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AV Security Suite

AV Security Suite is a fake antivirus which was invented by “famous” Antivirus Live family. AVSecuritySuite simply follows its earlier released copies called Antivirus Soft and Antispyware Soft, so you should already know its tactics and targeted goals. Typically, AVSecuritySuite gets on board through dishonest methods and then attempts to gain the purchases of its license. For example, this program will claim that your computer is heavily infected with tons of Trojans and you need to purchase licensed its version if you want to save your machine. Don’t fall into this! Only AV Security Suite must be removed from the system because it is a tricky rogue anti-spyware which has no spywares detection or removal engine.

AV security Suite is known to block various websites. When you try opening website your browser displays information like this:

This website has been reported as unsafe
We recommend that you do not continue to this website. This website has been reported to Microsoft for containing threats to your computer that might reveal personal or financial information.

Network operations can be restored by disabling AV Security Suite processes in safe mode with networking AND fixing networking configuration, (most often disabling Proxy settings, removing browser add-ons).

AV Security Suite popups will look like this:

Windows Security alert
Application cannot be executed. The file mbam.exe is infected.
Do you want to active your antivirus software now?

Spyware Alert
Application infected! The file rundll32.exe is infected. Do you want to ALLOW this application now?

Windows Security alert
Windows reports that computer is infected. Antivirus software helps to protect your computer against viruses and other security threats. Click here for the scan your computer. Your system might be at risk now.

Antivirus software alert
Infiltration Alert
Your computer is being attacked by an internet virus. It could be a password-stealing attack, a trojan-dropper or similar.

AV Security Suite is propagated through malicious PDF files mostly that exploit some Adobe Reader vulnerabilities and drop trojans or other malware into the user’s system. After that, rogueware starts running as soon as PC is boots up and begins its activity: starts system scanners, displays misleading notifications and popups. Many of the popups claim that regular programs are infected, which is not true. Be sure, that upcoming malware attack is usually announced by AVSecuritySuite for one and only goal which is to make you purchase its useless license. Trying to be successful even more, it will also show continuous pop-up ads about “infected files” detected on the system and also will not allow running any application except itself and “iexplore.exe”.

There are three versions of AV Security Suite that you will be suggested to purchase: AV Security Suite Basic, AV Security Suite Pro and AV Security Suite Platinum. However, all of them are completely useless. You should bear in mind that even though AV Security Suite seems to be a legit antivirus and anti-spyware solution, it’s in fact only a dangerous commercial project.  AV Security Suite is not capable of detecting or eliminating any malware because it has no antivirus engine. All AV Security Suite can do is triggering its continuous ads that try to scare users into thinking their computers are in danger. If you get any of these symptoms mentioned above, run your legit anti-spyware and delete AV Security Suite with its associated files. If you also notice that you cannot browse to any website, make sure that your proxy settings in IE are not changed. It’s is also usually done by AV Security Suite. Use the guide given below to make your computer normally functioning and remove AV Security Suite.

Special notes on how to get rid of AV Security Suite

Temporally stopping AV Security Suite processes to prevent it from blocking removal process.

1. Restart your computer. As your computer restarts but before Windows launches, tap “F8” key constantly. Use the arrow keys to highlight the “Safe Mode with Networking” option as shown in the image below, and then press ENTER.

2. Start task manager by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ESC at the same time. This should be done after system is starting and processes are still loading.

3. Check for processes with names consisting of random letters, 6-8 letters in name usually. Stop them

Steps for fixing internet connection (full guide here https://www.2-viruses.com/how-to-fix-google-results-hijacker-google-redirect-virus-problem

4. Open Internet Explorer. Click on the Tools menu and then select Internet Options.

5. In the the Internet Options window click on the Connections tab. Then click on the LAN settings button.

6. Now you will see Local Area Network (LAN) settings window. Uncheck the checkbox labeled Use a proxy server for your LAN under the Proxy Server section and press OK.

7. Download and scan PC with spyhunterPCTools Spyware Doctor[/spdoc] or Malwarebytes to identify files and processes, infected with AV Security Suite. Typically, they will be in one of your user subfolders. DELETE these files.

8. Start MSConfig and disable all startup programs that are found with Spyware Doctor or clearly belong to undesired programs.

9. Reboot, and do a full system scan again. You might consider fixing registry entries by running registry cleaner.

Remember, that AV Security Suite infection can be prevented by keeping your OS, Adobe reader and antivirus/antimalware/firewall softwares up to date.

Automatic Malware removal tools

Download Spyhunter for Malware detection

Note: Spyhunter trial provides detection of parasites and assists in their removal for free. limited trial available, Terms of use, Privacy Policy, Uninstall Instructions,

Download Combo Cleaner for Malware detection

Note: Combo Cleaner trial provides detection of parasites and assists in their removal for free. limited trial available, Terms of use, Privacy Policy, Uninstall Instructions, Refund Policy ,

Manual removal

Removal guides in other languages

62 responses to “AV Security Suite

  1. I received the AV security Suite virus, my Kaspersky softwear i think caught most of it, did not or could not get to the internet, it appears to be blocking my access. Is there a way to down load it(a repair or fix) to a flash drive and run it on my laptop, so not to infect my network at home? I thought it had gone when I turned my computer off then on again, now I have no internet access, on laptop so I could download the repair for it. At work now and not with the computer that is infected. Any help would be appreciated, if I don’t have to reformate my hard drive.

  2. Yes, it is possible to download spyware doctor or malwarebytes on another PC. Howecer, in most cases it is easier to fix internet connection manually: try to disable a proxy server in your pc

  3. I can’t load in safemode. Now what? I’ve downloaded spyware doctor, malwarebytes, and every virus remover recommended, including RKill, Superspyware, and many others. Nothing seems to work….help!

  4. I received this virus this afternoon. I preferred to do the manual removal, It works with out problem. Thanks Guys

  5. My computer was infected by the AV security Suite, I installed Malwarebytes and now it’s gone, but I still can’t connect to the internet.
    I tried to back-up the host files in C:WINDOWS\system32\drivers\host
    but that didn’t seem to work.
    Is there an other way to fix this problem? How do I disable a proxy server?

  6. Marcus: we offer free manual removal instructions. However, I am 100% convinced that best way to remove such parasites is taking caution and having reliable real-time protection on PC.

  7. I have got this virus too – I have dowloaded spyware doctor but I can’t get spyware doctor to open, even in safe mode? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Cheers

  8. I bought & installed the Spyware doctor, and did the full scan numerous times in both safe mode and normal, but the virus keeps coming up to block my internet connection.
    Now what??? Is there something I’m missing or do i need to apply for a refund?

  9. Kurt : YES!
    Read that part of guide about internet connection, or use this guide : http://www.2-viruses.com/how-to-fix-google-results-hijacker-google-redirect-virus-problem . You can be reinfected easily without fixing settings manually.
    Then update spyware doctor, do a FULL scan again. If the problems reaapear, you got something new, and you should talk with PC Tools (spyware doctor creator) support – they should provide custom fix for you and improve Spyware Doctor definitions. Trojans, promoting rogues, change daily!.

  10. my internet is already disable the proxy server before i caught this av thing.. what should i do??

  11. Hello. I am extremely grateful to you. I had a hard time with AV security suite. I finally followed your instructions and they worked. Thankyou!!!

  12. Here’s how I got rid of it:

    1. Boot into Safe Mode
    2. Using System Restore, do a restore to a date BEFORE you got this malware on your system.
    3. That should restore all of your settings and registry back to normal, but after you restart normally; check out your system with one of the recommended programs to be sure.

  13. Boa tarde, meu micro esta infectado com o AV Security Suite, não consigo acessar nenhum programa, tudo que tento abrir é trancado, como virus.

    O que posso fazer ????

  14. I removed it by rebooting my computer and doing a system restore (START, PROGRAMS, ACCESSORIES, SYSTEM TOOLS, SYSTEM RESTORE) before the AV Security can load up. So first put system restore as a short cut on your desktop so you can get to it and start it before AV Secuity load up. Then use a restore date before AV got on your computer.

  15. av security suite has messed up my computer bad! it won’t allow me to get on the internet or really any types of programs. this guy came out to fix my computer and he put av security on my computer to protect it from viruses but now i see that av security suite is nothing but a hoax and ps i tried all of that stuff but it still is not working so what should i do

  16. Luckly i got rid of it, its stupid and snnoying what i di is i had to create a new account on my laptop and delete my other one i was on i went to start on my computer click control panel and click user accounr then clicked the one i wanted to delete (the one that had the Av suite) and it got rid of it thanks goodness

  17. Afterbooting the computer to safe mood and everything is done, do you stay in that mode or do you go back to regular to download the anti virus program?

  18. Melissa: if you are in safe mode with networking, you can download programs. If you are in safe mode, you will have to reboot. However, I would suggest launching MSConfig and disabling all the programs/services you do not need from starting, especially named strangely.

  19. I have the AV Security Suite problem as well…I have followed the instructions starting with the safe mode in Networking…I then follow the steps that lead me to uncheck the “use a proxy server” option. Then I download the rkill.com link which afterwards a rkill-notepad comes up giving me a summary of when I used the link. But afterwards Im stuck. I dont know what to do next. Ive tried these steps a few times and after Ive downloading the rkill.com link Ive restarted and turned off my computer and the AV Security Suite is still present….PLEASE HELP. Please advise what I should see once I have downloaded the rkill.com link. Thank you so much in advance…

  20. Devin: Rkill just stops AV security suite processes for one time, even then not all. However, I would recommend scanning with automatical remover or removing the files manually.
    It is a good idea to start msconfig (after rkill) and uncheck all the startup entries you do not recognize or find no reference on the web as legitimate.

  21. I should have read this article first, i had AV Security Suite and it completely spread on my whole computer, not even allowing me open msconfig, i knew i had more viruses on my computer but i completely ignored them, i had to reset and wipe out my entire memory and the funny thing is this has happened before so i did have the recovery disc’s. I know now that only download the essentials.

  22. Yea,hello
    I went camping for a weekened then came back with about 5 things open on my comp even though I left with none up.I’m currently on my iPod touch to do this post seeing as AV Security Suite has blocked every website such as http://www.google.com and http://www.runescape.com,and other sites I use a lot without any viruses,wich I know for sure.I already have Symatic AntiVirus.Please help.

  23. I have downloaded Spyware doctor and the AV security suite still has my internet. I t will not allow me complete the process. What do I do? Please help….

  24. My mother payed for AV security suite last night. She wanted her computer to work faster. Is there anyway to get her money back? She used her credit card for it. I just been reading this site about it.

  25. Oren: YES. She should contact the bank and tell them she got scammed. In many cases they revert the charge.

  26. I just finished manually deleting this after my boyfriend infected our computer; and I did it without booting to safe mode! It blocked every cleaning & antivirus program I tried to open, so what I did was restarted my computer by using the power button. As soon as my desktop screen opened, I immediately opened task manager and clicked on processes. I looked for an unusual combination of 8 letters (that said NETWORK SERVICE under the user name column) and ENDED PROCESS TREE on two different processes. As soon as the “security” icon disappeared, I immediately ran Norton, while following your instructions above to manually delete files & registry entries. I also went as far to do a search of my hard drive for the “tssd” and the random letters I deleted from the processes. Worked like a charm! I want to thank you for the help! 😉

  27. I have a serious issue! When this hoax came about I purchased what I thought would be a helpful product and it has my information. Will it affect my accounts? WHAT DO I DO!!!!!

  28. Thought it was a trip to the PC shop.My PC was useless with this virus in it. Used PC Tools Spyware Doctor with Antivirus and it cleaned up a treat. Thanks for the info. 🙂

  29. I downloaded Spyware Doctor on my other computer, set it up on my wife’s infected laptop and after running the removal program (and paying for it so it would repair) her machine will not boot. Just goes straight to the “sorry” screen with options for safe, last known good etc, none of which work. Any ideas?

  30. Dave : contact PC Tools support. They have to solve this issue – in most cases this is caused by rootkits embedded in the system, and it is not typical. It is hard to say something without seeing a screenshot. A possible solution would be using windows install CD and choosing recovery option.

  31. AWESOME! 😀
    I got this virus constantly whenever I get on after I’m grounded (yes I am a 14 year old Computer Genie…) So at least I know how to get rid of it instead of system restore (which sometimes it follows into your backup and messes still!!)
    Thank You
    I was fortunate Iobits Security 360 worked and that I found this site in the first place (with AVSS still on) Did not change firefox’s Proxies but IEs proxies
    I am clean as far as anything goes

  32. I want to know how to get in touch with AV Security and demand my money back?

  33. I am trying desperatly to get in touch with AV Security Suite systems , they down loaded it on to my computer, ofcourse I paid for it, it sounded good, until I was told it is bad and looked it up, but now I can’t find them anywhere to try and get my money back. What can I do?

  34. i have killed this fool 10 times in the last two weeks. When it first pops up, Run Rkill.exe, Rkill.com, or Rkill.scr to stop the malware processes temporarily. Run malwarebytes antimalware program to clean the malware out. Reboot, then go to your internet settings and remove the proxy check mark. Close out and everything is right as rain again.

  35. Thank you for the tip! I called my bank and they said I just have to fill out a dispute form and mail it back and then as soon as they receive it they will credit the money back into my account!

  36. yes big scam my computer runs slow. theres no way of contacting these people. i may have to go get it cleaned thru someone who takes viruses off. this is the worst ever.

  37. Yes, I too got this virus interfering with my computer. I am so sick of it.
    I need someone to tell me how to get rid of it.

  38. I unfortunately ordered this product called “AV Security Suite Pro” Boy did I get ripped off. I have tried to contact their websites and you know the rest.
    I had to cancel my credit card and it appears that I am not going to get any refund. Well, live and learn.



  39. Hi. On July 15, 2010 I went to turn on my laptop and all that would come up was AV Security saying I had a virus and when I tried to get online to find a cheaper anti virus software I couldnt get online. Im a single mom of 3. Im disabled and live only on SSI. I paid 69.95 for this software. I later found out the money went to Ozolsmegi Protect Computer in Liepaja, Lativia. My bank was no help even tho I used my VISA card. I am so angry at myself. Im not too familiar with all the scams that are out there. Can someone PLEASE help me get my money back. This took money for food away from my kids. Thank you!!

  40. Ok, so could not get my computer to do anything without downloading their soft ware, yes put it on a credit card, and yes I’m having trouble with my credit card company! I’m to old to make this mistake and now my computer is just crawlinga and I can’t do anything on the darn thing. I’ll try all of the ideas listed above, I’m also posting something with the attorney general.

  41. I fell for the virus and bought the soft ware. Should I block my card or should I only ask for a refound?

  42. Alex: I would recommend blocking card. The payment systems are owned by their partners, who do not shun of reusing the credit card details.

  43. i wanted to know if security suite basic is related to av security suite because while i was reading about it it kind of happen to me n told me to buy and download security suite basic and i did. Please let me know if its related to it and if so what can i do to fix it and get my nmoney back

  44. Yes, they are likely to be run and controlled by the same people. You should contact your bank and scan with good anti-spyware tool to remove it. I recommend Spyware Doctor.

  45. Our computer caught the Security Suite virus a few days ago and we were able to get rid of it . Problem now that is that our IE won’t work with the proxy server option turned on. Works just fine with it turned off. Isn’t internet surfing much safer with the proxy server turned on? Does this mean that we still have some of the virus and that’s why it won’t work in that mode? In any case, how do we fix the problem? Thank you for any insight you might have.

  46. Proxy server just passes information through some process or server. That is not necessary having something to do with safety. In this case it passed all browsing information through Security suite process, which is far not safer. You should disable proxy server.
    To make sure you got everything out, scan with some other malware remover.

  47. I recently round this security suite virus on a laptop and have, after much difficulty managed to stop it from running. I was trying to repair the damage and ensure that it was fully erased by downloading this program, but my internet settings till seem to be bugged out as the installer can’t download the Doctor (I put the installer on there via a USB stick from an uninfected machine).

    Is there a way to download a self-installing file I can move onto the laptop in this fashion? Until the malware is fully erased I’m not convinced I will be able to manually fix my settings. Many thanks.

  48. Please disregard the above, changing DNS configuration settings back to automatic appears to have fixed the problem. If there is an alternate file I could download that can install the program without an internet connection, I would still be interested in obtaining a copy of this for security/backup purposes.

  49. Nightwalker : I recommend upgrading antivirus instead (for protection) if everything is solved. Get Internet security version (I use ESET Smart Security myself). Also, I recommend having either paid Spyware Doctor or Malwarebytes (commercial too) with real time protection as well running all the times.
    You do not need to keep backup: malware changes daily, and old versions of software are not as effective – you will need internet to download updates.

  50. This is the easiest solution for Security Suite

    Guys. I struggled with it a lot. Security suite does not infect any of the existing files. It is a separate application which runs and prevents other applications from running. It gives unnecessary pop ups making you believe that your system is infected with virus. Tried malware bytes and other clean up softwares. Security Suite appears as harmless to virus cleaner becuase it does not infect any files.

    Here is how to get rid of Security Suite.

    Open Windows explorer and got C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Local. If you are not able to open windows explorer, Go into safe mode and do it.
    Find the newest ‘Date modified’ folder(s). Mine were: zsdxcxedw. They looked suspicious and were modified at the same time the virus started. If the Security suite virus started at the same time these folders were created/modified, chances are that’s the virus software. Delete this file and reboot your computer. You are done now.

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