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Antivirus 360

Antivirus 360 is a  rogue anti-spyware program – a fake spyware remover, which tries to trick the user into purchasing it’s “licensed version” by intimidating him with fake threats. The name “Antivirus 360” is obviously an attempt to look similar to Norton 360, which is a known and respected all-in-one security tool by Symantec. Antivirus 360 typically makes it’s way into the user’s system by using the infamous trojan Zlob or by manual download. It goes under several names, including Antivirus360, and antivirus 360 protection as well.

Once inside, Antivirus 360 will try to intimidate the user by flooding him with popups and fake system notifications, which present him with a false message of infection. The parasite will try to reassure this claim by providing falsified system scan reports, which mark such files as explorer.exe and alg.exe as serious threats. After scaring the user, Antivirus 360 will prompt him to pay for the full version, which would supposedly remove the threats from the system. The only problem is that it doesn’t work at all.

You would be surprised that such rogue anti-malware applications were introduced to Internet users all the way back in 2008. We are sure that at that time, people were not aware about the dangers that might come from such applications being inside their devices. One of the most noticeable features is that such applications manage to run in the background and initiate security scans when it sees fit. The most common outcome of such scanning is going to be that applications like Antivirus 360 is going to strongly advise you to purchase a full version of their software. This is indicated as the only solution to the problems that are detected. This trickery surely can confuse some people and make them question their device’s state.

If you ever feel puzzled, utilize tools that have a good reputation among security researchers and the users themselves. Make sure that negative feedback is not overflowing and that your selected app is not going to take you for a fool. We always try to keep an eye out for such applications and inform users about the ones that are going to do more harm than good. Especially since in 2016 every new day begins with new infections that are threatening to bother unsuspecting users. We attempt to stand in the way of this injustice and keep you updated with the most recent rogue anti-virus applications.

Antivirus 360 is a scam and should be treated as such. Never pay for this scam software and remove it from your PC as soon as possible. You should block related sites using hosts files as well:

Automatic Malware removal tools

Download Spyhunter for Malware detection

Note: Spyhunter trial provides detection of parasites and assists in their removal for free. limited trial available, Terms of use, Privacy Policy, Uninstall Instructions,

Download Combo Cleaner for Malware detection

Note: Combo Cleaner trial provides detection of parasites and assists in their removal for free. limited trial available, Terms of use, Privacy Policy, Uninstall Instructions, Refund Policy ,

Manual removal

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  1. We were sucked in to buying antivirus 360 on our laptop, and now cannot access any other anti virus sites to remove it. Help!!

  2. Antivirus 360 had already destroyed much of my very useful Data.I hate this thing and my antivirus Kaspersky 8 isn’t working now.Please help.

  3. hey everybody, just got rid of antivirus 360. it took A LOT. i’d like to emphasize that fact. helped me a lot, but you have to manually go into your regedit and then find the entries that av360 added. and btw, antivirus 360 is a virus/trojan disguised as an antivirus software.

    so, in order:

    0. download malwarebytes malware remover, spybot search and destroy, and security task manager. these are all available for free download from

    as soon as the downloads finish:

    1. disconnect from the internet, make sure you have no wireless turned on as well to isolate it. start the task manager (ctrl alt del) and sort by name. end the process of antivirus 360 and/or av360.

    2. go open on another computer and search for antivirus 360. open up that page. (if you don’t have another computer to do this on, open this page up before you disconnect from the internet)

    3. delete all the files that it says to on bleeping computer. these include the .lnk files and “shortcuts” on the desktop as well as everything related to av360 and antivirus 360 in the start menu.

    4. after you’ve deleted all of those, go into the registry. this will require you to go to run -> regedit.

    5. when you’ve deleted all the registry keys they say to on, install spybot search and destroy and the malwarebytes. as soon as they are installed, update both of them with all the updates possible. spybot should be at least 1.6 now.

    6. after all the updates finish, run spybot search and destroy. while that is running, run malwarebytes. just start with a quick scan. these will both take around 15-30 min (spybot may take up to an hour depending on how much data you’ve got. spybot took me around 25 min and i’m working with about 160 gb for a benchmark)

    7. they will both find stuff guaranteed. probably a lot of virtumonde stuff, s&d will come up with plenty of tracking cookies, don’t worry about those. as soon as spybot finishes, click the “fix all problems” button at the top of the window. do the same with malwarebytes. when youve fixed all the problems in both, malwarebytes will ask you to return to the main menu and it may also ask to restart your computer. don’t restart until spybot has finished.

    8. once everthing in both has finished and you’ve fixed all the problems, restart your computer. once it’s booted up again, run spybot. after that’s started, open up malwarebytes. this time though, we’re going to run a full system scan.

    9. while this is going on, remember the security task manager that you downloaded? go to that and install it. it’s essentially a task manager (what comes up when you do ctrl+alt+del) that doesn’t suck horribly. after this is installed, run it. it’ll open up and not do anything for a bit. it’s finding everything on your system that is trusted and then finding everything that is running. it will then arrange them in order of what it thinks is most dangerous to least dangerous. just because it’s got a high rating doesn’t mean it’s bad. in fact, they gave my keyboard a rating of 100 lol

    10. anyway, what you need to do is sort the list by type and then scroll until you are looking at the internet processes. there will probably be around 10 of them. look through them for ones with a bunch of random letters with a danger rating around 60 or so. they will be a bunch of random letters.dll or .exe in the bottom pane, on the left it will say manufacturer, description, etc. under description it will say browser extension or browser helper object. type will say internet, hidden. under start it should say when internet explorer starts. a lot of the stuff in the window on the right side of the bottom pane will be vague and non-specific. these traits should all be associated with the random letter, internet, dlls. remove all processes with these traits. it will place them in a quarantine folder. select any option to completely delete them.

    11. after you kill these hidden processes, go to your recycling bin and empty it.

    12. restart your computer and then run spybot and run malwarebytes full scan one more time. when they finish, fix any problems and run it til they both come up clean twice in a row. restart once more and then you should be good.

    plug in your internet and open internet explorer. go to google and see if anything comes up with antivirus 360 in it. like a big yellow box saying “google tip: blah blah blah antivirus 360 blah blah blah” if it doesn’t come up you have successfuly gotten rid of it. if not, you’ve got more work to do, including uninstalling and reinstalling internet explorer. unfortunately, if you’ve been getting automatic updates, you’ve gotten service pack 3, which means that you cannot uninstall internet explorer. THEREFORE, you have to uninstall service pack 3. this entails:

    control panel-> add or remove programs. after the list populates, select the box that says include udpates at the top of the window. scroll down to service pack 3 and click remove. uninstall it. it will guide you through what to do. you’ll have to restart your computer again. when it is rebooted, uninstall internet explorer in the same way as we did with service pack 3. reinstall internet explorer and go to google to see if it worked. if it did, connect to the internet and reinstall service pack 3.

    if this did not work however, go back to step 1 and see if everything here has been completed. if so, the culprit is probably those random letter dlls in the security task manager.

    this will kill it completely. there’s also something like virus protector 2008 or something along those lines. i believe this downloads along with av360. this has been a particularly difficult virus to remove, so if you get it out, kudos!

    make sure you’re virus definitions are up to date as well as any other security programs you have. you can accomplish this by looking down in the bottom right corner by the clock and right click on your antivirus and any other security programs and select the update option. you’ll have to have your internet plugged in again. this about does it. UPDATE ALWAYS!! turn automatic updates from microsoft on as well

    good luck everyone


  4. i have ordered antivirus360 and paid for it on credit and i do not have it on my computer. I am trying to get my money back

  5. Hello;

    Cannot find files to delete for Antivirus 360 on
    Can U help here?



  7. when it was on my computer I hit the start button and then to search and into files and folders in my computer I typed av360 and the info popped up including the folder to successfully unload it from my computer…good luck

  8. please help me get this antivirus 360m off my laptop it got through my free avg security n can not get rid off it please help

  9. please help me get this antivirus 360 off my computer it got through my free avg security and can not get rid off it please kindly help me.

  10. 2/21/09
    I was able to successfully remove AV 360 without purchasing additional software.

    1. Perform Manual Antivirus 360 removal.
    2. Download and run Windows Defender (Free). This will locate and remove the hidden trojan virus.
    (You may be able to download and run Windows Defender to remove the av 360, antivirus 360, or abrv. I did not test because I had already performed the manual removal process).

  11. please help me!!!!!!!! i downloaded av360 and i didnt iven know it was a virus ( yeah that was stupid) anyways i need help to do get rid of it !!!!!!!!!! :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

  12. I recently purchased a computer on Ebay from wireless-g. It came loaded with Micro. office & this wonderful free antivirus progtam AVG 360 of AVG Technologies USA Inc. 1901 Summit Tower Blvd. Suite 359, Orlando, FL. 32810. This virus broke out and has locked my compter up blasting me with phony scans detecting many viruses it was supposed to be protecting me from. I will be in touch with Attorney General’s office in Florida & Iowa. Iowa won’t play. I suggest you all do the same! These folks have to go to jail! End of Story!!!

  13. I had to reinstall windows on my computer. that stuff was scary. all my files got deleted. Screw you Antivirus 360

  14. Message says “Internet Explorer Warning – visiting this web site may harm your computer!

    Most likely causes:
    The website contains exploits that can launch a malicious code on your computer
    Suspicious network activity detected
    There might be an active spyware running on your computer

    What you can try:

    Activate Antivirus 360 for secure Internet surfing (Recommended).

    Check your computer for viruses and malware.

    More information”
    Use A

  15. ….Use Antispyware that is not fake.
    Adware/Malware needs to be destroyed too!!!

  16. I booted to safe mode. deleated the folder (av360) and the file. Did a clean up with CCleaner etc. seemed to work for a few weeks. Grand kids did something and it’s back. I’ve deleted it again but would like to know where it might be coming into the PC


  17. @WhyMeLoord There is much more in the system that av360 folder. Usually Antivirus 360 comes with a bunch of trojans that reinstall that scam right away after folder deletion.
    You should delete all the files or use automatic scanner.

  18. I wanted to know how it was spread. I think via email… My mother got the virus had to get new hardrive. Her boyfriend has the virus they talk over email he never got rid of it now after a few emails antivirus popups have started again. So if any knows if it is through email let me know

  19. Usually it is not emails but various infected sites. Most email providers scan mails received… so chances are poor for virus distributors. But websites, torrents or shareware is different matter.

  20. ok my copm got infected w/ this awile ago and i totally screwed it up while trying to fix it so i’ve decided to just wipe my computer and install windows vista(i have windows xp)
    i want to know if my copmuter will get infected again if i connect my ipod to it after having it connected and synced while infected with antivirus 360
    i dont want to accidentally reinfect my copmuter!! please help!

  21. I though fist I was infected with antivirus 360. Many sites like or were bocked with messages about antivirus 360. I’m never detected this fake program with AVG antivirus or Ad-Aware. After lost 3 days to found a solutions, I’m finally founded and removed 183 malicious files, variant from antivirus 360, like antiviruspro, antivirus1998 and many trojans.
    Spyware Doctor free edition make a very good job.
    Thank You.

  22. Ive been infected with this A360 virus also, y cant google take it off?? or are the messages comming from with in my computer themselves??
    Has anyone actually got rid of it, with out wiping out there whole computer??? Andrew wrote a very long list of direction on dealing with it, but i am curious as to if anyone has had any success with it!? please and thank you….

  23. I was infected by this but I thougth it was true. So I went in and purchased the Antivirus 360. I have been trying to look for the icon to scan virus again since I have the message from Norton antivirus 360. I thought it was the same and was upset why I had paid and now they ask me to pay again. I search fro the Antivirus 360 to ask and now found out it is fake. I am worry now because they have my credit card number. I have a screen shot of this website. Who should I report this? Would anyone know? Would you recommend me to reformat my hard drive?

  24. I actually work for Norton as a “consultant” if someone has a virus on their computer. I’m actually a little peeved that the confickr worm got all the news coverage and most people have not heard of this in any of its many forms. Most of my calls are about this virus. If you have any antivirus software and update it as soon as updates come out, the chances of getting this virus are smaller, but every week I hear of at least two new names for it. The best thing to do is to reformat, but be selective about what you save, and also if you are afraid to go into the registries, Norton and other companies actually have a virus removal department that you can use even if you don’t own the software. A tech actually remotes in and does it for you. At norton it’s 100 bucks, I don’t know about others. But it’s a lot cheaper than going to geek squad for 200 or more. I do wish there would be more news coverage about this one though, especially because it is taking people’s money and identity in some cases.

  25. please help!!!!!!!!!!!! I purchased this software for two different computers in my home. First of all how do I get my money back. and should i take my pc in to be repaired, as i dont know much about computers to try and fix it my self. If I purchase the real norton will it take this 360 off of my computer?

  26. OMG! IDK But this crap popped in my computer after I downloaded something in the net. I remember it from my past computer and quickly went buzzerk thinking my comp was going to go mad. It happened 3 days ago, Well I quickly went to task manager to end it but it kept blocking it. And it Hijacked my Internet explorer to make me think that I have a virus. This shit actually PUTS viruses in your comp!!! Omg…. I cant use IE and now I cant even play Worldofwarcraft because of this crap. After I restarted comp it didnt pop again. But I still have the problems that it gave me. I think its hidden somewhere… SOMEONE HELP!

  27. OK! I got spyware doctor in this exact site. The little sneaky Antivirus Service PRO (The name it kept popping up as in my computer) Hid itself after my first restart in some hidden files. It found it and am at the verge of removing it. I hope after that my programs still work and nothing was un-repairable :/ specially my personal info and WoW account better not have gotten keylogged.

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