365Scores – Live Scores and Sports News

365Scores – Live Scores and Sports News, or just 365Scores, is a new tab replacer – a browser extension that makes potentially unhelpful changes to your settings. Although 365Scores is a useful add-on for those who want to immerse themselves in sports news, the way that 365Scores actually works is a lot like browser hijackers. … Continued

365Stream Hijacker

365Stream (connected to 365-stream.com) is a browser extension that changes the search engine settings. 365Stream sets Feed.365-stream.com as the new search engine, which actually just opens Yahoo.com. Even 365Stream’s description reveals that it’s a Yahoo search extension, but because of deceptive installation tactics, a lot of people fail to learn that bit of information before … Continued

3dshape-tab.com virus

3dshape-tab.com virus is a malware infection which will cause many issues during browsing. This specific variant has been introduced by a company called Extinns and these developers are accountable for many similar parasites. Their list of products includes Triangles-move.com hijacker. The company responsible has recently modified their Terms of Use and Privacy Policy documents: older … Continued

4-you.net virus

4-you.net virus is a browser hijacker that can affect your Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. The program is distributed bundled to free applications that can be easily downloaded from the Internet. If you have recently downloaded any PDF creator, video recorder or other free program and your homepage and default search provider … Continued

4anime.to Ads

4anime.to is a website for watching and downloading anime. It’s free and pleasant to use, however, it has a few problems. It’s not legal and it shows ads for dangerous content. While 4anime.to is far safer than many pirating sites, it is important to keep your guard up. Be careful, use anti-malware apps to protect … Continued

4loot toolbar

4Loot is a system that promises visitors free Facebook credits. These credits can be gained by browsing web using its search system or using its toolbar. That is why some people install this toolbar, though there is a possibility to get in installed bundled with other software. While 4loot toolbar is not malicious on itself, … Continued

4newtab.com virus

4newtab.com virus is one of the products by Aztec Media Inc. In the past, we have discussed more than a few search engines and applications from this company: Search.linkeymac.com and Searchprotector.net are the most recent examples. However, 4newtab.com infection appears to control multiple sub-domains and its adjusted search engine is distributed through a number of … Continued

4rw5w ransomware

4rw5w ransomware virus ventures to imitate the notorious WannaCry infection. The newer variant is structured similarly since it has a kill switch, comparable key file names. 4Rw5w virus uses a symmetric-key algorithm called Data Encryption Standard (DES) to encrypt the AES private key for decryption. Currently, researchers emphasize that this infection is not being actively … Continued

4Yendex.com virus

4Yendex.com virus is not an appropriate searching facility. If you are sharing one computer in your family and allowing a minor to use it periodically, would you be pleased with a possibility that an automatically opening home page would introduce him to a website, displaying an advertisement with the following text: Hey, neighbor, wanna see more … Continued

50 Coupons

50Coupons is an adware which displays various ads, coupons and deals on your web browser. It does not matter which OS (operating system) you use because this adware is capable of operating on all of them. This browser extension can be added to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Some users believe that 50Coupons … Continued

i3zt.5152551.com pop-up

Not all advertising networks have listed strict cannons of fair play for advertisers. Some of the third-party sources, interested in distributing their promotional content, do not fit the criteria that should be put forward. IT specialists indicate that many networks agree to distribute content that is malware-laden. One of such can be indicated as i3zt.5152551.com … Continued

521news.com virus

521news.com virus is another browser hijacker that uses unfair methods to infiltrate and then create a lot of problems for computer users. Usually if comes along various free programs and it doesn’t require users’ authorization to be added. Once inside, it replaces your homepage and default search provider on Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, … Continued

5finder.com virus

5finder.com virus appears to be a more sophisticated browser hijacker than such variants like Chromesearch.net. 5finder search engine appears to have a secure connection and offers a verified SSL certificate. However, the website does not supply ownership information which is odd. On the other hand, connection is encrypted before being transmitted over the Internet which … Continued


5starCoupon is yet another malicious application that can look useful at a first sight. However, it is listed as an adware due to several unwanted actions that it performs. Once installed, it will display various advertisements on your web browser. Those advertisements are not only disturbing and annoying but malicious as well. That’s why you … Continued


6789.com appears as a homepage when you open a web browser? Well, that means your computer is infected with this malware and you should take care of that. It is classified as a browser hijacker, so once inside of your system it will make some unwanted changes. If you have recently discovered that 6789.com is … Continued

Reward-zone.7113652.com Pop-up

Reward-zone.7113652.com pop-up is one of the most recent pop-up malwares. This application distinguishes itself as a program displaying pop-up windows of fake winning notifications. These pop-ups surge your computer’s screen from the moment Reward-zone.7113652.com app gets installed on the system. And you will never know when to expect their next onslaught on you, but you … Continued

Hao.7654.com virus

Has Hao.7654.com virus taken root into your device and browser? Has it made changes that you did not approve beforehand and configuration of the modified settings seems to be impossible? Further investigation will be done more thorough in the preceding parts of this article. If you are infected, this is a right place for you … Continued

7769domain.com popup

7769domain.com popup is an advertising platform that is used by adware makers to display numerous popups and gain money. It is compatible with several browsers, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, etc. If you are receiving popups, that use this domain, when you browse the Internet, your computer has been infected with this … Continued

7ev3n Ransomware

7ev3n ransomware is a new threat to your cyber security. If your computer is infected with 7ev3n ransomware, some of your personal files stored on hard drive will be locked and you will be asked to pay ransom of 13 bitcoins in order to get them back. 7ev3n ransomware is noticeable as a ransomware with one of the biggest ransom demand … Continued

7go.com virus

7go.com virus is a browser hijacker that has been attacking many computers all over the world. The program displays numerous advertisements on Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. The application mostly interrupts your work when you are performing search on your Internet browser. It adds various sponsored websites to your search results and … Continued

7h9r Ransomware

7h9r ransomware uses sophisticated asymmetric (RSA and AES) encryption algorithm to encrypt the files of the targeted victim. It is regarded to be a derivative of the both Nemucod ransomware and Xorist ransomware by some security experts. On the whole, there is a mutual agreement between experts and users who have suffered a ransomware attack … Continued

7movi.com Fake Site

7movi.com is a fake movie streaming site. It offers visitors to watch movies, but instead directs them to sign up for various paid subscriptions. If you find yourself on 7movi.com, just close the page. While 7movi.com is not directly harmful, it promotes websites that deceive visitors into signing up for expensive subscription services. About 7movi.com: … Continued

AntiMalware 2009

AntiMalware 2009 is not much different than other recent frauds, but it uses very convincing tactics to make sure that victims give their money for scammers. Anti Malware 2009 pretends to be anti-spyware application. The worst thing about this infection is its name: there’s very popular security tool named Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware; apparently creators of AntiMalware … Continued

8chan ransomware virus

8chan is a new ransomware that was just discovered recently. Ransomware is one of the most lethal viruses out there – it can strike you out of nowhere and cause enormous damage to your system. Basically, what it will do is lock your files and then ask for a ransom in order to unlock them. … Continued

8lock8 ransomware

8lock8 ransomware, also known as EightLockEight ransomware, is said to be developed from the source code of HiddenTear ransomware. 8Lock8 file encoder employs asymmetric encryption algorithm. Two keys are generated: public (decryption) key and private (encryption) key. The private key is stored on C&C (Command and Control) servers controlled by the hackers. However, this ransomware … Continued

99tab.com virus

Is an unknown website called 99tab.com being launched instead of your former new tab pages, default search engines and home pages? 99tab.com search engine is not limited to one feature of executing search queries. It has additional sections of weather forecasts and time, both corresponding with a specific location of each user. Additionally, the interface … Continued

9o0gle.com virus

Production of browser hijackers is a priority of crooks, making the industry of fake search engines grow bigger with every shady release. It would be difficult to enumerate every single virus that has been issued into the society. 9o0gle.com is one of them and its appearance is not completely reputable. There is no way you … Continued

A.Kaytri.com Malware

A.Kaytri.com malware is an adware that can pop up while you are browsing the Internet. The message appears when using Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. The purpose of the program is to create traffic and display various advertisements. It can be distributed through Trojan viruses, as an attachment in spam emails, bundled with … Continued

A-Secure 2015

A-Secure 2015 is a rogue antivirus program that imitates a genuine security software. It actually reports about fake infections just to make users pay $99,95 for its full version and earn money. If you don’t want to lose your money, don’t trust this application. Remove A-Secure 2015 from your computer as soon as you detect … Continued

A.Visadd.com popup

A.Visadd.com popups are messages that can appear on your browser for no reason and interfere into your browsing experience. You can notice them on Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome if your computer was infected with some adware or other potentially unwanted program. These applications are usually installed together with your free downloads from … Continued

Aartemis.com virus

Aartemis.com virus is one more browser hijacker that attacks Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. The nuisance of a program gets inside computers bundled with free programs that you can download from the Internet, then takes over the browser and modifies the settings. Once the hijacker virus is installed on a computer, it hijacks … Continued

ABC ransomware virus

ABC ransomware virus is extremely dangerous computer infection that can attack your system and cause severe damage to it. First of all, you should know that files encrypted by ABC Ransomware will be unusable because this virus employs asymmetric cryptography to do the job. Ransomware, as defined by Techtarget, is a “subset of malware in … Continued

ABCLocker ransomware virus

ABCLocker, according to the label of Generic.Ransom.CloudSword that it has received, is based on CloudSword variant that we had managed to dig out back in January of 2017. Even its payload its called cloudsword.exe which creates an even stronger link between these two samples. The technique of file-corruption that the ransomware has selected to go … Continued

Search.abcnews.io browser hijacker

Search.abcnews.io is a browser virus that pretends to be a helpful search engine that offers all necessary functions in one place, yet secretly uses victim for crooks’ benefits. This hijacker is developed by , which is well-known for making lots of other browser hijackers. Although Search.abcnews.io is not the most dangerous types of malware it … Continued


AbDocsDllLoader.exe might be legitimate process on your Windows system or a malware infection – it all depends on the circumstances. Usually it is a legitimate application designed by Acer Incorporated and can’t cause you any damage. You can find it stored in C:Program Files (x86) abDocs files folder. This particular file is just a part … Continued


Abrasive by Softology is a program for Windows PCs. Unfortunately, it is detected by many antivirus scanners – as being malicious. The labels for Abrasive include “Trojan”, “Malware”, “Unsafe”, and “PUA” which stands for “Potentially Unwanted Application”. Abrasive should be caught by every user’s antivirus tools. However, that doesn’t always happen. About Abrasive: Type of … Continued

Abstracthd-tab.com virus

Abstract HD – New Tab is a dedicated Google Chrome extension that should be considered as a malware. Once installed on your web browser it will make some unwanted changes and definitely worsen your web browsing experience. This is just one tool from a wide family of Google Chrome extensions devoted to customise new tab … Continued

Acadestypicallic.info pop-up

Acadestypicallic.info is a pop-up threat that started appearing on users’ browsers mid-November, 2018. This notification has typical features of any other pop-up virus and can cause a variety of troubles with your system if you give it the permission to ‘Allow Notifications’. No one is completely protected from Acadestypicallic.info virus because it has tons of different … Continued

ACCDFISA Protection Program Ransomware

ACCDFISA Protection Program is a cyber infection, ransomware, that tries to mislead its victims that they are infected with dangerous virus illegally sending various spam messages filled with malicious links from their computers. To make this look really convincing, malware locks its victims out of the Windows desktop and displays misleading alert that asks to … Continued

AccelerateTab virus

AccelerateTab virus is a browser add-on for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome programs. It is supposed to “protect and minimize your risks from running into malware attacks and hacked sites when surfing the web”. However, users have reported to notice this extension in their browsers without downloading it themselves. This means that like many of … Continued

Access+ Adware

Do your internet search results have a few too many ads? Access+ is a browser hijacker and an adware infection that injects sponsored links into the victim’s web search results. Access+ is a browser extension that can be categorized as adware. Victims may not even know that they have it, but it does interfere with … Continued

Access Ransomware (.access files)

Access is the name of a virus that targets Windows computers. Compared to other infections, this one can be remarkably devastating because of its ability to lock all the files that were stored on the infected computer with the help of a cryptographic algorithm. The motive of the creators of Access is to force their … Continued

AccessibleBoost Adware

AccessibleBoost is adware that affects macOS devices. It changes browser settings to promote certain sites and manipulates webpages to inject ads. It can also log private information. In the long run, AccessibleBoost causes internet connection issues and could slow down the Mac. To remove AccessibleBoost, find its files and delete them, remove all malware, and fix … Continued

Search.Accoona.com virus

Search.Accoona.com virus is a browser hijacker that can attack your Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and even Safari browsers. Once inside, the program replaces your homepage and default search provider. The website doesn’t look much different from any other search engine, so many users think they can trust it. However, it doesn’t operate properly … Continued

“Account Suspended” Email Scam

Criminals are pretending to be Apple support and sending emails to Mac users about supposed account suspensions and content deletion. Ignore these emails, as they’re meant to steal your personal information. If you’re not sure, contact yourself, but do not click any of the links in the email. About the “account suspended” scam: Threat type … Continued

Accurateweathertoday.com New Tab Hijacker

Accurateweathertoday.com (Accurate Weather Today) is a browser plugin that tries to monetize your web search by redirecting your queries to Yahoo.com. This extension might get installed without getting your consent and use its access to your browser to collect data on what you search for to help with advertising. This is all done under the … Continued

AcroWare Virus

AcroWare virus is categorized as a ransomware, but we need to set some things straight here. Most of the ransomware viruses use some kind of cryptography to lock personal files that are stored on the computer and add a unique extension to the end of it but in this case, AcroWare just locks the screen of the … Continued

ActionClassicGames New Tab

ActionClassicGames is a somewhat suspicious browser new tab that’s actually a tool for an advertising company to get access to your internet habits. ActionClassicGames changes the homepage of the browser where it’s installed. And not every user who gets ActionClassicGames in their browser. On one hand, ActionClassicGames is a harmless new tab extension that exists … Continued

ActionHow Mac Malware

ActionHow is the name of an application that can inject ads to your browser, spy on your browsing habits, and control which sites you go to. ActionHow was probably downloaded with a fake software update. You should remove it from your computer as soon as possible. The problem is that ActionHow can be really annoying to … Continued

“Activation Warning” Pop-up

“Activation Warning” or “Activation Security Warning” is an example of a fake Microsoft security warning. It was discovered by jerrycan1991 and is an example of a tech support scam and a phishing site, meaning that it attempts to sell victims fake tech support, as well as steal their online credentials. “Activation Warning” has nothing to … Continued

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