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AP Manager

AP Manager is a malware that tends to apply deceptive tactics on computer users. AP Manager is known to belong for the category of rogue anti-spywares that seek to get victims into paying the fine for the copyrighted material which is foolishly detected on thier PCs. If ignored, software completely hijacks the desktop with scary warnings that the case it is alerting about was passed to court.  In fact, AP Manager is lying, so please don’t fall into its fabricated notifications pushing you to pay the fine.

At the beginning, APManager poses to be a download manager for the copyrighted games, movies and music on the malicious websites connected with this software. It imitates downloading the files into the computer additionally and then, once the file is, displays Copyright Violation Alert and fake I-Q Manager Antipiracy foundation scanner. This scanner in all cases claims to detect copyrighted material on the infected computer and asks to pay a fine of around $54 dollars for this crime.It usually reads:

Copyright violation alert

Copyright violation: copyrighted content detected
Windows has detected that you are using content that was downloaded in violation of the copyright of its respective owners. Please read the following bulletin and try solving the problem in one of the recommended ways.

What has happened?
During the system scan Antipiracy Foundation scanner has detected copyright issues. Please take a look at the list and choose an action: pass the case to a court or settle it in pre-trail order by paying a fine.

How could it happen?
You may have using file-sharing clients, torrents or downloaded the content in question straight from the website. In any of the cases you have violated the copyright of respective owners. In most countries this kind of action is prosecuted and serious penalties are imposed. Maxmimum penalties can be five years in prison and up to $250,000 in fines.

Choose an action:

If you are sure that you can’t have download the content to your PC or there was nothing you could do to avoid it, press “Pass the case to court” button and pass the case to court

If these files belong to you, but you would rather avoid all the expenses associated with settling the issue in court, you can settle your case in pre-trial order by pressing “Solve…” button.

The ironical thing is that AP Manager is the one which is illegal and only its creators should be paying the fine. AP Manager should be ignored instead of paying any sum of your savings and also removed from the system without any doubt. You will need a reputable anti-spyware for removing AP Manager, so make sure you have the legitimate one which is updated. If you have already paid a fine, contact your credit card company and dispute the charges.

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