24/7 PC Guard Support - How to remove

24/7 PC Guard Support

24/7 PC Guard Support is a fake virus removal service that seeks to get money from random users by providing fake services. It’s a program that displays a bogus pop up on the targeted computer claiming that your computer is in high risk because of malware infections and offering to purchase 24/7 PC Support services that would help you to fix the issues. Beware that it’s a fake notification that has nothing to do with your computer protection status.

Once infected with 24/7 PC Guard Support virus, you will receive a message, while you browse the Internet, stating that you are visiting high risk website and for this reason your files and identity might be at risk. It will offer you immediate support simply by calling a provided telephone number. Here’s how the message looks like:

Warning! Security Alert
You are visiting a high risk website Urgent: Your files and identity may be at risk
You may have been infected with Spyware
Call 1-(888) 297 8734 for immediate support

Windows may be infected
Serw.Clicksor.W32 may have infected your computer…
Detected: Serw.Clicksor.W32 Risk level: High
Detected: Browser Hijack Risk level: CRITICAL!
Detected: c:\Serw.clicksor Risk Level: Normal
Call 1-(888) 297 8734 for immediate support!

If you follow the instructions and try to get support, you will get a fake antivirus program installed to your computer. The application is called 24/7 PC Guard and it only imitates performing system scan. In fact, it reports false scan results and displays infections that do not exist on your computer. The program seeks to convince you that your system is infected with malware and tempt you into getting paid support service. It asks you to pay $179.99 for removing all malicious files and protecting your system from future malware attacks.

Never trust this message as you will end up losing your money. Remove 24/7 PC Support from your system if you got it installed to your computer. We recommend running a full system scan with a reputable antispyware program, for example, Spyhunter and get rid of this scam application. Don’t forget upgrading your antispyware tool to its newest version.

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One response to “24/7 PC Guard Support

  1. Y’all just backed up what I almost fell for just a few days ago!!!
    I stupidly called the ph# thinking it was a line to Microsoft b/c I was having a Key Code problems & the 24/7 window popped up as it happened.
    * The guy on the phone was GOOD * but finally got a ding-ding-ding on my radar when he wouldn’t tell me the ph# so I could ‘talk to hubby & call back’ said ‘just call the same # you did to get me’ I might not be tech savvy but I can smell a rat!

    I UN-installed the program, rebooted, ran few anti-mal’s, dbl checked my fire wall & rebooted AND then proceed to berated the tar out the children in residence that touched mama’s “off limits” computer.
    They fessed up after having only beans & broccoli to eat for three days 😛

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