Defender PRO 2015

Defender PRO 2015 is a rogue antivirus program that imitates system scan and tries to convince users into purchasing its full version. It’s a bogus security application that is not able to detect or remove any real infections and it only tries to rip computer users off. The program displays deceptive alerts, run a fake … Continued is a new annoying browser hijacker that seems to have been created by the same hackers who have invented Antispyware Soft. Antispyware Soft is a typical rogue anti-spyware which all the time after its fake system scan says that hundreds of malwares are detected. This rogueware is invented for the commercial goals only, so … Continued

Defense Center

Defense Center is a rogue anti-spyware, typical clone of many other malwares – Protection Center, Data Protection, Digital Protection, Your Protection, User Protection and Dr.Guard. Just like its initials, DefenseCenter spreads itself through Trojans viruses that infiltrate one’s machine via fake video codecs required for watching videos online. Users are mostly convinced that they need … Continued

Desktop Defender 2010

Desktop Defender 2010 is a fake and malicious anti-spyware program, which requires the help of reputable security software to remove. This rogue performs fake system scans and “informs” the user of a great number of infections on the system. This misleading information comes in other forms as well, such as popups and fake system notifications, … Continued

Desktop Security 2010

Desktop Security 2010 is one of those “professional” anti-spywares aiming to fool PC users into purchasing them. Other examples that can be marked out are Security Tool and Antivirus Live applications. DesktopSecurity2010 usually surprises PC users by its appearance because it comes unnoticeably with a help of Trojans. When inside, it starts struggling for convincing … Continued

Disk Antivirus Professional

Disk Antivirus Professional is a rogue antivirus program from WinWebSec family. It replaces System Progressive Protection and closely resembles other similar parasites. The program uses a fake scanner and imitates looking for infections on your computer while in fact it cannot detect anything. The rogue seeks to make you believe that your system contains a … Continued

Disk Doctor

Disk Doctor is a name used by many services, apps, and programs. A few of those are malicious or potentially unwanted. Such as the obscure fake optimizer called Disk Doctor and the Disk Doctor Pro by FIPLAB. In this post, we’ll discuss these apps, what problems they might cause and how to remove them. However, … Continued

Disk OK

Disk OK is a fake computer optimization program that displays fake information in order frighten computer user and make him purchase Disk OK as a reputable program. The application infiltrates through Trojan viruses and since then is configured to start when computer reboots. Disk OK causes tons of fake security notifications which basically reports about … Continued

Dream Scan Soft

Dream Scan Soft is a rogue antivirus program that can be installed to computers without users’ consent. It employs Trojan viruses to make the infiltration completely secret. Once inside, the program tries to convince you that your system is infected and make you purchase a full version of Dream Scan Soft claiming that it can … Continued

Easy Error

Easy Error is a fake registry cleaner, and as such it is no different than any other registry cleaner. What is different about Easy Error, however, is the way it works. This parasite enters the system by using the Zlob trojan and it occasionally travels by spam-mail. Easy Error relies on misleading advertising to sell … Continued


EasySpywareCleaner is a rogue anti-spyware program that is downloaded and installed by trojans or through browser security flaws. As soon as EasySpywareCleaner gets on your system, it will display fake system notifications and generate false security reports – it’s all just a show to trick the user into purchasing the full version of EasySpywareCleaner, which … Continued

Eco Antivirus

Eco Antivirus, also called as Eco Antivirus 2010, is a revamped version of the notorious Green AV, which was tremendously popular a few months back. Just like it’s predecessor, Eco Antivirus shares the premise of being an eco-friendly anti-virus program, which reduces energy emission by making the system more efficient. Eco Antivirus is already popular, … Continued

Enhanced Protection Mode scam

We must warn you about Enhanced Protection Mode scam which was noticed to be actively working in the end of July under ESET Smart Security Enhanced Protection Mode, Avast Enhanced Protection Mode, Norton AntiVirus Enhanced Protection Mode and other names. To be more precise, it’s a Trojan.FakeAV.LVT which leads computer into total damage just after … Continued

Enterprise Suite

Enterprise Suite is a fake security program and a clone of Windows Enterprise Suite, Windows Enterprise Defender and other rogue antispywares that belong to the Virus Doctor family. Because it hails from the same group of parasites, you shouldn’t expect anything new from Enterprise Suite. This parasite merely mimics its predecessors and seeks to convince … Continued

Error Doctor 2009

Error Doctor 2009 is a result of recent trend in rogue applications development – launching fake products with year’s in their name. It looks like this looks more professional for unsuspecting victims. We had Error Doctor couple years back, in 2007. The trojans got meaner, though the general tactics is still the same. Error Doctor … Continued

Error Repair Tool

Error Repair Tool is yet another fake registry cleaner. This category of programs has become so notorious for being fake, that it’s no longer clear how people fall for it. Error Repair Tool uses trojans, such as Zlob or Vundo, to enter the system and it relies on misleading advertising to trick the user into … Continued

ErrorRepair Tool

ErrorRepair Tool is rogue system optimization tool. It claims to be able to perform many useful functions. It offers files backup, spyware scan, registry repair, browsing history cleaning and similar utilities that are needed on every computer. However, when someone downloads ErrorRepairTool, she/he finds out that the software is absolutely nonfunctional and difficult to delete. … Continued


ErrorSmart is dangerous malware and a part of scam. It doesn’t infect computers on its own; instead it uses misleading advertising online to attract victims. Error Smart must be installed manually, this fact helps the application to appear legitimate even when it’s not. Once ErrorSmart gets on a computer it urges people to buy a … Continued


ErrorSweeper is a rogue anti-spyware program released January 7, 2008. This program is a clone of RegClean – another scam released January 7. It is, to be more precise, a rogue performance optimizer – something that removes corrupt files, registry errors etc. In reality, of course, it is a simple scam. ErrorSweeper uses falsified scan … Continued


EzPrivacy is a fake Korean anti-spyware which after imitated PC scanning actions promises for the user to remove all the cyber threats. However, these threats are invented system files and mostly reported to push people straight away into purchasing the scam. EzPrivacy in Korean language declares that its trial version, which found all these numerous … Continued

Facebook Antivirus

Facebook Antivirus (also called as f Antivirus Beta) is fake security software which has been actively promoted on Facebook these days. Do NOT install Facebook antivirus because it reports only invented problems related with your security or privacy. Besides, do NOT mix it with Panda Cloud Antivirus because scammers have clearly ripped graphical user interface … Continued


Fake.Advance (also called as FakeAdvance or Fake Advance) is one of rogue anti-spywares that you will find to be aggressively trying to get you out of your money. Once inside the system, Fake Advance will typically start displaying fabricated popup alerts or showing you fake system scanners. These messages will tell nothing else but misleading … Continued

Fake Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool

Fake Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool is a trickily designed application which needs to be removed from every PC once it starts pop-upping out of nowhere. Though it looks as a completely legitimate program from Microsoft, in reality it tries to trick users into purchasing its “recommended” anti-virus. The application from Microsoft is reliable … Continued

Fix Tool

Fix Tool is a new registry cleaner, and like pretty much any registry cleaner out there, it is also a complete scam. Fix Tool is actually a fake registry cleaner, which depends on misleading advertising to make sales. This parasite usually enters the system by using the infamous Zlob trojan, which hides behind the inconspicuous … Continued

Galileo System Cleaner

Galileo System Cleaner is an year old parasite that resurfaced on september 2012. It is installed using exploits usually. You might miss the exact installation because infected websites do not need any confirmation to get malware like Galileo System Cleaner on your PC as long as your browser and Java are not patched. Once your … Continued

Ghost Antivirus

Ghost Antivirus is a scam application, coming from the FakeXPA family of security rogueware. It is similar to Internet Antivirus Pro, which caused lots of infections back in 2009. We want to make it clear that here we address the fake version of the legitimate antivirus utility of the same name, which is developed by … Continued

Great AntiSpy 2012

Great AntiSpy 2012 is fresh rogue parasite that marks return of malware makers from summer holydays. This rogue displays disturbing error messages and show fake scan results to convince you that you should pay for its full versions. The items detected during the scan will not exist on the disk and the parasites supposedly infected … Continued


GreatDefender is a rogue anti-spyware application, fake spyware remove tool that has only one goal – to rip people off. If you have seen at least couple of  rogue programs from the WiniSoft family then you will easily recognize that this one is just a rename of the previous programs from that family: SysDefence, TheDefend, … Continued

Green AV

Green AV is a rogue anti-virus program – a clone of the fake virus remover Green Antivirus (Green Antivirus 2009). This parasite typically relies on trojan Vundo to enter the system, but can also be downloaded and installed manually. Green AV is no different than any other rogue in the sense that it uses misleading … Continued


GreenVaccine is a malicious program which is designed in Korean language just like VirusCure or EzPrivacy. Though it tries to convince users that it is legitimate and trustworthy, later this program turns out to be a typical rogue anti-spyware which seeks to steal the money from PC users. Seems like it’s just another copy of … Continued

Guard Online

Guard Online is a completely different skin of rogue antivirus of WinAVPro family, including such notoriaus rogues as BlueFlare antivirus, Open Cloud AV and some others. This parasite has different background and color scheme from other ones in this family, however it is not so different in functionality. Guard Online will infect your PC through … Continued


GuardPcs (also called as Guard Pcs) is a fake security application which appeared in the middle of December. Hailing from enormous WiniGuard group of malwares, Guard Pcs was created just like 50 other its relative programs where the latest are AntiKeep, REAnti and IguardPc. Be aware! Similarly to all these scams, GuardPcs must be avoided … Continued

Hard Drive Diagnostic

Hard Drive Diagnostic is a malicious application that imitates being system optimization tool. It’s another member of fake system defragmenters family that works exactly the same way as its predecessors HDD Scan, Ultra Defragger, Win HDD, HDD Control and others. Hard Drive Diagnostics tells you about detecting some critical errors on your computer and claims … Continued


Hardclean is a totally misleading Korean application which belongs to rogue anti-spywares’ family. Classically to them, Hard Clean pretends to detect and eliminate viruses and other malware but before that asks paying the money. Don’t trust this program if it starts alerting that your system has been compromised and scan your computer with legitimate security … Continued

HDD Tools

HDD Tools is a new version of fake system defragmenters. It‘s a clone of HDD Defragmenter, Smart HDD, HDD Repair, HDD Recovery and others. The program displays a fake scanner, imitates looking for infections and in the end offers purchasing a full version of HDD Tools. That‘s how its creators are earning money. The program … Continued

Home Antivirus 2010

Home Antivirus 2010 is a fake anti-virus program – a fake virus remover, which uses the trojan Vundo to enter the system. This parasite relies on misleading advertising to trick the user into purchasing the full version of Home Antivirus 2010. Upon entering the system, Home Antivirus 2010 will flood the user with popups and … Continued

Home Malware Cleaner

Home Malware Cleaner is a dangerous application that must be removed from the system as soon as you notice this threat on your computer. Typically, it asks no permission when it gets on your computer because it closely relies on trojans that easily get through security vulnerabilities found. As soon as Home Malware Cleaner is … Continued

Home Security Solutions

Home Security Solutions is a fake antivirus that impersonates legitimate Microsoft Software. It belongs to VirusDoctor family of Rogue parasites. Similar to other kinds of fake antiviruses, it enters computers though infected emails or through browser vulnerabilities while visiting infected websites. Sometimes one can’t tell the exact place infection took place, but in many cases Home … Continued


IGuardPc rogue anti-spyware is one of the latest members of the WiniGuard family which includes such scarewares as Site Adware, REAnti or AntiKeep. Just like all these recent programs, I Guard Pc gets installed into the machine through the help of Trojans that come with fake online scanners or spam emails. When in, trojan-initiated techniques … Continued


InfoDoctor is a sneaky program that manages to get inside the PC through the use of Trojans. This type of malware is categorized the rogue anti-spyware, so additionally after getting on board it starts to affect your computer badly. This means that Info Doctor will show fake system scanners and then will report thousands of … Continued


InSysSecure is international version of SysSecure and BlockProtector rogue anti-virus, a parasite of Wini Soft family. It targets German, Italian and French audiences, however behaves quite similar to its English counterparts. You can get infected by InSysSecure fraud by browsing infected websites or downloading Trojans pretending being shareware, codecs or similar applications. The most common … Continued

Internet Defender

Internet Defender is another clone of fake security applications mimicking Windows Defender, a legitimate anti-malware program by Microsoft. It belongs to the same family as Security Defender and AntiMalware Defender, and is a resurrection of a less active branch of malware. Like other parasites of this family, Internet Defender is distributed by malware infecting legitimate … Continued

Internet Security virus

Internet Security virus is a fake antivirus program that belongs to the family of extremely aggressive rogue parasites. It is a clone of the Internet Security 2012 omitting the year number in the name. It is one more program that displays falsified information and imitates checking your system for infections while in fact it cannot … Continued

Internet Security 2010

Internet Security 2010 (or IS2010) is the program that you should never trust because it’s just a new version of the “famous” rogue anti-spyware called Advanced Virus Remover. InternetSecurity2010 mostly uses Trojans viruses that stealthily attack compromised PCs and install all the data needed for the program. Users normally don’t know anything about this infiltration … Continued

Internet Security 2011

Internet security 2011 is a fake antivirus application. It is fake for 2 reasons: first, it is distributed by malware: trojans, exploits, worms. You might get infected by clicking on advertisements that claim that your PC is infected without even scanning your PC first. The second reason is that Internet Security 2011 scan results are … Continued

Internet Security 2012

Internet Security 2012 is a fake antivirus that is software, displaying lots of false warnings without actually checking your system for parasites. This rogue is related to Privacy Protection and Security Protection. This is another infection that uses generic names to prevent users from getting information about parasite and thus believing that they are purchasing … Continued

Internet Security 2013 Virus

Internet Security 2013 virus is a fake antivirus program that belongs to the same family of rogues as Internet Security. As many other this type of infections it is designed to look like legitimate antivirus software and imitates its functioning. In reality it does not detect anything and has no virus database. Internet Security 2013 … Continued

Internet Security 2014

Internet Security 2014 is a fake antivirus program that was designed by cyber criminals and presents itself as a legitimate tool that can take care of your computer protection. The program is distributed using Trojan viruses that install the application to random systems without a user’s consent. Once inside, Internet Security 2014 uses a fake … Continued

Internet Security Essentials

Internet Security Essentials is a rogue anti-spyware which must be eliminated as soon as possible. This program is good only at infecting computer systems without any permission asked and then making users bombarded with tons of notifications about dangerous malware detected. As always, you should ignore its alerts and remove InternetSecurityEssentials just like you eliminated … Continued

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