redirect redirect virus was created in April of 2015 and it is slowly regaining its positions as one of the most visited domains in Spain. In this region, the domain is currently ranked in the 832nd position. Recently, we have detected similar redirection viruses like and All of them are harassing Internet surfers … Continued redirect redirect virus is definitely transferring people to all sorts of malware-laden and phishing websites. We investigated the domains that are presented after redirection is concluded, and we noticed that the deceptive website leads to fraudulent website. In addition to that, the link has been noticed to be replaced by domains that promote rogue … Continued Redirect Virus

The term redirect virus refers to unwanted advertisements that loads to monetize its links. Over the past few years, has been on the radar of security researchers for transmitting malware-laden and deceptive content. The advertising network itself is legitimate and should not be treated as an unreliable source, but many scammers use … Continued might be installed on your computer and flood all web browsers with advertisements. Even though this virus is not very dangerous, we recommend to remove it right now. It is listed as adware and advertisements delivered by this malware can lead you to some more severe cyber security problems. There are two main methods … Continued

AdFreeApp adware

AdFreeAp adware virus officially is a freeware application, promising to protect users from malware-laden advertisements. While this mission sounds appealing, our security team expresses doubts whether this application is actually ready to carry such a burden. It has been concluded that AdFreeAp program is an ad-based infection itself. This means that even though it blocks … Continued


adk2x might be worsening web browsing experience if your computer is infected with this virus. It is listed as an adware, so once inside of the system it will flood all web browsers with tons of annoying advertisements. Even though it is not very dangerous itself, those ads can lead you to some more severe cyber … Continued pop-up

Internet is exploited to deliver promotional marketing messages to consumers. This feature is pretty common when it comes to various shopping domains. However, the problem is recognized to be a matter of concern when bizarre advertising is witnessed by users that visit webpages that are not supporting any marketing strategies. This is an issue, caused … Continued


Adorika is an advertising platform that displays various commercial advertisements, pop ups and other messages having sponsored links included in them. The program can be added to one of your Internet browsers or to all of them at the same time and interrupt your browsing activity. Adorika can also infiltrate other malicious applications to the … Continued ads ads are generated by an adware virus, strongly influencing your operating system. It could be that you can recall downloading a free tool from unknown developers or have been tricked into installing a packaged software. People that are forced to see these advertisements can also have their browsers’ settings modified. A Russian search … Continued redirect redirect virus manages to receive impressive amounts of web traffic from all over the globe. Therefore, it has become the 17,467th top-visited website around the world. Biggest percentages of web traffic are obtained from Brazil and there is a number of webpages that initiate referrals to this deceptive domain. However, the websites that … Continued


AdPunisher might look like useful application at first sight, but it’s not. Recent researches revealed that it should be listed as an adware, so if you don’t want to face some cyber security damage in the future, we don’t recommend to keep AdPunisher installed on your system. In case you have recently discovered that your … Continued

Adrozek Adware

Adrozek is an infection that causes useless and irrelevant search results to appear in and other search engines. It injects ads into the infected browser, makes them look like real search results. These ads lead to useless sites that usually have nothing to do with your search queries. If you find that internet search … Continued popup

Have you received popup on your computer while browsing the Internet. Beware that this message is related to adware activity, so no matter what it claims, you should think twice before clicking on it. popup can offer you to take some survey or update your programs, for example, Java, Flash Player or even … Continued

Ads by Ad-Maven

Ad-Maven is related to Search Maven produced by Super Web LLC. It is an adware monster lurking in the vault of Internet. Once it sneaks into your computer, your piece and quiet is broken. Not only does it spit advertisements every place possible but also eats huge peaces of your RAM and CPU which makes … Continued

Ads by AdChoices

AdChoices is a tool that provides transparency about interest-based ad targeting. Ads with the AdChoices icon can be seen almost everywhere on the web. Click the little icon and you’ll be offered information about ad targeting. However, some people find that they see far too many ads and that many of those ads are labeled … Continued


Addonjet is a general name for both specific adware infection and advertising network for malicious extensions. It is not a network where cybercriminals can promote their malicious tools, but a platform for them to monetize their audience by displaying various advertisements. Basically, if you are experiencing advertisements labeled “Ads by Addonjet”, there might be two … Continued

Ads by Albireo

Albireo is another adware that can affect your Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari. It’s a potentially unwanted program that uses dishonest methods to enter computers and then generates ads supported by third parties. Ads by Albireo are displayed on any random sites and they cover their content. You will get tired of … Continued

Ads by BestZiper

BestZiper desktop application is a tool for compression and encryption of files. BestZiper ads are no ordinary advertisements as they are generated by an adware. Despite the fact that this program is described as a professional selection both by businesses and private users, it is created by unfamiliar third-parties and might not handle your files … Continued

Ads by Cartwise

Cartwise adware virus is a browser add-on for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari. It is supposed find saving opportunities on Amazon online shop and display advertisements with low-priced goods. However, this extension can be installed without users’ knowledge and will show unwanted advertisements during browsing. Users infected with Cartwise ad-based extension have also … Continued

Ads by Clean Browser

Clean Browser is an adware program that was developed by Intriguing Apps, that is already known as a developer of Search Defense, Browser Guard, Web Warden, BrowserProtector and some other potentially unwanted programs. The program is supposed to enhance your browsing experience and protect you from visiting potentially malicious websites. However, it’s an ad-supported program … Continued

Ads by DNS Unlocker

By description, DNS Unlocker should provide users with the ability to access various blocked websites easily. However, that is not true – this tool is categorized as an adware and will definitely bring some unwanted consequences to your system. Even though some of the users might find this specific free tool to be useful, we … Continued

Ads by FlashBeat

FlashBeat is a free program that is supposed to make your browsing experience better. It gets installed as a browser extension to your Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari and, alas, distributes tons of commercial advertisements. Ads by FlashBeat are extremely annoying and they can redirect to potentially dangerous websites. Besides, the program can … Continued

Ads by FlowSurf

FlowSurf is described as an ultimate web search enhancer that can easily make your web browsing more comfortable and faster. Features like eco light, advanced navigation, zoom, and screenshots should significantly improve your web browser for free. Some users find it actually useful, but the problem is that this free extension can be really annoying … Continued

Ads by Friv Launcher

Friv Launcher is an adware that ins installed to browsers without users’ consent and that injects numerous ads onto websites. If you find it difficult to read the content of some pages because of the number of Ads by Friv Launcher, your browser has been affected too. You must remove this adware as soon as … Continued

Ads by GamerSuperstar

GamerSuperstar virus is a malicious browser extension, allegedly offering free games in exchange for an agreement to install specific software and receive advertising. The plugin will show a fixed number of advertisements from its sponsors while you browse the Internet, and some of these adverts might include deceptive messages like your Adobe Flash Player is … Continued

Ads by Games Crystal

Do not be tempted by delightfully-looking sites like It might be an officially spread notion that its mission is to serve the interests of players. In reality, it is used to disseminate an adware program that exhibits plenty problematic adverts. About GamesCrystal Adware Ads by GamesCrystal can become a daily battle for users who … Continued

Ads by is a malicious site that injects ads into Bing’s search results. It also logs search queries for as long as its companion extension, Hyper Search, is installed on the browser. To stop from accessing your webpages, uninstall Hyper Search and other potentially unwanted browser extensions. About Type of threat Adware, browser hijacker. … Continued

Ads by Interstat virus

Interstat is described as a free tool that would allow you to check and test your internet speed under various circumstances completely for free. While this function is properly working and even useful, Interstat is categorised as adware malware and you should be aware of that. Why this free service falls into the category of … Continued

Ads by JuicyAds

JuicyAds is an adult-oriented service, openly advertised as “The Sexy Advertising Network”. It is created by Tiger Media. Their service is a place for ad publishers to enhance their income. However, security researchers are not convinced that such adult or mature content can be trustworthy. If you get interested with one of the Ads by JuicyAds … Continued

Ads by Kazu Media

Kazu Media is advertised as an online platform providing the service of free video and music streaming, as well as free online gaming, if you sign up, of course. However, you will receive not only the freebies promised, after you have signed up for the latter platform. Kazu Media was developed by Japalta Consulting LTD … Continued

Ads by is a malicious website that spams push notifications and participates in creating some very aggressive and dishonest advertising online. This page is dangerous to any browser which supports push notifications. If you were to accidentally subscribe to notifications from’s adware page, you would be constantly bombarded with unwanted pop-up ads. Not just pop-up … Continued

Ads by pop-ups and redirects are a result of a malicious website trying to infect each browser that visits it. The site is nothing but a collection of simple pages, each one trying to trick the visitors into agreeing to the pop-up ads unwittingly. While is only using tools honestly available to any website, the … Continued

Ads by LiveShoppers

“Become a smart online shopper!” LiveShoppers operates as your personal shopping assistant, helping you navigate through the sea of retail websites. Users receive free coupons and limited sales offers on the exact moment they become available. The products you previously had sought for will help LiveShoppers application to display offers, pertinent to your requests. In … Continued

Ads by

The website is malicious –  it lies to people to make them enable its web push notifications, then send them nonstop ads. Currently, it affects all popular internet browsers on all devices. Web push notifications can be very useful when used right. Normally, websites ask for permission to send notifications honestly, without trying to mislead … Continued

Ads by MegaOffers

MegaOffers is a silent adware virus, which with the help of unsafe online programs installs into users’ computers and modifies the internet browsing process by redirecting unsuspected victims to malicious product websites, adding intrusive advertisements to buy certain products or services, popping-up on all possible pages and slowing down the PC. If your computer has … Continued

Ads by [Name]

Ads by [Name] are annoying pop-ups that are displayed on browsers affected by an adware. Usually, they contain commercial offers and redirect users to sponsored websites. Since the program uses unfair methods to infiltrate and it generates ads that can possibly redirect users to potentially dangerous websites, it is recommended to remove it as soon … Continued

Ads by Not set

Ads by Not set is yet another malicious app that might infect your computer and display various ads on web browsers. It is listed as an adware, so it’s not very dangerous itself, but it can lead you to some more severe cyber security damage therefore it needs to be removed right away. If you have … Continued

Ads by Oasis Space

Have you recently noticed a lot of ads when you browse the Internet. If they are marked as “Ads by Oasis Space”, “brought by Oasis Space” or something similar, your computer contains an adware that can be harmful for you. Ads by Oasis Space are really irritating and they redirect to sponsored websites that might … Continued

Ads by Price Clip

Price Clip is an adware program that you shouldn’t trust if you don’t want to be involved into various advertising campaigns and risk of visiting potentially dangerous websites. It’s a program that shows numerous ads when you browse the Internet and tries to redirect you to various sponsored websites. If you have noticed Ads by … Continued

Ads by Provider

Ads by Provider a.k.a. Provider ads is an adware infection that belongs to Privox malware family, the same as the virus. While most adware and browser hijacker infections operate as add-ons designed to fit a specific web browser, Provider advertisements are inserted directly to every website you visit by using special JavaScript code. Probably the best thing … Continued

Ads by Rich Media View

If you have recently noticed an excessive amount of popups marked as Ads by Rich Media View, beware that your computer was infected with an adware. Usually these popups appear when you hover your mouse over some highlighted phrases on random websites that you visit. If you click on Ads by Rich Media View, you … Continued

Ads by Shopperify

Shopperify is an online shopping assistant, allegedly contributing a chance for users to be quickly-informed about the hottest new sales, deals and coupons. Program is rather new as it is indicated to have been created on 9th of 2017. The application dishes out thousands of advertisements daily and pretend to be a legitimate service while … Continued

Ads by Stack Player

StackPlayer adware virus is a freeware which you should not download. Its main purpose is to display online advertisements and profit from revenue. From this objective, it is exactly like FastoPlayer adware. It is introduced by unknown publishers and there is no reason to believe that their program is going to be of a good … Continued

Ads by SunnyDay Apps

SunnyDay Apps is a browser plugin, developed by SuperWeb LLC, that is supposed to allow you to open various media files and enhance your browsing experience. However, it uses unfair methods to be installed onto browsers and later it disturbs users’ work. For these reasons, SunnyDay-Apps is classified as an adware or a PUP – … Continued

Ads by Surf Safely

Surf Safely is an adware program developed by Intriguing Apps. It displays numerous ads when users browse the Internet that contain various coupons and other shopping deals. These ads are supposed to help you to save your money, however, you should not believe in that. First of all, Ads by Surf Safely are displayed in … Continued

Ads by Teal Kitty

Teal Kitty is an adware program that can secretly infiltrate into your computer and display numerous ads when you browse the Internet. Most of the ads appear on e-commerce websites like Amazon or eBay and they include various commercial offers. Teal Kitty is capable of operating on all most popular web browsers, including Google Chrome, … Continued

Ads by is malicious and you should close it immediately if you see it. It only exists to distribute spam advertising. First, uses deceptive tactics to trick people into allowing its notifications. Then, it turns those notifications into advertisements. The ads that shows aren’t only annoying – they’re also dangerous, full of fake giveaways, … Continued

Ads by Traffic Junky

Traffic Junky functions as a legitimate service to promote certain content through its advertisement network. However, apart from relatively genuine content, it may be involved in distributing malicious programs. For this reason, Ads by Traffic Junky are not considered to be safe and should be treated with extreme caution. To prevent your computer from being … Continued

Ads by TurboMac

There are plenty of the various browser enhancers () that claim to make your internet surfing experience better than ever. TurboMac browser add-on can be spotted as a time-saving facility, helping to find decent and opportune goods. However, not everything will be as it seems: at the first glance helpful promotions soon will become an … Continued

Ads by Weather Inspect

Weather Inspect adware is proclaimed to be produced by 2Steps-Soft company. It is an unknown developing-enterprise that does not have an official website and has barely any information available about it on the Internet. We only managed to find out about another application from this company, going by the name of ShutDownTime. The first impression … Continued

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