Lp.macapps-optimize.club Fake Warning - How to remove

Lp.macapps-optimize.club is the URL of a scam website that might be displayed to owners of Mac computers thanks to malicious ads or an adware infection. This site is meant to convince visitors to download an unneeded application and then pay for its license.

Lp.macapps-optimize.club spreads Smart Mac Booster – a potentially unwanted application (the VirusTotal report on the file that Lp.macapps-optimize.club downloads) released by PCVARK, a company infamous for using deception, for example, installing adware on their computers.

Lp.macapps-optimize.club spreads Smart Mac Booster under the maccleaner.pkg name. The program, once installed, immediately finds a lot of “issues” on any Mac where it’s installed and says to buy the licensed version to fix them.

Lp.macapps-optimize.club is a fake warning that tries to scam visitors:

Lp.macapps-optimize.club – type of threat
  • Scam
  • Adware
  • Scareware
Danger of the fake warning
  • Downloaded unwanted software
  • Paid for useless software
Causes for Lp.macapps-optimize.club warnings
  • Malicious ads online
  • An adware infection
Remove fake warnings
  • Delete adware if any has infected your computer
  • Avoid websites with aggressive ads
  • Use web protection or block malicious websites
  • Scan every downloaded file before running it

Lp.macapps-optimize.club tells visitors that their Mac is infected with viruses. They also try to scare people by claiming that their apps and photos will be lost and that their personal information might be stolen if they don’t immediately press the “Scan Now” button. The site uses the AppleCare logo to try and look legitimate but it’s not affiliated with Apple whatsoever.

Rest assured that I left this website open after the time ran out and no loss of files occurred. That’s because Lp.macapps-optimize.club’s warnings are completely fake, of course. It’s not even difficult to make a website like this and then spread it around – but it is very unethical. Scareware like this relies on scaring people into buying unnecessary products and that’s exactly what Lp.macapps-optimize.club is doing – it’s a total scam.

The Lp.macapps-optimize.club warning text:

Your Mojave is infected with (3) viruses!
Your Mojave is infected with (3) viruses. Our security check found traces of 2 malware and 1 phishing/spyware. System damage: 28.1% – Immediate removal required!
The immediate removal of the viruses is required to prevent further system damage, loss of Apps, Photos or other files.
Personal and banking information is at risk.
To avoid more damage click on ‘Scan Now’ immediately. Our deep scan will provide help immediately!
0 minutes and 00 remaining before damage is permanent.

How to avoid scam sites like Lp.macapps-optimize.club

You might be curious if there’s anything that can be done about stopping websites like this one form showing up in your browser.

Lp.macapps-optimize.club appears thanks to:

  • Bad ads and redirects from shady websites. You might click on a bad ad, but you might also be randomly redirected, so it’s not always possible to avoid these ads if you end up on a compromised website. And even legitimate sites can get infected.
  • Adware on your Mac. This is easier to stop, you only need to get rid of the adware. But that’s not always easy because the malicious files might be scattered all over your folders and be difficult to hunt down.

A good-quality anti-malware program (a real and reputable one, like Combo Cleaner) could help remove adware and scanning every downloaded file before running it would mostly prevent malware from being installed. Real-time web protection might be helpful, but it’s impossible to block all malicious websites as soon as they are created. Besides Lp.macapps-optimize.club, many other sites spread a very similar scam. There are also pop-ups like “MAC OS is infected with Spyware” and “Your Mac OS X is infected (4) by viruses” spread by multiple domains, plus who knows how many other scams.

Your Mojave is infected with (3) viruses!

It’s also important to recognize scams when you see them. For example, Lp.macapps-optimize.club has a few features that make it suspicious:

  • The URL is not affiliated with Apple.
  • The menu at the top of the page is actually a low-quality image that’s not interactive.
  • The website is offering a scan, which doesn’t work because websites are not able to access your files without your explicit permission.
  • Apple has said to not believe ads and pop-ups that claim that your computer is infected.
  • Apple would never threated you with loss of your files and require you to take immediate action like Lp.macapps-optimize.club does.

The best thing to do when you encounter a site like Lp.macapps-optimize.club is to just close it, ignore it, maybe laugh at it. If this type of ad repeats, scan your computer with a security program to see if any adware has infected it and delete it.

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