Scam – Google Chrome Blocked

“Google Chrome Blocked for Security Reasons” is a fake warning that is displayed by malicious websites in order to manipulate people into installing potentially unwanted software. If you encounter a page that says “Google Chrome Blocked” and pushes you to download software, feel free to ignore it and close the tab. About the “Google Chrome … Continued

Scam – “Hackers Are Watching You!”

If you use Apple’s products, you might have been targeted by a warning that says “Hackers are watching you!” and threatens that your photos and your browsing history will be sent to all of your contacts. This warning also claims that the only way to save your data from being exposed is to download and … Continued

Scam – “Trojan Detected!” on macOS

There’s another scam targeting Mac users. A fake Apple Support page shows a Quick Scan window and “Trojan detected!” alerts in the bottom right corner of the screen. This page is used by scammers to scare people into believing that their Mac is infected. Scammers then convince their victims to pay exorbitant fees to “fix” … Continued Fake Scan

Mac Heal Pro, basically a scam program, is being promoted by – a website that pretends to detect viruses on your Mac to scare you into downloading the program. Actually, the website presents the program as Mac Cleanup, and only if you install it, you find out what it really is. is a scam … Continued is a fake streaming site. It very dishonestly promotes an overpriced subscription service. might make you think that you’re signing up for a free sports streaming service, when really, you’re giving your information to a very expensive streaming website. As a result, it may take monthly payments of around $60 from you. If … Continued

Stream2watch Redirects and Ads

Stream2watch are websites that claim that they can help you watch sports streams by a global selection of channels for free. Unfortunately, trying to use Stream2watch to watch the streams doesn’t really work – it causes redirects to subscription signups with egregious hidden fees. People who don’t carefully read Terms of Service risk losing a significant … Continued

Tech Support Scam – “Your device is under threat”

“Your device is under threat. Code #007d3Cx0d” is a phrase used by a tech support scam page. It’s posted on web pages that are designed to look like Windows Defender warnings. They claim that your computer is infected and that it needs to be blocked. These “Your device is under threat” pages are created by … Continued

Thanksgiving email scam

Thanksgiving is a precious holiday to many Americans, bringing families and friends together around the same dinner table or even virtually. However, at the same time, it is a perfect opportunity for cyber crooks to play a trick on unguarded users with a little bit of social engineering. After all, a heartfelt e-card and email from anyone … Continued

The $1 Phone Scams

The $1 phone scam promises a phone for just $1 to trick people into giving away their credit card information. The idea behind the $1 phone scam is to get you excited about you getting a phone, to convince you that it’s just a step away. Then, the $1 phone scam asks you to fill in a … Continued

The Bucks Club Scam

The Bucks Club is a browser extension that enables you to rent your Facebook account for advertising. It promises to make you money – but it’s likely to simply get your Facebook account banned. On top of that, The Bucks Club gets access to a lot of your personal data that could be misused. It’s … Continued

The “Free TikTok Followers” Scam

There are many sites and apps online that claim to offer free TikTok likes and followers. Free follower generators are all scams. Most of the sites that promise to give you free TikTok followers only show you ads, while others try o steal your login information. If you come across a site or a browser extension … Continued

“The Mercury Text Font Was Not Found” Scam

The Internet is full of information and some of it is not reliable at all. If at some point you have faced a pop-up message saying that Google Chrome web browser was not able to detect The “Mercury Text” font and was offered to install an update – do not believe that. It’s just a … Continued

The Win (1) One Exclusive Prize! Scam

The One Exclusive Prize scam is a scheme used to trick people to sign up for subscriptions by promising them valuable gifts. One Exclusive Prize sites first tell you that you won something (a phone, a gift card, etc.) only to have you sign up (with your credit card details and other personal information) for … Continued

This URL has been blocked Popup

“This URL has been blocked” warning is a fake warning threating you with fines and jail time for infringing on copyrighted content. It is a scam and should not be taken seriously, except as a security risk. Similar scams are common. The “This URL has been blocked” creators try to scare you into contacting them so that … Continued Virus Warnings sites are a group of malicious websites that show fake virus warnings to visitors. This is not meant as a prank, but rather, it’s supposed to convince people to buy useless Mac optimizers by promising that they’ll remove the “viruses”. When you enter the Thusfun site, it first displays a warning: VIRUS FOUND A website … Continued

“Today’s lucky visitor” Pop-ups

“Today’s lucky visitor” is a call used by a bunch of online scams. These scams promise a prize to trick people to reveal their personal information. Pop-ups that greet you with “Today’s lucky visitor” are usually malicious websites that present unexpected contests, promotions, and giveaways, tell you that you won, and then ask you to fill … Continued

Trojan Spyware Alert Scam

Trojan Spyware Alert appears as a warning on a Microsoft webpage, threatens that your computer has a spyware infection, all while a synthesized voice is reading the warning out loud. But really, Trojan Spyware Alert is a tech support scam that seeks to scare you into paying for fake tech support services. Likely, your PC … Continued scam scam aims to trick people into signing up for a 5-day free trial. While it is promised that users are going to be able to play games, listen to music, read books, stream movies and download software, service is nothing but a ripoff. We have discussed similar traps like scam: both of … Continued

Update Required! Scam

“Attention! Update Required!” is a phrase used by a fake warning pop-up. This deceptive ad is used to trick people into downloading and installing random browser add-ons. It’s not always very dangerous, but it’s certainly malicious. At worst, the Update Required! scam could result in spyware or adware being installed on your device, causing excessive … Continued

UpdateChecker by Mysoftpack Scam

There are many legitimate processes and programs with the name “UpdateChecker”. This article does not talk about legitimate and safe UpdateCheckers and it should not reflect badly on any of them. We are talking about UpdateChecker by Mysoftpack. Below, UpdateChecker stands for UpdateChecker by Mysoftpack. UpdateChecker is supposedly a tool to download software updates. In reality, … Continued Scam is a scam site that uses Adobe Flash Player’s name to steal money and to spread UpdateChecker. It’s characterized by showing a fake installation setup process that ends by asking you to pay by sending an SMS. To see this scam, especially more than once, is a sign that adware may have infected your … Continued

“Updates were released for your version of Chrome” scam

“Updates were released for your version of Chrome” scam is one of the newest scams and hackers are hoping that users will fall for this deceptive installation trick. Similar messages have radically changed the way we browse the Internet; users have to learn not to trust notifications like “Windows 10 License Has Been Corrupted” and … Continued

“Virus Support Alert” Scam

“Virus Support Alert” can look like an alarming warning about the danger that your computer is in, even saying that the computer is “BLOCKED”. In reality, this is nothing more than a tech support scam trying to prey on people’s concern about their cybersecurity. “Virus Support Alert” has nothing do with Microsoft, or the state of your … Continued

Fatalerror Scam

The fake version of VMC Media Player transmits Fatalerror Scam app, which belongs to the Rogue Tech-Support-Scam family. In fact, when a user downloads and installs the fake version of VMC Player, no media player or similar program is set up on his/her computer. Instead, the scam app Fatalerror is installed. Thus, it is obvious … Continued

Warning-Critical-Message Scam Alerts

Warning-Critical-Message is a scam template used by malicious actors to trick people into believing that their computer is infected. The scam seeks to get people to pay for scammers to remove this imaginary virus. The Warning-Critical-Message scam is a full-page warning that is designed to look like a Windows error message. In reality, it is … Continued

Wedfuntoday Virus Alerts

Wedfuntoday is a series of websites that are named by adding some prefix, “Wedfuntoday”, a number, and “.live” – for example, These sites exist purely to sell junkware by tricking people that the software they offer can save their Mac from a virus. Wedfuntoday is only a single example of this type of malicious … Continued virus sites displaying warnings about your Mac being infected is a part of a tech support scam and should be ignored. These sites are nothing but a bunch of pages that try to convince users to pay for fake tech support by telling them that their Mac is full of viruses. is not a single … Continued

WhatsApp Virus

WhatsApp is a free application for sending text and voice messaging and making audio and video calls over the internet. It’s owned by Facebook, works on Android and iOS devices, and has more than one and a half billion users and half a billion daily users, being one of the most popular messaging applications in … Continued

WIN-8×0007 Fake Alert

This tutorial will provide you with detailed instructions to remove WIN-8×0007 scary pop-up windows from your browser. The problem with WIN-8×0007 is actually peculiar solely to Windows computers. There are several malicious websites that may be involved in distributing these scary messages. The main intention of WIN-8×0007 pop-ups is to display the faulty information masked … Continued

“Win a $1000 Amazon Gift Card” scam

“Win a $1000 Amazon Gift Card” scam is a message, stating that user has won a $100 gift card to shop at Amazon. The hoax is being transmitted in random pop-up advertisements, and can also be noticed on the Facebook social networking platform. From the first glance, we can guarantee that this message is just … Continued Fake Giveaways is a malicious site. It’s used to scam people out of their money and to steal their personal information. To trick visitors, steals the names and appearances of large companies, such as Amazon. itself is not very dangerous and it is enough to just close the page. But if you followed through with its … Continued

‘Win A New Phone’ sweepstake scam

A free smartphone, whether it’s a Samsung Galaxy S9 or iPhoneX, is definitely something that only a few would refuse, therefore when such chance appears on the screen, one can really feel as if born under a lucky star and not miss the opportunity to participate. However, soon it becomes clear that this ‘Win A New … Continued

Windows 10 License Has Been Corrupted scam

Windows 10 License Has Been Corrupted fraudulent message is a technical support message, stating that users’ Windows operating systems have been corrupted and the key data file was impossible to locate. Therefore, the system was locked due to a license breach. To solve this issue, the technical scam instructs people to enter their user name … Continued

“Windows Detected Alureon Attack” warning

Do you see a serious-looking warning that’s posing as Microsoft and threatening to delete your hard drive? It looks serious and might seem legitimate and authoritative. But this warning, “Windows Detected Alureon Attack”, is just one of many fake security alerts used to rope people into illegal technical support scams. Dont restart your computer Windows Detected ALUREON attack. … Continued is an example of an online scam that shows faulty error alerts to force you into downloading and installing potentially unwanted software on your device. The scam targets all popular browsers, whereas the attacks of such kind may affect both Windows and Mac operating systems. Scary browser alerts displaying fake error messages is not … Continued

Windows Operating System Alert Scam

Windows Operating System Alert is another attempt at scamming people out of their money by scaring them into calling fake tech support. The scammer behind Windows Operating System Alert seeks to steal private data, steal money, do whatever it takes to profit. Adware, malicious email spam, shady links in social media can lead to scam … Continued

Windows Product Key Failure Virus

Windows Product Key Failure Virus is a pop-up scam that you can bump into while browsing the Internet. Without any delay we would like to announce that the message displayed by this new-tab advertisement is completely false and you should not follow any orders mentioned there. Instead of that – take care of the security … Continued

Windows Security has been Compromised

“Windows Security has been Compromised” pop-up message is nothing more than a technical support scam. If you were browsing the Internet and found yourself looking at this message – don’t be scared, there are no problems with your Windows operating system. It’s just a cheap trick to scare users and force them into buying services … Continued

Windows Support Alert

Windows Support Alert might hit you out of nowhere, right on a new window or tab of your web browser. This sudden notification might seem scary, but we are here to calm you down – it’s nothing more than a scam and you should completely ignore it unless you are experiencing this notification constantly. In … Continued

“Windows Warning Alert” Scam

Windows Warning Alert is a page that’s meant to convince the visitor (falsely) that their computer is infected with serious malware and requires urgent actions (the phone number 1-833-262-3836 is highlighted). In fact, this warning is a scam created to sell people fake PC protection. While this warning is crafted for Windows PCs, it’s displayed … Continued

“Windows was blocked due to questionable activity”

“Windows was blocked due to questionable activity” pop-ups are a phishing scam. These webpages ask for credentials and urge users to contact a “Technician Support Team” just like all the other tech support scams do. The “Windows was blocked due to questionable activity” pop-ups show up as a fake Microsoft website. It uses the Windows … Continued Fake Scan

The website is a fake antivirus scanner that promotes potentially unwanted programs by scaring people with fake security warnings. Seeing might indicate the presence of adware programs on your computer, but the scan results displayed by are simply fake, and the programs that promotes should be avoided. presents visitors with … Continued Ads is a fake news site that hosts made-up stories of celebrities endorsing a get-rich-quick scam. Ads for it appear unexpectedly and avoiding them is a real chore. It is extremely important to recognize the fake and malicious articles on because it promotes real, dangerous, harmful scams by con artists. About Type of … Continued

“Would Like To Use Your Computing Power” scam

Would Like To Use Your Computing Power scam presents a deceptive message, recommending you to allow an unknown third-party to use your processor for calculations. If you do not understand this proposition, users are being offered to incorporate a crypto-miner into their browsers. Users are offered to start using CoinHive Miner which we have discussed … Continued

Yahoo Customer Reward Program Scam

Yahoo Customer Reward Program is a misleading message that you might come around to while browsing the Internet.  It is not only misleading but also trying to steal money from regular users. This is the reason why “Yahoo Customer Reward Program” pop-up is categorized as a scam. First of all, we should mention that Yahoo … Continued

“You may be our next lucky winner!” Scam

“Congratulations! You may be our next lucky winner!” is a scam that leads to a scam. Don’t fall for it. If “You may be our next lucky winner!” pops up on your screen, just close the browser tab. “You may be our next lucky winner!” is an intersection of multiple scams and, if it’s successful, … Continued

‘You’ve made the 5-billionth search’ Scam

‘You’ve made the 5-billionth search’ is a scam that has been terrorizing users since 2018, but is more active than ever. It convinces victims that they’ve won an iPhone, a TV, or another valuable item for surfing the web, it then requests personal details like name, address, email, and even credit card number. The 5-billionth … Continued

“Your account was hacked!” Scam Emails

Emails that start with “Your account was hacked!”, “This account was infected!”, and similar calls are sent by scammers who pretend to have hacked people’s computers. The scammers do this in hopes of tricking people into paying them money. You’re not in danger and your computer is not infected, but you may need to change … Continued

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