Scam - How to remove is a dangerous website. First, it shows fake surveys and giveaways that promise a free phone or another prize. Then, it leads to a page that asks for personal and payment information which is then used to sign up the person for a subscription without their knowledge. In other words, is a scam. in short:

Type of threat Scam.
How works Shows a fake giveaway that promises a prize,

asks for personal information that’s supposedly needed to deliver the prize,

links to a subscription signup.

How malicious sites spread SMS, email, and social media spam and phishing links,

pop-up ads on file download sites,

ads injected by adware viruses.

Avoiding’s scams Recognize the scam and close the page,

remove adware with anti-malware programs (Spyhunter for PC, Combo Cleaner for Mac, others),

block malicious ads with anti-malware tools and ad-blockers,

contact your bank if your payment details were abused by the scam.

How scams people

Here’s how works:

  • Sites including, as well as,,,, and are advertised online by notification spammers, adware viruses, and some websites. Email, social media, and SMS spam also spread links to
  • These sites use fake contests, giveaways, and surveys to promise people a prize, usually a free phone.
  • Once the draw or the survey is completed, redirects to another site with a payment form.
  • The visitor is told that they have to provide their payment details to get the prize that promised.
  • The visitor’s personal details are used to sign them up for a subscription on or another site.

Currently, promotes is a media streaming service that uses scammy tactics to get people to subscribe. If it’s not using fake phone giveaways, it’s advertised with promises of films that aren’t actually on the service. Or it shows up in pop-up ads triggered by download buttons on unsafe websites.

Fake giveaways are often used as phishing scams. Victims of only find out that they’ve been scammed when they notice that their credit card was charged. Lost time, lost money, and compromised privacy are the results of the scam. leads from a fake giveaway to a subscription signup.

How to tell a scam

Copies the look of known websites uses the Lucky Draw template, which looks a lot like Facebook (complete with some fake Facebook comments), and the Google membership award template, which copies Google (with some fake Google+ comments at the bottom). This allows to look more legitimate and trustworthy.

But it is important to remember that is just a webpage. Those fake Facebook and Google pages can be created easily with a notepad and a browser. And they aren’t very carefully done. Click around – the comments and menus don’t work. In addition, there’s no link to TOS and no privacy policy.

Fake urgency

Another thing that is suspicious about is all the urgency. You have a countdown telling you to hurry up – scams do it all the time. Scammers want to discourage you from asking for help or looking for information, so they try to scare you into acting quickly.

In reality, the countdown on restarts every time you load the page (you can do it as many times as you want). Once the timer does run out, nothing happens. The page is still open and you can still do everything as before.

Other signs

Finally, once opens, there are a lot of red flags:

  • The words “members” and “membership” are repeated everywhere, revealing that you’re signing up for a subscription.
  • Your credit card information is required even though it’s promised that no charges will be applied. Again, this is only something that subscription sites do.
  • The terms and conditions document’s first paragraph states that this is a subscription service for movies, games, music, and books.

Oh, and the content on is terrible, so it’s a scam all around. When services like Disney Plus, Spotify, and EA Origin Basic Access each cost less than $10 per month, asks for almost $30 while promoting on its front page gems like Solitaire Legend and Hell Baby. It is a ripoff.¬† is very similar to,,,,, and other sites that all use the same library of cheap media.

The different versions of copy different sites.

How to avoid the scams is not dangerous if you just close it as soon as you see it. Don’t type in your real information and you’ll be fine. There are usually a few signs that reveal a scam. Watch out for those and you should be okay.

If you did get scammed, be sure to check your bank accounts and dispute any charges that you didn’t agree to. When dealing with a subscription scam, avoid contacting the scammers and instead, look to your bank for help.

Ads for and similar sites can be caused by adware infections, such as bad browser extensions. Scan your computer with an anti-malware app, like Spyhunter for Windows, Combo Cleaner for macOS, and others. Also, use an anti-malware application or an ad-blocker to block malicious sites and ads. If you get an email with a link to or a similar site, mark it as spam so that your email’s spam filters are better able to recognize it in the future.

Automatic Malware removal tools

Download Spyhunter for Malware detection

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Download Combo Cleaner for Malware detection

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