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AbDocsDllLoader.exe might be legitimate process on your Windows system or a malware infection – it all depends on the circumstances. Usually it is a legitimate application designed by Acer Incorporated and can’t cause you any damage. You can find it stored in C:Program Files (x86) abDocs files folder. This particular file is just a part of abDocs software that allows users to use shared files on all of their devices.

If you are using this legitimate file, there is no problem. However, the problem might occur when users believe that they are using legitimate software, but it’s really just a malware. Cyber criminals tend to hide under names of legitimate software and infect computers.  The size of this file usually is something between 90,880 and 92,928 bytes so it’s a very good indicator to tell whether it’s a true file by Acer Incorporated or just a malware infection. If the file size of AbDocsDllLoader.exe is much bigger or smaller than usual, it’s a clear sign that your system is infected and you should take care of that.

About AbDocsDllLoader.exe malware

If malicious version of AbDocsDllLoader.exe is operating on your system, you will experience various problems. Most common one is slower work of your computer and weaker overall performance of the system. It might also cause random freezing so it’s very annoying.

And that’s not even the worts thing that can be resulted by this malware. It might make some backdoors in your system, change registries and infiltrate other malware. That’s very dangerous because ransomware, trojans or other dangerous virus can attack your computer because of AbDocsDllLoader.exe. Various keyloggers and software registering your personal information can be also installed, so your personal information is at risk.

If you have experienced at least one of these symptoms, your computer is definitely infected by malicious version of AbDocsDllLoader.exe and it should be removed. We recommend to do it as soon as possible.

Distribution Methods of AbDocsDllLoader.exe malware

Now if you are wondering how this computer virus got into your system, there are several possible ways it could have happened. You know that browsing the Internet is not always fun and games as you can encounter dangerous websites or advertisements. Paying a visit to a dangerous website or clicking malicious advertisement can result in installation of malware like this. AbDocsDllLoader.exe might also be distributed via spam emails – that’s why we do not recommend to read emails from Spam folder.

Another common way to distribute malware is called bundling. I.e. when you download and install some free and legitimate application, but get additional software like this. Sometimes you can avoid bundled software by paying attention to the installation process of freeware and cancelling installation of additional software install that you are not aware of.

How to remove AbDocsDllLoader.exe malware

Usually we provide users with manual removal instructions of malware, but it’s a bit different this time. Unless you are an experienced computer user, we do not recommend to try to eliminate AbDocsDllLoader.exe manually. You can make some disastrous changes in registries or leave some parts of the infection on your computer, so it’s not a recommended removal method. Instead of that, you should get yourself a reliable anti-malware application, such as Malwarebytes or Plumbytes for this task. Simply scan your computer with either one of them and it should be able to detect and remove the infection instantly. If your computer is infected with some other malware, it should detect and eliminate it as well. You can use other anti-malware software of your choice too.

If you have some questions regarding the removal process or the virus itself, feel free to ask us in the comments section below and we will do our best to provide you with needed assistance.

Automatic Malware removal tools

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Manual removal

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