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System Fix

System Fix is another virus which is apparently going to use users’ trustiness and swindle the money additionally. By making its victim believe that he has a deal with completely legitimate computer’s optimization program, SystemFix also encourages its victims to think about purchasing registered version which should eliminate all hard drive errors ‘detected’. However, if you have been infected by malware you should know that fake optimization tools such as System Fix are not capable to detect or fix any error on the hard drive. The one program which can help to stop this program from pop-upping every time you are using your PC is legitimate anti-spyware, such as spyhunter, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, Hitman Pro or other. If you notice System Fix on your machine, run a full system scan with these programs and eliminate it from your computer.

System Fix is designed to get inside the system without any sign. This is done through fake scanner pages and infected domains that get through security vulnerabilities found. This unauthorized intrusion will be immediately followed by some unnoticeable modifications made for the registry what helps for this scamware launch once you reboot your PC. System Fix then will start exhibiting its behavior: it will be triggering multiple hard drive scanners and will additionally show up on its faked popup ads telling about some odd hard drive errors detected on your hard drive. In most of the cases, these detection reports look like that:


Critical Error!
Damaged hard drive clusters detected. Private data is at risk.

Critical Error
RAM memory usage is critically high. RAM memory failure.

Activation Reminder
Data Restore Activation
Advanced module activation required to fix detected errors and performance issues. Please purchase Advanced Module license to activate this software and enable all features.

System Error
An error occurred while reading system files. Run a system diagnostic utility to check your hard disk drive for errors.

Hard Drive Failure
The system has detected a problem with one or more installed IDE / SATA hard disks. It is recommended that you restart the system.

Critical Error
Hard drive critical error. Run a system diagnostic utility to check your hard disk drive for errors. Windows can’t find hard disk space. Hard drive error.

Make sure you ignore all alerts displayed by System Fix. This scamware must be eliminated from your workstation once it is noticed there! Being released by the same scammers who released Data Restore and other scams, this malware won’t stop popping up once you start your computer and you will simply be disabled from using yoyr PC normally. As you can see, System Fix pretends to perform a PC security function but its activity is nothing but pretending. Remove  System Fix powerful malvertising tool called  only it starts appearing on your desktop with its fake alerts about hard drive errors detected.When you come across this malware, reboot your infected machine to Safe Mode with Networking and the launch updated spyhunter. If you are disabled to do that, disable System Fix by entering this registration code which has been used to disable earlier released fake optimizers from this family: 1203978628012489708290478989147.

Automatic Malware removal tools

Download Spyhunter for Malware detection

Note: Spyhunter trial provides detection of parasites and assists in their removal for free. limited trial available, Terms of use, Privacy Policy, Uninstall Instructions,

Download Combo Cleaner for Malware detection

Note: Combo Cleaner trial provides detection of parasites and assists in their removal for free. limited trial available, Terms of use, Privacy Policy, Uninstall Instructions, Refund Policy ,

Manual removal

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  1. i got the same virus on my desktop-pc… i used the system recovery under windows 7. now the system runs as before…

  2. Hi, I was affected by this virus today. I managed to get rid of it but the list of my programs in the start button is incomplete and most program listed show as empty, even though I was able to verify that some of them are on the system and function. How could I get my list back the way it was? Many thanks in advance for your help!

  3. Hi, TEMP folder is empty and there could be no hidden files in it as I run a unhide program after removing the virus. Programs are there but do not know where to get them to restore the start lists. Any other ideas?

  4. Have done that and found everything, have copied over to the relevant places and lists are back to normal! Thx so much for your help!

  5. Got system fix from a fake USPS email. I have used malwarebytes which helped so much and managed to restore all my icons with a restore download but I can’t get my internet to work. It’s connected because my wifi on my iphone still works but won’t pull up any internet explorer window. I can’t even change internet settings. I downloaded gridinsoft trojan killer but of course you have to pay for it to remove more than 5 things. It has alot more than five things that need to be removed, one of them saying internet explorer system fix in the title.

    So my question is, malware bytes didn’t remove it all and gridinsoft is 40 dollars. Is there any other way around this? Internet is only working in safe mode.

  6. Melea : scan with TDSS killer first, then see what files infected with Spyware Doctor. Your choice if to delete them manually or automatically with full version.

  7. I scanned with gridinsoft and manually removed all the infected files but my internet still didn’t work. Now my wifi isn’t working for my phones thanks to me trying to change settings.

    Should I just reinstall my wireless router and my cable modem? Everything else still works, just not internet except in safe mode.

    Thanks so much for the quick reply. With four kids and the holiday’s coming up I’m trying my best to avoid having someone come out and repair my computer or even having to purchase the full version if at all possible.

  8. I forgot to mention, I can’t get tdss to work at all. I’ve tried two different times and it never runs.

  9. I read the above advise about searching for TEMP folders, but and still having trouble finding my files as everything says “empty” Can you give me more specific directions? Thanks!


  10. @Melea
    If you are using Internet Explorer Check under Tools->Internet Options->Connections (Tab)-> Lan settings and make sure the proxy is NOT enabled. Another nasty trick these scamware creators do.

  11. Good day.
    My laptop faced all these system fis problems. I install the malwarebytes anti malware and do the necessary scanning. I still cannot get rid of the system fix. Moreover there are a lot of pop-ups like ” windows-delayed write failed ‘ on the screen. What shall i do?

  12. Malwarebytes seems to have removed it, but I also have several (empty) application links in my Start/All Programs menu. I can manually find my programs, but man is that a pain! Also lost my Chrome bookmarks. Any useful tips are appreciated!

  13. Dave: search whole C:\ drive for shortcuts (.lnk) to your programs. They are moved to some folder, usually in subfolder of %TEMP%

  14. Husband just infected our other workstation. Now, can’t even get into control panel….was running Windows XP….would it be just easier to install new OS? Would that overwrite the system fix files???

  15. Hey. i actually downloaded the spyware doctor but it doesnt remove it even malwarebytes its still black (desktop) please help i need to get back my computer just like before.

  16. I have windows 7 and half of my icons are gone. There are no programs shown in my the list when I click on the Start button. It ate my Malwarebytes icon. Any suggestions?

  17. This is just a way of getting us to buy spywaredoctor. It does not work.
    Maybe if you went into view every single folder and click un-hide, it may work.
    Also, the virus changes your restore name to rstrui, but it also hides it and all its files and folders. This sucks.

  18. Rod :
    You need to find and copy back hidden folders and files. The malware is either detected and removed before that, or, if trojan is very fresh, you will need to try other soft.
    Actually, real system restore executable name is rstrui ( shortening from system ReSTore User Interface), malware removes a shortcut to it only.
    Real system restore is good against messed up drivers, but leaves some malware behind.

  19. I had this infect me. Very scary thing. The combination of Malwarebytes and System Restore helped me recover for the most part. But I think there are some things that may need fixing. First, IE appears to crash randomly stating it cant run a certain file. I am assuming a plugin got hosed. Also, I have a program that capture streaming flash video. The program seems to work but the stand along flash viewer is not working. I am trying to uninstaill an reinstall everything related to that.

  20. Hi,
    I got infected with System Fix last night and have spent the better part of 10 hours downloading every possible spyware system etc and it will not get rid of it. Malware bytes detects nothing, and all the other ones cost money.

    Can anyone walk me through how to get rid of this virus?
    I am scared to do it the manual way as Im unsure whether by deleting those files I will compromise my computer.
    Thank you so much for help

    From a confuddled student.

  21. Thank you very much for your help.
    Malwarebytes Anti-Malware – did it for me.
    I was about to reformat my HDD, but thanks to your help, i managed to get rid of System Fix.
    Why do idiots do this??????????

  22. @John- Turn off system restore, reboot in safe mode. Download latest vs of Malwarebytes, update and run again. I kept running into same problem. Tech friend of mine suggested this and it worked, only other thing I had to do was download the unhide program then everything is back to normal with exception of desktop background.

  23. Hi, I have located all my files in the temp folder but I have no idea where to put them to restore them. Is there anyway to restore them automatically? Can someone help me with this?

  24. Different Rod from above. I had to transfer Malwarebytes from a flash drive because it deleted EVERYTHING including my browser. Installed it, ran the scan, selected the option to remove all the corruptions/malware/spyware and it said I had to restart my comp to complete the removal. I hit okay – it restarts my computer and when it turns on the error windows come back and Malwarebytes is deleted. I reinstall Malwarebytes and it says its out of date but when I try to update it, no downloads happen and now there are no folders to open for when I want to install Malwarebytes from my flash drive so I can’t open my flash drive folder…..HEEEEELP!!!

  25. i did all the malware bytes and unhide crap and system fix was still right there, however then i had enough stuff back to go to search type in “system fix” and delete all the extra files that were lingering. maybe it worked, havent restarted the computer yet to double check though
    hope this offers some help

  26. I have this on my laptop but my desktop has basicly been wiped and it says I have absolutely no program’s installed apart from mcafee. It’s hard to explain but I can upload screen shots via my iPad or something I guess. Like I said, I can’t access anything at all with the exception of mcafee so can’t get on Internet explorer to download software. Please any help would be brilliant! Thanks, dan

  27. My computer just got fucked up by this virus, I remembered a virus i had before was like this, so i went into the program files and renames the system fix files and another one i think was related to it. I restarted my laptop and now the program didnt auto start so i deleted it. Im currently updating malwarebytes and am going to run unhide.exe hopefully my computer isnt screwed.

  28. hi.. I also have this virus. When I turn on my computer this “System fix” is on and my background deskop is black, there is no icons, start button is also empty.. My computer is like vegetating.What I must do to fix this?

  29. I too have the virus and nothing worked for me. I am doing a system recovery back to it’s original settings. Thank God I just got this laptop and don’t have much on it yet! I did download and pay for the Spyware Doctor which didn’t work! I hope I get my money back on that! Good Luck to the rest of you. It locked my documents and applications!

  30. Dottie: Contact pc tools support. It would be great if you would submit fresh sample of malware for them as well, as it must be a fresh version released recently.

  31. I followed the manual instructions which stopped the process but still had hidden program files and exe files. Downloaded a unhide program and ran it and am up and running again Thanks!

  32. I had this virus also today. I am happy to find this web site and comments. I did a system restore (Windows 7) and the computer works good like before. But all my personal files (word doc, pictures, cad files …) are gone. All my personal folders are empty. How do I restore those files? Thanks in advance for your help.

  33. hola me caba de pasar lo mismi y no se como hacer que funcione estoy desesperada por favor tengo mucha informacion en mi ordenador y se me borro todo que hago mi sistema es windows xp

  34. Man I just got this virus out of no where last night, and it slowly took control of my computer. At one point the only thing running was system fix and every icon was gone on startup menu and desktop. So i searched system restore and it took a long time but it restored, but I lost all my files!! All my pictures, documents, videos are all gone. 🙁 Does anyone know how I can get it back?

  35. Jeffery T I am currently having the same issues. I am searching for a free file unearaser and hoping for the best. Whatever you do do NOT save the file to your computer once you find a program the will undelete your files. save it to disc or something else. this will over write and erased data. Good luck….. i spent $50 on a program that did NOTHING!!!

  36. I got this virus last night messed my system, used malware bytes still dosent solve problem, then i used tdss killer still dosent solve the problem, i cant even use system restore it wont let me it keeps on saying it fails, my exam is in 11 days please help!!!!!!!

  37. I got this on my computer earlier… Thankfully, I’m part of the IT team at the hospital I work for so I deal with this kind of thing from time to time. Anyway, I have Windows 7 Pro 64 bit OS. I first started Windows in Safe Mode then went into msconfig and stopped the program from starting up. After that, I reset the computer and opened it back up in Safe Mode. I ran Malwarebytes which found 2 files to remove. I then performed a System Restore and poof, back to normal. Hope this is of help to someone else in the future. Good luck. 🙂

  38. It looks like the program hides all your files so you cant access them. Change your tools to “show hidden files” and then change each folders properties and uncheck the Hidden box

  39. @Jason

    What do you mean by you went into ‘msconfig’ and stopped the program from starting up. For someone who doesn’t know a whole lot about computers, I have no clue how to do that. Some guidance would be greatly appreciated!

  40. Same kaci as posting before. After trying to get rid of the virus, I read about doing a system restore. Worked! So I would recommend everyone to try it!

  41. I can not get to system recovery or any other file on my computer. Control panel all files are blocked , Incan not get around this virus at all ! Help


  42. I’m trying system restore. you can search ‘restore’ and the compute will show the system restore function

  43. If malwarebytes does not remove it for anyone I was able (as far as I know) to remove is with MS Security Essentials. What I am still unclear on after reading this wonderful page is exactly how to keep all my programs from showing empty. Are the shortcuts broken because the programs have been moved or are the files just hidden and I need to unhide them? And if I am going to have to do a system restore in the event she actually has documents missing that will take care of all of this, correct?
    Thank you so much for your help.

  44. I found the solution!! Go to your folder and go to properties, then check it to hidden and make everything in it hidden. Apply it. and then uncheck hidden and everything will appear again. 🙂

  45. Where is the “System Recovery” icon? This virus attacked me today and I’m having trouble getting rid of it. HELP!

  46. I just got this virus and am clueless as to how to get rid of it. I am running Trend Micro Antivirus, but so far it has found nothing. Can someone please walk me through this? Thanks

  47. I have a Windows XP, despite eveything I’ve seen here I can’t even seem to get anywhere on my computer to attempt some of the above mentioned fixes. Help!

  48. Help! anyone? I have read all the info here and I am trying to turn off system restore, however I can’t seem to find my control panel…. I know I know I sound like a copm noob, you know push the any key. I can’t find the any key. My start panel no longer has my control panel listed and on my new Windows 7 I’m not sure where to find it.

  49. Well I was able to search for turn of system restore and access my control pannel that way. Just a seggestion for anyone that needs to get into the control panel but can no longer find it due to this damn virus.

  50. @admin
    I am having the same problem. I used spybot, and it seems to have cleaned my pc. My start button still lists my program folders, but they all say empty. Similarly, I cannot find any of my documents.
    I was able to get to my program files and start up Firefox. I went to google docs, downloaded a word document, and suddenly office reappeared. Now when I try to open a file, there are no files to be found, but I can get to these nonexistent files by clicking the recent tab.
    Please help I’m frustrated, and can’t quite figure out the next step.
    I don’t understand what you meant, when you posted to pallegre to search by link name through the whole disk.

  51. Dear admin, after removing the Systemfix from my computer and desktop, my programs are still empty and shortcuts missing from my desktop. I have read through the entries here and I still do not understand the process of looking in the temp file and copying the files? I need more direction on what to copy and to where?? Please help…I need up and running to work. Also, what might have been the origin of this systemfix junk? Thank you for any help you can offer!

  52. Same as Rob, please can you explain in simple terms how to get program’s and documents back as I do not understand either. Thanks in advance

  53. Holly, Amanda: There are 2 ways documents are hidden.
    First, ensure that you see all the hidden files.
    Open Folder Options by clicking the Start button , clicking Control Panel, clicking Appearance and Personalization, and then clicking Folder Options.
    Click the View tab.
    Under Advanced settings, click Show hidden files and folders, and then click OK.
    Another way is running start->cmd, cd Documents (or C:\Users\your username\Documents or C:\Documents and Settings )\your username\Documents )
    then running attrib -sh *.*
    NEXT, if this does not bring files back, search WHOLE C:\ disk for files that are missing. Make sure you search in hidden and system folders as well.

  54. I am able to view my files except for internet explorer. Any ideas on how to restore? Also, Our computer is still running slow. Any ideas on how to restore the speed? Thanks!

  55. Beth: if pc is still slow, i would scan with anti-malware programs to make sure system fix is gone. The files are only hidden.

  56. We are finding the user’s Windows profile (and contents) hidden, thanks to System Fix, and prefer to rebuild said profile, rather than attempting to change attributes (for the folder & its contents). There are files and/or folders that should remain hidden under one’s profile, so attrib’ing “these” over “those” is just too cumbersome.

  57. If you want a little extra support, try PROCESS BLOCKER. This underappreciated application will block suspect executables from ever running! It plays nicely with McAfee (and more), giving the user an extra layer of protection against whatever sneaks into your Temp folder. (Just be sure to edit the list as you move along.)

  58. Thanks for the help. All my document folders were set to read only and hidden. I can now find all my stuff. Just one lasr problem, how can I get my programs back onto my start menu.

  59. My program file directories are flagged as read only. Is this normal or related to the malware?

  60. I used the tip to search system restore after opening my Windows 7 pro machine in safe mode. Used system restore, ran malwarebytes and removed 2 infections. Restarted then ran unhide.exe and all is good with all folders visible again.
    Thanks for your help on here.

  61. I need help. System Fix is giving me MANY of the same problems, and I can’t figure out HOW to DO these things you’re suggesting because ALL of my icons and startup menu folders are all gone or hidden. I don’t know how to start my computer in safemode, I don’t know how to find the System Fix files to rename them so they won’t open on startup. I downloaded and ran Clamwin, but did not remove any files. Then I downloaded Hitman Pro which deleted a lot of files. Upon re-start is when all of my icons disappeared and when all of my start menu files became empty. Before I can fuss over how to get these files back, I need to get rid of System Fix. I couldn’t run MalwareBytes without paying $25/$30! I see that some people were not helped by MalwareBytes, and I don’t want to pay if it’s not going to work! I don’t have any discs to reinstall Windows 7 if things get even more messed up!

    ADMIN, please please help!

  62. I got it and paid them with my debit card two hours later I figured out what was going on, and fixed it. lost all my info and had to start over, but I have a clean machine now. I want to know, will they steal my money, as I paid with a debit card and they have it. Since they are crooks I am scared they will rob my bank Has anybody had that happen?

  63. Jillian
    Malwarebytes has free version, and it might remove System Fix (not all versions, like all removers). Although paid version is advisable, you do not need it to check.
    To reboot into safe mode (with networking), reboot, and press F8 at once. A menu will appear where you choose which mode to boot.
    Additionally, it is much simpler to try activation code. This should unblock applications from launching.

  64. A friend of mine referred me to this website. My son had two virus attacks System Fix and Win 7 Antivirus 2012, both fixes seemed to work. Thanks for all the information. I have this site bookmarked!

  65. I got this virus today on Win7 PC. It annoyed and worried me for sometime.
    Did a system restore, took about 15 minutes and my machine was back to normal.
    I had mcafee installed, but it wasnt able to pick this virus.

  66. I just picked up this infection and immediately did a reboot of my computer. Most computers have a “system recovery” upon start up (Mine was F11). Set it to do a restore of about a week prior, and so far (after 30 minutes), no issues. Going out today to get Kaspersky.

  67. hola tengo alguna forma de recuperar todo lo q habia en mi memoria luego de tener un ataque de sistema fix??

  68. What I did…
    1) booted into Safe Mode with Networking
    2) Start > Right-click on All Programs and choose Explore (Hey your stuff isn’t REALLY gone!)
    3) Find Malwarebytes and update. Run a full scan. Delete offending malware. Reboot PC.
    4) Run System Restore (Start > Run > type “%systemroot%\system32\restore\rstrui.exe” and OK.) back a few days (before the issue came up)
    5) Back to normal.

  69. This site is super. I also have this “System fix” virus on my computer. I have followed many of the suggestions I think I am just about there. I have all my hidden files unhidden, my programs are back om my start menu but still have a couple of issues. 1. My icons for my programs are back on mt desktop but they are all grayed out. 2. I tried to system restore but when I try open in system tools it comes up empty..In a quandry..

  70. @Loyd
    Loyd I followed your instructions and MKaleware found and removed infections. Great.. Now I am the system restore step but when I select date (which is a good one) the pc just hangs. It is still hanging and doesn’t go to the restore point.

    Any thoughts. Thanks for getting me this far..

  71. Loyd: try booting up normally. If MBAM cleaned up infections, you just have to fix some settings. Though I would run TDSS killer as well. If PC does not boot, then MBAM messed up and you need to repair PC from safe mode.

  72. So after following directions I have most everything back. However there are couple of remaining issues.
    1. My MS Office tools are missing. Cannot open Outlook at all
    2. My internet has been completely disabled.

    I did note that the c:/windows/prefetch folder has many of the application .exe files but the filenames have an additional extension on them (i.e. Exel.exe-1234E. pf )

    Any clues on how I can get these tools back?

  73. I got system fix and googled the how to remove solutions. The unhide.exe and tdss killer were loaded onto a usb stick from another computer. Unhide restored my icons and the tdss killer kept it at bay until I got Stopzilla downloaded and paid for after connecting to the net. IT kicked the crap out of system fix and my data and computer is back but I lost part of the drop down menu when you click the windows logo. I will keep working on it. The back ground picture was gone but I reset it from my picture files. The stopzilla was worth the money as it also found antivirus 2011(another scam) which I thought was gone from earlier in the year.

  74. I thought I should ad that I didnt have system restore on in vista. The fix worked with just the unhide, tdss killer and stopzilla.

  75. @Loyd
    i did what you told me to do, i went under safe mode with networking and i typed in “Explore” in the search box of all programs. i do not see my pictures. what is going on here. i am going to cry. how did this happen to me
    i do not know what to do!!!1

  76. Andrew : the files are hidden only or copied to some folder. Search your disk for .lnk files, copy them back in appropriate location

  77. I used the unhide and tdss then was able to use my computer to connect to the net to download stopzilla and pay for it. Once I ran it, system fix was gone and has not come back today. The full scan also found the other thing called antivirus 2011 which is a scam as well.

    ALL my files are there and in good order,pictures docs, videos – the lot!!
    What did happen is the clock on the side in Vista has gone missing and when you click the windows logo at the top the box is missing the links BUT when I click the all programs at the bottom of the box everything is there and works.

    I was reading around on the net and there is a solution to geting this all back, but havent bothered as yet.

    My computer had the restore turned off before all this happened to gain more harddrive, so there was no option to rollback. What I said above works. It might be that when you insert the usb stick with the unhide and tdss on it that you have to click the my computer icon to bring up the my computer page. The usb wasnt on the main page but was showing on the left side bar so I could access the programs. As soon as the unhide was installed and run, I ran the tdss and then connected to the net to download the stop zilla.
    Where I got this solution from was a site called bleeping computer. I had to use another computer to download unhide and tdss onto the flash stick. If you do a search on how to remove system fix and then look at the results, you will see the bleeping computer site. Like I said, thier fix worked!!

  78. Andrew: System restore does not help against TDSS infection (which is removed with TDSS) but it might pose no symptoms for people that rely on it. For a while.

  79. Admin: thanks for the idea on getting my drop down menu back. So what you are saying about system restore is that the virus / trojan has already attached it self to the operating system files and doing the restore will not fix the problem? I dont use system restore as vista seems very good at filling up my c drive and only have 1.5 gig of space left. It has been like that for about two years now.

    The last tech said he has no idea why my c drive is so full when all the user files and stuff downloaded is about 2 gig max in 34 gig of hard drive. He said vista had the rest.

  80. Tip, to keep your computer running while you work on these issues, go to processes in task manager and end process while you work, it’ll keep the pop ups away while you run the spyware scan

  81. @Chad

    Are you looking in the right TEMP folder? In Windows Explorer, try entering “%TEMP%” as the path to find your local TEMP folder.

  82. had a similiar virus last year around this time, tying to fix myself as last year cost me over $300 to get my computer cleaned up. Have run malware (free version), unhide.exe, rkill, tdsskiller, stopzilla (free trial) so far so good. system fix icon is still showing on desktop so i presume I haven’t got it all. any other suggestions? I did try a system restore to two different pre-dates but it said both failed? Am a little unsure whether I should risk an advanced system recovery? any thoughts

  83. small issue would like help with, running windows 7, when i click on start icon, list of programs appears directly above but my control panel, documents etc doesn’t appear to the right of this list. Any way to get it back?

  84. For those that end up having a blank Start Menu (i.e. no recent programs in the list and no Computer, Documents,Control Panel links on the right hand side).

    Right click on Start (generally in bottom left of screen, in Vista/7 it is round with the Windows logo on it) and select Properties.

    There is 2 tick boxes under a Privacy section concerning “store and Display recently opened programs. Tick those two.

    Then a bit higher up on that page is a button called Customize. Click on it.
    At the bottom of the window that comes up is a button “Use Deffault Settings”. Click on that.

    Then click on OK or Apply to finish up with all the windows used and you should have everything back to normal in the Start Menu

  85. I turned off System Restore and was going to reboot in “safe mode” (but how do it)now I can’t find System Restore.

    Also how do you download this..
    Download and use unhide.exe it will work for most if not all of the missing icons if you haven deleted the temp location

  86. I got this virus. tried to restart using safe mode, failed. tried to restore system, failed. tried to reinstall windows and got message saying that ‘C is corrupted and cannot be repaired’….. this is getting scary! I have Malwarebytes Anti-Malware on a flash drive. just don’t know how to run it to get rid of the virus. HELP!!!!

  87. @Melea

    Go to the Search Menu & type it in, then hit Enter. That’s how I got mine open. Hope this helped! Mal-ware definitely bites…

  88. Please Help ADMIN!!I ran the subscription code and that was enough to get my internet running again (plus i had another win 7 2012 virus too) The system fix restored my shortcuts and desktop icons on its own but ALL my pictures are missing (empty). I’ve looked through everything and can’t find them. I’m sad =(
    I bought Spyware doctor and tried to update but it said it WAS up to date. It said it had gotten the virus but the system fix icon is still on my desktop leading me to believe its not completely gone. I’m really worried about my pictures. They were my only copies and I thought they would be safe… I’ve looked them up under files names and nothing… I found a temp folder under computer (c:) but there isnt any pictures in there either. I used the TDSS and it didnt find any “rootkit” but, another problem is when trying to use the unhide.exe windows doesnt know which program to use to open it… and neither do I.. I’m not very computer savvy. Could you please help me????

  89. Christina
    Shortcuts on desktop are harmless. The main executable is somewhere else. Your Pictures are on disk and are not deleted.
    Do following.
    0. Make sure you see hidden files and folders :
    A) start-control panel -> Folder options , then view OR Start->control-panel->Appearance and personalization -> Show hidden files and folders
    B) Select Show hidden files and folders. Unselect Hide protected operating system files. Unselect Hide extensions for known file types.
    C) Apply /OK.
    1. Open c disk
    2. Enter JPG in search box and press enter
    3. Open the folder of images if found.

  90. I’m still having trouble with this virus, malwarebytes keeps finding 2 infections and removing them but its obviously not working since “system fix” keeps coming up.

    But for everyone whos baffled by their icons disappearing, you can still open you start menu and TYPE what you’re looking for. Like if you want to open firefox just type firefox into the search bar in your start menu, or if you need to look at your files type “computer” etc etc.

  91. @admin

    spyware doctor “found” the offending files but won’t remove them in the free version. I’m savy enough to go to the file extensions listed and I deleted what spyware doctor listed then rebooted but that didn’t work either. I’m trying a system restore since this computer doesn’t have anything valuable on it anyways.

    If not I’ll look for some other free programs. Already ran the unhide and tdss stuff as well. Whole problem started with Win 7 Security but now i’m down to just system fix. better I suppose. Least its not on my main computer

  92. Update: Win 7 Security & System Fix both removed, heres what I did.
    Downloaded malwarebytes,unhide.exe, rkill, tdsskiller, and some registry fixer onto a flash drive from a safe computer.
    Started in safemode
    Uploaded the registry fixer to allow exe files to run (couldnt previously)
    Ran Rkill (prevents virus from stopping antivirus programs)
    Ran malwarebytes with latest update
    Ran TDSS killer
    Restart into safemode again and everything but System Fix was gone
    Ran unhide program.
    Used system restore to yesterday and now it looks like I’m in the clear.

    If you cant see your icons then use unhide.exe like others have suggested. Also you can type in what you need. For example to get to my flashdrive with all my programs on it I just opened start and typed “computer” then went about as normal. Or for system restore I just typed “system restore”
    Used system restore to yesterday and now it looks like I’m in the clear. Thanks to everyone who posted suggestions.
    Thanks admin

  93. Daniel: Update SD, download and scan with Hitman pro and malwarebytes. You either get reinfected, or have nasty trojan downloader that is not detected.

  94. Most of the problems System Fix causes in the beginning (hidden files, symbols, blocked internet access, annoying popups,..) can be undone “activating” the product.
    You can do this using this activation code: 1203978628012489708290478989147 , any email is fine. In my case most of the changes System Fix made were undone within a few minutes. You should be able to use your computer normally again but be reminded: this does NOT remove the virus.
    Then try Anti-Malware Software, System Restore and/or other procedures.
    Good Luck

  95. I finally removed System Fix by running Spyware Doctor in normal mode. I unhid all my items. But I can’t connect to the internet. I went to the browser setting and it doesn’t have proxy enabled, and I followed the router instructions to unplug the modem and plug back in. I’ve tried 3 different browsers (IE, Firefox, and Chrome) and nothing can connect. Suggestions? Thanks!

  96. I started the computer in safe mode and checked which program caused the damage in the start-up of the msconfig. There I checked in which folder the program was located, unhid the files, and deleted the malicious files in that folder. After restarting the computer in normal mode, the virus was gone.

  97. If you still have problems after all the fixes the cause are rootkits that are not detected by Malwarebytes, and so on. Basicaly, the infection vectors are patched windows drivers (ipsec.sys, tcpip.sys, and so on). The Kaspersky recue cd is doing a good job in desinfecting those drivers. Not all System Fix infections are the same.

  98. dvader: In many cases TDSS Killer from kaspersky is enough for ZeroAccess/TDSS rootkits. Boot cds are required only if user can’t launch anything

  99. ok i got this virus, and did a system restore to 1 week prior, got everything back. but now it wont run my avast, or my malwarebytes it gives me an error like run time error 5. and on avast wont start up anything to run protected……any ideas?

  100. You are a freaking life saver I finally got the virus out but my start menu was still blank even after running unhide.exe thanks for the tip@Chris

  101. I could CHEERFULLY STRANGLE whoever is behind System Fix! Anyway, finally all is back to normal EXCEPT I cannot access the internet in any way. Any ‘simple’ to follow advice/instructions on how to get this straightened out would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  102. I also had this virus, Microsoft Security essentials didn’t protect me. I restored my computer to an earlier state to fix it

  103. @admin Ive cleaned this virus out, but it has removed my admin rights. I can not use windows update or change my account type back to admin, Change Account Type is greyed out. Thanks for any help.

  104. Hold down the “F8” key during Windows start-up and select “Safe Mode” in the boot menu. When Windows boots, the log-in screen will appear and the Administrator account will be visible. Select the “Administrator” account. It might be password-empty.
    Then try resetting your own account permissions.

  105. I got this stupid virus from a font download site. I have gotten almost everything back with the exception of the links under the start menu (right side). Can you tell me where they are located and how to get them back onto the start menu? Many thanks.

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