Allgameshome Hijacker

Allgameshome hijacker is toolbar that is responsible for redirections to Usually one can get it installed to her computer after downloading free games from All Games Home official website. The toolbar is added automatically and as a result of installing it your home page, default search engine and new tab page are replaced with … Continued

Allin1Convert Toolbar

Allin1Convert Toolbar is a browser hijacker that is installed to random computers without users’ consent. It changes your browser’s homepage to either or It also changes your default search provider to Additionally, the program displays various advertisements that contain sponsored links. It is very annoying because you can click on these messages by … Continued


AllInOneDocs browser extension is a yet another product by the company MindSpark Interactive Network. The application is supposed to provide quick access to free-of-charge word processors, spreadsheets, and offer assistance in managing your documents. However, it’s mainly a browser virus that makes money from advertising to you. This browser add-on can be used for creating … Continued virus is a website of All-in-One Office browser add-on that promises to provide users with the access to web office suite. Even though it seems nice to have a quick access or shortcuts to essential Office tools provided by Google, it is totally not worth to install this add-on because of various side effects. Due … Continued is a malicious site that works to spy on you and advertise to you. It comes with a browser extension and sneakily redirects your search queries to sites that it makes money from. can be removed by uninstalling the related browser extension and blocking’s notifications. About Classification Adware, browser hijacker. Removing … Continued Virus virus is usually promoted via free downloads from the internet. This browser hijacker adds AllMyWeb Toolbar to users’ web browsers and sets homepage to as well as a default search engine to It is not exactly a virus, but definitely a PUP (potentially unwanted program). This status is referred to it mostly … Continued virus virus is a browser hijacker that can take over your Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari browser. In most cases, it is added without users consent. Once inside, it replaces your homepage with Unfortunately, it is not a program that can provide reliable search results, so you will want to get … Continued Redirects is a malicious site that forces people to use it by spreading a malicious browser extension AllRadioSearch. logs people’s search terms, browsing history, and various technical details. It takes over internet searches so that it can profit from showing search engine ads. And it may use notifications to show ads n the browser at … Continued virus virus is a browser hijacker that uses unfair methods to infiltrate into random computers without users’ consent. The program works identically to websearch.searchanfly.into virus, virus, virus and many other browser hijackers which we have already described before. It affects Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. Once inside, virus replaces … Continued virus virus is a browser hijacker that is promoted together with free downloads from the Internet. The program modifies your browser settings and changes your homepage and default search provider to The aim of this application is to promote a bunch of websites and make money from affiliate links. virus displays a bunch … Continued

Alot Toolbar

Alot Toolbar is a potentially unwanted application that gets into browsers bundled with other programs. This browser hijacker changes your default search engine and homepage to despite what you were using before. Although the program provides search services, it causes lots of sponsored links to be included in the search results and brings some … Continued hijacker is not a good tool that you should keep installed on your computer – that’s clear. It is obviously malicious and due to its’ qualities, the best category to put it is browser hijackers. In case you are not familiar with this type of malware, it can completely change the way you browse the … Continued virus website bears a resemblance to previously detected browser hijackers that did not have the skills of producing results to search queries. is almost identical to, but the current version strikes as more developed and improved. The founders of this website are clearly indicated at the bottom of the page: the International IT … Continued

Amisites virus

Amisites virus is a popular computer infection that can affect the way you browse the web. Since Amisites malware is listed as browser hijacker, it will definitely cause some damage to your web browsers by modifying various settings and making web browsing experience worse than ever. If you are aware of the fact that this … Continued Virus is owned by adMarketplace company. According to reviews about this ad-serving organization, it runs scam operations with fake clicks, and most of its older users encourage others not to exploit this PPC network. browser hijacker is a search engine, designed specifically for information about adMarketplace products and services as well as online advertising … Continued

Has suddenly your homepage and search provider turned into the plain and suspicious and you don’t remember doing it yourself? Have you noticed that your browser started working so slow and search results come out as a bunch of deals and promotions? Have you tried changing your ‘new’ Anilopo search engine but whenever you … Continued

AnonymoSearch is a browser extension that promises to protect your personal data while online. Once installed, it changes your browser’s search settings to, which gets to deliver your search results. AnonymoSearch’s effect on privacy is questionable and its behavior makes it look like adware – a potentially unwanted browser extension. In short about … Continued virus virus is an cyber infection that discovers secretive means of infiltration and rearranges browsers’ settings without an appropriate approval. Users are usually puzzled when it comes to sudden modifications that occur in their browsing applications. Most commonly reported changes include a Custom New Tab and Homepage. The animated search engine we have mentioned at … Continued

Seems like Antivirus Action rogue is one of those malwares that use browser hijackers for their widely spread distribution. was found to belong for this websites’ category as well, so be aware about this domain and avoid visiting it because it will let harmful Trojan inside your PC. Additionally, after they hijack the browser … Continued hijacker is a rather unusual and good-looking browser hijacker. That’s right – this website is listed as a browser hijacker because it will make changes to the web browser without even asking your permission. In addition to that, it can be really difficult to restore those settings back to normal, so it is definitely a … Continued

AnyDocToPdf redirects

Anydoctopdf is one browser add-on that sets as the new tab page when installed on the Chrome browser. Anydoctopdf is suspicious because of all the unnecessary and undisclosed changes it makes to your browser, and it fits the classification of a browser hijacker — an application that tries to take control of your browser … Continued Redirects is a malicious website. If it shows up in your browser, it’s probably because of an associated extension called AnyGameSearch. AnyGameSearch replaces your search engine settings and reads your browsing and search history. It has no redeeming qualities and should be removed as soon as it’s discovered. About Classification Adware, browser hijacker. How … Continued Mac Malware claims to enhance browsing experience and improve web search results. Unfortunately, we found that description to be incorrect. This positioning of is done only to trick users into thinking that this tool is legitimate, so they wouldn’t remove it from computers. In reality, it is clearly unwanted and even malicious tool that falls into … Continued Virus, or Anysearchmanager, is a browser hijacker virus designed to infect Macs. It’s created by the infamous Linkury, author of and Anysearchmanager takes over web browsers, replaces the home page, and hijacks internet search. It can be difficult to remove, too. Anysearchmanager comes with the “Any Search Manager DS” extension, which is available in the Chrome … Continued is a browser hijacker. It hijacks your browser and manipulates your traffic. It can read your browsing activities, breaching your privacy for no good reason. It may show ads by using notifications. Because of all that, it is advisable to uninstall in short: Classification Browser hijacker, adware. Problems caused by It restricts … Continued

AnytimeAstrology toolbar virus

AnytimeAstrology ( virus refers to a browser hijacker belonging to a group of rogue searching tools from MyWay (Mindspark Interactive Network). We have discussed a variety of their products, like Calendar Spark and Gifables. Every single time our verdict is the same: these browser extensions are not appropriate for usage and their owners promote them in … Continued Toolbar Toolbar is an annoying program that is installed to computers without users’ consent. Usually it infiltrates bundled with free applications form the Internet. The program changes your homepage and default search engine without user’s permission and brings more inconveniences for the user. Toolbar looks like a regular search engine, but it doesn’t do … Continued

Appbario Toolbar

Appbario Toolbar is a browser hijacker that can be infiltrated to Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers. The application changes your homepage and default search engine to and also adds its toolbar. If you have noticed these modifications in your browser, your system has been affected. Appbario Toolbar is not considered to … Continued virus virus is a browser hijacker that is promoted by various free software. It can be installed to your Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari browser while you are installing some free media player, PDF creator, download manager, etc. If you have noticed set as your homepage, your browser or browsers have … Continued

ApplicationEvents Search

ApplicationEvents is a browser add-on that’s been getting installed into people’s Macs without their authorization by a malicious program. This add-on tries to get access to the Safari browser and, if denied, crashes the browser and causes other inconveniences. The ApplicationEvents add-on can be found in the Applications folder, as well as in Safari extensions. … Continued Redirect

If “” is unexpectedly present in your address bar and if you did not install ApprovedResults intentionally, then your browser can be considered hijacked. You might be interested in knowing how to deal with browser hijackers and redirects which install themselves without permission in order to direct you to specific sites and show you ads. … Continued

Appstation WebCamera Snapshot

Appstation WebCamera Snapshot is a browser add-on. It looks useful at first, promising to help users take good pictures with their camera. But once installed, Appstation WebCamera Snapshot makes unwanted changes to browser settings, shows unwanted ads, and tracks user data. Not to mention, the Appstation WebCamera Snapshot extension itself doesn’t take camera pictures – … Continued

Appstein virus

Appstein virus is a browser hijacker that can affect Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Usually it infiltrates when computer users are downloading other applications from the Internet, such as free music players, video players, PDF creators, download managers, etc. Once inside, the program changes some settings of your browser which cause some annoying … Continued virus virus can either present a rogue platform for searching or a fake technical support service for Microsoft users. If you notice any of these versions, it is possible that your computer device has become infected with malware parasites. The search engine features a dozen cookies from websites like DoubleClick. In addition to this, … Continued virus virus is another annoying program that is classified as a browser hijacker. The program is promoted through free downloads, like media players, PDF creators, download managers and so on. Once inside it takes over Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and even Safari browsers. It replaces your chosen homepage and search provider and later … Continued is a browser hijacker. As it can be deciphered from its title, it is a hijacker that targets at Arabic users across the Middle East countries, like, for instance, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. It features a text in Arabic. But do not get misleaded – you can become the target of this … Continued


AreaProduct is malware that attacks Mac computers and causes browsers to start behaving erratically. This browser extension causes unwanted pop-up ads, redirects, and changes how web search results are displayed. Besides that, AreaProduct can collect data about your browsing activities, putting your privacy in danger. AreaProduct needs to be uninstalled as soon as possible: Type … Continued virus is not a genuine search engine: it is recognized to promote third-party content. The site makes to representations or warranties as to the accuracy, security of any information provided. virus attempts to attract and sustain a steady amount of visitors because they are an integral part of its goal. Please always make an … Continued virus is bothering you every time you open a web browser? Well, that means your computer is infected with this annoying browser hijacker. And even though it’s not the most dangerous virus out there, we suggest to eliminate it as soon as possible, otherwise you could face some more severe cyber security problems. If you … Continued

Astromedia Search Hijacker

Astromedia Search or Astromedia Web Search (not to be confused with Astromenda Search) is a browser hijacker that changes browser settings to fit the whims of a dishonest developer. The extension not only installs itself against the wishes of a user but act like adware by prioritizing its profit over their browsing preferences. Unless it … Continued Virus virus is a typical new tab/homepage hijacker. It causes many browser problems: search hijacking, pop-up ads, and privacy issues. It’s detected as “suspicious” by a few antivirus scanners (). shares a lot of features with other browser hijackers, like,,, etc. Besides hijacking your search and home page settings, Astromenda Search … Continued virus virus (also known as virus) is a browser hijacker that is promoted through free utilities that can be downloaded from the Internet. Usually computer users notice this potentially unwanted program when they are already browsing the Internet. Basically they see as their new homepage and default search provider and it is not … Continued

Atención! Su navegador ha sido bloqueado virus

Atención! Su navegador ha sido bloqueado virus is another browser hijacker that hides behind the name of police and tries to get some money from random users. This time it targets Spanish speaking countries. Once inside, the program blocks your Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. You will only see a notification through … Continued

AtoZManuals Toolbar

AtoZManuals is a browser extension by Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc. If you fancy the idea of doing stuff on your, developing capacities and acquiring new ones, you might occasionally follow manual instructions to succeed in one or another task. However, we are not endorsing this product and urging people to treat it with caution. Neglecting … Continued virus (or A to Z Search USA) is a product of the Radical Labs. This company has recently released a bunch of comparable, inferior search systems. Unfortunately, they also seem to be as phony as a three-dollar bill. The engine takes an oath to employ a metasearch technology to generate the most elaborate search results. … Continued

Attentie! Uw Webbrowser wordt geblokkeerd virus

Attentie! Uw Webbrowser wordt geblokkeerd virus is browser hijacker that displays a fake message warning that your computer has been blocked because you have been involved into some illegal activity. It blames computer users with distributing various pornographic or copyrighted content and tells them to pay a fine of $300. Beware that it’s a bogus … Continued

Attenzione! Il Suo computer personale è stato bloccato virus

Attenzione! Il Suo computer personale è stato bloccato virus is a browser hijacker that can affect Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. The program attacks computers located in Italy. Basically, it will block your browser and say that you have violated the law by using or distributing pornographic material. The program uses the name … Continued is a browser hijacker developed by Jyulam Technology Inc. Hijackware is rougeware no one wants to encounter. These virtual creepers smother the computer’s system and makes it difficult for you to perform your routine activities on it. About Browser Hijacker The main feature of virus application is the replacement of your default … Continued

Audio Voice Recorder Pro

Audio Voice Recorder Pro is a browser hijacker – a malicious browser add-on that forces users to visit unwanted sites (like and collects data on them. Though Audio Voice Recorder Pro is not harmful on its own, it promotes sites that show aggressive ads. Some of the ads lead to dangerous websites, such as … Continued Redirects is a site that redirects your searches if you have the ASecured add-on installed. It’s supposed to improve your privacy, however, it’s actually a huge privacy violator as it collects your browsing data, watches how you react to advertisements, and can even inject ads into your internet search results. It would be best to remove … Continued

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