FakeVimes family

FakeVimes is a family of Rogue Antivirus programs that use designs similar to Microsoft products. There are several sub-families and designs of these rogues circulating around, though they share some common characteristics.
Typical FakeVimes fake antivirus installs around thousand registry rules that are the same for the whole family. The rules block execution of some executable names. The majority of these files belong to antiviruses. What is even more weird, it blocks some fake antiviruses as well. I do not think this is intentional, though it might help to reduce competition. FakeVimes rogues have little to do with legitimate anti-malware applications.
The regular FakeVimes rogue is relatively short lived. Majority of such parasites live around one day and are replaced. This family is adopted by scammers that believe in fast changing names and generic terms that result in little relevant results. Some more generic names of fakeVimes rogues belong to Virus Doctor family, which changes names at much slower pace and have different design. However, they are very similar to original FakeVimes infection. Another related family is the hotfix or thinkpoint one that changed names even slower.
FakeVimes changed their behaviour a bit on late 2013. New versions of these parasites block execution of programs differently, however they are relatively easy to remove once you disable the executables.
The regular FakeVimes rogues can be eliminated by Spyhunter when disabled. It detects registry modifications as well if you want to make sure you have fully fixed the registry.

Current parasites from FakeVimes clones family


Defender PRO 2015

25 March , 2015 02:29

Defender PRO 2015 is a rogue antivirus program that imitates system scan and tries to convince users into purchasing its full version. It’s a bogus security application that is not able to detect or remove any real infections and it only tries to rip computer users off. The program displays deceptive alerts, run a fake […]

Windows Antivirus Adviser

11 November , 2014 04:51

Windows Antivirus Adviser is a rogue antivirus program that uses fake security notifications and falsifies scan results in order to trick computer users and make them purchase its application. It is highly recommended to remove Windows Antivirus Adviser as soon as you detect it on your system. It’s a program designed by cyber criminals and […]

Windows Web Shield

14 May , 2014 02:32

Windows Web Shield is a fake antispyware program that infects computer systems with a help of Trojan viruses. It’s a rogue that comes from FakeVimes, a huge family of malware that attacks computers from all over the world. These infections are known to be very intrusive and hard to remove. Windows Web Shield uses Trojan viruses to […]

Windows Internet Guard

8 April , 2014 01:42

Windows Internet Guard is a rogue antivirus program that is distributed on computer systems through Trojan viruses. Trojans have the ability to infiltrate without users’ authorization and knowledge.
 The program belongs to Fake Vimes family of rogues, which has becomes extremely active for the last months and which regularly releases new fake antivirus programs. This […]


Here are older FakeVimes clones that are either outdated or less active