Fake Streaming Site - How to remove is a fake movie streaming site. It advertises films that it doesn’t show. It promises films that it can’t even show and tricks visitors into signing up for paid services.

If you find yourself on, be careful. The site is not dangerous on its own, but it might promote certain streaming scams that can be bad for your wallet.

About the site:

Classification of Scam,


Problems and dangers doesn’t show the movies that is lists,

it promotes deceptive subscription sites,

it can lead to people signing up and unexpectedly being charged up to $6o a few days later.

How to avoid sites like Don’t search for free movies with search engines,

don’t reveal your personal and payment details to unknown companies.

How to protect yourself Block malicious sites and ads with ad blockers,

update your OS and other software,

protect your PC with security programs (Spyhunter for Mac, Combo Cleaner for Mac, Spyhunter for Windows, etc.).

Is safe? is a fake streaming site. It offers to let you watch new movies (including those that haven’t come out yet, which is a big red flag). Just bofore “playing” each movie, shows a box claiming that you must sign up and create an account. itself is not dangerous. When I visited it, it had no ads and no files that could be downloaded. The only danger that comes from is what site it takes users to when it tells them to create an account.

Fake streaming sites like,,, and usually funnel users to signup pages for online media subscription sites such as and These signup pages almost seamlessly integrate with, so users might think they’re registering to watch whatever movie they wanted to watch on (their libraries tend to be made up of bargain bin content).

But the subscription sites are separate from They likely don’t even have the films and shows that offered.

Promised movies for free, users are asked to sign up with their credit card info.

The sites ask users to sign up with their personal info, including their payment info. They promise a free trial of up to a week and an automatically renewing monthly subscription of $40-$60.

How do people find

I found in Google search results, like this: shows up as the first Google result.

The result didn’t take me to directly. Ads for are posted on hacked sites: websites of education institutions, non profit organizations, online presentations, forums, etc.

Here’s a promo text for injected into a page of an educational website, probably without the knowledge of the site’s admins:

A text promoting posted on a non-profit site, probably injected without the site admins' knowledge.

The text includes the names of reputable streaming sites, both legal ones like Netflix and illegal ones like Putlocker and 123movies. If you search for one of these sites on Google (or another search engine), this page might come up in the results.

SEO spam injection and Search engine poisoning are the techniques used by malicious actors to get their content to show up high in search engine results. and other fake streaming sites might also be promoted on social media sites, including video descriptions and comments on Youtube.

How to avoid fake streaming sites

At first glance, looks like any other streaming site. It looks nicer than all real (illegal) streaming sites, as it doesn’t show obnoxious pop-up ads or redirect visitors without warning. Or rather, only redirects once to a promoted site.

Antivirus scanners probably won’t block as it doesn’t really do anything bad, but ad blockers should help. If you often seek out free movies or sports streams on illegal sites, ad blockers are almost necessary to have a smooth and relatively safe experience.

Though, if you’re a pirate, I would still recommend that you protect your device with good antivirus software, such as Spyhunter for Mac, Combo Cleaner for Mac, Spyhunter for Windows, etc. Also, make sure that you have the latest operating system updates installed, as security bugs, if unpatched, could put your system in danger.

If you registered on some shady site with your credit card info expecting not to be charged, then cancel ASAP. Check the site’s Terms of service to be sure.

There are plenty of legitimate streaming sites that ask for a monthly subscription and actually deliver good content. And they’re much cheaper than the around $5o that the sites promoted by ask for.

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