Zlob is a backdoor Trojan that grants attackers control over the system, and allows them to perform malicious actions on the compromised computer – change essential system settings and modify certain files. However, the most well-known function of Zlob is to spread dangerous rogue anti-spyware parasites, such as SpyLocked¬†and SpyLocker. Zlob is closely connected to … Continued


Zlob.Media-Codec is dangerous trojan. Although it can’t do much damage on its own, it is able to trick people into downloading malware. And that may cause severe harm on the compromised machine. Zlob.Media-Codec trojan loads pop-ups and hijacks desktop. It displays the message that demands people to upgrade Windows Media Player. It also requires downloading … Continued


Zusy aka Tinba is small banker trojan ranging from 20k to 100k in size. The smallest version, 20k in size, is called Tinba (“Tiny Banker”). For this reason it can be called tiny but deadly. This trojan targets your bank account details and will send them to malware authors. It sends and receives information and … Continued

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