Antivirus is a fake security program which is designed to start its activities once after being installed. Just like Defense Center or Protection Center, this program automatically scans the computer for viruses each time Windows are logged in. It must be added that before imitating doing this, Antivirus creates fake files in the system and … Continued

Antivirus 360

Antivirus 360 is a  rogue anti-spyware program – a fake spyware remover, which tries to trick the user into purchasing it’s “licensed version” by intimidating him with fake threats. The name “Antivirus 360” is obviously an attempt to look similar to Norton 360, which is a known and respected all-in-one security tool by Symantec. Antivirus … Continued

Antivirus Action

Antivirus Action is a dangerous computer program, one of rogue anti-spywares that are incapable to remove any kind of virus and seek only to steal computer users’ money.  This scam may look as a useful security application in the beginning but in reality it’s worth nothing. If left inside the system, it will negatively affect … Continued

Antivirus GT

Antivirus GT is a rogue antispyware program that is distributed to computers through Win32/FakeXPA Trojan virus. Once computer is infected, Antivirus GT completely takes over the system. You start receiving tons of fake pop up messages stating about some malicious files detected that may cause security issues to your system. Despite the fact that you … Continued

Antivirus Pro

Antivirus Pro is the application that can be described with one word – ‘dangerous’. Moreover, it is categorized as rogue anti-spyware, so it will be closely connected to Trojans that get through security vulnerabilities found without any permission asked. The first thing that should make you think that something is wrong is continuous alerts and … Continued

Antivirus Pro 2017

Antivirus Pro 2017 is a rogue antivirus program that belongs to Braviax/FakeRean family of infections. Once inside, the program modifies your Windows Registry and imitates functions of a regular antivirus program. Unfortunately, it is not able to detect any infections and it is not the best solution for any security related issues. The program only … Continued

Antivirus Security Pro

Antivirus Security Pro is a rogue antivirus program that seeks to to get money from users who have no experience  with such scams. The program is a member of one of the largest rogue families – WinWebSec. It imitates being a legitimate security application while actually it has no useful functions at all.  As it … Continued

Antivirus Soft

In the beginning, Antivirus Soft looks like a perfectly normal and legitimate anti-spyware. Note: don’t fall into its professionally created looks because just after being installed into the system it reveals to be just a new variant of Antivirus Live. Hailing from this nasty rogue, Antivirus Soft should be called just the upgraded version which … Continued


AnVi (another name of Antivirus) is a malicious program which has the main objective – to trick people into installing its license. It looks quite similarly to legitimate Nod32 antivirus, so many people may get caught easily by this scam. AnVi, or Antivirus, stays undetected while infecting targeted system because of the use of Trojans. … Continued

AP Manager

AP Manager is a malware that tends to apply deceptive tactics on computer users. AP Manager is known to belong for the category of rogue anti-spywares that seek to get victims into paying the fine for the copyrighted material which is foolishly detected on thier PCs. If ignored, software completely hijacks the desktop with scary … Continued

AV 7

AV7 (also called as AV 7) is a typical rogue anti-spyware which helps to accomplish commercial goals for its creators. AV 7 is a direct copy of Antivirus 7 also developed for the same malicious reasons, so it similarly reports numerous threats detected after scanning the system. Before you take its reported information serious and … Continued

AV Center

AV Center is a fake security application which applies aggressive methods trying to swindle the money from PC users. Just like many other rogue anti-spywares, AVCenter can be described as sneaky, deceptive and dangerous application which will affect system functionality and privacy issues after getting on board. It is done through associated trojans, spam emails … Continued

AV Checker

AV Checker is a malicious program known to steal Windows Explorer’s graphical user interface to make trustful PC users scared about the state of their machines and later swindle their money. Looking like completely trustworthy Windows Explorer, additionally AV Checker suggests for its victims to use Hard Drive Antivirus Scanner. This scanner only imitates scanning … Continued


Beware of AV-Clean application. It’s a fake security tool designed with only one goal on the mind – to gain money from less experienced computer users. AV-Clean spreads over the Internet and employs Trojan viruses to enter into target system. The program uses fabricated scanners after each computer reboot. It pretends to perform system scan … Continued

AV Defender

AV Defender should be treated as rogue anti-spyware but never as legitimate application. Not everybody knows that this program must be removed from the system once detected because it may cause various problems connected with PC’s functionality. Once AVDefender is installed into the system, it starts interrupting into the casual browsing of a user: tons … Continued

AV Defender Professional

AV Defender Professional is a rogue antivirus program that pretends to scan your computer and detect infections so it could convince you into purchasing its full version and make money. Beware that it’s a fake application that has no ability to detect or remove any kinds of threats. It was designed by cyber criminals only … Continued

AV Guard Online

AV Guard Online is a misleading program which will present itself as anti-virus program and later will start asking you to pay of its license. No matter how trustworthy it looks, keep in mind that this scam relies on Trojans when it comes an infiltration moment and you can easily get it on your machine … Continued

AV Protection 2011

AV Protection 2011 is a dangerous rogue anti-spyware that pretends to be legitimate tool important for computer’s security. Most of the users fall into thinking that it is a truly good way to protect their computers against viruses and pay for its faked licensed version. However, purchasing ‘licensed’, ‘full’ or whatever it is called AV … Continued

AV Protection Online

AV Protection Online is a clearly malicious application that will start ruining your computer as soon as it manages to get inside. It has been found to hail from the same family as Cloud Protection malware, so it can be clearly categorized as rogue anti-spyware application where all members from this category act almost identically. … Continued

AV Security 2012

Another fake antivirus program has been recently released by cyber criminals in order to rip off random computer users. The application secretly gets inside the system under the name of AV Security 2012. Once inside the application changes some settings in your Windows Registry and then the program starts fulfilling its malicious plan. AV Security … Continued

AV Security Essentials

AV Security Essentials is a dangerous cyber threat, rogue anti-spyware, that uses basically the same methods as its forerunners Smart Anti-Malware Protection, Malware Protection Center and other ones. According to this malware, it is a perfect solution to protect your computer, files and data on it. However, in reality it’s useless and should never be … Continued

AV Security Suite

AV Security Suite is a fake antivirus which was invented by “famous” Antivirus Live family. AVSecuritySuite simply follows its earlier released copies called Antivirus Soft and Antispyware Soft, so you should already know its tactics and targeted goals. Typically, AVSecuritySuite gets on board through dishonest methods and then attempts to gain the purchases of its … Continued


AVCare, also known as AntivirusCare, is a rogue anti-spyware program, it functions much the same as every other rogue. It usually infects the system by using trojans, such as Vundo, but has also been known to be manually downloaded and installed after seeing a simulated online scan on a website that pimps AVCare. This parasite … Continued

AVG Antivirus 2011 (Fake)

AVG Antivirus 2011 (Fake) is a sneaky application which has stolen this name from one completely legitimate anti-virus solution also called AVG Antivirus and Security software. At this point we should warn you that if you need this application, download it only from official AVG website If program called AVG Antivirus 2011 starts appearing … Continued

Badware Exterminator

Badware Exterminator is a fake antispyware application. Victims of this malware are usually those people who are looking for some computer security assistance. BadwareExterminator usually spreads through quite many websites that were created for this purpose, for instance,, and some others. If you visit one of such websites, you will be offered to … Continued

Best Antivirus Software

Best Antivirus Software is a rogue antispyware that is useless in virus detection and removal. Though it may look like legitimate program, in reality there is a huge difference between it and regular antivirus applications. After taking a closer look at its GUI, it can be clearly said that Best Antivirus Software belongs to the … Continued

Best Virus Protection

Best Virus Protection is a nasty piece of malware that hails from a dangerous family of rogue anti-spywares. Known for releasing such threats as Antimalware PC Safety, AV security Essentials and others, scammers seek to swindle the money from trustful PC users. In the beginning, they make victims believe that there are numerous viruses on … Continued


BlockDefense is a fake anti-spyware solution that fits nicely into the SaveDefense and TrustNinja family of weirdly-named rogues. Sneaking into systems by using trojans and system vulnerabilities, BlockDefense will start bombing the user’s PC with lots of alerts and popups, claiming that his PC is infected with parasites or is under attack by hackers. This … Continued


Braviax is a family of rogue anti-malware programs that was first discovered in early 2008. They have released many versions of , but some of their behavior doesn’t change: the malicious files are added to the registry as an auto-start process and they load on system startup. Braviax programs also achieve persistence by editing system settings. At … Continued


ByeClean is not a good solution if you want to make your computer protected and also release it from viruses’. Bye Clean is only capable to perform other actions that are to trick you into believing that your machine is infected and that you urgently need to spend your money on its “full” variant. This … Continued

ByteDefender Security 2010

ByteDefender Security 2010 is not a legitimate application which needs to be registered for making your PC clean! It is a malware foolishly distributed by ByteDefender which only tries to convince you that your computer is infected and you need to spend your money on it. You may have heard about BitDefender which is a … Continued


CCenter (sometimes called Control Center) is a counterfeit antispyware program. It reaches the system with a help of Trojans that spread through fake on-line scanners or when it happens to download infected files from insecure web sources. CCenter malware is known to modify Windows registry, creates fake random files and affects all processes that run … Continued


CleanPCTool is related to a number of rogue anti-spyware programs, including PCPrivacyTool and YourPrivacyGuard among its clones. They all have the same website with the different name, and are all hosted at in UK. According to its creators and user testimonials, CleanPCTool number-one anti-spyware program, designed to protect your privacy, clean up your disks … Continued


CleanScan is a rogue anti-spyware which was foolishly designed in Korean language to increase the income for scammers. By tricking people into paying for its registered version, Clean Scan promises to fix all the problems related with malware. However, in reality, these capabilities are invented and the only result which you will get will be … Continued


Clean This is a dangerous cyber threat which should be never trusted because it tries only to rip people off. It hails from the same family of rogues’ as ThinkPoint virus which is known as one of the most annoying malwares.  When this malware is on board, it starts displaying its misleading alerts and scanners … Continued

CleanUp Antivirus

CleanUp Antivirus is a totally fake security program which was created only to rip PC users off. Clean Up Antivirus imitates the actions of a normal anti-spyware and includes system scanners, security notifications and alerts to convince victims even more. Keep in mind that these messages announce only invented threats, so they shouldn’t be taken … Continued

Clearway Shield

Clearway Shield is a rogue anti-spyware program, which costs $25 (not Monopoly money either), and gives nothing in return. Like most other rogues, Clearway Shield typically uses trojans to enter the system, and relies on misleading advertising to trick users into purchasing it’s so-called “licensed version”. Once installed on the system, Clearway Shield displays popups … Continued

Cloud AV 2012

Cloud AV 2012 is a fake antivirus program from the same family as AV Protection 2011 and Open Cloud Antivirus. The rogue is distributed through infected websites, spam emails or faked “free” applications. After execution, the trojan downloader will install Cloud AV 2012 and it will start causing havoc on your PC. The first signs … Continued

Cloud Protection

Cloud Protection is dangerous malware which will do its best in trying to make users believe that they have been infected. To be more precise, it can be predicted to report various Trojans, worms and other malware detected and then will offer to purchase its license. As you can clearly see, Cloud Protection simply tries … Continued

Computer Defender 2009

Computer Defender 2009 is a new deceptive anti-virus program which uses old malicious methods to get into the computer system and make the unsuspecting computer user pay his money for the commercial version of this program. ComputerDefender2009, just like its initials SmartDefender PRO or AV Antispyware, successfully makes people believe that their PCs are heavily … Continued


Although ContraVirus (ContraVirus Pro, ContraVirus v2.0) has been released a few years ago (04-10-2005) it is considered to be one of the most technologically advanced fake spyware removal tools. It is one of the multitudes of rogue anti-spyware parasites that you can be infected with while browsing the internet. Usually, this threat gets installed to … Continued

Control Center

Control Center is a new rogue program, which pretends to be an all-in-one security application and system optimization tool. The reality, however, is much sadder than that, and it would not be an overstatement to say, that Control Center is basically money for nothing. Control Center uses downloader trojans and drive-by downloads to enter the … Continued

Control Components

Control Components (also known as ControlComponents) is nothing else but the program which tries to convince people that it functions just like any other legitimate anti-spyware. However, Control Components is a typical malware, so don’t take its suggestions to get “paid” version serious. Just like earlier released Privacy Center and Control Manager, Control Components will … Continued

Control Manager

If you like getting never ending pop up ads with invented security information, then you should definitely install Control Manager. ControlManager is a maliciously created rogue anti-spyware which, just like its relatives Privacy Center and Control Center, declares to be the program which you need. However, Control Manager is a typical rogue anti-spyware that you … Continued

CoreGuard Antivirus 2009

CoreGuard Antivirus 2009 (or CoreGuard Antivirus) is a rogue anti-spyware application. Basically, this rogue acts like a typical fake spyware remover, but it also uses quite new misleading methods. Once installed, CoreGuard Antivirus 2009 inspects Windows registry key and creates a list of antivirus and anti-spyware applications that are already installed on your computer. The … Continued

Cyber Security

Cyber Security is a rogue anti-spyware program and appears to be a clone of the highly popular System Security and Total Security. This parasite usually spreads by using browser hijackers to redirect the user to websites hosting fake online system scans and thus tricking him into downloading the program. While this method is by fat … Continued

Cyber Sitter

Cyber Sitter (aka CyberSitter version 10.0) is yet another rogue program. CyberSitter employs trojans to infiltrate computers without user’s permission. It reports nonexistent threats in order to gain a purchase. The worst thing about this malware is its fake scanner. Cyber Sitter warns people about malicious files and then urges them to buy a full … Continued

Data Doctor 2010

DataDoctor 2010 (or Data Doctor 2010) is a just one more rogue anti-spyware application which is distributed on the Internet as a reputable PC optimization tool. PC users are usually tricked by its fake pop-up ads that recommend installing DataDoctor2010 for absolutely free. However, after some time victims recognize that this program classically loads fake … Continued

Data Protection

Data Protection is another rogue antispyware program that belongs to the same family of rogue programs as Digital Protection, Your Protection or User Protection. The application enters the system without a slightest notification to its user. It typically uses Trojan viruses for infiltration purposes. As soon as Data Protection gets access to the targeted system, … Continued


DeadEye is a cyber threat foolishly presented to be designed for increasing computer’s performance. Dead Eye is mostly found with jre.exe executable file which is normally used for running Java Runtime Environment. However, in this situation jre.exe may attempt to download malware from its server which in the future will try only to rip you … Continued

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