cleanupc.club has no way of knowing whether or not you have malware on your computer, and any Mac owner could go to that site and see the same warning, regardless of the state of their computer.

Lp.macsmart-cleanupc.club can be dangerous and should not be trusted:

Threat type
  • Scam
  • Scareware
  • Lp.macsmart-cleanupc.club opens in the browser
  • Money lost buying the program Lp.macsmart-cleanupc.club recommends
  •  PUPs (potentially unwanted programs) could be installed
  • Scan for and delete PUPs (Combo Cleaner)
  • Remove unwanted applications manually
  • Set up real-time web protection


Everyone will also be recommended to perform a scan, which is impossible for a webpage to do in the way that it’s presented — it’s more like animation, a show of a system scan.

Then you’re told to download a program that’s supposed to fix your computer. This program might be Smart Mac Booster, Mac Fixer Pro, Qbit Mac Cleaner, or another piece of Mac junkware. These programs don’t do free virus removal, instead, they’re paid.

Lp.macsmart-cleanupc.club pretends to be an official Apple support page. If someone sees this warning and believes it, they might think that they have to pay for the application and even keep it installed — when those apps are known almost-malware!

Does your computer actually have malware

If you saw the Lp.macsmart-cleanupc.club warning, that says nothign about whether or not you have malware at all. Except, if you’re seeing this page regularly, you might indeed have malware that’s opening this page for you. Malicious apps can manipulate the browser, hijack other elements of the system to display pop-up warnings, links, messages right on your Mac. They can communicate with malicious websites and open whatever page the developer wants to be promoted. And they can be really difficult to remove completely.

"Lp.macsmart-cleanupc.club", the warning

There are many similar websites that serve the same purpose of scaring you and selling you a fake security program — like apple.com-mac-optimizer.icu, apple.com-scan-mac.live, advancemactools.live, and others.

Whether Lp.macsmart-cleanupc.club was opened by some bad ads, or by an adware infection on your Mac, it might be a sign that you need to up the security of your computer to avoid any more blatant scams finding their way into your browser.

You should check your computer for any suspicious applications and their leftover files, as well as consider finding safer sites to browser, if possible.

How to stop the Lp.macsmart-cleanupc.club pop-ups

If the reason for the Lp.macsmart-cleanupc.club pop-ups was malicious ads, that might be a problem. Macs are indeed vulnerable to adware, so it is important to be careful with malicious ads — they can be dangerous. However, it might be a lot to ask to change your browsing habits. So instead, you might benefit from using real-time protection so that known malicious URLs can be stopped from opening and that bad files cannot be downloaded.

If Lp.macsmart-cleanupc.club was being opened by an adware virus, then that needs to be removed. Scan your computer for adware using a reputable anti-malware tool, like Combo Cleaner. Or remove all unwanted applications and their components manually. Look in the Library folder and its subfolders. If you downloaded the recommended programs, cancel the subscription and remove them — there’s really nothing good about them.

If you see a warning similar to Lp.macsmart-cleanupc.club again, ignore it, close the browser (Cmd+Alt+Esc allows you to quit applications in case your browser is locked) and don’t take the warning seriously.

Automatic Malware removal tools

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Download Combo Cleaner for Malware detection

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