PC Repair PRO

Have you recently noticed a new application on your computer called PC Repair PRO, which persistently keeps bringing pop-ups showing all the issues with your Windows system? Do you not recall installing anything like this program? Is your computer working just fine but the new software keeps telling that there are critical errors which need immediate … Continued

PC Speed Maximizer

PC Speed Maximizer is a poor registry cleaner. Even though its design might look professional and the way it functions might seem like it is a legitimate program, one should not get tricked by this first impression. PC Speed Maximizer is only a scam that wants to get money from you. One might notice that … Continued


PCProtect rogue anti-malware tool is advertised as a highly convenient tool to protect operating systems from cyber threats. It belongs to an UK-based developing company SS Protect Ltd. It promises to run smart-scans to reassure that a device would be functioning properly and would not malfunction. However, such applications do not strike our security team … Continued

Qbit Mac Cleaner

Qbit Mac Cleaner belongs to the family of potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) specifically attacking Mac computers. This program is identical to Qbit Mac Speedup and similar according to its actions to Smart Mac Booster, Mac Cleanup Pro and some other fake system optimization tools targeting Mac OS X. These are several specific features of these … Continued

Quick Mac Care

Quick Mac Care is described by its authors as the best application to clean up and speed up your Mac. The program is developed by PC Tonics Inc. This company also develops Win Tonic, Driver Tonic and some other utilities correctly detected as potentially unwanted programs (PUPs). The developers mention that it works as system … Continued


RegDefense is a falsely designed registry cleaner which tries to swindle the money from unsuspecting computer users. Widely advertised to have many features and benefits, RegDefense reports deceitful or exaggerated system errors and makes the user think about its commercial version to remove all these problems from his computer. RegDefense comes to the PC system … Continued

Registry Doc

Registry Doc, also known as RegistryDoc, stands for a tool supposed to essentially boost up the system performance, get rid of junk data, fix registry issues, enhance the functionality of browsers and help people to access their documents in a more faster way. The first impression of the program is pretty positive when looking at … Continued

Micorsoft Security Essential Pro 2013

Micorsoft Security Essential Pro 2013 is fresh rogue antivirus that tries to cash in on free Microsoft Security Essentials. However, it is obvious on the first sign that this one is fake. First of all, MES Pro 2013 will not install normally, but as fake updates or shareware distributed through shady channels. Generally, once you … Continued

Safe PC Cleaner

Safe PC Cleaner rogue system optimizer can be described as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) which had its first steps in this industry in 2013. Over the years, it continued to promote its alleged top-notch functions like browser optimization, privacy protection, management of startup, and auto-cleaning of outdated apps, junk files, and other errors. It … Continued


Scandisk or Scandisk Defragger is another version of rogue system defragmenters. Though it uses a name of a well-known utility that cheks and repairs file systems or bad clusters on the hard drive, this fake system defragmenter has nothing in common with a legitimate program. Distributed by trojans in infected websites, it attacks infected PCs … Continued

Security Defender

Security Defender is dangerous cyber threat that will foolishly inform you about tons of infections detected and also will suggest the way of their elimination. Have no doubts that, just like you have been asked by Antimalware Defender malware, you will be asked to pay a fee for the ‘full’ version additionally which will be … Continued

Similar Photo Cleaner

Similar Photo Cleaner is supposed to be a useful free tool that belongs to the category of system optimizers. It should scan your computer and locate photos and images that are duplicated or very similar to each other and then remove copies, thus saving some space on the hard drive and enhancing the performance of … Continued

“Smart Repair” Data Recovery

Data Recovery (S.M.A.R.T Repair version) is the fresh version of fake defragmenters that attack PCs worldwide. It replaces its predecessor Smart HDD and shares the same design. The “Data Recovery” name was already used by the same family of malware. “Smart Repair” Data Recovery is closely related to Rogue Antiviruses, as it displays fake, unrealistic … Continued

Smart Defragmenter

Smart Defragmenter is another fake optimization tool, similar to System Defragmenter. Spread by trojans, it blocks execution of legitimate software programs by claiming that the disk is inaccessible and has lots of errors. This includes not only hard disk (that are “in danger”) but ram memory and registry as well. While registry fragmentation exists, it … Continued

Smart HDD

Smart HDD (you can also find it named as S.M.A.R.T. HDD) is another version of fake system optimizers and focusing on simulating hardware failures instead malware attacks or registry issues. A clone of HDD Rescue and Smart Defragmenter, and many other disk defragmenters, this malware was released only a few days after the last one. … Continued

Smart Mac Tuneup

Smart Mac Tuneup program now attacks Mac OS X computers primarily in the US. The software is advertised as a great tool to help you get rid of unwanted cache, logs, partial downloads, large files and trash items. Privacy protection is another feature that Smart Mac Tuneup describes as its integral component. Nevertheless, there are … Continued


SmartPCFix is a system optimizer that promises to scan your computer, identify threats and fix them in order to make it function quicker and more efficient. Yet it does not find any true viruses, Trojans or other malware. Moreover, it might mark harmless files as malicious, removing of which would even damage your computer‘s functioning. … Continued


SpeedMaxPc is malicious rogue software that claims to be able to make your computer become more efficient and operate at faster speeds. It states it can optimize system processes, slow PC speed, erase browse cache, clear history, manage processes and clear junk files. This system optimizer is provided by Nubrand Software. Although what it promises … Continued

System Check

System Check is a dangerous application that should be named ‘the fake PC defragmenter’. This tool is released by the same FakeSysDef malware creators who should be blamed for releasing Data Repair, System Fix and other scams that report about invented hard drive problems detected on your PC. Please, keep in mind that you must … Continued

System Defragmenter

System Defragmenter is a noxious program that imitates a computer optimization tool that scans computer system and detects disc problems. This rogue application is installed to random computers through malware infections and uses typical methods in order to trick computer users and rip them off by selling a fake program. Right when System Defragmenter is … Continued

System Fix

System Fix is another virus which is apparently going to use users’ trustiness and swindle the money additionally. By making its victim believe that he has a deal with completely legitimate computer’s optimization program, SystemFix also encourages its victims to think about purchasing registered version which should eliminate all hard drive errors ‘detected’. However, if … Continued

System Recovery

System Recovery is a form of PC malware that tries to make money from selling services you do not need. This classifies it as Rogue application. It belongs to fake hard disk defragmenters, similar to PC Repair parasite. One should understand, that System Recovery is not an actual program, but a form of trojans that … Continued

System Repair Virus

System Repair Virus is a dangerous PC optimization utility that will seek the only thing – to make its creators rich. The program is based on fake alerts that always report hard drive errors in order to make PC users scared. Though System Repair Virus has trustworthy-looking User Interface just like Windows XP Fix, Windows … Continued

System Restore (fake)

The fake System Restore is a fake PC optimization tool that must be eliminated before it starts messing your PC up. It hails from the same group of scams just like Data Restore or Data Repair that all start misleading their victims about hard drive problems detected once they manage to get inside. If you … Continued

Tapsnake virus (CronDNS, Dubfishicv)

Have you been searching online and out of nowhere a scary pop-up with a loud beep came on your screen saying that ‘Your Mac Is Infected With 3 Viruses!’? Were the listed viruses named Tapsnake, CronDNS, and Dubfishicv? If that sounds familiar to you, then don’t worry and rush to install the offered security program by … Continued

Ultra Defragger

Ultra Defragger is the latest addition to fake rogue defragmenters. This tool is trying to scare you by showing various alerts about hardware malfunctions of your PC so you would pay for its repair. Comparing to real system repair tools, Ultra Defragger is advertised using Trojans and does not repair system for real. Not that … Continued

Webmoka Cleaner Malware

Webmoka Cleaner is advertised as a useful PC optimization utility. However, if you were hoping that it would improve the performance of your PC, this is not it. This application doesn’t have most of the features promised on its home page. On top of that, Webmoka installs clicker malware in the background. This is a program that you should … Continued

Win Defragmenter

Win Defragmenter is a rogue application which poses to be powerful enough to improve your computer’s performance and remove errors. However, it appears to be replacing Win Defrag, HDD Control, Quick Defragmenter and many other viruses hailing from this nasty group of rogues. Having legitimate antivirus tool installed on your PC does not guarantee that … Continued

Win Disk

WinDisk is typical malware which will stop its misleading commercial campaign only when you remove it from your computer. Don’t fall into its tricky alerts telling about hard disk problems detected. This optimizer is nothing but useless application that invents these issues in order to sell so called ‘licensed’ version of Win Disk. So, as … Continued

Win Scan

Win Scan is the most annoying scamware which has been completely copied from another malware famous for its fraudulent activity – Windows Tool. Just like the earlier variant of Win Scan, this program is the hackers’ invention created for making users concerned about their PCs. If you get infected with it, you will be informed … Continued

Windows 7 Fix

Windows 7 Fix is another member of fake defragmenter family released in the beginning of July. Created to swindle the money from trustful PC users, this threat gets into the targeted system similarly to other its version Windows XP Fix and Windows Vista Fix: it uses Trojans that come inside through security vulnerabilities found. That … Continued

Windows 7 Recovery

Windows 7 Recovery is the program that may appear on your computer out of nowhere. Because it designed to rely on such Trojans as TDSS rootkit, you won’t be informed about its intrusion. It will be simply downloaded through security vulnerabilities found. Additionally, Windows 7 Recovery will start to display continuous alerts about hard drive … Continued

Windows Care Tool

Windows Care Tool is a malicious program that was designed for the one big purpose which is to rip users off. As any other representative from this family, Windows Care Tool may look completely legitimate security program because it displays trustworthy looking alerts reporting about various errors and viruses detected. The fact is that these … Continued

Windows Diagnostic

Windows Diagnostic is another fake system optimizer from new generation of defragger family. Despite its name, it has nothing to do with legitimate Microsoft programs or any other legitimate programs. Windows Diagnostic is a phishing scam that tries to force users into paying for non-functional software and giving away credit card details. Windows Diagnostics malware … Continued

Windows Disk

WindowsDisk is another member of fake defragmenters’ family. It seems like only its GUI is the main difference if we compare it and other variants released earlier, like Windows Disk, Memory Optimizer, Disk Helper or Disk Optimizer. Windows Disk uses identical ways of infiltration based on Trojan bundled fake online pop-up ads and scanners. Besides, … Continued

Windows Fix Disk

Windows Fix Disk is a fake system optimization program which has been designed identically to other malware threats, like System Restore or Windows Tool. All hailing from the same fraudulent family, these scams seek the only goal – to rip users off by reporting various hard disk issues and problems. Besides, to create an impression … Continued

Windows Optimization Center

Windows Optimization Center is a malicious program that mostly reaches targeted computers without users’ permission. Being distributed through Trojans and other malware, this rogue anti-spyware is also set to start as soon as computer becomes active and then begin its malicious campaign dedicated for swindling the money. This scam is presented as Operating System fix … Continued

Windows Performance

Windows Performance  is a fake security tool recommends fixing windows security and performance errors and provide better overall network security. Of couse, free version is not capable of fixing these and you would have to pay. In fact most of the problems detected are not real – they are created to convince you into paying … Continued

Windows Repair

Windows Repair is a fake system optimization utility that was released in end of March, 2011. This malware belongs to new version of defraggers, that try to imitate and then detect various hardware problems to present a faked solution for them. Additionally, Windows Repair infect PC with help of trojans and vulnerabilities, thus it is … Continued

Windows Restore

Windows Restore has been announced by computer experts to be another fraudulent application, fake computer analysis program, which must be eliminated just like any other malware. Though it may use some tricks for making you think that it is legitimate, like Critical Error alerts or other, Windows Restore tries only to rip users off. It … Continued

Windows Vista Repair

Windows Vista Repair is fake, so never pay for its license! Just like Windows XP Repair, this scam will declare that it has detected numerous hard drive errors on your PC and that you need to purchase its licensed version for eliminating them. However, in reality Windows Vista Repair is a fake defragmenter which is … Continued

Windows XP Fix

Windows XP Fix is a fake defragmenter which will offer its paid services after making you scared about your PC’s situation. Besides, it will delete shortcuts found in various locations, so when you try to launch a program from start menu, you will see no shortcuts so you may definitely believe that your machine has … Continued

Windows XP Recovery

Windows XP Recovery is a dangerous scamware which will start asking you to pay for its hard drive fixing services as soon as it will get inside your machine. Though it may look trustworthy and legitimate computer’s optimization tool, this program only mimics its work because it has no database. It is set to start … Continued

Windows XP Repair

Windows XP Repair is a new malicious tool from the same creators as Windows XP Recovery. This program will present itself as powerful PC optimization program which is capable enough to find all hard drive problems on your computer. It can be easily predetermined that Windows XP Repair will ‘detect’ numerous issues on your hard … Continued

WinZip Driver Updater virus

WinZip Driver Updater is a rogue application that is detected by antivirus programs, shows down your computer with unnecessary scans, and shows unwanted pop-ups. It is meant to help you update all drivers just in one click, ensure that your Windows is always up to date, and to back up and restore any drivers whenever you … Continued

Xbit tool Pro

Xbit tool Pro is a third party program promoted as a PC protection utility. It claims to make a PC run faster with the help of tools like a registry cleaner and startup cleaner. Though not quite a virus, Xbit tool Pro has all the marks of a and should be avoided by those who … Continued

XP Anti-Spyware

XP Anti-Spyware 2011 is a fake anti-spyware program which was let into the wild for making you tricked into purchasing its license. However, this malware is an ultimately fraudulent money-hunter which should be removed as soon as you notice its license.It hails from a huge family of malwares that change their names according to OS found … Continued

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