Active Security

Active Security is a rogue anti-spyware program. This parasite has all the arsenal demonstrated by most modern rogues, included a sophisticated self-defense mechanism. Active Security typically enters the system by using downloader trojans or drive-by downloads, but it can also be downloaded manually. Like most rogues, Active Security relies on misleading advertising to trick users … Continued

Activeris Antimalware

Activeris Antimalware is a little known commercial anti-malware application that is distributed by scammers. Although this software does not detect false positives, it is installed together with other programs that are detected by Activeris scan. This is a very bad practice and this anti-malware might be considered Rogue Antivirus. At the moment we rate it … Continued

ActivityInputd Malware

ActivityInputd is an app that appears on Macs. You might see this app starting on its own, or you might get a warning from macOS saying that “ActivityInputd ” is dangerous. It’s true – ActivityInputd causes advertising spam, hijacks your search results, and logs your browsing data. It’s a potentially harmful app and it should … Continued

Acton Ransomware

Acton is the name of file-encrypting ransomware, a version of Phobos. This cryptovirus infects computers and network, usually through RDP, and locks the files by scrambling their contents with a practically unbreakable encryption algorithm. The criminals responsible for Acton then demand money, usually a few thousand dollars. Acton is similar to Frendi, Phoenix, and Adame viruses. … Continued


ActSys is officially listed as an adware, therefore you should not keep it installed on your computer. You can get infected with other viruses due to this app. If you have noticed advertisements labeled with slogans “Ads by ActSys” or “Brought to you by ActSys” on any of your web browsers – your computer is … Continued

Actual Click Shopping virus

Actual Click Shopping virus is an adware program that causes tons of coupons to pop up on your computer while browsing the Internet. Usually they appear while you are visiting some shopping websites, like eBay or Amazon. That makes sense as the messages by Actual Click Shopping virus offer various discounts and deals for shopping. … Continued popup popups are annoying messages that can show up on computers, if they were infected with an adware. The goal of these popups is to advertise commercial websites and increase their traffic. Although they do not harm your system directly, seeing them popping up on a regular basis is quite irritating. Moreover, the application that … Continued virus might look like legitimate and useful tool, but it is just another malicious application that you should not keep installed on your computer. It is listed as adware infection, so once inside of your computer it will flood your web browser with ads in all kinds of forms. Usually those ads are labeled with … Continued popup is a website that presents ad technology foundation to create, transact, and manage digital advertising for the world’s buyers, creators and sellers. It’s a legitimate Google service that offers advertising related solutions. However, recently some computer users have reported that they noticed popups appearing without any reason. If you are one of them, … Continued

Ad Expert Browser

Ad Expert Browser is an advertisement-supported application, so called adware. It is also listed as a PUP (potentially unwanted program) due to several malicious actions that it performs. You can call it whatever you want, but one thing is clear – you need to remove this malware from your computer as soon as possible. The … Continued

Ad Guardian

Ad Guardian is an extension for common web browsers. It is advertised as an ad blocker that helps you browse the web safely. The developers of the extension claim that Ad Guardian improves the user’s browsing experience by helping them block unwanted ads and providing additional privacy features. The extension promises to make web surfing … Continued

Ad Spam – “Press allow to continue”

“Press allow to continue” is a phrase used by notification spammers in order to trick people to sign up for web push notifications. These “Press allow to continue” pages are usually just pop-up ads and they should be ignored. Interacting with them can result in notification ad spam. Even when it looks like a site … Continued

Ad.turn Adware

Ad.turn Adware is an advertising platform that is used to display various pop up ads while users are browsing using Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. The program is distributes to computers through Trojan viruses and it was designed for promotional purposes as well as create traffic for new websites. Once inside, Ad.turn Adware … Continued virus virus can be listed either as an adware or browser hijacker because it shares specifics common to both of these types of infections. However, it is not typical virus and removal of it can be rather complicated. Before we go deeper into specifications of this malware, let’s answer the main question – how to remove … Continued

Ad Video Blocker

Ad Video Blocker is a browser add-on that blocks YouTube ads. While it does that, Ad Video Blocker is also ad-supported. As a result, it can open unexpected pages and redirect to potentially unwanted sites. While Ad Video Blocker is not harmful, it’s not the best ad blocker to use. About Ad Video Blocker: Classification … Continued popup

If you noticed any popups by, beware that your system contains an adware. These messages promote various unknown websites and cause many inconveniences while working with computer. They flood your system with ads whenever you are making a search or visiting random websites using Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Although these annoying … Continued

Adage Cryptovirus

Phobos, an offshoot of Dharma ransomware, has released another variant — Adage (different from Adame ransomware). Adage is just like any other file-locking ransomware that uses cryptography to deny the victims access to their files. To get you to contact the criminals, this virus renames the files by adding the “Adage” extension and the “[email protected]” email … Continued

Adame Ransomware

Adame is a computer virus that is classified as ransomware. Why? Because it can completely overwhelm your system, encrypt all personal files stored on it, and then demand a ransom to be paid. Basically, ransomware is one of the two most scary common viruses – another one is trojan viruses that can steal your sensitive … Continued


Adanak is yet another adware that comes into users’ computers without their knowledge. It is classified as an adware and a PUP (potentially unwanted program) due to several malicious actions that it performs. It works as a browser extension and can perfectly operate on all most popular web browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and … Continued


AdBeaver is bothering you with various ads on your web browsers? That means your computer is infected with an adware infection called AdBeaver. If you have recently discovered that your computer is infected with AdBeaver malware but you don’t know how to deal with it – you have come to the right place because in this article we will teach … Continued


You can tell by the name that AdBlaster is application related to advertisements. It’s described as useful tool for blocking advertisements on your web browsers, but this descriptions is nothing but a big lie. AdBlaster is listed as an adware, so once installed it will display ads on your web browsers. Those ads are not only annoying, but malicious … Continued

AdBlock Now

AdBlock Now is a browser add-on that promises to block ads and pop-ups. In my experience, it doesn’t do a good job. But beyond that, there are things about AdBlock Now that are suspicious, such as an inconsistent privacy policy and similarities to adware extensions. It might be best to avoid AdBlock Now ( AdBlock Now in … Continued

AdBlock Stream

AdBlock Stream is an ad blocking browser extension. Unfortunately, it is considered to be riskware by some security vendors. It’s important to be careful of AdBlock Stream. Consider how you installed it and whether you trust it. AdBlock Stream’s problem is that it uses iffy ads to spread online. This might lead to accidental installations. … Continued

Officially is an advertising network that is available for everyone – advertisers and publishers. For that reason, ads from this network can advertise both valid (f.e. and malicious websites and products. Most of the time those ads shows up as pop-ups on publishers’ websites. Other forms of advertising are also available. Recent events … Continued

Adclick Pop-ups

Adclick is an advertisement company that usually displays normal ads but sometimes can be too invasive and disruptive. If pop-ups by Adclick show up on your desktop, all the time, on any website – that’s not normal, that’s a symptom of an adware infection that takes advantage of this particular advertising network to deliver scams … Continued pop-up is the domain name of a pop-up virus, that has been actively spreading for the past few months since September 2018. This threat, unlike most other pop-ups, is designed not to generate revenue from aggressive ads, which appear even on your desktop, but to push a dubious Chrome and Mozilla extension, called Adblocking Addon. … Continued Pop-ups shows deceptive pop-up ads for the Adblocking Addon browser extension. Adblocking Addon is just a third-party add-on that blocks ads on, but’s pop-ups are specially designed to make Adblocking Addon look like a trusted first-party program. Basically, shows fake browser messages recommending the extension, which gives people the wrong impression that, … Continued virus virus is a Google Chrome extension by Eighpoint Technologies Ltd., a.k.a Polarity Technologies Ltd. Over the year we have seen many browser hijackers from this company: one of the newest samples like and are more elaborate and well-tuned than others. However, the platform we are analyzing today barely has any innovative traits … Continued

Additional Guard

Additional Guard sounds like the kind of program, which you might use just to make absolutely sure that your cyber security can not be compromised.  Well, if you thought that – surprise! Additional Guard is no more than a fake security program, which uses illicit methods both to spread and to sell. This parasite is … Continued

AdditionalChannelSearch Adware

AdditionalChannelSearch is an adware trojan. It installs without your consent and it exists to advertise to you. It manipulates your web searches and shows unwanted ads. To do this, AdditionalChannelSearch hijacks network and browser settings. Removing AdditionalChannelSearch requires deleting its files and restoring the settings that it modified. Oh, and adware often spreads in groups, so … Continued


AddToThis is yet another adware that enters users computers without them even being aware of that and starts to display various malicious advertisements on web browsers. Due to the features mentioned above this application is officially listed as an adware. If you have recently discovered that your computer is infected with this virus, you should eliminate … Continued

AddUpgrade Mac Malware

AddUpgrade malware infection affects Macs and hijacks their browsers to force them to show lots of unwanted ads. While AddUpgrade malware is installed, you can’t fix your browsers by changing their settings. And finding and removing AddUpgrade malware can be tricky on its own. Not to mention, people don’t install this adware intentionally (they get … Continued redirect redirect virus was created in April of 2015 and it is slowly regaining its positions as one of the most visited domains in Spain. In this region, the domain is currently ranked in the 832nd position. Recently, we have detected similar redirection viruses like and All of them are harassing Internet surfers … Continued redirect redirect virus is definitely transferring people to all sorts of malware-laden and phishing websites. We investigated the domains that are presented after redirection is concluded, and we noticed that the deceptive website leads to fraudulent website. In addition to that, the link has been noticed to be replaced by domains that promote rogue … Continued Redirects is a website that might appear unexpectedly in your browser. It might cause redirects to unwanted sites. is a fake search engine – it allows you to type in search queries, but it only displays search results by opening another search engine. In the meantime, collects data on your browsing habits and … Continued Redirect Virus

The term redirect virus refers to unwanted advertisements that loads to monetize its links. Over the past few years, has been on the radar of security researchers for transmitting malware-laden and deceptive content. The advertising network itself is legitimate and should not be treated as an unreliable source, but many scammers use … Continued might be installed on your computer and flood all web browsers with advertisements. Even though this virus is not very dangerous, we recommend to remove it right now. It is listed as adware and advertisements delivered by this malware can lead you to some more severe cyber security problems. There are two main methods … Continued

AdFreeApp adware

AdFreeAp adware virus officially is a freeware application, promising to protect users from malware-laden advertisements. While this mission sounds appealing, our security team expresses doubts whether this application is actually ready to carry such a burden. It has been concluded that AdFreeAp program is an ad-based infection itself. This means that even though it blocks … Continued


adk2x might be worsening web browsing experience if your computer is infected with this virus. It is listed as an adware, so once inside of the system it will flood all web browsers with tons of annoying advertisements. Even though it is not very dangerous itself, those ads can lead you to some more severe cyber … Continued pop-up

Internet is exploited to deliver promotional marketing messages to consumers. This feature is pretty common when it comes to various shopping domains. However, the problem is recognized to be a matter of concern when bizarre advertising is witnessed by users that visit webpages that are not supporting any marketing strategies. This is an issue, caused … Continued Virus is an application by Adlux, which introduces itself as a service provider for publishers, whose base is the advertisers. The company’s self-introduction is available on, which is accessible via the About Us link at the bottom of the main search page of this web search app. Even its accessibility can, indeed, be questioned … Continued

.adobe ransomware

There are thousands of ransomware variants on the World Wide Web that come and go, no matter how persistent and sneaky they are, but it seems like recently users and malware professionals have been dealing with some crypto viruses for longer than they’d like to. This past year of 2018 and beginning of 2019, questions and desperate … Continued

Adonis ransomware

Adonis ransomware virus was written while using an Autoit programming language. The primary objective of Autoit was to generate automatic scripts for Windows applications, but over the years, its importance and means of utilization have shifted. We have already analyzed a couple of malware samples that were created with the Autoit language. In this article, … Continued

Adoresearch hijacker

Adoresearch hijacker is a search page that is set as default without your consent. This is done using browser add-on that gets installed bundled with other software, typically fTalk – a free Facebook chat client. After installation is completed, any of Internet browsers, such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox are affected. When opening … Continued


Adorika is an advertising platform that displays various commercial advertisements, pop ups and other messages having sponsored links included in them. The program can be added to one of your Internet browsers or to all of them at the same time and interrupt your browsing activity. Adorika can also infiltrate other malicious applications to the … Continued ads ads are generated by an adware virus, strongly influencing your operating system. It could be that you can recall downloading a free tool from unknown developers or have been tricked into installing a packaged software. People that are forced to see these advertisements can also have their browsers’ settings modified. A Russian search … Continued

AD&POP Block Adware

AD&POP Block is a browser extension that blocks pop-up ads. Or rather, it replaces them with its own advertisements. Sometimes, it is advertised in a way that can lead people to install it without meaning to. It’s promoted by browser hijackers, so if you have AD&POP Block installed, you might have some other potentially unwanted extensions, … Continued

AdPop Block Search Hijacker

AdPop Block is an ad-blocker that hijacks the user’s searches and forces them to go to or another adware site. It hijacks Google, Bing, and Yahoo searches. All the while, it hides its presence in the browser by redirecting away from its details page and using an invisible icon for display in the user interface. Needless to … Continued redirect redirect virus manages to receive impressive amounts of web traffic from all over the globe. Therefore, it has become the 17,467th top-visited website around the world. Biggest percentages of web traffic are obtained from Brazil and there is a number of webpages that initiate referrals to this deceptive domain. However, the websites that … Continued


AdPunisher might look like useful application at first sight, but it’s not. Recent researches revealed that it should be listed as an adware, so if you don’t want to face some cyber security damage in the future, we don’t recommend to keep AdPunisher installed on your system. In case you have recently discovered that your … Continued

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