Avoid Av-check-online-scan.com website at all costs. It is malicious and it is able to infect computer with additional parasites. Unfortunately, this website can’t be ignored or avoided in most cases, because it constantly appears on web browser with help of the same named hijacker. Av-check-online-scan.com browser hijacker is not only pesky, but it also targets … Continued


When Av-guru.net browser hijacker is on your computer, as a result you will find yourself constantly redirected to the malicious domain that distributes Antivirus Soft rogueware. Getting infected by this hijacker may pass through your attention because Av-guru.net uses affiliated trojans to install everything unnoticeably. Once in a new computer, Av-guru.net makes useful configurations to … Continued


Av-protect.com is a website promoting Antivirus Soft rogue anti-spyware program. It’s not just one more ordinary website, but it also works as a browser hijacker. Usually you are taken to this website without your will. The website contains lots of information about Antivirus Soft application which is presented as the best security tool but in … Continued

Avg.nation.com virus

Avg.nation.com virus is a browser hijacker that is distributed to random browsers together with free downloads from the Internet. The program changes your default search provider and homepage to avg.nation.com. Although the website looks like a normal search website, it works a little bit different. The program was designed to promote certain pages, so it … Continued


Avmirror.com is just one malicious website used by Antivir Solution Pro malware for its distribution. You should have definitely heard about the others that do this advertising, for example, graffiti-bloger.com or antiviractive.net. So please, make sure that you similarly stay away from Avmirror.com because it may cause PC troubles for you. Using this or any … Continued


Pay attention on Avscanner.net domain. It’s a website controlled by the owners of dangerous program Malware Destructor 2011. It’s a scam application that pretends to be a security tool though in reality it has no useful functions at all and only wants to gain your money by selling its fake license. About Avscanner.net Avscanner.net works as … Continued

Awesome Movies Search

Awesome Movies Search is a browser extension that causes your search results to always be delivered in Yahoo.com. It can also display pop-up ads. These are not Awesome Movies Search’s official functions – it’s supposed to be an add-on for finding trailers of and news on movies and TV shows. However, that’s just the front … Continued

Awesomehp.com virus

Awesomehp.com virus is a browser hijacker that is installed to computers together with various free programs that users are downloading from the Internet. This caused the hijacker to be installed in the background and surprise them by taking over their browser, replacing the home page and the default search engine. Awesomehp.com is a browser hijacker … Continued

Search.awesomesearch.online virus

Search.awesomesearch.online is another browser hijacker developed by eAnswers. This type of malware targets the victim’s browser instead of the operating system and alters the settings to make itself as the preferred search engine, new tab, and homepage. While this is mostly viewed as the annoying qualities of the Search.awesomesearch.online hijacker, in reality these changes allow … Continued

Axisearch.com virus

Axisearch.com virus is a browser hijacker that shows up on your computer out of nowhere. In fact it is installed to computers with a help of other programs. Bundling applications to other programs is a popular way of distributing such tools. Once inside, it replaces your homepage and default search provider to Axisearch.com and makes … Continued

B1 Toolbar

B1 is a free file archiver which is available for all popular OS. You can get it from its official website however this toolbar can also be installed to your computer bundled with other programs. If installed this way, B1 Toolbar can change your homepage and search provider to search.b1.org without your consent. Although you … Continued

Babal.net virus

Babal.net is a questionable website that may look like an interactive search provider but in fact it can bring a lot of problems for computer users. It is mainly introduced to computer users who live in Turkey, Egypt and other Middle East countries. Have a look at its interface below. Usually the website is set … Continued

iSearch.babylon.com Virus

The iSearch.babylon.com virus is related to the Babylon Toolbar – a browser add-on that gets installed without permission and takes over people’s browsers. According to estimates by web analytics sites, iSearch.babylon.com gets visitors from Japan, China, India. Some years ago, it used to be more popular in the US, Iran, France. In other words, iSearch.babylon.com is a … Continued

BabyNameReady Extension

BabyNameReady is an unwanted browser extension that may be installed into your Google Chrome. Even though it can be done by directly going to the Chrome Web Store, it is still quite unlikely that you will make such a personal decision to install the extension. Judging from its name, the extension is supposed to help … Continued

Bacdau.vn virus

Multiple services offering sites must be professionally constructed to become an utopia of the Web. Bacdau.vn, developed by Webnavi Team, due to its characterization is regarded as a browser hijacker type of virus and only appears to be user-friendly. About Bacdau.vn browser hijacker Bacdau.vn is a curious case as it is a Vietnamese webpage and the … Continued

Bafapp.com virus

Bafapp.com virus is a browser hijacker that can infiltrate into your Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari browser. The program replaces your homepage and default search provider and blocks any other search engines. Although it allows to browse the web, images, videos and news, the program doesn’t provide reliable search results and forces … Continued

Baidu.com virus

Baidu.com application is a browser hijacker that will replace your chosen homepage and force you to use it as the main search provider. It is considered to be a browser hijacker because it can use unfair methods to infiltrate into one’s computer’s system and it gives a hard time for the users to remove it. This PUP … Continued


Balkan.ba is malicious browser extension that is targeted to the at the audience that speaks Serbian. Nonetheless, users worldwide can be infected and you should be aware of it. In case it’s too late and your computer is already infected with this malware, wait no more and take action right now. In this article we … Continued

BarDiscover.com virus

BarDiscover.com search platform is delivered together with the BarDiscover Desktop Search which is identified as a software application for Windows operating systems. In order to provide free services, BarDiscover.com identifies to display sponsored Internet search results via its service. In addition to that, you might be directly navigated to a brand owner’s site via one … Continued

Barosearch.com Hijacker

Barosearch.com is a website that works like a search engine. It’s possibly promoted by some browser hijackers and misleading ads and it redirects search queries to a few different websites. While Barosearch.com doesn’t seem malicious, it’s also not all that trustworthy. Barosearch.com is monetized like most search engines: it collects your data and shows you … Continued

Basicseek virus

Basicseek virus is a browser hijacker that is promoted through other downloads and can enter your computer when you are downloading some free programs from the Internet. It modifies your browser settings and causes constant redirections to unknown websites that may cause more serious infections. The program changes your search engine to basicseek.com which, unfortunately, … Continued

Bazzsearch.com virus

Bazzsearch.com virus is a browser hijacker that’s been around since at least 2016. Its search page has the looks of a legitimate search provider – sleek, professional, with a link to the privacy policy. The page is not crowded with any shortcuts or icons. But that is just the first impression. About Bazzsearch.com virus BazzSearch.com … Continued

Bbbn.xyz Redirects

If your browser is opening the sites Bbbn.xyz and Websearches.club without your permission, a malicious browser extension might have been installed in your browser. Bbbn.xyz is a search hijacker: it takes your search queries and sends them to partner sites. It spreads with browser add-ons like Underline, a doodling extension for Google Chrome. To stop Bbbn.xyz … Continued

Beamrise Search

Beamrise Search is one more browser hijacker that enters computers bundled with other programs and can be installed to Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers. The program claims to unite browsing and chatting functions, but in fact it is an unwanted program. Once installed, it will change your homepage, default search engine and … Continued

Beansearching.com virus

Beansearching.com virus is a free program that is categorized as a browser hijacker. It is capable of infiltrating into computers silently as a part of software bundle. The program is usually set to be added by default alongside various free media players, PDF creators, download managers and similar applications. Once inside, Beansearching.com is set as … Continued

Search.BearShare.com virus

Has Search.BearShare.com virus seized the control of your browser? Search.BearShare.com platform has showed tendencies that are common to browser hijackers, specifically the habit of occupying home pages, default search providers and new tab pages even though an appropriate validation was not given. These malware parasites also initiate moderations of users’ Windows Registry Keys and other … Continued

Search.beautifulcalendar.net virus

Search.beautifulcalendar.net virus is a browser hijacker that can take over you Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or even Safari browser. It’s a program that uses unfair methods to infiltrate into random computers and then replaces your homepage and default search provider and makes it difficult to revert these changes. To remove Search.beautifulcalendar.net virus, run … Continued

BeesQ (dot) net redirect

BeesQ(dot) net is a misleading domain that is usually visited by users instead of reaching their expected Google results. You shouldn’t think that it’s a Google mistake if you start finding yourself on BeesQ.net or Search.beesq.net. In reality, that’s a browser hijacker that starts its activity as soon as it changes some settings on target … Continued

BeginnerData Mac Virus

BeginnerData (BeginnerData 1.0) is a browser-hijacking virus that affects MacOS and the Safari browser. This virus is downloaded without your knowledge, with fake software updates and adware bundles, and installs on its own. Then, BeginnerData causes pop-up ads, redirects to malicious sites, system instability, spies on the user, and might even install more adware viruses. It needs … Continued

Beleelashoppersearch.com virus

Beleelashoppersearch.com virus is grouped in a category of malware and this infection requires to be instantly removed if found active in a device. Speaking in more specific terms, this bug is referred to as a browser hijacker for several substantial reasons. Firstly, we justify our decision because we have been notified by people that noticed … Continued

Search.bestfileconverter.com Hijacker

Search.bestfileconverter.com is the first thing you see when you open a web browser on a computer? Well, that means your machine is infected with a browser hijacker. Even though there are a lot of more severe viruses that can cause various damage. However, Search.bestfileconverter.com shouldn’t be looked through, because it can still deliver various unwanted … Continued

Bestqualitysearch.com virus

Summer time adventures are over and Autumn is bringing its joy with rain and warm tea. Bestqualitysearch.com page still puts salt on the wound and rubs it with the beautiful image of palm trees and a breath-taking sunset. Visitors will probably want to jump into this picture, grab a cocktail and enjoy another day of … Continued

Bestscanpc.biz Hijacker

Bestscanpc.biz is a browser hijacker which strongly helps two infamous rogue antispyware programs – Advanced Virus Remover and System Security 2009 to be advertised on the Web. Being practically identical to its initials, this hijacker starts monitoring the PC system with the goal to get Advanced Virus Remover and System Security 2009 purchased. Because of … Continued

Bestsearch.com Virus

Bestsearch.com application shouts you that it will provide you with the best search results you can expect to receive. Unfortunately, this promise is deemed not to be fulfilled. This program does not have the feature of rendering search results embedded in. In fact, it is programmed to display advertising content employing some legitimate search provider. … Continued

Bestsearch-online.com virus

Bestsearch-online.com is a platform for searching, accessible via Bestsearch-online.com/search.php. We are consistently rushing to prevent you from being lead astray by sly search networks, and from diving into the shallow, deceitful world of parasites. The key to maintaining a healthy computer system is to keep an eye out for any unanticipated features that soon begin … Continued

Better-Search.net Virus

The Better-Search.net virus is a browser hijacker. It gets installed together with free programs downloaded from freeware sites. Better-Search.net is operated by ClientConnect/Trovi. Unsurprisingly, its purpose is to hijack your default search page and show ads, as well as track your browsing activity. It changes your search results by adding sponsored websites and interrupts your … Continued


Betterconverterprotab.com replaces the new tab page of those who installed Better Converter Pro. It offers some file conversion functionality – and multiple features for hijacking the user’s browser to show ads. To get rid of Betterconverterprotab.com, you need to find and remove all malicious browser extensions and to block notifications from sites that you don’t … Continued


At a first sight Betternewtabsearch.com looks like useful tool that will enhance your web searches. However, it is not true and we suggest not to use it. This application (browser add-on) is classified as browser hijacker so you should remove it right now. In case you have noticed that this virus has infected your computer, wait … Continued


BigGameCountdown (or Big Game Countdown) is a browser hijacker and a newtab virus. It’s distributed as a helpful add-on for fans of sport, promising to make highlights and real-time scores to be available in one browser extension. But instead, BigGameCountdown tries to hijack users’ search, display pop-up ads, and spy on them. This hijacker should … Continued

Bigseekpro.com Hijacker

Bigseekpro.com is a search engine that gets traffic from redirected users mostly. If your home page, default search engine and/or new tab page are changed to it out of nowhere, you must be having browser hijacker issues. Redirections are caused by toolbars that promote this search engine. Bigseekpro.com uses a customized Yahoo! search for web … Continued

Bigslide.ru virus

Bigslide.ru website has a specific theme: it is loaded with presentations on all sorts of teaching subjects. It is possible to access almost every presentation available but only Russian-speaking visitors will understand their content. This site can be quite useful for educational purposes, but we have doubts about whether this site is created solely for … Continued

Bigsrch.xyz Hijacker

Bigsrch.xyz is a new website related to the Searchgg Custom Search browser hijacker. It is basically identical to wajm.icu, vxo.world and ao0c.club. Bigsrch.xyz attacks Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and other popular browsers. The search results delivered by means of the Seachgg Custom Search are generally not relevant to the user’s initial search requests. Furthermore, the … Continued

Search.bilabordnet.com virus

Search.bilabordnet.com virus is the most successful in the United States of America: the 124,158th position in this country, according to the ratings of the most visited websites. Mac-oriented infection looks like an identical twin of another product of hijackware: Search.progressgar.com and they both redirect people to Yahoo Search as soon as search queries are attempted … Continued

Bilisearch.com virus

Bilisearch.com virus is a browser hijacker that can infiltrate into Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari browsers. The program works completely secretly and you will only notice it when it is set as your homepage and default search provider. Unfortunately, Bilisearch.com doesn’t work as a reputable search provider. It was designed for marketing … Continued

Bing Hijacker Virus

Bing.com is a legitimate and trustworthy search engine. It was developed by Microsoft and it’s similar to Google in many ways, even superior in some features. But not everyone chooses to use Bing. Like Yahoo, this search engine is sometimes integrated into browser hijackers – malicious extensions that make unwanted changes to web browsers. Besides … Continued


Bingoweb.ga is yet another browser hijacker that might infect your computer. Even though it is not very dangerous itself, it can lead you to some severe cyber security damage, thus we suggest removing it as soon as possible. It’s not difficult to notice whether your computer is infected with Bingoweb.ga or not because once inside it will change … Continued

BingProtect virus

BingProtect virus is a browser hijacker that can take over your Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome without your consent. It comes bundled to other software and doesn’t require users’ authorization, which means it is usually added without your consent. Once inside, the program changes your homepage and default search provider, forcing you to … Continued

Binkiland.com virus

Binkiland.com virus is a browser hijacker that can take over Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. This browser add-on usually infiltrates computers with the help of freeware programs from the Internet and adware viruses. Its owners make money from advertising in the search results. Once in the browser, the Binkiland.com virus replaces your homepage and … Continued

Bit-search.com virus

Bit-search.com virus is a suspicious search provider that can be secretly installed to your Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. The application looks like a regular search provider, however, it tries to advertise sponsored websites and it doesn’t provide reliable search results. In addition, the application uses unfair methods to infiltrate into computers and … Continued

Bitable.com virus

Bitable.com virus is a browser hijacker that is installed to computers together with other freeware. It’s an application supported by third parties that seek to promote certain commercial pages, improve their traffic and page ranking in search results. The program corrupts Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers, that is to say, it can … Continued

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