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There were times when Mac computers were considered to be much safer compared to PCs that used to be the main targets of malware. Currently, the situation has dramatically changed and Mac OS X systems are equally under the attack of the wide range of threats. CrescentCore is one of them.

CrescentCore is malicious software, also referred to as OSX/CrescentCore. Its main purpose is to install fake system optimization tools, third-party extensions for Safari browser, or even rogue security apps specifically tailored for Mac. CrescentCore is promoted by means of fictitious Adobe Flash Player update notifications or some other dubious software updates.

The problem with CrescentCore is that it is poorly detected by today’s major anti-virus programs. The malware is regularly updated and often finds leaks to inject Macs that are not furnished with the powerful security software preventing the attack.

Main features of CrescentCore

CrescentCoreOnce the fake Adobe Flash Player alert is launched, CrescentCore inspects whether it works on a virtual machine. Additionally, it checks if there is any anti-virus software active on Mac. CrescentCore does not infect the systems running on virtual machines (VMs) or Macs that have anti-virus programs in place. Once the checkup is made and no VMs or anti-viruses are discovered, CrescentCore may install rogue anti-virus software called Advanced Mac Cleanup, or some other malware into Safari browser.

According to the analysis performed by several malware researchers, CrescentCore has several versions. They may cause different consequences on the attacked Macs depending on the regional settings. Therefore, some other malicious programs may be installed in addition to the ones mentioned above. The summary regarding CrescentCore is that this is the malware you should immediately delete to stop the damage it spreads.

Symptoms of CrescentCore infection

When your Mac is contaminated by CrescentCore there are other negative consequences you may expect. This particular virus is interconnected with other malicious programs active in your Mac. This results in the following suspicious behavior:

  • considerable slowdown of the system performance;
  • permanent pop-up ads attack your screen;
  • unexpected redirections to third-party websites;
  • installation of unwanted software without your consent.

As soon as CrescentCore installs additional malware, your computer becomes exposed to other more severe threats. Regarding Advanced Mac Cleaner promoted by CrescentCore, this program was simply made to swindle Mac users out of their money. The rogue application reports fake threats and bugs and then demands from people to pay money for its so-called full version not different from the trial one.

CrescentCore may additionally inject other types of unwanted software, such as adware, third-party browser extensions, browser hijackers and so on. Their activity on your Mac has the purpose of displaying unsolicited ads promoting specific content. Most likely it will not be relevant to you, so these apps may start tracking your important details, such as your IP address, geographic location, URLs of the websites you typically visit, search queries and other important data. Your browsing history may also be regularly inspected by the malware installed with the help CrescentCore. This may be done in order to display more relevant ads that will match your areas of interest, however, the spying functions of CrescentCore will expose your private and financial details and may result in other dramatic consequences.

How to remove CrescentCore

The peculiarity of CrescentCore is that you cannot find it clearly in your Mac. It will not be mentioned in the list of your available Applications at all. Nevertheless, there are some steps you could accomplish to manually neutralize the malware:

  • go to “System Preferences”;
  • click on “Profiles” and remove suspicious items;
  • back in “System Profiles”, look for suspicious Adobe Flash Player icons and get rid of them;
  • check your browser extensions and delete the items you do not remember installing directly.

Scanning your Mac with Spyhunter is another very important step to accomplish. This way you will be able to discover other concealed threats that cannot be identified visually. Nevertheless, they may continuously cause the essential damage for your Mac and can be fully neutralized only with the powerful anti-malware program.

Automatic Malware removal tools

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