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Cyber Security

Cyber Security is a rogue anti-spyware program and appears to be a clone of the highly popular System Security and Total Security. This parasite usually spreads by using browser hijackers to redirect the user to websites hosting fake online system scans and thus tricking him into downloading the program. While this method is by fat the most common, rogues such as this have been known to infect the system by using downloader trojans. Cyber Security relies on misleading advertising to sell it’s so-called “licensed version” – this rogue is so convincing, that there is almost an equal number of queries asking for the “activation code” of Cyber Security, rather than it’s removal instructions.

Once inside and active, Cyber Security will flood the user with popups and fake system notifications, supposedly to inform him of an infection or multiple infections present on the system. These claims are reinforced with fake system scans, which mark harmless files as threats, or names non-existent threats altogether. In order to remove these non-existent threats, the user is urged to purchase the “licensed version” of Cyber Security, which costs $59.95 – a price high even for decent security software.

Of all the tactics Cyber Security uses to get users to buy it’s full version, the most brazenly insolent has got to be a screen saver, which creates the illusion that Windows has crashed with a Blue Screen of Death, followed by a reboot and a message urging to purchase Cyber Security so as to protect the system. The Blue Screen contains the following message:

“***STOP: 0x000000D1 (0x00000000, 0xF73120AE, 0xC0000008, 0xC0000000)
A spyware application has been detected and Windows has been shut down to
prevent damage to your computer
If this is the first time you’ve seen this Stop error screen, restart your
computer. If this screen appears again, follow these steps:
Check to make sure your antivirus software is properly installed. If this is a
new installation, ask your software manufacturer for any antivirus updates
you might need.
Windows detected unregistered version of %product% protection on your computer.
If problems continue, please activate your antivirus software to prevent computer
damage and data loss.
*** SRV.SYS – Address F73120AE base at C00000000, DateStamp 36b072a3
Beginning dump of physical memory…”

Cyber Security will also install a browser helper object (BHO), which hijacks the browser to display a screen claiming that the website the user has been browsing is unsafe, and that security software is recommended to continue.

There are many self-defense mechanisms, which hamper the user’s efforts to get rid of Cyber Security. These include blocking anti-virus/anti-spyware programs from installing and/or running, disabling system restore, disabling Task Manager, changing browser options, and so on.

This program is a scam and should be treated as such: do NOT download or buy it and remove Cyber Security immediatelly upon detection.

Automatic Malware removal tools

Download Spyhunter for Malware detection

Note: Spyhunter trial provides detection of parasites and assists in their removal for free. limited trial available, Terms of use, Privacy Policy, Uninstall Instructions,

Download Combo Cleaner for Malware detection

Note: Combo Cleaner trial provides detection of parasites and assists in their removal for free. limited trial available, Terms of use, Privacy Policy, Uninstall Instructions, Refund Policy ,

Manual removal

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  1. I have had issues with this since yesterday. I tried everything suggested to manually remove it, including downloading several malware programs, to no avail. I resorted to a system restore, which finally solved my problem. Cyber security is no longer on my computer. Amen.

  2. Thanks to Lisa here I also got rid of CS by doing a system restore – no trace of the darn thing on my computer. Thank you Lisa! The world needs more people like you!

  3. i tried running my malwarebytes scan to remove cyber security but it keeps shuting off idk if its the cyber security thats blacking it out but itsealy pissing me off

  4. Does anybody know who Cyber Security is published by? If this is a U.S. company, we need to start a class action lawsuit against them for their unauthorized seizure of our computers and deceptive trade practices. I did not buy their product, so I may not have the standing; but I have been trying to get rid of it for the past two hours and my time is worth something in regards to standing.

  5. amen to Lisa. I installed google spydoctor which stopped the annoying pop ups but finally had to do a system restore to Oct 8 to get the freakin thing out. There should be a special ring of hell reserved for these people.

  6. I down loaded Ad-Aware (Freeware from Lavasoft) and it got rid of it without any other hassles. The only issue is that Ad-aware takes a few hours to go through your entire hard drive and all of your programs because it is looking for everything that is out there.

  7. @RedBaron
    i know its rediculous and that’s wat i was thinking telling them that they need to either quit it or shut down the company because all cyber security is is a virus and this is my moms computer and it REALLY screwed her comp. up nd we had to put it in the shop and it was lik 100-200$ to get it fixed

  8. @Khadija
    does it get rid of any other files that you have on your computer and im also wondering how you do it, I’m good with computers but when it comes down to all the specific difficult technical stuff you can leave me out lol
    so anyone who can help me out plz cuz i dont want to pay almost $200 to get my moms computer fixed again because “I” screwed it up

  9. KYT :
    1. Click Start.
    2. Point to All Programs.
    3. Point to Accessories.
    4. Point to System Tools.
    5. Click System Restore.
    6. Follow the instructions on the wizard.

  10. Follow manual instructions, lynn7000. Also, There are free removers out there : superantispyware, spybot S&D – you can try these, though I can not guarantee that it works.

  11. My laptop has been infected as well with this Cyber VIRUS, I can not do a system restore. I have Norton, but as seen on previous comments, it isn’t able to detect it. If I am not able to get to Spydoctor, are there any other suggestions on how to remove this? It’s going on 4 days now on my system.

  12. @admin
    it didnt do anything it shut down the comp and said it was fixing it but when it came bak on cyber security popped right back up and i did exactly as you said

  13. @Rick
    well if u think about it thats actually good that a way u know for a fact that nothing was hidden or skipped over but does it cost any money and can u do other stuff while its doing that

  14. lynn7000 : you got a new series of rootkit/redownloader trojan. You would do yourself and others a huge favour if you would contact PC Tools support – they will help. Sometimes a rogue mutates and there are more than one version around. This is your case.

  15. I contacted the support center that was on the program and asked them to tell me how to remove there software since I was not interested in it. The replied back with instructions on how to remove. I follwed the instuctions and it appears to have been removed. After that I ran a full scan using norton 360. Will see hope it works.

    1. Open my computer, choose disck C:
    2. Find Program Files = >Common Files = >CS Uninstall = >Uninstall
    3. Run the file

    Empty rcycl bin.

  16. Closer1775, this worked! Thank you! After trying for three days, finding your solution got this off my computer after five minutes of trying. I can now run a full scan. Thank you.

  17. @closer1775
    Brilliant! This thing was giving me fits, but your solution took just a few minutes and worked! Of course, after I spent a couple of hours trying other things. Thank you!

  18. closer1775 thank so very very much, Cyber security has been on my computer for 6 days now and with that, i was finally able remove it. So again thank so very much.

  19. Thanks for the steps for the systems restore. I came across this page only because I was trying to remove Cyber icon, not even know that it was all fake. Thanks for the info, and now I willl be more aware.

  20. I downloaded this cyber security thing 3 days ago and now windows wont start properly. so i can get where i need to go to get this off my comp. what do i do now??

  21. Thank you, thank you , thank you closer 1775. It took all of a minute or two, vs the days I spent on and off trying to find out how to get rid of that THING! It is appreciated

  22. Thanks Closer…
    Had been fighting this thing for days. Followed your instructions and finally fixxed it. What a nasty little bug. Would you suggest we change passwords on all accounts?
    1. Open my computer, choose disck C:
    2. Find Program Files = >Common Files = >CS Uninstall = >Uninstall
    3. Run the file

    Empty rcycl bin.

  23. omg i freaking hate that cyber protection thing it shut down my whole computer and it just pisses me off i wish i knew what company made that thing i would call them every day for the rest of my life to tell them what asses they are for doing this to people they only way that i fixed my computer was to restore it which caused me to lose a couple of days of information but now my computer is fixed and i am very happy about that dont bother with anything else just restore your computer cause i tried all that other stuff if you have an apple just restore it!!!

  24. hey does anyone know how to clearly tell me how to perform a system restore?? please and thank you! sorry this all really sucks

  25. I just removed cyber security using the instructions from 1775. I can’t believe it’s gone!! Is this too good to be true?

    I was about to pay Hewlett Packard $99 last night to help me remove it but then was told it MIGHT not work.

    I then made an appt with a well-known squad to come fix it for about $300.

    For some reason I cancelled that appt and logged on to this site.

    Can this be true?!


  26. thanks for the help,
    however when i try to view a page it often still showes that it is “blocked”
    does that happen to anybody else?
    Can someone help me.
    I restored my computer and i also did what closer said (thank u so much)
    please help

  27. i did what closer said, and it worked. but when i try to do a system restore this is what happens…

    i can open it and everything, but when it says to click a bold date on the calendar to restore the comp to, no dates show up bold. and it wont let me go back or forward any months. does anyone know why?

  28. Thanks closer your method works. However this doesn’t seems to delete it completely. I still have to manually remove some files in com, wonder if the registry and some other hidden file still remains?

  29. Closer1775, your a star! This worked brilliantly! Thank you very much! I only spent a few hours trying to sort this problem out before finding your solution. I tried a restore point but for some reason my restore would not restore! That’s another problem! This solution got rid of this nuisance instantly! Great Job! Thanks again!

  30. I manually deleted all cs files I could find. Somehow, CS took away my admin rights and I can not “cntr/alt/del” or install antivirus software. Any ideas on how to fix the lingering corruption after the deletion?

  31. Closer 1775, I owe you buddy. Amen! after days of trying several things, within a minute after visiting this site, cyber security was gone. Thanks for sharing.

  32. 1775, great idea, followed every step BUT no file was in the CSUninstall so now what? I’m unable to do a system restore. I have both McAffee and Ad-Aware and neither removed it.

  33. this did not help me at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i need to know HOW to get rid of it!
    not WHAT the damn thing is!!!!!!

  34. Closer’s way does not completely remove cyber security, however it might help some to get rid of popups.
    Cyber security messes up with registry and system settings, it also leaves couple trojans behind, which might cause additional infections.
    I would recommend rescanning PC with spyware doctor, malwarebytes anti-malware and superantispyware. If they are still blocked, then proceed to disabling trojans – system is heavily infected.

  35. i tried closer’s way and it did stop the pop-ups. admin… are u saying that’s not enough? that my computer may still now work properly in the future?

  36. I’m racking up close to an hour now on Cyber Security. You’ve got to kill the processes in task manager before you can run Malware bytes. The problem is compounded when it’s been allowed to run for a couple of weeks before someone comes and asks for help. I running scan 2 right now of Malware bytes. First scan did not get rid of it. I’m running scan 2 right now then I’m going registry hunting before reboot. Most of these Ransome Ware programs will replicate themselves on reboot so try to kill it first.
    I’ll let you all know if I get it.

  37. @closer1775
    thanks! it works!
    d**m! i hate that cyber security thing. i’ve been in trouble browsing the net…it takes 20 mins.for me to open this site, its says “blocked and some sort” but thanks, finally found the right thing to do.

  38. i cant get rid of it…its says that i need permission to remove it….i dont know what to do…i have spyware doctor but i dont think its helping me….please help me

  39. Steven : You have to scan your pc with any good antispyware scanner. Malwarebytes, superantispyware, Spyware doctor, etc. This infection is distributed through trojans, and from my experience, using “uninstallers”, even hidden ones, leave trojans behind.

  40. I followed 1775, located the CS prgram in the c: drive, cliked on change or remove program but a prompt popped up from “cyber security” telling me that “to be able to remove threats you must activate cyber security” the very darn thing thta i want to get rid of. Uninstall/remove – are we talking about the same thing here, I did not find “uninstall” anywhere as I followed 1775 directives. P/s help this CS thing has been bugging for days unending.

  41. i used the system restore to like a week back from last night, it got rid of the cyber security. now my issue it with the McAfee virus protection. it says my cpu is not protected and when i try to fix the problem and turn my virus protection on, it denys it and says that maybe my protection is out of date or missing a certain perice of installtion. i tried reinstalling the McAfee and still wont work. i have had this cpu for 1 month and bought 3 years of virus protection. so i dunno whats going on, can any one please please help!!!!!11 thanks

  42. @matt

    Do yourself a favor and get rid of McAfee… seriously. Get your money back because it really isn’t going to save you from anything.

    Switch to a free AV like COMODO, or purchase a good one like NOD32 or Kaspersky.

    Just google “mcafee removal tool” which will come directly from McAfee’s site, then pick your poison of the above.

  43. I got hi-jacked yesterday with this program. I tried everything. The solution I used was so simple. Find the files in “Program Files” I had two – one called CS and another (cannot remember the name. Change the name of the file. Voila, the shield at the bottom bar was gone. Now go back and the delete the renamed file. Then, empty your recycle bin. IT WAS GONE.

  44. Hi i have been FOOLED by the cyber security…… I keep gettin alerts up saying my comp is infected they fail 2 mention that they are the infection!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant install spy doctor as it is a work computer and it has avasti anty virus but that detected nothing… Is there a free way 2 solve this before i loose my job?????????

    Please please please help.

  45. @Velma
    Thanks so much and God bless…It worked!!!! I tried downloading that malaware thing and system restore and nothing worked, but for some reason this did…Thank GOD!!!

  46. Thank you! so far your instuctions helped me get ride of CS!! Although I forgot to empty my recycle bin and until I remembered to do that it kept poping up. I think you saved me $$ in trying another way to fix it.

  47. JanJan : It is highly advisable to change passwords if you had infection for longer. They are not associated with keylogging, but that stuff can not be ruled out.

  48. I really need help. I need a place where I can get free spyware dr program that can get rid of the cyber security that has hijacked my PC, I just used my last money to get a Mcafe but it didnt help. some body pls help.

  49. Wife’s computer was infected with this thing. I read 1775 comment, follow the instructions and its gone. Thanks 1775

  50. i have tryed the system rstore and it didnt help it shuts off my anti malware i tryed manually. i need help please any one. cyber security wont go away.

  51. @Onjies
    I followed the steps from 1775, (1)opened My Computer, (2)found the CS file, but my problem is step (3)- where do i find Hope you can help. I am not real good with computers.

  52. I followed 1775 way and got rid of the dam virus but how do i get my task manager privileges back. I uninstalled it and everything else seems to be fine but i cant get my Task manager up and running it still says “Task manager has been disabled by your administrator”. Can anyone help me with this.

  53. Do a quick scan with free version of Spyware Doctor first. If it finds something, you are still infected.
    If not: open regedit and search for key containing Task manager (TaskMngr or similar). Delete it. Restart.

  54. Thanks Michael, I had this on my computer for about 3 or 4 days. Must have worked trying to get rid of it for hours. Then i did as you said, found the file,(CS) re-named it, then deleted it, and emptied the recycle bin. CS is gone. Hur-ray. Thank you sooooo much.@Michael

  55. Hey admin i did a scan of Spyware Doctor and it said i had adware.Advertising viruses left so i downloaded superantispyware and scan and removed and it still did not appear. I did further research into it and i found out all i had to do was click on start then click on run and type “REG add HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System /v DisableTaskMgr /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f”. I think that’s only for windows XP.

  56. According to Tony, I renamed CS but in trying to delete, I was told I couldn’t delete because access was denied. I was alerted that this could be because “disk is full or write protected’ and to make sure file is not currently in use. Does anyone know what this means, please help.

  57. Need Help!!

    My computer was infected by the Cyber Security program…I did the system restore that lisa suggested, however, I discovered that my computer did not have the system restore application turned on, which means that I can only restore my computer to the date I turned the function on….does anyone have any suggestions?

  58. Try scanning with anti-spyware software. Also, you can try closers way by using hidden uninstaller. I would scan with antispyware afterwards anyway.

  59. having problems with the dreaded cs jus used the cs remover download with no joy also why did my McAfee not pick it up and stop it befor it got into my comp? should i change my security software?

  60. I got rid of CS and now have another headache with “safety center” Are these one and the same spyware? How do I also get rid of safety center?

    I have been working with Microsoft tech people and they found that this virus goes much further than just the few files mentioned in the above to remove. Your personal information is still at risk. My suggestion is to contact your anti-virus protection company and get help! I had to do a complete re-install of OS to completely get rid of it. Good news is my system is running at top performance and Microsoft set me up with tightened security. THIS VIRUS CAME IN THROUGH FACEBOOK!!!!!

  62. I was able to delete most of the files via “c:\Program Files\CS”, remove most of the “Cyber Security Registry Values” listed above – which finally took the program out of the: Control Panel – uninstall. This stopped the web browser interruptions and allowed me to utilize my computer again (without constant interruptions by this obnoxious program). However, the “quick launch-start up” and “pop-up warning” wouldn’t delete. Everytime I tried to delete the files a message stated “not allowed permission” and the “file was no longer available”. FINALLY, I performed a System Restore (as suggested by others)…. and it worked!!!! Ran a full virus-scan to make sure that the system is clean. So far all good…

  63. THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH, just followed all the instructions from1775 and the flipping thing has gone, only problem was i maybe got a bit mixed up and did a system restore at the end which reinstalled it, but followed the instructions again and no more pop ups, blocks etc, its no where to be seen. Thanks so much people

  64. If you want to sue, I’m in. This is the second computer trashed by this virus. Cost me a lot of money to get them up and running again. This final time I went to NORTONANTI VIRUS web site. For $99., the completely removed the virus (manually) without causing any loss of data or damaging any programs. I HIGHLY reccomend them. The last time, I reformatted my hard drive and reinstalled the operating system after messing up my machine trying to do it myself. Someone should start a lawsuit, they have been doing this for over a year now!

  65. Thanks to my daughter that steered me in the right direction, and closer 1775, I hopefully have got rid of cyber security!!!

  66. if i use closer’s way. as well as, use the spyware doctor and superantispyware should i be ok, or still get further assistance?

  67. Tony :@Onjies I followed the steps from 1775, (1)opened My Computer, (2)found the CS file, but my problem is step (3)- where do i find Hope you can help. I am not real good with computers.

    Please help with cyber secirity, it says I need to activate and when I follow the steps in c-disc it says I need permission and then the cyber thing comes up to say activate. someone please help as I cannot do a system restore either.

  68. @chelsey
    I just got Spyware Doctor with Anti-virus.. That did the trick.. but you have to get it WITH the Anti-virus.. Also, youtube has many videos on how to (Step-by-Step) Manually Remove the Virus.. they show which Registry files to delete and what files on your harddrive to remove..

  69. I tried to uninstall cyber security but it says the item cs.exe that is shortcut refers to has been changed or moved so this shortcut will no longer work properly. What should I do?

  70. @closer1775
    Hi guys, I followed closer 1775’s instructions post trying many options shy of paying another programme for removal, and it worked!:) its removed. Thank you very much, mwah.

  71. The “simple” solution posted by Closer1775 (provided to him by the trojan maker) doesn’t actually do anything! All you have done is hidden the annoying pop-ups. That’s it. How can the removal of a hidden basic file suddenly “un-install” a program that fights to not be removed? Clicking remove from control panel = POP UP. CyberSecurity is still running doing who knows WHAT to your computers.

    I feel bad for anyone who does this “fix” who may never return to this site. Closer1775 – your effort to help is nice, but you’ve been scammed. $60 for fAKEware? Imagine what they do with people’s Credit card numbers since to “order” requires using their browser… which I’m sure is secure (not).

    May have to do a clean re-install of system. Faster and FOR sure, “clean”.

  72. I didnt ask for this cyber sec stuff to take over my damn computer an now i cant get it off without me buying it an its not up to yall to decided anything for nobody about there anything an now its messing up everything i have my own sec for my computer so what i want yall to do is take it off NOW an dont do this stuff again cause i dont have no damn credit card to buy nothing if anything want yall buy it for me then? yeah thats what i thought stop it now an have a nice day lol lol lol….

  73. @closer1775 It worked like a dream took 10 sex i had it on my system for about 2 hours but tottally off my system if anything you have to delee is the folder in the program files and web history other then that if you want scan it i went through my sytem and found nothing more thanks again closer1775 i was starting to loose it there im a oc gamer i can’t hanve things like that poppin up on me pluse the best spyware add ware protection to have is WEBROOT SPYSWEEPER VIRUS ADDITION rated #1 by pc magazine and it works

  74. I tried closer1775 and it worked! Had been trying everything to no avail. I could not perform any scans prior to doing these steps. Once I followed these steps was able to run malware scan and Cyber Security seems to be gone. Thanks!

  75. Visitor : Closer’s way is incomplete, yes. You need to scan PC After you disable popups. This ensures that all trojans are removed.
    Sure, you can reinstall PC, but this will not remove your system vulnerabilies per se, and it might miss MBR rootkits (which install outside system).
    Sadly, there is nothing better than having a good antivirus + a good antispyware with real time protection.

  76. Got Cyber Sec crud from a facebook file this morning on hubby’s pc; Spent $89.00 for McAfee live Help; they can **not** remote to my pc because the keyboard no longer works; can not get into any files…all is blocked with this cs crud! can not system restore because no keyboard or mouse response. AAAhhhh, this is horrible!

  77. I did a system restore and cyber security is gone. Magic! THANK YOU all (Lisa and others) for your simple but effective advice. Question: Before I did system restore, I downloaded a malware detection / removal program and it found “Total security” on my laptop as well. How do I find and get rid of total security?

  78. Joseph : Total security and cyber security is deeply related. In fact, only the name and skin differs, in general it is the same parasite. Do a scan with spyware doctor and malwarebytes anti-virus. If they detect nothing now, then you are clear.

  79. THANK YOU closer1775 – Had this [email protected]!#…Kin’ problem since last night – downladed NOD32 Antivirus which couldn’t find this Cyber Security and when I purchased ‘Malwarebytes’ earlier today that ‘Cyber Security’ obviously was what kept shutting it down and preventing ‘Malwarebytes’ from scanning – THANK YOU THANK YOU AGAIN!!! Malware is running now!!! Hopefully my problem is coming to a close!

  80. First off, System Restore WILL NOT remove this trojan. As a matter of fact System Restore will in fact be INFECTED by Cyber Security by the time you see it.

    You need to Start in Windows in Safe Mode with Networking (F8 at start up).
    Download install and update Malwarebytes.
    follow the file removal instructions on this page.
    follow registry removal instructions on this page.
    Disable System Restore on Primary Drive (C:)
    check your C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts file

    This text you can use if your browser is currently being redirected:


    # Copyright (c) 1993-1999 Microsoft Corp.
    # This is a sample HOSTS file used by Microsoft TCP/IP for Windows.
    # This file contains the mappings of IP addresses to host names. Each
    # entry should be kept on an individual line. The IP address should
    # be placed in the first column followed by the corresponding host name.
    # The IP address and the host name should be separated by at least one
    # space.
    # Additionally, comments (such as these) may be inserted on individual
    # lines or following the machine name denoted by a ‘#’ symbol.
    # For example:
    # # source server
    # # x client host localhost


    Run Malwarebytes (FULL SCAN)

    The CS uninstall WILL NOT remove this trojan.

    Do to the mutations if this trojan I highly recommend backing up your personal info and reinstalling Windows. Over a year’s worth of experience detecting and removing Cyber Security and Total Security

  81. UUGGHH!!!This thing sucks!What a disaster….got it from FACEBOOK…I did what closer1775 said to do and so far it didn’t pop up. I also tried system restore but it came back and said it can’t restore my computer? What should I try to systm restore? Also what will be a good anti-virus software that works? I tried “malawarebytes” and it doesn’t detect any viruses. Is this good? Thanks for all your inputs. I also agree and think we should sue the hell out of these people.

  82. dont bother i think it came off not really sure how but its nowhere ill check in a few days to see if anything pops up

  83. When I follow closer’s way I can get all the way to the CS Uninstall part but I dont see it there to uninstall! Do I possible have a different kind of virus, or something, but it works the same way as what everybody is describeing! Please help fast! Thanks!

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