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Alpha Antivirus

Alpha Antivirus is a rogue anti-spyware which hails from the same malware family as the infamous Personal Antivirus. Alpha Antivirus uses a similar design to that of it’s brother, as well as the same “traditional” ways of spreading – these mainly involve the use of trojans, such as Vundo, or devices of deception, like browser hijackers.

Alpha Antivirus is installed on the PC without any notification or consent from the user. The program makes some system modifications and drops executable files. Consequently, the compromised computer is bombarded with annoying security alerts, which hold no truth whatsoever. Alpha Antivirus scans the system and declares to have found rootkits, trojans, worms and other badware and recommends to download and install the paid version for removal of these threats. In reality, this application has no ability to detect or remove any threats. All the alerts are fabricated and only used in order to scam users into purchasing Alpha Antivirus.

Don’t increase the profit of it’s creators and remove Alpha Antivirus as soon as possible!

Automatic Malware removal tools

Download Spyhunter for Malware detection

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Download Combo Cleaner for Malware detection

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Manual removal

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64 responses to “Alpha Antivirus

  1. how can i take this alpha antivirus program off it doesnt appear in my add or remove programs what can i do about it.

  2. Alpha Antivirus has infected my computer, but it won’t even let me on the website to download any sort of Spyware Doctor. HELP!!

  3. How do I remove this alpha antivirus. It is not in my remove or add program. It is driving me crazy help please

  4. how can i remove alpha antivirus from my pc, it does not show in the add and remove programs and the unistall icon does not work. it keeps throwing me off every internet page, it blocks them all

  5. I agree with Carloine it is doing the same with me. I continued to try and download the spyware doctor but it continues to block me. Why isnt my personal anti virus software detecting this and deleting it?

  6. Doneya : Try using alternate link. We got an updated version now.
    Anti-virus softwares are updated periodically, but they can not handle each new trojan “at once”.

  7. I had the alpha antivirus come onto my comp. and I found a way to manually delete it, but now my internet will not work, any suggestions?

  8. Brittney: Check your hosts files. Also, maybe there is a proxy set up at your IE/Firefox. Disable it.
    Alternatively, scan with spyware doctor or malwarebytes anti-malware to see if something else left in the system.

  9. hi i got the alpha antivirus yesterday and it would not let me do anything on the computer tried somethings nothing called the computer geegs and one told me it would cost $189.oo to fix it so i tried something else .go to start then accessories,system tooles , system restore ,and go to an ealier date it worked for me i hope it works for you pls let me know

  10. @buffy :alpha antivirus was installed to my computer this morning and i couldnt uninstall it. i took your advice and did the system restoration and my computer seems to be running back to normal. thanks for the help. =)

  11. hi, a friend suggested that i use combofix to get rid of that annoying alpha antivirus. i tried and after doing so, things seemed to be running smoothly. but earlier this morning when i turned my computer on, alpha antivirus was still there! how can i permanently remove it?

    also, if i do intenet banking, will my bank details be at great risk?

  12. Sierra:
    Combofix does not provide full spyware protection like real spyware application. Get some anti-spyware and antivirus, you got some trojans in your system.
    I doubt they install keylogger with these trojans, but you can never know.

  13. That shit got on my computer and it took me weeks to figure out that it was a virus and i removed it free using spywear doctor.

  14. at first when it poped up on my computer i was just like huh i might have avirus on my computer and i also had another antivirus program working at the time and on this program it said that i had no viruses or any thearts on my computer than i begam suspicious.. Not everybody in my family Knew about this program Alpha Antivirus and so when one of them got on they just saw the program pop up and so they just added it to the computer.. and coming to do some research on it i found out that it was a virus it self and with my own expirence i found out that i was being tricked into buying something. Its a piece of junk to tell you the truth.

  15. there this alpha its attack my laptop and iscare to masst up my laptop so plz give mand help me

  16. I just paid $29.95 for the Alpha Antivirus software. I went through the steps to removing the virus, and I’m still getting those nasty popups. I thought the virus was removed because the Alpha Antivirus desktop icon has been removed, and it no longer showed up in my programs. I rebooted the computer thinking that would fix it but, I’m still getting the popups. What should I do???

  17. This worked for me,go to your address bar type in C:\Program Files\Common Files\
    Uninstall\AlphaAV\Uninstall.Ink This will work.

  18. I was using my father’s computer and I thought this was his anti-virus but is not. How can I remove this alpha antivirus without taking too much time and for free?

  19. I’m on a computer that is RENTED and Alpha Antivirus popped up and automatically installed itself. I tried to remove it on the ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS on the computer and it says it’s locked and I can’t remove it. I called Dell Tech Support and they’ve had me download 4 completely different malware things and it’s still not gone! Help please!

  20. @Laura .

    The solution given by bop above worked for me. Go to Start… Run… and type in C:\Program Files\Common Files\
    It may take you to a list of programs, the top on of which was Alpha Antivirus Uninstall
    Double click it. You may get asked if you want to ‘trust’ the program (I’ve got Vista}. Reply yes and hey Presto! Gone.

  21. I have tried the above and told me that windows cannot find C:\Programs, how can it not find c program, it doesn’t make any sense. I have winXP professional.
    It is driving me crazy, it’s effecting everything I do, freezes my messengers as well. I downloaded a virus removal from avg and after scanning everything , every file has “can’t open” beside it. It was a waist of time…please I appreciate it if you can help.
    Thank you

  22. @ChrisH
    hmm.. lol well it worked this time.. but i didnt even finish typing it.. but thanks so much.. that crap was getting annoying!

  23. @jess
    I don’t know how spyware doctor actually works, but what I do know is it worked. I had to scan it twice and I also did a scan with windows defender. This alpha antivirus was stressing me out I kept trying to unistall it and it wouldn’t let me. After a lot of tries it did let me delete the file, but it was still there. Finally I tried spyware doctor and it worked.

  24. thank you i have been trying to get rid of that alpha intivirus for hours with no luck i tryed what bop suggested go to start run C:\Program Files\Common Files\
    Uninstall\AlphaAV\Uninstall.Ink it worked no more alpha and i didnt have to download anything thanks bop.

  25. I just got this on my computer and tried the Start, Run and I’m getting the same result as Rita “windows cannot find C:\Programs”…I have Windows XP, too. What do I try now??

  26. i cant remove this alpha i have flowed bop instruction that didnt work for me i attempted to use system retore that didnt work i a have been attempting this all day i am so fustrated i dont know what to do please HELP

  27. I didnt order this program and dont want it it is making me nuts how can i get it off i dont have a cd they say i need to get it off what do i do

  28. I just got an user that install this Alpha on her computer, she did a week ago,
    So Ijust did a system restore and seems to be working fine now.

  29. The only way I could contain this annoying Alpha antivirus virus from my system was to download the free ‘ Spyware Doctor’. This was the only method from on-line suggestions that actually worked.

  30. How do they let these persons get away with this? Looks like a good role for FCC/FBI to trace — no prison time, just kill the terroist! Believe in Capital Punishment now!!?

  31. A victim of the alpha antivirus scam! Is my banking info at risk? Should I contact my financial institution and have this account shut down?

  32. System restore didn’t work for me. After I downloaded updates from Windows XP, they automatically removed it. I hope this can help someone else too.

  33. @ChrisH

    I did this and it did work, but I still get a message when I try to launch my task manager saying it has been disabled by the administrator. Also when I turn on my computer, I get a message pop up saying something about the DLL?? How do I fix this problem??

  34. Got the Alpha this morning while reading yahoo; noticed the icon on the tray. Did not click it, but it began doing a scan. Lost almost total control over computer. Installed paid version of Spyware Dr. and it recognized it, but would not remove it. Had almost no response from anything I tried. Used other computer to research and came to this site. Barely managed to access system tools, but managed to get rid of it from a system restore. Hope that is all I will see of this!

  35. theirs a easyer way to get rid of the alpha . press the start button go to programs. find systems tools. then press on system restore . you can restore your system back to before you got alpha. then when you restart your computer it should be gone

  36. @ChrisH
    Hey thank you so much for the tip on how to remove the alpha virus that was a pain thank you so much it almost gave me a heart attack cause i didnt know what to do and nothing was working.

  37. with xp you will use “C:\Program Files\Common Files\AlphaAntUninstall\Uninstall.lnk” and it will remove it

  38. Terri : this will not remove trojan downloaders that re-download Alpha antivirus. You need scan system afterwards for remaining trojans.

  39. @ChrisH

    Thank you very much for this solution. It took me an hour to figure out to Google this question. Windows 7 said there was a problem when I typed the entire solution. I typed only “C:\Program Files\Common Files\AlphaUninstall” then followed the rest of the instructions and Thank Goodness it was gone!!!

  40. I used Spybot and it got rid of the actual program that was installed on the computer but now I’m still having problems with it trying to block internet sites from me. I can’t get Spybot to remove the other two malware programs associated with Alpha Antivirus because it require admin rights on my computer but admin rights have been removed from all profiles, what should I do?

  41. Thank you guys. I got rid of it thank to you. The Spyware Doctor didn’t download for free…
    so i tried

    C:\Program Files\Common Files\AlphaAntUninstall\Uninstall.lnk

    Copy this and hit enter. You may need to do this several times. I contacted the costumor servis of this spyware ( so nasty), and they gave me the same link.
    Good luck everyone.


  43. Leila : You need to disable the parasite first.
    Srkan: That link does not remove parasites completely. It deactivates popups only. So your PC is still at risk. Scan with malwarebytes, spyware doctor or other program.

  44. How much does this cost? I do not see any price list and that is the reason that I do not want to but a. a’s license. Why doesn’t McAfee take care of tis like it should?

  45. Victor
    Manual removal instructions are free.
    We recommend Spyware Doctor, which is commercial product, full version costs around 30 USD (price might vary depending on additional features like antivirus and your country). We strongly recommend using free scanner first to see if Spyware Doctor can help with your particular problem. This week there is a promo going on, with PCTOOLS30 coupon code you can get 30% Off for spyware doctor.
    “Free” alternative is Malwarebytes anti-malware, however you will not get real time protection for free.


  47. I’ve used UBCD4Windows with Nod32 on-demand scanner and the free version of Malwarebytes anti-malware programe to get rid of “Windows AntiVirus Pro” a couple months ago. I just finished doing the same with a laptop for a friend. What I can’t remember is how to restore the internet connection! lol, I did it before…

  48. do i have to pay for spyware doctor? cause it seems like it won’t delete alpha antivirus if i don’t buy the full version?

  49. I had the antivirus live. Got rid of it in seconds. I have windows xp home edition– as you boot up press th f8 key. This wil bring You up in “safe mode”
    The system will ask if you want to restore your system to an earlier date. Click yes. IT will give you a set of available dates where an automatic back up was taken. choose a date prior to your computer being infected. Your system will do the rest. This will not loose any data such as e-mail.
    As you come up all the way, press cntl–alt –del at the same time and bring up your taskmaster go to processes and monitor what is being loaded. You shoul not see any strange proceses running or taking up a lot of resources. Good Luck

  50. Using Windows Vista 32bit:

    cd c:\documents and settings\all users\application data does not list any files for gives me an error message. Am I missing a step ???

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