Antimalware virus - How to remove

Antimalware virus

Antimalware virus is a fake antivirus program that infiltrates into random computers with a help of Trojans. The installation does not require permission of computer users – the rogue is distributed using Trojans or exploit packs. Once inside, the program opens porno pages to scare PC users and runs a scanner on your system. Then the fake Antimalware claims it detected a bunch of threats there. In fact it runs a fake scanner that is not able to find anything, so it falsifies the information about PC protection status on your system and tries to convince you that your computer is at risk.

If you try to remove infections detected by Antimalware virus, you will be offered to purchase its full version. The truth is, it only wants to make users pay, so it would earn money. It’s a popular way that cyber criminals use to make profit. In addition to a fake scanner, Antimalware virus also displays a few security notifications that appear out of nowhere while you are working on your computer. Here is a message that can pop up on your PC if you got infected:

Virus Alert!
Application can’t be started!
The file Googleupdate.exe is damaged.
Do you want to activate your antivirus software now?

In most cases the browsing will be impossible as Antimalware will block websites you try to open claiming that these are infected. The warning (depending on the browser you are using) will state that Internet Explorer has blocked the site. This is just one more trick to make life hard for you and convince to pay for this fake program. To avoid such scams, you should always take care of your computer’s protection. Always have updated antimalware and antispyware programs on your PC. However, if you have already been infected, remove Antimalware virus from your system as soon as possible.

The fake AntiMalware  protects itself in following ways :

  1. It launches on every startup;
  2. It kills all executable processes;
  3. It launches on each .exe file execution;
  4. And it resets changing global proxy settings in normal mode, so you won’t be able to turn it back.

Special instructions for Antimalware virus removal

Below we provide steps how to remove Antimwalre virus from your computer quickly and easily:

  1. Reboot into safe mode with networking  (reboot and press F8 while the screen is black a couple of times. Choose safe mode with networking from menu).
  2. Run your browser. You won’t be able to open any site as you will have to disable proxy server on your browser:
    1. For IE:  Internet Options (from menu or gear icon), Connection, Lan Settings, Disable every check box.
    2. The same Lan settings window is accessible from Chrome ( Settings -> advanced -> proxy settings ->Lan Settings -> Disable every Checkbox).
    3. For Firefox: Tools->Options->Advanced->Network->Settings and choose no proxy.
  3. Download . Save it in place you easily remember.
  4. Start->Run msconfig.
  5. Disable all unknown and apparently random startup entries. Do not reboot yet!
  6. Rename spyhunter to .com from exe (you will need to see extensions for known file types).
  7. Run once, let it fix browser and then stop the installer. This should prevent antimalware from running on execution of other programs. Reboot normally.
  8. If the Antimalware program does not start, Install and run Spyhunter from the installer you downloaded. Do not launch other programs before executing it. If Antimalware starts, repeat steps 1 and 7 and try again.
  9. You might want to scan with other anti-malware programs like Hitman as well and clean temporary files.

Video version of Antimalware scam removal guide

Automatic Malware removal tools

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