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Mac Security Plus might look like a reliable and useful tool at first, but it has a dark side that you should be aware of. Cyber security experts categorize it as a rogue anti-spyware tool and they do it not for no reason. While advertised as an effective program that can protect your Mac system from all kinds of threats. Unfortunately, Mac Security Plus is known for doing the opposite – it can lead you to various cyber security problems and be harmful.

Moreover, Mac Security Plus is actively using deceptive distribution methods, so it can be installed on your computer against your will or simply without notifying you about that. Obviously, you can download and install this tool by yourself too, but we highly not recommend to do that. Learn why it is unwanted and even harmful by reading this article.

Also, if this program is already operating on your computer but you have no idea where it came from nor how to get rid of it, we will help you with that.

Mac Security Plus Features

Mac Security Plus Malware removal

One of the most annoying features of Mac Security Plus – it starts automatically every time you turn on your computer. That’s because the program automatically generates some specific files used to execute the application automatically. It may also store some files on your hard drive that are meant to serve as a restore/backup points, so the program could be automatically reinstalled on your Mac after the removal. That complicates the removal of this potentially unwanted program a lot.

So what happens when Mac Security Plus is automatically started? Well, they display the scan information and suggest that your computer is being scanned, with an intention to detect malicious applications, viruses, and junk files. Sadly, that’s just one big lie. It’s not hard to guess that they don’t have any legitimate scan mechanism – they simply imitate the process and display some good looking graphics to convince you that some real things are happening.

Regardless of the fact that the scan engine of Mac Security Plus doesn’t exist, they still deliver a ’lot. Unfortunately, they are always bad – it can be best described by a false positive scanning technique often used by various rogue anti-spyware programs.

That means after every scan (which is going to happen every time you launch your Mac), you will hear some bad news – your computer is infected with various viruses and you are in need of immediate help. Original warning message looks like this:

The system is infected
Your system is infected. It’s highly recommended to cleanup your system to protect critical information like credit card numbers, etc. Unregistered Copy
Sorry, the copy of your program is unregistered. Register to have an ability to cleanup your system.

So the Mac Security Plus money making scheme should be obvious by now. Cyber criminals behind this program generate false results and try to convince you to purchase the premium version of the program, which could solve all the problems. Unfortunately, the real problem is that there are no problems (most of the time) and they are simply lying to you.

Besides that, there are other unwanted qualities of Mac Security Plus – it can infiltrate various malicious programs into your system, make it run slower or bother you with excessive advertisements. Obviously, you need to get rid of this cyber trash as soon as possible.

How Mac Security Plus Infected Your Mac and How To Remove It?

We have examined various rogue applications, such as TapsnakePC Repair PRO, or Similar Photo Cleaner and they all are distributed in a similar manner. Basically, there are two ways – either you get tricked by their misleading advertisements and install it by yourself, or it can be infiltrated with other free programs that you have downloaded from the Internet. Either way, protecting your system with the legitimate anti-malware program would prevent Mac Security Plus from entering your system.

Probably the best feature of Mac Security Plus is that it can be removed easily. All you need is a full scan with a reliable program, such as Combo Cleaner. It should detect and eliminate the infection and all files related to it instantly. Also, it will be done automatically, so there is no need to have some kind of knowledge in this field.

We also recommend keeping this program installed on your computer, because it can secure you from other similar threats in the future. In case you have any further questions regarding this infection or its’ removal, feel free to ask us in the comments section below.

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