Ads by Wooden Seal

Wooden Seal is an adware program developed by SuperWeb LLC, which focuses on promoting sponsored websites. Although it claims to enhance your browsing experience and help you to do your shopping more efficiently, the truth is it only wants to redirect computer users to commercial pages and make money. If you don’t want to be … Continued

Ads by Zip Arcade

Zip Arcade is an adware program that can be installed to random system together with other applications. It is often installed alongside various freeware, like music or video players, PDF creators and so on. Once inside, the program disturbs browsing by displaying numerous ads. To remove Ads by Zip Arcade from your system, run a … Continued popup popups (by Glispa) are annoying messages that can appear out of nowhere and offer you to upgrade one of your players or just advertise some websites. They are caused by an adware and many computer users find it extremely annoying and want to get rid of Glispa Ads as soon as possible. Some of … Continued

“Ads not by this site”

“Ads not by this site” is a label shown next to ads that are injected into your browser by malicious browser add-ons. “Ads not by this site” might appear on almost every site that you visit, including sites that don’t normally have ads such as Wikipedia. There are a lot of browser add-ons that could … Continued


AdsAlert adware usually enters users’ computers without them even being aware nor getting the permission to do so, and starts displaying various advertisements on all of their web browsers. As a matter of fact, most of the other adware applications (Safe Finder Ads, Around the Webs Ads, Ads by Provider, Turbomac) operate in a very … Continued popup

Have you received any offer to get a Flash player update when you were browsing the Internet? If the message was displayed in a new tab of your browser and it uses domain, you should think twice before clicking on it. popup is a bogus message that only imitates an update for your … Continued popup popup is a malicious program that is installed to computers by adware or some other unwanted applications. The add-on can be infiltrated to Internet, Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Once inside, it starts displaying tons of pop up messages with ads and links to sponsored websites, and badly disturbs user’s daily browsing routine. … Continued redirect redirect virus transfers users to all types of third-party websites. In comparison, it functions identically to infections like and All of these threats promote suspicious websites that will attempt to deceive you into downloading/purchasing low-quality programs or other goods. We noticed that products by Solvusoft can be one of the destination links of … Continued

AdsKeeper Adware

AdsKeeper is a legitimate advertising network and you can see its ads on some of the most popular websites. At the same time, some people have had issues with AdsKeeper ads appearing in unexpected places, spamming their notifications, or replacing their normal ads. On occasion, these issues are caused by AdsKeeper adware – programs that … Continued redirect virus redirect virus has been active since November of 2014 and users have reported that it is one of the destination links of redirection. Repetitive URL forwarding will occur without any warnings and will introduce all sorts of fraudulent websites, like phishing scams. virus is similar as it also one of the domains that … Continued

Adsrvmedia Adware

Adsrvmedia is an ad-supported application. This kind of software infiltrates one’s computer silently and configures the system to display the advertising content without interference of ad blockers and other similar programs which are (for that purpose) disabled. Such rogue applications consume a lot of system resources and are difficult to remove. About Adsrvmedia Adware Adsrvmedia … Continued


Adultfriendfinder is definitely one application that you should not keep installed on your computer. It is officially listed as an adware, therefore it’s not very dangerous as long as you don’t click on any of those advertisements displayed by it. However, that can be a difficult thing to do for couple of reasons. First of all, … Continued

AdvancedSprintd Adware

AdvancedSprintd is a malicious app that can infect Macs through malicious advertisements. AdvancedSprintd causes ads and redirects while browsing the web, log browsing data, and install apps and browser add-ons. It might change various settings – they need to be fixed after AdvancedSprintd is deleted. Deleting AdvancedSprintd might be a little difficult: you might need to manage … Continued


AdvanceElite is yet another adware, that is very similar to the most other adware. It is presented as a powerful and useful tool that is used to save both time and money when shopping online or even as a handful alternative for web search. And you get all those abilities for free, you just have … Continued is a part of a huge advertising network that distributes the variety of potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) solely for Mac computers. Redirections to websites like occur unintentionally. The users are normally forwarded to this page through intrusive and misleading messages reported by other malicious websites, or by means of the pop-ups displayed through … Continued Ads

You may not even know about virus until you start noticing more and more promotions filling up your browser. Each time you will search for something, the displayed results will be some sort of retailer’s website, most of the pages will have a different layout because of the injected ads and you will see … Continued popup popup is an annoying message that can appear when you browse the Internet and suggest you to get an update for your media player or another program. Beware that it’s a bogus message that has nothing to do with updates. It only proves that there is an adware in your computer that you should … Continued

Advertiser Connection

Advertiser Connection is a malicious application that is officially listed as an adware. Once installed it  will flood your web browsers with annoying advertisements. Those ads are not only disturbing, but malicious as well, therefore you should not keep Advertiser Connection installed on your computer.  If you have noticed ads labeled with a phrase “Ads by Advertiser Connection” … Continued

Advertising Spam – “Click Allow to win a prize”

“Click Allow to win a prize” is a phrase used by malicious sites to trick people into subscribing to their notifications which will be used to show pop-up ads. If you come across a “Click Allow to win a prize” site, close it, as it’s just an ad spammer. If you gave a “Click Allow to … Continued

Adwizz ads

Adwizz adware virus presents a multitude of online advertisements and they all promote products from online shop. From the look of this shop, it appears legitimate and reliable: a perfect place to purchase goods for lower prices. Despite this initial assumption, we conclude that BangGood services are as genuine and respectable as the ones … Continued Ads

If you are seeing excessive, constant advertisements from, whether on your computer or your phone, that’s a sign of an adware infection. seems to be a legitimate website, but it can be used as a tool by malicious spammers. If you experience a lot of ads and pop-ups that are sent by, … Continued


Albrechto is an adware program that displays tons of popup messages with coupons, discounts and various offers on the infected system. Most of the popups appear when users visit such websites like Ebay, Amazon, Walmart and other electronic stores. This technique ensures that more users will click on these popups as when we tend to … Continued popup

Have you been bothered by popups lately? These messages can be displayed when you browse the Internet using Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. The message takes over the entire screen of your browser and it can be displayed when you open a new tab or while browsing the Internet. It recommends updating … Continued pop-up is a page, constructed as an online shopping mall. At the first glance, it does not differ from reputable companies and seems to be offering fashionable and trendy products. However, once we began to dig around this company’s past, we noticed that it is buried under a multitude of negative feedback. Almost every review … Continued redirect is considered to be a redirect virus, that will take you to the official retail site or its subdomains with plenty of online deals, possibly will reroute to some other advertising web pages. It’s not considered to be malicious but can really disturb your regular online browsing activity, later causing some unexpected issues, … Continued Ad Spam is an ad spamming site that abuses built-in browser features (web push notifications) to send unwanted ads. To stop from showing pop-ups, you need to change your browser settings. The sites that promotes are often unsafe, leading to malicious websites or risky sites. Be careful of them. in short: Classification Adware, … Continued


AllDayPrice is yet another malicious application that you should not keep installed on your computer. It will flood your web browsers with annoying advertisements. It’s not very dangerous as long as you don’t click on any of ads displayed by AllDayPrice but it can be difficult not to do that because usually they cover almost all space of … Continued


AllDaySale is nothing more than a malicious application that you should not keep installed on your computer if you don’t want to face some severe cyber security damage. Recent researches revealed that it should be listed as an adware, so this means that once installed it will flood your web browsers with various advertisements. It is … Continued


AllDealApp is yet another malicious application listed as an adware due to several malicious actions that it performs on users computers. First of all, it enters computers secretly, without warning users about that. Secondly, once inside this adware will display various advertisements on all of your web browsers. Those ads are not only annoying, but malicious … Continued Ads is a website that uses notifications to show pop-up ads in web browsers. These ads are problematic as, sometimes, shows ads for potentially unwanted programs, fake giveaways, and other scam-like content. Plus, intentionally tricks people into subscribing to its notifications. Luckily, you can block from showing ads on your screen. About … Continued Ad Spam is a website that spams ads via notifications. It’s not very dangerous, but it’s frustrating to have these pop-ups clutter your screen. You can stop from sending you notifications by changing your browser settings. It’s also recommended to check your device for potentially unwanted programs, as is promoted on sites that tend … Continued Redirect redirection problem in the browser is not something extraordinary. Previously we made articles describing,, and pop-ups. There are other malicious websites involved in causing similar troubles for people. What they all do is similar to browser hijacking through forcing users into enabling intrusive push notifications associated with several advertising networks. Once … Continued Spam Ads is a notification spamming site that hijacks browser settings. This allows to show pop-ups in the corner of a hijacked browser. uses them to advertise various sites and products right in people’s browsers. The way to block from showing more pop-ups is to go into your browser settings and block notifications … Continued Pop-up Ads is a malicious adware site. It abuses browser notifications to spam ads at anyone who has mistakenly clicked the Allow button on the site.’s pop-up ads are pure spam, so if it attached itself to your browser, you probably want to get rid of it. That’s easy enough to do by blocking web … Continued Ads is a notification-hijacking adware site that tricks people into subscribing to its ads. It promotes controversial and, in some cases, dangerous sites and products and it shows pop-ups even when it’s not open in the browser. Luckily, can be stopped from showing ads – its web push notifications need to be blocked in … Continued


AllTubeNoAds is another annoying program that is classified as an adware and that implements annoying advertising campaign on random computers. It enters into systems with a help of other software and affects Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. The application was developed to make money from various ads. Although making money from affiliate links … Continued Ads is an advertising site that uses notifications to send ads right to people’s screens. It makes money by advertising get-rich-quick schemes, crapware, and similar content. Those who receive pop-up ads from have their browser configured to allow the site to send them notifications. Luckily, this can be reversed very easily. in short: … Continued

Alpha Shopper

Alpha Shopper is described as a useful and free tool that will enhance your web browsing, but it is not true. Once installed this application will flood your web browsers with various advertisements and that’s why it is listed as an adware infection. Ads by Alpha Shopper are apparently supposed to help you save when you shop by … Continued

AlphaRecord Adware

AlphaRecord is a browser add-on that causes your browser to be “managed by your organization”. As a result, AlphaRecord can’t be uninstalled – at least, not in the same way as all browser extensions can be. Once it’s in the browser, AlphaRecord takes over the browsers’ search settings and redirects search queries to potentially unwanted … Continued Hijacker, or Alpha Search, takes internet search queries and opens the results in Yahoo or Bing. It offers no useful features, only displays ads in the browser and logs user data. Alpha Search is a browser extension while is a website and together, this duo can be considered a browser hijacker, as well as … Continued virus is presented as a cool tool that will allow you to save time and money while shopping online, but it will only bring you a headache due to various changes made to your web browser. First of all, it is important to mention that this malware kind of slips between two categories – it … Continued

Altfarm.mediaplex Adware

Altfarm.mediaplex Adware is an advertising platform that is a tool used to display various pop up ads while users are browsing on the Internet. The program can affect Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. Despite which one you are using, you will have to deal with the same consequences as everybody who get … Continued

Always Weather Ads

Always Weather is a deceptive tool that can not be trusted. This tool is operating as a browser add-on by the full name “Always Weather 1.0.2”, specifically designed to fit Google Chrome web browser. Other web browsers (such as Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer) can not be affected. Developers of this application made sure that … Continued

Amazon Mini Saver

Amazon Mini Saver is another adware with an interesting name. It was developed by Nero. Designers state that this application will enhance users browsing experience by providing them with special offers and deals while visiting e-commerce sites like Amazon or eBay. However all those ads are worthless because they come from the third parties. If … Continued

“Amazon Rewards Event” scam

The “Amazon Rewards Event” scam is a message delivered to people whose computers have become infected with malware parasites and who visited unsafe sites. This fraudulent notification is very similar to “Google Rewards Centre” and scams which all indicate that people can win prizes or money. This time, “Amazon Rewards Event” scam can be … Continued


Amonetize was developed in order to make money by displaying advertisements to users with infected computers. It is an adware application that tends to secretly enter devices and infect them. It is similar to rogue services like Propeller or Predictivadnetwork that are considered as likely to present deceptive third-party content. Amonetize virus is an adware parasite and … Continued pop-up is yet another pop-up virus, which seem to be on the rise. This box form alert is not a malware itself, but if you opt-in and agree to ‘allow notifications’, you will eventually get your system compromised with some other virus, not to mention redirects, additional pop-ups, and ads. That is the reason why … Continued redirect virus is the website causing troubles for many people while they browse the web. It not only distracts users with its pop-ups, but it also represents danger because of its interconnection with many other resources that are not safe and could implant malicious components into computers. attacks Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox primarily, even … Continued

Anitube Ads and Redirects

Anitube are free (illegal) anime streaming websites that rely on advertisements to make money. They’re not dangerous on their own, but visiting them is risky: the ads that they show sometimes lead to dangerous websites. If you allow these ads to appear, you might be exposed to online scams and malicious applications. It’s important to … Continued

Annual Visitor Survey popup

The Annual Visitor Survey popup is another annoying ad that can be displayed on Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, Safari, or any other browser while you browse the Internet. The message claims that you have been personally selected for an annual anonymous survey and now you need to complete one more to get … Continued

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