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Antivir is a rogue anti-spyware program which is mostly installed to the system manually. Fake online scanners promote Antivir by offering for PC users to download the scam which is promised to clean every machine. Tactics goes when pop-up ads, stating about various cyber infections detected, interrupt browsing the Internet and bring people to the “official” website from where Antivir can be downloaded. However, after being installed Antivir loads tons of annoying reports trying to make its victims concerned about their PCs security. Because of being created only to swindle the money, this rogue offers purchasing its licensed version for fixing non existent security issues. The only infection that must be eliminated is the same Antivir and only its removal can help you to save computer’s OS.

Antivir starts automatically when machine boots up. Once started, badware lists numerous infections by using misleading notifications. What is more, Antivir hijacks Internet Explorer and victims start getting warnings about the potential harm when browsing the Internet. Antivir expects to make users scared by loading messages like these two:

Trojan:W32/Inject Activity Detected
Trojan:W32/Inject is a large family of malware that secretly makes changes to the Windows Registry . Variants in the family make also makes changes to other running processes.
Warning! Identity theft attempt detected

Warning! Visiting this site may harm your computer!
This web site probably contains malicious software program, which can cause damage to your computer or perform actions without your permission. Your computer may be infected after visiting such web site.

The only truth is that Antivir is a rogue anti-spyware program which seeks only to make people purchase its “full” version. Instead of purchasing this program, delete every file connected to Antivir. If you have already bought this scam, reach your credit card company to dispute the charges.

There is a new version of fake Antivir : Antivir Solution PRO. It is much more advanced version of parasite, and requires disabling processes prior launching removal software. You might also try starting new processes using task manager, or right-clicking on Spyware Doctor executable and choosing “run as administrator”. Full Antivir Solution Pro removal guide available here :

Automatic Malware removal tools

Download Spyhunter for Malware detection

Note: Spyhunter trial provides detection of parasites and assists in their removal for free. limited trial available, Terms of use, Privacy Policy, Uninstall Instructions,

Download Combo Cleaner for Malware detection

Note: Combo Cleaner trial provides detection of parasites and assists in their removal for free. limited trial available, Terms of use, Privacy Policy, Uninstall Instructions, Refund Policy ,

Manual removal

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  1. there are multiple x pop ups stating backdoor.win32.clampi.a activity detected
    and other various w32.gosys antivir resident shield pop ups stating that there are possible viruses on my computer and that I need to buy certain virus protectors for like $49.99. Is this a scam or the real thing, because I feel like someone is trying to retrieve personal information from me. Thank you and please get back with me as soon as you can

  2. I need to remove this and I dont know how help me it is blocking my computer and I need to use it everyday for my job

  3. To remove Antivir from your computer, please, do the following steps:1. Open Antivir window (you can do it by left clicking the tray icon on the taskbar in the right bottom corner of your screen near the clock)2. Go to the “Settings” tab.3. Uncheck the check-box “Protect Antivirus core (recommended)”.4.Click “Save Settings” button5.Make sure that the settings have been saved: window “Setting Saved” appears.6.Right click the tray icon (near the clock) and select Uninstall.

  4. I try to remove antivir in the control panel add or remove programs but it does not appear as an installed program, if i do these steps will it get rid of the antivir completely?

  5. I downloaded Spyware Doctor, it blocks Antivir first, then scans your comp and removes it (Takes long time) I recmmend it. Antivir is still on my comp but its now blocked so I dont have to worry about it bombarding my computer and spamming like crazy.

  6. Marry: Do a full scan with Spyware Doctor. If you get reinfected, it means you did partial scan only or you are attacked from other PC in the network/infected websites.

  7. My computer got infected with antivir just yesterday. Computer is already screwing up alot and it is hard to funciton. Where can i find the applications listed above on my computer or is there a better/easier way to delete it? I’m scared to used the automatic spyware removal because I don’t want more viruses. Help is much appreciated

  8. Edwardo. Well, Spyware Doctor won PCMag editor’s choice couple times. So it is quite good. With antivir the problem is that its infection is in several different places and it is hard to list exact place where to find them. Good way of action would be starting process manager and looking at each of processes. Then google each process name – if it is not reported as system process, required for system to function, stop it.

  9. i really need help! AntiVir blocks every site I go to and google won’t even work ;_; I just downloaded the Spyware Doctor and it told me I have 137 threats, but the AntiVir stuff is all still here. Did I do something wrong? Was I supposed to do something else? I thought the Spyware Doctor was used to get rid of AntiVir

  10. Do a full scan with spyware doctor and remove all threats it finds. Some Antivir promoting processes might be listed as trojans.

  11. I ran spyware doctor free version and when its done and i go to remove everything it found it says i have to buy the online version and have to register it to remove everything.. is this true?

  12. Yes, spyware doctor is commercial product, It provides free scanner though which lists all infections. You can choose between removing them manually, or by full version of spyware doctor.

  13. thank you manuel so much for telling the world how to remove this annoying program my mom added this to my daughters labtop trying to help unaware of what would happen and going by your instructions it worked thank you thank you thank you

  14. i cannot find the box to check. please help! i need this for school but am not too saavy with it! 🙁

  15. I followed you instructions on how to remove the untivir in my computer and it did work! Thank you very much, Manuel….god bless you…

  16. Hi Manuel, Thank you for your instructions I was able to uninstall that annoying antivir…and you just save me 100 dollars. That’s how much I would have to pay someone to have it remove. Thank you again and James is right God bless you..

  17. @Manuel

    I do not have a settings option on my Antivir. Maybe you might have had a different version but i dont know. On my daughters computer there is AntiVir2010 so maybe you might have had a different one, let me know.

  18. @Manuel
    Thank you very much. Manuel. Your instructions to remove Antivir were clear, easy to follow and very effective. We are very grateful to you for your help. Best regards. May God bless you. Alex and Margarita.

  19. I’m not having any luck with this. Antivir will not allow me to open it in. the link is not on my tool bar by my clock,, its on my desktop but it wont allow me to open it!

  20. Dan: Start task manager (ctrl+shift+esc) right after booth. Than launch programs you download from task manager as new process. Typically, antivirus can’t block it.

  21. dear admin i think this is a scam, antivir is lining your pockets ffs spydoctor my arse.

  22. Billy Bob : would I post manual instructions or links to other tools if I were scammer? Don’t think so. There are plenty of sites that recommend a single tool claiming that it solve all the problems, be it malwarebytes, spyware doctor, spyhunter, etc. However, I would purchase a good antivirus and anti-malware myself to avoid such infections rather than searching for a way to remove them each time. There are only few free anti-malware removers with real-time protection and I would not rely on them myself. It is too expensive to create and maintain such tool.

  23. This antivirus is same to Avira by its name, and AVG by its appearance.

    Admin: My Task Manager is not working, maybe the rogue antivirus blocks my Task Manager.

    My rogue antivirus is CleanUp Antivirus, which I want to delete it today.
    Thanks, 2-viruses. You really helped me to delete Rogue Antivirus.

  24. Dear Manuel & admin,
    I followed the simple directions RE: “open Antivir window by left clicking on toolbar; Go to ‘Settings’ uncheck the checkbox ‘Protect Antivir core (recommended); Click Save Settings” and it worked!!!! I hope. I hope I don’t have any like residual mess-ups next time I use my computer. So anyways, THANKS SO MUCH! I use my computer for school! Thanks so much for your help 🙂

  25. How do I get rid of Antivir? I have tried downloading SpyDoc but the virus says that the file is infected and if I try to open it, Antivir won’t let me. How do I fix this?!

  26. There is a new version of fake Antivir : Antivir Solution PRO. It is much more advanced version of parasite, and requires disabling processes prior launching removal software. You might also try starting new processes using task manager, or right-clicking on Spyware Doctor executable and choosing “run as administrator”. I would recommend runing updates for Spyware Doctor and performing full system scan.

  27. Looks like another version out there now. Process name was “efgonrutssd”. Killed that, deleted the file under Local Apps in a “vxdrvwspj” directory. And then deleted all the registry values that pointed to such.

    All appears fixed for now. Thanks to everyone above for contributing or I likely would not have been able to get rid of it!

  28. i started to delete some of the registery files and then i couldnt find a couple of i was looking for anything that said ‘AV’ on it and checked them out and ended up deleting all of them..i didnt find the files or the .dll file or anything else listed to get rid of it. so i went into regular mode to try manuels way and the program did not pop up in that bar..did i delete it or is it just in a ‘dormant state till i connect to the internet again..plz reply back

  29. i cant even go on the internet because antivar says its infeccted but i allready have a antivirus protection how do i get that thing off my computer

  30. Spencer : The new version of parasite installs a proxy server in your browser. Read the guide (link above) for Antivir Solution Pro

  31. Elaine M Dobler :I need to remove this and I dont know how help me it is blocking my computer and I need to use it everyday for my job

    @Elaine M Dobler
    i need removen this antivir form my computer. it is wontn me to buy this verison.An it will not let me on my computer at all. please help

  32. I used Webroot adware/malaware anti virus. It quarantined all the antivir. Computer now works fine.

  33. I have antivir solution pro virus on my laptop. I removed most of it manualy. I tried to run spyware doctor (in safe mode) to finish cleaning it up but smart update fails and the program won’t run. Connection failurewhen I tried going to pcworld website so I think the virus screwed up ie also. When in normal mode ie 8 mostly doesn’t work.

  34. I got infected with the Antivir Solution Pro. I downloaded the spyware doctor and scanned the computer. It said it deleted everything but when I try to download Mcafee antivirus software it will not download. It says that Antivir is interfering with it. How do I get Antivir off of my computer?

  35. @Manuel Hello Emmanuel i read your post on removing Antivir. I already have Macafee. I have cleaned and quartined my PC, but i can’t seem to remove the Antivir ICON from my desktop. When i left click on it like you suggested my system comes up with a browsing sign that it is looking for it. How can i remove he ICON or whatever traces of Anti vir when i have already run a full scan and Mac Afee has quartined it.

    I tried your suggestion it is not working for this particular situation.

    Thanks for your help.


  36. Aoa – Malware removers like Spyware Doctor or Malwarebytes are more likely to remove Rogue infections than Macafee. Check for the malware files and try to delete them.

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