CIA Special Agent 767 Screen Locker - How to remove

Even though CIA Special Agent 767 demands a certain ransom payment and states that your files have been encrypted, it is a simple screen locker, having no ransomware-type capabilities of encrypting files. At first sight it may seem as one of the police ransomwares because it contains CIA badge. But, when the user enters the key, he is displayed a pop up window, which informs the user that he have been fooled. By the way, you do not need to pay the ransom to have the key. What is more, the screen locker can be easily removed without even having the code. This and more will be looked over in this post.

About CIA Special Agent 767 Screen Locker

CIA Special Agent 767 screen-locking malware infects the victim’s computer via free applications downloaded from the Internet or by the exploitation of security vulnerabilities in outdated and/or unprotected software. When the executable file of the malicious program has been set on the system up, the screen of the compromised computer is locked with the following screen:

CIA Special Agent 767

The text the screen contains:


Unfortunately the files on this computer (documents, photos, videos) have
been encrypter using an extremely secure and unbreakable algorithm. This
means that the files are now useless unless they are decrypted using a key.

The good news is that your files are not lost forever! This tool is able
to rescue the files on your computer for you!
FOR EVERY LOW EARLY BIRD PRICE OF ONLY $100 USD!* In 5 days however, the price of this service
will increase to $250 USD, and after $500 USD.
Payment is accepted in Bitcoin only. You can purchase Bitcoin very easily in your area by bank transfer,
Western Union, or even cash.

Visit to find a seller in your area. You can also goolge Bitcoin Exchanges to find
other methods for buying Bitcoin

Please check the current price of Bitcoin and ensure you are sending the correct amount before making your payment! Visit for the current Bitcoin Price.

After making your payment, please wait up to 24 hours for us to make your key available. Usually done in much less time however.

IMPORTANT: Once the key is available and you click “Decrypt Files”, please wait and let the decryption process complete before closing
this tool. This Process can take from 15 minutes to 2+ hours depending on how many files need to be decrypted. You will get a
notification thatthe decryption process is complete, at which time you can click “Exit”. Removing this tool from your computer without first
decrypting your files will cause your files to be lost forever.

*Please note that early bird qualification is determined from the date that this tool was first run as recorded on our servers.

The note presents requirements for the payment of supposedly encrypted files. The initial ransom payment is 100 USD to be payed in bitcoins. If the transfer to 1GmGBH9ra2dqA8CgRg8a8Rngx4qHb2hLDW BTC address is not received in the time period of 5 days, the ransom is increased to 250 USD. If the time keeps counting and there is still no payment made, the sum grows to 500 USD. The decryption key is said to be provided in 24 hours after the payment is made.

However, the above information is just for the general knowledge and you should under no means follow the instructions provided in the note. The thing is that the correct pass code, retrieved from the executable of CIA Special Agent 767 screen-locking malware is available here. For the purpose of censorship we are not writing it in this article. Once you enter it in the field of the key on the lock screen, you are popped the following message, which lets you know that the threat of encryption is a mere scam:


The Other Way CIA Special Agent 767 Screen Locker Can be Removed

CIA Special Agent 767 trojan can also be removed without having the key linked above. This can be done by rebooting the PC in the Safe Mode with networking and running the security software. We recommend installing Spyhunter anti-malware programs. The scan results will definitely contain the files dropped on the system by CIA Special Agent 767 malware and, most importantly, the program file of the malware itself. You will only need to confirm their removal. Additionally, there can be extra suspicious files detected. These files will be the files of other malicious or unwanted applications which has been present on the system. Remove all the files detected.

And, lastly, make sure to install free software in the Advanced or Custom mode and delete the additional programs contained in the setup wizard before they have gotten installed along with the actual app you are installing. Also update software from the official websites of the developers and protect your computer’s system with a reliable antivirus software.

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