Cloud Packager Miner Trojan - How to remove

Cloud Packager Miner Trojan inserts NvProfileUpdater64.exe and wdf.exe files into operating systems for the purpose of mining cryptocurrencies. This means that CPU resources are over-utilized and the same fate is meant for GPU processing power. We have noticed a steady increase in the number of crypto-mining malware threats. Last week we investigated examples like Quick Searcher Miner and Soft Cores miner. The main title of the newly-detected miner comes from an uninstall entry which is Cloud Packager

Cloud Packager Trojan is coming after your system resources

Both of the earlier mentioned Trojans were reported to arrive into operating systems without permission and use computers’ resources for the purpose of secretively mining Monero digital currency. Mining in general is not an illegal activity and some people can definitely profit from it (Cryptomining: A Major Boost for Hardware Firms). However, when a device is turned into a crypto-mining tool without its owners permission, then this means that greedy people are attempting to create a network of computers (all mining money for them). A recent event showed how far hackers are willing to go: they hacked CoinHive and replaced its legitimate JavaScript codes.

Cloud Packager Miner Trojan

The first sign of a Cloud Packager Trojan is the fact that your operating system is acting slower than usual. Regular procedures are taking longer to be completed, programs are crashing or freezing (Why Cryptojacking Is The Next Big Cybersecurity Threat). We have mentioned the two files that this infection will implant into devices. It appears that they serve different purposes and exploit different system resources. NvProfileUpdater64.exe virus is meant to over-work your GPU power.

On the other hand, wdf.exe exploits your CPU resources. These files are attempted to be seen as Windows services: WDF Sound and NVIDIA Driver Profile Updater. However, if you notice any of these applications, remember that they are used for one purpose: to secretly mine crypto-currency of Monero and bring profit for hackers instead of you.

If you open your Task Manager, you should notice that wdf.exe process will be indicated as regular procedure of Windows. However, this is not true as this procedure should not be happening in your operating system. In addition to this, you should notice that this procedure will exploit a massive amount of your CPU resources (Managing CPU usage). It could be at it will obtain over 70% of your resources. Similar percentages are exploited by all miners, for instance, Crypto-Loot miner.  This will definitely impact the usage of your computer: everything will work slower and you won’t be able to exploit your computer as you are used to. Do not allow vicious programmers to take advantage of your device: prevent crypto-miners from entering your computer.

How can you stop crypto-miners from entering?

There are a few ways that infections like Cloud Packager and XMRig can be avoided. The first option indicates that you can block them while using certain AdBlockers. In addition to this, some anti-virus tools are already starting to incorporate miner-blockers. One of the most promising ideas is the one that Google has announced. It plans to incorporate miner-blocking feature in their Google Chrome browser. This would certainly be an improvement for all users.

What are the most commons ways for miners of cryptocurrencies to be distributed?

One of the easiest techniques to transmit miners is to incorporate their JavaScript codes into websites. In some cases, vicious domain-owners could automatically insert miners into devices (without authorization from users). This is all it takes for a hacker to infect users with thieves of system resources. Therefore, it is important to block them. On the other hand, they could also come bundled together with random browser extensions. One of the first extensions to bring a miner was the SafeBrowse Chrome add-on. Therefore, avoid little-known programs and extensions.

To protect yourself from malware viruses, we hope you will consider getting a respectable anti-malware tool. Use Spyhunter for regular scans and you should be able to prevent malware infections from doing any damage to your device.

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