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BitCoinMiner is a group of trojans that install Bitcoin Miner application. Bitcoins are virtual currency that relies on complex computations. The more people do these computations, the safer the network is from hacking attempts. Due to its nature it is possible to earn small sums of coins by performing these computations. The number of bitcoins (BTCs) earned is reduced over time, thus it is not really useful to run miners on your own computer without specialized hardware.

The detected name varies depending on security software you use. Firstly, it is quite often BCminer (from the short name for Bitcoins). Also, there are multiple versions for mining bitcoin – alike coins that use different algorithms, like Etherium, Zcash or Monero.

However, this is misused by malware makers who infect hundreds of PCs in order to run various BitCoinMiners. They gain money much more effectively compared to legitimate ones as they do not have to pay for electricity or computers that perform the calculations. The longer malware mines on infected PCs, the more Bitcoins cyber-criminals get for free.

BitCoinMiner Trojan

Older versions of BitCoinMiner like Trojan.Cointbitminer used CPU only. This was very inefficient, thus new versions target gaming PCs that have powerful video cards. These cards perform computations more efficiently, thus one could earn BTCs faster.

Typically, you will not see much of symptoms when infected with BitCoin Miner. Your PC might be a bit slower than usual, however, the application runs on full power only when you are not using your computer. If you feel that your PC cooler is working harder when you are not working on it, it might be a sign of CoinMiner virus infection.

This infection is not very dangerous alone. However, the important point is that BitCoinMiner got installed on your PC somehow. This can be a sign of serious PC infestation, for example, being part of some sort of Botnet owned by illegal miners. At any time they might re-focus from BitCoins to making money by stealing your banking details or sending out spam. It is advisable to remove the miner and all other infections from your computer.

BitCoinminer: infection or harmless?

Bitcoins have several benefits. Firstly, transactions are very fast and irreversible. This is very attractive for cyber-criminals as they don’t want any charge-backs. Secondly, they are almost-anonymous and it is hard to find the person that owns the wallet with the coins. Thirdly, this currency is not controlled by anyone and any government. All these things make owning Bitcoins interesting for both honest and dishonest people (2).

Antiviruses know about Bitcoin Mining Trojans, and it is easier to detect the Miner (that has to do specific computations) that thousands of possible parasite versions. If you have installed such application yourself and your antivirus detects it, you can leave the application on your computer. It is not dangerous on itself as long as it is properly configured and does not use malware maker wallet credentials for sending money.

Miner.bitcoinminer activity 7 virus

Recently we have noticed that the activity level of this virus is really high – a lot of the users are complaining about this infection because various anti-malware tools are detecting it by this name. As we have mentioned above, this virus is using resources of the infected system to mine cryptocurrencies, so users that are suffering from Miner.bitcoinminer activity 7, usually notice that their computers are running much slower.

Actually, there is another version of BitcoinMiner Activity 7 – it’s BitcoinMinter Activity 9. Both of those viruses are generally the same, the only difference is the name they are identified by. Regardless of what version you have on your computer, you should still take serious cyber security actions to solve the problem.

Slower work of your computer is not the only symptom that is going to bother you due to Miner.bitcoinminer activity 7 virus – there are plenty of them:

  • Your personal information can be collected and leaked to third parties;
  • Your system might be infected with other viruses;
  • You can get scammed and lose your money.

As you can see, BitcoinMinner is no joke and you should definitely take it seriously. Miners rose to the spotlight when cryptocurrencies became really popular, so cyber criminals began to look for alternative methods how to make money. This resulted in the increased number lf miner infections.

How To Deal With Miner.bitcoinminer Activity 7?

To eliminate such infection you should really get yourself professional anti-malware software. If you have detected this infection, chances are that you already use some kind of anti-malware tool. In case it is unable to completely remove it, you need to have other reliable option.

We highly recommend to try Spyhunter. Either of those programs should have no problems in detecting and eliminating the virus from your computer. All you have to do is to scan your system with one of these apps. Also, you can take a look at our reviews section of most reliable anti-malware tools in the market.


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6 responses to “BitCoinMiner

  1. Great post! I did a recent article on how to remove BitcoinMiner malware and the assessment was well worth it. My evaluation of the malware was quite intriguing and I showed how the malware operates and uses a computer’s resource without the knowledge of the user. Online users should definitely beware of this malware or else the creators of BitCoinminer will have their computer working as a slave.

  2. Great article, this second time I got this type of infection on my gaming rig an hit man pro works wonderful. I’m positive both times my infection came from a mod site for games as this is only time my PC is online ever. I have a laptop for regular internet activities, this being said be careful what you download.

  3. If you’re here because of a miner from a recent TORRENT this is what you should do:
    This particular miner is disguised as an issch.exe process;
    -Open task manager and look for “issch.exe”-> “Open file location”
    -Delete the whole folder that’s holding the exe file
    -End “issch.exe” process tree from task manager
    -Open “Task Scheduler”->look in “Active Tasks” tab for one with location= “\”
    -look in every tasks’ “Actions” tab to find the one that runs the process at the folder location you deleted, and delete that task

    Hope this helps.

  4. I have a wanring coming up on mu computer that “Miner has stopped working”. Should I be concerned about this?

  5. Hello, Terry, thank you for your question. To be able to answer it, I need to know whether you do use Bitcoin Miner to mine bitcoins on purpose, or you have never done it and this message just showed up on your computer?

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